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12 September 2016

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Reflection

In the book ‘Preaching to the Converted’ (2006), Fr Richard Leonard SJ writes of his childhood, when people always wore their finest clothes to Sunday Mass, as he referred to them, “his Sunday best” and how he wore them proudly to Mass. He says that not only did they look good, but they were always on their very best behaviour for the entire parish to see. He did go on to say that there was nothing wrong with dressing well for church and behaving appropriately as it was a sign of self-respect and courtesy towards others and devotion to God, but that God cared little about these things but more about what was going on inside.

When reading this, it brought back memories of my own childhood and attending Mass. I, too, remember having our “Sunday clothes” and in Stanthorpe, on freezing cold 2-degree Celsius winter mornings, we needed an overcoat and gloves as well! My brother and I would ride to 7:00am Mass at St Joseph’s (Mum went to 9:00am but we thought that it took up too much of our day). We always sat in the front row as that is where Mum told us to sit, so we didn’t dare sit anywhere else! We would both have been in primary school as in high school we had shifted out of the actual town and were driven.

I can remember being absolutely mortified one Sunday morning by my brother – brothers have a habit of doing this to older sisters. He had been to the movies with his friends the night before and you would have to ask why he would have had this object in his pocket in the first place, but……in those days to take communion you lined up along the front pew (and remember this is where we sat) and people then went to the altar rails and knelt to receive communion.

Whilst people were lined up along the front my brother pulled out his handkerchief and with it popped out a rubber caterpillar. It went flying out to where people were lined up. My brother went to retrieve but before he could do so the gentleman in front saw it and tried vigorously to squash it with his foot, grinding away with no luck….it wasn’t squashing. It seemed forever before he gave up. It took all our might to stifle our giggles.

Jill E Penley (as cited in Preaching to the Converted, 2006, p 273) writes about the moment when we meet God face to face:

God won’t ask what kind of car you drove, but He’ll ask how many people you drove who didn’t have transportation.

God won’t ask the square footage of your house, but He’ll ask how many people you welcomed into your home.

God won’t ask about the clothes you had in your closet, but He’ll ask how many you helped to clothe.

God won’t ask what your highest salary was, but He’ll ask if you compromised your character to obtain it.

God won’t ask what your job title was, but He’ll ask if you performed your job to the best of your ability and with honesty and integrity.

God won’t ask how many friends you had, but He’ll ask how many people to whom you were a friend.

God won’t ask in what neighbourhood you lived, but He’ll ask how you treated your neighbours.

God won’t ask about the colour of your skin, but He’ll ask about the content of your character.

…..And I sincerely hope that he doesn’t ask about “playing up in Mass” and that caterpillar!

School Fees

Catholic schools everywhere will do all that they can enable parents to choose to send their children to Catholic schools. Commencing in January 2017, an initiative has been announced by the Diocese of Rockhampton which will mean an automatic 70% reduction in Tuition fees (not school levies) to any parent or carer who holds an eligible means tested Health Care or Pensioner card. For Catholic schools to operate effectively and provide high quality education, a reasonable fee structure is essential to meet the shortfall between the basic costs of running a school and the amount funded by governments. School fees include tuition fees and levies. Levies vary from school to school and may include items such as a Building Levy, Parents’ & Friends’ Association Levy, Information Technology Levy and other subject and general levies. The new Concession Card Discount applies to tuition fees only. Catholic Education strives to keep all fees as low as possible. The new Concession Card Discount initiative will be offered in addition to the Family Discount arrangement that presently exists in schools. Early next term I will advise parents of the 2017 Shalom fee structure. This will reflect a small increase on this year as we try to ensure that attendance at Shalom is always as affordable as possible. Attached is more information for parents in regard to the Concession Card reductions. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Lisa Castro, our College Bursar or myself, if you have any other queries.

And wishing all our travellers safe travels.

Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell
Acting Principal

Curriculum Notes

Core Studies Parent/Teacher Interviews

The second of two opportunities this year for Year 7, 8 and 9 Core Studies Parent/Teacher Interviews will be available on the Student Free Day of Monday 17 October. The aim of Parent/Teacher Interviews is to provide an opportunity for parents to meet with teachers to discuss the progress and learning needs of their children.

Interviews may be arranged online via the Parent Lounge. The online Parent / Teacher Interview booking facility will open at 8:00am on Tuesday 4 October and close at 3:00pm on Wednesday 12 October to allow teachers to prepare for interviews. Parents without internet access may contact the College on 4155 8111 to make appointments from 8:00am on Tuesday 4 October.

