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13 March 2017

The Shalom College 'Open Day' is on this Wednesday 15 March from 9am to 11am and we extend a warm invitation to all prospective and current families to come along and view the College during the school day. For the tour please arrive at the Main Administration anytime between 9am and 11am. No booking required.

If you have friends, neighbours or work colleagues who are wanting to enrol their child at Shalom, please pass this information on to them.

Applications for Year 7, 2018, close on Friday 28 April 2017. All enrolment enquiries please contact Mrs Jan Aplin on 4155 8103 or email

Principal’s Reflection

We are now in Week 8 of Term 1 and students are starting to prepare for end of term assessments. I truly hope that they have better strategies than Calvin! Teaching and Learning is the primary focus of what occurs each day at Shalom. Assessment processes are not designed to engender high levels of stress or anxiety for students. Hopefully every assessment is an opportunity for students to demonstrate the learning that has occurred over a period of time. Focus for teachers should never just be on assessment but on the ways in which they can engage students to learn more deeply and effectively. Last week, each schools’ NAPLAN results for 2016 were posted on the MySchool Website. This is a useful piece of information and it is at its greatest use when teachers use the data to address ‘gaps’ in student learning. We want every student to keep improving their skills and developing the skill set that will see them become ‘life long learners’.

Bishop Letter

Lent is well underway. Every Bishop writes a letter to the people in their Diocese at the start of Lent. One of the better ones I have read is written this year by Bishop Vincent Long of Parramatta. Bishop Long came to Australia on a boat as he and his family fled Vietnam at the end of the war. He is also a victim of clerical sexual abuse. His letter to the people of the Parramatta Diocese is well worth a read.

College Open Day

The College Open Day is on this Wednesday commencing at 9am. Visiting families and potential students will be shown around the College by our Year 10 students. It is a great opportunity to see Shalom in action on an ordinary day. Visitors will be welcome to walk into any room at the College to see students and teachers in action. Please mention this event to anyone you know who might be interested in enrolling their daughter or son at Shalom. It is also an opportunity for current parents to have a look around the College. I have had a number of parents say to me over the years that they only see Shalom from the Car Park or at the Markets. Feel free to come along Wednesday and have a closer look. Our new Music facilities are fantastic and the Fitness Centre is certainly taking shape.

Catholic Schools Race Day

Catholic Schools Race Day is on Saturday and tickets are selling well. I would encourage parents to strongly support this event as it is a highlight in the Bundaberg calendar. We greatly appreciate the tremendous amount of effort put into this event by Mr Peter O’Beirne and his very capable organising committee.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

2017 Next Step survey

The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of all students who completed Year 12 in 2016. The Next Step survey is a brief, confidential survey that gains a comprehensive picture of the employment, study and life choices made by Queensland school completers in the year after they finish Year 12.

Between March and June, all our students who completed Year 12 last year can expect to receive instructions to complete a web based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office to complete the survey. Please encourage them to take part. If their contact details have changed, please assist the interviewer with their updated details or forward the survey to their new address so they can participate.

Thank you for your support of the Next Step survey in 2017.

Further information on Next Step is available online below or on toll free telephone 1800 068 587.

Student Welfare and Information

Year 7 Camps

Year 7 Camp Schedule

Camp Number


Dates for Camp

Teacher Attending


CSB Class I

13, 14, 15 March

Mrs Nicole Amey

The FOCUS Class Camp has had to be shifted to Term 2 with dates to be advised.

It is important that you read the Equipment List but please note the following (which is mentioned on the list).

Students need to remember that they are to be sun-safe at all times – they must have t-shirts with sleeves and preferably collars. They are to have longer shorts – particularly the girls as they will be using harnesses for some of the activities. Each student needs to have their own sunscreen as well. A raincoat is a must because even if it is raining the activities will still go ahead; obviously they won’t if the instructors feel it’s unsafe.

Elizabeth Austin-Campbell
Deputy Principal

Year 7 Immunisations – Round 1

Next Wednesday 22 March, is the first round for the Year 7 Immunisations. Only students who have returned signed permission forms will be eligible. Immunisations will be conducted from the commencement of Period 1.

Shalom Facebook

Don’t forget to like our Shalom College Facebook page and keep informed about upcoming events.

A link is now on our website or click below:

Brother Rochford DVDs

A DVD of the recent Year 12 Induction is available from the College office for anyone interested. Cost is $5.

Br Rochford

P & F News

Seeking Interested Shalom Parents

Please find below details of an upcoming P & F Federation event. Unfortunately, personal and family commitments will prevent members of our current Shalom P & F Committee attending and Shalom will be unrepresented at this special event for the first time in many years. We are therefore opening this invite up to all Shalom parents. As you can see from the event flyer the RSVP date is today, so if you are keen to attend or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact the Shalom P & F on 0407 520 091.

P & F Monthly Meeting Notes

Unfortunately, this month the AGM could not take place due to insufficient parent representatives. It has been postponed and will now take place on Tuesday 2 May. We look forward to increased participation at our next meeting. We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that as a parent/guardian you are automatically a member of the P and F and are very welcome to attend our monthly meetings.