When considering interview requests, note that Mrs Patricia Allen, Mrs Debbie Bolam and Mr Ron Luthe will not be available for interviews on the day but will be available on Wednesday 19 October. Please note this additional date when booking interviews online.

Whilst the scheduled interview day is seen as an important communication between home and school, parents are welcome to arrange an interview with specific teachers at any time the need arises throughout the year.

Year 12 Students - Accessing Learner Accounts

While all Year 11 and 12 students have been advised of how to access their Learner Accounts, our records show that many students have not yet done so. It is important that all Senior students, especially Year 12s at this time, access their learner accounts. Learner Accounts are accessed through the QCAA’s Student Connect portal at the link below. A link to this portal is also available on the desktop of the College Intranet. There are instructions for logging into their Learner Account on the landing page of the portal, but students will need to know their LUI number which can be found on their Shalom Student ID Card or by contacting the College office. Their initial password is the first four digits of their birthday; eg the password for a student whose birthday is on 6 January would be 0601. After the initial login students will be prompted to create a new password.

Year 12 students will be particularly interested in accessing Student Connect and their Learner Account as this will give them early access to their OP.

If students have any difficulty with logging in via the Student Connect portal, they are welcome to contact the College office for assistance.

Year 12 Students - QTAC ‘On-Time’ Applications Due 30 September

All parents of Year 12 students applying for tertiary courses through QTAC are reminded that ‘On-time’ applications close on Friday 30 September 2016. While applications may still be made after this date, the application fee jumps from $37 to $138 (note payments made through BPAY must be completed by 29 September to avoid the higher fee). Applications may be made online at the link below.

Mr Troy Braund (Careers Advisor) has been providing a number of links and advice on completing QTAC applications through this newsletter and via notices in addition to the group information session during Access lesson at the beginning of this term. However, if you or your child still require help you are welcome to contact Mr Braund. He will be happy to provide any additional assistance or information you may require.

Mr Christian Taylor
Assistant to the Principal - Curriculum

QTAC Application and Bonus Points Information

QTAC Application Step-by-Step Guide

QTAC have released a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating your QTAC account and completing your applications/preferences. It has been saved to the Shalom Intranet under ‘Year 12 Information’ tab > ‘QTAC Application Process’.

Remember, your preferences should be entered and paid for BEFORE September 30 to ensure they are officially lodged (otherwise a late fee will be incurred). Other general information on QTAC applications is also under the same tab > ‘QTAC Presentation July 2016’.

Bonus QTAC Ranking Points

When considering your preferences, keep in mind you may be eligible for ‘Bonus Points’ which effectively increase your OP/QTAC ranking. This means you could apply for a degree that may be slightly above your predicted OP level. Griffith University and QUT in particular seem quite generous with their bonus points – Griffith: up to 6 points from a wide range of subjects / QUT: up to 8 points from a narrower range of subjects + also an Elite Athlete OP Bonus. In nearly all instances, bonus points will be applied automatically with your QTAC application.

Information on various Universities Bonus points are in links below:

If students have any queries, please see me in the Student Services Building.

Mr Troy Braund
Careers Advisor

IT Department

School Holiday Maintenance

The IT Department would like to remind everyone that during the upcoming September school holidays there will be scheduled system maintenance performed. If at any time you cannot access a service, please try again.

Shalom Senior Laptop Repairs

With the holidays coming up, this is a great time to get any damage to laptops repaired. I would like to encourage all senior students and parents to assist us by proactively getting your school issued laptop booked in now to save the end of year rush for repairing any damage.

For our Year 12 Students, we are certainly aware that you are busy with assessments but if you are looking to buy your school laptop at the end of the year, it would be highly recommended to get it fixed sooner to assist in preparing for an easier transition come the end of this year.

iPads – iOS 10

We have noticed many Year 7, 8 and 9 Students currently have iOS 10 Beta on their iPads. We have noticed that iOS 10 Beta is very susceptible to bugs and has caused issues for students in their learning. The IT Department recommend at this stage to roll back to iOS 9.

iOS 10 has been advertised for release around the 13 September. Like previous iOS releases, Apple make changes to their operating system and until the full release of the product the IT Unit cannot test. We would like to advise for all students to not update your iPad to iOS 10 until the IT Unit has tested it so we can find out what changes are required to our network/system to support this new update.

We do appreciate your continued support and understanding as we continue to try and improve the IT services we provide to Staff, Students and Parents.

Mr Matthew Mills
IT Manager

Quiet Achiever

Our Quiet Achiever for this week is Thomas Pascoe, Year 8 Lingiari. Tom has a positive attitude that is infectious and appreciated by those around him. He is prepared to get involved in everything, especially if it is sport related, and has the ability to encourage others to have a go as well. He works hard in class and is prepared to help out when needed. He will represent our College in Surf Life Saving shortly and is an avid member of the Bundaberg Surf Life Saving Club.

Mrs Mary Taylor
Lingiari House Coordinator

Our second Quiet Achiever this week is Emilee Cameron, Year 10 MacKillop. Emilee shows maturity and leadership as Captain / Coach of the Open Girls Basketball team. She leads from the front in organising everything involved in the Open Girls Basketball Competition. This is amazing considering Emilee is still in the U15 age bracket. Throughout the season, Emilee was always available at the games to assist with the scoring and refereeing of the younger divisions and also lending her expertise to coach and train the others.

She also has an excellent work ethic in class and all of her teachers have commented on her caring and kind nature.

Keep up the good work Emilee.

Mr David Gahan - MacKillop House Coordinator
Mr Stephen Cronin - Teacher and Basketball Convenor

Lingiari House News

Wide Bay Opti-MINDS Regional Finals

On Saturday 27 August, Shalom hosted the Wide Bay Regional Opti-MINDS finals. Forty-one teams from sixteen different schools, both Primary and Secondary, gathered from around the Wide Bay region. Shalom had two teams competing, a Science Engineering team and a Language Literature team. Both teams performed exceptionally, but perhaps more importantly, they also helped in the organisation, set up and running of the day. No job was too little or too big. I cannot thank them enough for all their help on the day.

The results for our two teams are:

Shalom Team 2 Science Engineering – First Place – Jasmine Dooley, Abhash Pathak, Courtenay Parfitt and Zane Haster

Shalom Team 3 Language Literature – Honours - Tom Espe, Giorgia Melham-Mackay, Catherine Hayes, Grace Lloyd, Lukaeja Morrison and Charlotte Blackwell

Shalom Team 2 will now travel to the State/National Finals in Brisbane on 15-16 October.

Mrs Joanne Gills
Opti-MINDS Coordinator

Taking Care of Business

In the last week of August, the Year 10 Business Enterprise students kicked off the first two business ventures for this semester. A small pop up business was created to provide customers with the opportunity to buy their Dad a great, but affordable, Father’s Day present. The Father’s Day stall was a huge success with a large variety of gifts selling quickly over the two days of trading. We hope all the Dads out there had a fantastic day.

The first day of Spring at Shalom began with the business ‘Berried in Chocolate’ selling their delightful combination of strawberry, marshmallow and delicious chocolate dipping sauce. This business was very popular around the College with well over 140 customers visiting their shop front. Both groups should be congratulated on the success of their respective businesses; their enthusiasm, organisation and hard work definitely paid off.

Sports News

Winter Sport - Finals Day

Football (Soccer) Overview

Winter Sports Finals Day was on Friday 2 September with the Open Girls Football finals being played at Martens Oval. After having a very strong season with only one loss, the girls were entering the finals feeling pretty confident. Commencing the day with the semi-final battle between well-known rivals and previous champions St Lukes, the team were determined and needed to win. Getting off to a good start, the girls played wonderful football leading to an early goal by Natika Breuer, followed soon by another to the star midfielder. The second half saw excellent defence by both teams, resulting in a 2-0 win securing our spot in the Grand Final. After a well-needed break, the team took to the pitch for the undisputed game of all games against North Bundaberg High. After previously losing to North, the determination of the girls to get a win was certain. Shortly after kick-off, we were leading the game after striker Kate Ennett dominated the North defence and soon another goal followed. Entering into the final half leading the game, the spirits were high and this was validated by a superb goal to Eliza Bongioletti. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep a clean sheet with North slotting one through, but we came back again with a third goal going to Kate. This was the perfect ending to a wonderful season, with a Premiership win 4-1 over North. Massive congratulations go to all the girls who put so much effort and commitment into the season and also to Mrs Bath for her wonderful coaching skills to get the team over the line!

Samuel McMah
McAuley House Captain

Basketball Finals Day report

U13 Boys

U13 Shalom Boys went head to head against the U13 Kepnock Boys basketball team for the Grand Final on Friday 2 September. Although we did not win the game, our team showed great determination, commitment and teamwork with pleasing results. The final score was Shalom 23, Kepnock 47, with our Player of the Week going to Russell Taylor for being the most improved player this season.