At the monthly meeting the Committee were proud to become a gold sponsor of the 15th Annual Ecumenical Lunch being held at Shalom College on Saturday 26 August. The guest speaker at this event will be Moira Kelly (AO). We were also pleased to make a donation to assist with the Edmund Rice Camp that will run later in the year. Shalom has 35 students who have volunteered to be ‘big buddies’ for those students who participate in this program. The committee also made a donation to the College to assist with the purchase of new furniture to create new learning spaces around the College.

For further information, see the full meeting minutes on the P & F Webpage on the College Website. Please forward any comments to the Secretary via email to

If you have an agenda item, please address it to the P & F Secretary either at the school office or by email

To all P & F Members, you are reminded that our monthly meeting is held in the staff common room – all parents are welcome. Please note the next P & F meeting will be held on Tuesday 2 May 2017 after the Annual General Meeting which will begin at 5:30pm.

Quiet Achiever

This week’s Quiet Achiever could not possibly be put down to the efforts of just one person. It was a team effort that made the Students and Staff of McAuley House and Mr Tom Houghton very worthy recipients of the Quiet Achiever Award. The commitment, support, care, laughter (even at 10:30pm!!) and application many students and staff showed and shared whilst setting up, watching and dismantling the event was inspirational. It was this combined effort that certainly went a long way towards making our Movie Night fundraiser for CARINBUNDI our House charity such a successful and fun evening. The time and commitment by those students and staff was greatly appreciated.

Ms Paula Van Dalen
McAuley House Coordinator

Where are they now? - Shalom Edition

Student: Luke Nykiel
Graduating Year: 2012

Subjects studied:

Ancient History, Biology, SOR, English, Maths B, Music and Photography

Current role:

I am currently studying honours in Psychology at QUT and am just about to start a new job as a Youth Support Worker at a residence for adolescents with a diagnosis of a mental health disorder.

What qualifications and work experience have you gained since graduating high school?

After high school I had a gap year in Bundaberg. Since high school, and since I have lived in Brisbane, I have done casual work in newsagents. I graduated with a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) at the end of last year which has allowed me to start studying my honours course in psychology this year. I have also done two psychology-related placements – one at a research centre, and one with a researcher based at QUT.

What has been the most rewarding, challenging or interesting experience in your study or work so far?

I have really enjoyed the act of studying and learning new things. It has been challenging, but I have learned so much and have been able to really enjoy setting myself up for my career.

How did your senior studies contribute to, or impact on, your tertiary study or career choices?

Picking a range of different subjects which interested me in high school really helped me to discover where I thought I was best suited. Subjects like Ancient History and Study of Religion were extremely useful for studying psychology because of their focus on research, writing and referencing. I also really think the personal interest showed by my Shalom teachers, especially in the senior years, really helped me to develop these skills.

Can you identify one invaluable thing that you learned at Shalom?

Besides the content that I was taught, Shalom helped me learn to become self-motivated and genuinely interested in my studies. I think I learned this through both the interest and passion showed by some of the teachers, and by being allowed some autonomy and responsibility in my work. Hopefully I will be able to hold onto this skill for the rest of my life.

What advice can you offer to current students interested in your field?

You will study a wide range of things when you study psychology, but you need to be prepared to take a scientific and critical approach to this. You will need to consider early on if you are willing to study for the minimum six years to register as a psychologist, and you should start networking and accepting opportunities as early on as you can. You will do well if you are open minded, if you are willing to understand the importance of statistics, and if you remember that ultimately psychology is about people.

Where are they now? is a new feature for the Shalom Newsletter. In future, we hope to profile many past students to learn more about their successes and achievements post Shalom. If you, or someone you know, might be interested in being featured in Where are they now? please email Patricia Allen at

College News

Bundaberg Catholic Schools Race Day

Tickets are selling fast to the Catholic Schools Race Day Marquee Party this Saturday 18 March – don’t miss out!

See the finance office to purchase your ticket.

Bundy Bowl & Leisure Catholic Race Day Lock-in

Bundy Bowl & Leisure are providing a ‘Lock-in’ Child Minding Service for children aged 13 years and under, during the Catholic Schools Race Day (11:30am to 6pm), cost is $45per child and a donation of $5 from each ticket sold will go back to the Catholic Schools (based on a minimum of 10 children attending). Full details are provided in the attached flyer, please click to read more. All enquiries please contact Bundy Bowl & Leisure on 4152 4334.