U15 Boys

Shalom Under 15 Boys continued their undefeated and impressive season with a resounding win in the final 81-59 over Kepnock. In what was probably their hardest game of the year, Kepnock pressed well in defence, making Shalom worked hard for their points and often forcing shots from outside the circle. Forty-five of Shalom’s points came from 3 pointers with Lucas Duncan and Harrison Doyle (the birthday boy!) sinking 4 each. Mitchell Wright was the top scorer with 21 points. Brennan Norris and Shane Hawkins provided invaluable assistance, while Dominic Thompson (the ‘beginner’) continued to improve in defence and slotted a 2 pointer easily – nothing but net! Full credit to the boys for their fair but competitive nature, sportsmanship and obvious enjoyment of the game. It made the ‘Best and Fairest’ award a very tight affair. Best and Fairest for Shalom Under 15 Boys Basketball goes to……. Harrison Doyle. Well done, Harry.

Mr Troy Braund
Manager (not Coach).

U15 Girls Finals

Shalom A entered the finals confident and ready for a tough game, and they were not disappointed. Shalom B proved to be valiant opponents and although A-Team were the victors, they were made to work hard for their trophy. Great teamwork, a fast pace and brilliant attitude all combined to produce the final score of 59-41. A commendation goes out to all the girls for their impeccable behaviour on the day, well done!

Open Girls

The Open Girls Basketball team played Bundaberg State High in the finals. This was a very close game, with Shalom winning by 2 points. The game was almost lost due to an injury suffered to Khaliyah Nagas, but her sheer determination to win saw her play through the pain to ensure the win. All of the girls deserve our congratulations especially Emilee Cameron, it is a remarkable thing to be the coach of an Open Basketball team as a 15-year-old.

Open Boys

The dominance of Shalom Basketball this year was on show again with the Open Boys easily winning the final, defeating Bundaberg State High 43-17. Benjamin Wright deserves full commendation for his efforts to organise the team and get the job done.

Mr Stephen Cronin
Basketball Convenor


Shalom dominated the Finals with seven teams competing during the day across six divisions. Shalom teams won the Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Opens Division 2 and Opens Division 1 and finished runners-up in the 15years Division. Congratulations to all girls for an outstanding season and a huge thanks to Shalom staff and in particular the Shalom Netball Convenor Miss Taleigha Batt.


Shalom contested all of the Basketball Finals with victory in the U15 Boys, U15 Girls, Open Boys and Open Girls. The U13 Boys finished runners-up. Thanks to Stephen Cronin (Shalom Basketball Convenor) and all the staff who helped with the Basketball teams.

Football (Soccer)

Shalom had six teams make it through to finals day, with the Open Boys unfortunately losing their semi-final, but the U13 Boys, U13 Girls, U15 Boys (2 teams) and U19 Girls all contesting the Grand Final. Shalom tasted success in the U13 Boys, U15 Boys and U19 Girls with runners-up in the U13 Girls and the U15 Boys Divisions. The match of the day was the U13 Girls against Gin Gin State High School. At full time the teams were level at 3-3 and after a penalty shootout, Gin Gin were the winners. Thanks to Adam Knott (Shalom Football Convenor) and the Staff for taking these teams. Also thanks to Mr Nathan Burns and Year 12 Student Samuel McMah, for looking after the U13 side on Finals Day.

Lawn Bowls

In the Lawn Bowls competition, Shalom dominated with two teams fighting out the final. Congratulations to twins Justin and Matthew Todd on their victory over Eden Stallard and Shaun Lane. Thanks to Mrs Michelle Moller for looking after the Shalom Lawn Bowlers for this season

Table Tennis

The Shalom Table Tennis Team finished runners-up to St Luke’s in the Division 1 Final.

Rugby League

Congratulations to the Shalom U13 Rugby League for making the Final this year. Kepnock State High School were too good on the day but the improvement and dedication the U13 Shalom lads showed this season was outstanding. Thanks to Neil Feather (Shalom Rugby League Convenor) and all the staff involved with the Rugby League teams this year.

Your Sporting Fanatic
Mr Simon Gills
Sports Coordinator

Proposed New York Performing Arts Tour 2017

An information evening will be held tonight, Monday 12 September at 6:30pm in the Performing Arts Precinct Theatre for parents and students in Year 10, 11 and 12 (2017) who may be interested in participating in a Dance and Drama tour of New York during the September holidays in 2017. A similar tour ran in 2014 for Dance and it has been decided that next year, this opportunity would be extended to include Drama workshops. Participating students would have to choose either Dance or Drama, as workshops will run concurrently during the tour.

This evening is purely a chance to explain the tour in terms of workshops, experiences and opportunities, as well as to gain an approximation of costing and the requirements for participation on the tour. There will be a presentation of the proposed itinerary, as well as time for questions. ‘Expressions of Interest’ forms will also be given out on the evening. This opportunity is not limited to students studying either of these subjects in 2017, however, experience and ability in these disciplines is a requirement for participation on the tour.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Miss Anita McAtee
Performing Arts Coordinator

Year 7 and 8 QAMT Mathematics Quiz

On Tuesday 2 August, two teams of students attended the Year 7 and 8 QAMT Mathematics Quiz at Bundaberg State High School. The competition requires participants to answer challenging questions in front of an audience and within strict time limits, both individually and as a team. Hannah Medcalf, Sarah Krebs and Jack Gray worked well, excelling in the individual problem solving and the short answer sections and placing 7th overall.

Luke Borovac, Daemon O’Brien and Morgan Medcalf won the first round, moving on to compete at the Regional quiz on the 22 August. In the Regional event, the team answered many questions accurately and finished in equal third. Congratulations to all competitors and thank you to Mr Brett Hoskins for accompanying the teams to both events.

Mrs Amanda Sharp

Arts in Performance


Please note that the annual Dance Night Performance will be held on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 October. Rehearsals are in full swing for this wonderful concert.

Upcoming Events

15 October - Strings concert at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Corner Woongarra and Barolin Streets, Bundaberg. Time to be advised.

19 October - Get Smart Concert, 1:30pm at Shalom College Performing Arts Precinct.

6 November - Pleasant Sunday afternoon (farewell to Year 12 musicians), 1:30pm at Shalom College Performing Arts Precinct.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Arts in Performance Coordinator

College News

Positions Vacant

Churros for Sale - Wednesday 14 September

Tuckshop Roster

12 September

Kathryn Hanlon

13 September

Cathy Duffield

14 September

Ann Holliss

15 September

Merna Cook
Jennifer Pimm

16 September

Jenny Beveridge

3 October

Queens Birthday

4 October

Suzanne Weedon-Smith
Susie Zunker

5 October

Leanne Grogan
Katrina O’Sullivan

6 October

Cheryl Carroll
Merna Cook

7 October

Donna Habermann
Cianna Moore

10 Ocotber

Kathryn Hanlon

11 October

Cathy Duffield

12 Ocotber

Ann Holliss

13 Ocotber

Paul & Caroline Simms
Merna Cook

14 October

Michelle Arvidsson-Smith
Leah Whaleboat
Marilyn Wootton

17 October

Mila Robertson

18 October

Holly Hess
Linda Stehbens

19 October

Claire Hamilton
Sharon Pole

20 October

Merna Cook
Jennifer Pimm

21 October

Jenny Beveridge

Shalom Sunday Markets

The Artisan Collective

This unique addition to the Shalom Markets will occur every second Sunday of the month running from 7:00am to 12:00pm in the Sports Centre.

A list of 2016 dates are below;

  • Sunday 9 October
  • Sunday 13 November
  • Sunday 11 December

We hope to see you there.

Tuckshop Markets Roster

18 September

6.00am - 9.30am

Richard/Fiona HAYES
Martin KELLY
Glen/Leanne KREBS
Rohan/Maddy LLOYD

9.00am - 12.30pm


25 September

6.00am - 9.30am

Murray/Michele FLICK
Greg/Jenny JACKSON
Leslie/Heidi GEYER
Andrew LUCHT
Janelle TEST
Clarissa POINTON
Brendan/Yvette SIMPSON

9.00am - 12.30pm

Terry/Leanne EMMITT
Craig/Joanne KLUVER

2 October

6.00am - 9.30am

Susie MANT
Bradley ROYAN

9.00am - 12.30pm


9 October

6.00am - 9.30am

Michael/Sally DOYLE

9.00am - 12.30pm

Deborah BRIGHT
Sue/Sophia/Molly BURFITT
Kathryn CHURCH
Brenda JAY

16 October

6.00am - 9.30am

Robert/Carol McGILL

9.00am - 12.30pm

Kristine ARNOTT
Brendan/Astrid CLANCY

Markets BBQ Roster

18 September

Knights of the Southern Cross

25 September

Edmund Rice Camp

2 October

Global Immersion - Tanzania

9 October

Rugby League Confraternity

16 October

Japan Tour

23 October


Community Notice Board

Brothers Junior Cricket

Rugby Union Junior Come and Try

Bundaberg Regional Council - Moncrieff Entertainment Centre

There are a number of events in the coming weeks, please visit the Moncrieff website for all the details.

Catholic Parish Bulletin