QISSN Movie Fundraiser

MOVIE: Guardians of the Galaxy 2
WHEN: Thursday 27th April at 6:30 pm
WHERE: Reading Cinemas
COST: $15 includes movie ticket & ticket into lucky door prize
Tickets can be purchased from the Shalom Finance office
All money raised will support the 2017 QISSN team

Ancient History Seminar

The Queensland History Teachers Association’s Regional Student Ancient History Seminar was held on Thursday 2 March at Shalom College. Over 70 students from Bundaberg schools attended with two lecturers from the University of Queensland. Dr David Pritchard, who is Senior Lecturer in Greek History, spoke on the role of Attic women in 5th century BCE democracy. This very relevant topic supplemented the Year 12s current Athenian democracy unit. The other speaker, Dr Amelia Brown’s speciality of study is Late Antiquity, Greek religion and Mediterranean maritime history and she spoke on the role of the city in the Ancient Roman Empire with a comparison of Rome and Pompeii. These fascinating lectures gave students a great insight into the expertise of university lecturers. Shalom College is very grateful to the QHTA for organising this seminar for our students rather than them travelling to Brisbane.

Mrs Debbie Bolam

Year 11 Aquatic Practices – Excursions for Unit on River Use and Management

This term, year 11 Aquatic Practices students have been investigating how humans use rivers, the infrastructure and management required to allow this use, and the social and economic benefits that result. Our focus has been on the Burnett Basin and surrounding rivers. As part of our studies, the students undertook three excursions:

  • Bundaberg Regional Council Water Treatment Plants – thanks to John and Grant at the Branyan Water Treatment plant, and Kim from the Millbank Waste Water plant for their time and expertise in explaining the process of cleaning water to supply the city of Bundaberg – and treating sewage water before it is returned to the Burnett River. Thanks also to David at BRC for organising the excursion.
  • Bundaberg Riverside Parklands – identified and explored the range of infrastructure put in place around the Bundaberg stretch of the Burnett River for recreational, leisure and aesthetic use of the river.
  • Fred Haigh Dam and Lake Monduran – Thanks to Andrew of SunWater for explaining SunWater’s role in constructing and maintaining major infrastructure to supply bulk water to farmers, councils and industry. Thanks also to Milton at SunWater for organising the excursion.

The information and images they have gathered will be used in their assessment task – a Report on Use and Management of the Burnett Basin, and a presentation comparing and contrasting users of the river.

Students at the Millbank
Waste Water Treatment Plant

Checking infrastructure
that supports the
use of the Bundaberg
stretch of the Burnett River

Exploring SunWater
infrastructure at Fred Haigh Dam

Water outlet from Fred
Haigh Dam supplying water
to the lower Kolan River

Mr Troy Braund
Aquatic Practices Teacher

Careers Advisor

Visit from Bond University Representative

Jennifer Latorre from Bond University will be in Bundaberg on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 March to meet with students/parents who are interested in finding out more about Bond’s application process and scholarships. Jennifer will deliver a presentation for students at Shalom College during lunch break on Tuesday 28 March, however, she has also offered to meet students/parents individually. If you would like to make arrangements, please contact Jennifer directly on 0437 024 134 or

Mr Troy Braund
Careers Advisor

Position Vacant (Casual) – Barefoot Tiles

Barefoot Tiles – is a small ‘tile injection’ business owned by a Shalom family looking to mentor and support a young person in casual work. For selection criteria and more details on the position, please contact Mrs Lynn Rathbone –

Uniform Shop News

Notice to All Shalom Rowers

To order your Rowing Zoot Suit, please advise Mrs Stevenson of your accurate height and weight measurements as soon as possible.

Payment for your zoot suit can be made on collection. Limited second hand zoot suits are available.

Please note orders for new zoot suits will definitely close on Thursday 23 March.

Opening hours for the Uniform Shop are Monday to Thursday, 8am to 12pm, term time.

Notice to Music/Choir Students

Due to a necessary change in suppliers, there are limited Music vests and long sleeve black shirts available. Delivery on orders is six weeks. If you are requiring a performance uniform, please organise this as soon as possible.

Second Hand Music Vests Needed

We urgently require second hand music vests. If you have a music uniform at home that is not required, please consider selling it to the Uniform Shop.

***The music uniform is a long sleeve black collared shirt, College music vest with crest embroidery in red and black, and tailored long black pants (no jeans).***

Mrs Sharon Stevenson
Uniform Shop Manager

Sports News

Summer Sport Week 5 – 8 March

Open Cricket

Angus McDonald with the ball after his hat-trick

Angus McDonald, captain Matthew Pozzebon and Dylan Murphy played starring roles as our open cricket team ‘got out of jail’ to defeat Isis District State High School by 54 runs and clinch a place in the Grand Final with one round remaining. Without a couple of stars and against an Isis side which really threw down the gauntlet, we were in trouble at 6-74, but we reached a competitive 8-107, thanks mainly to Dylan Murphy (19 not out) and Liam Heads (12) after promoted opener Harrison Waters led out with 18, before being run out attempting a third run. Angus McDonald then gave us a perfect start with the ball with a stunning direct hit run out from mid-wicket of one of their two guns on the second ball of the Isis innings, before Matthew Pozzebon, backing up after representing Wide Bay at the Queensland Schools 19 years Championships in Bundaberg from Sunday to Tuesday and had also contributed with the bat with 11, ran out their gun batsman with another direct hit off balance from mid-off the next ball. Isis recovered and were threatening before a bowling pressure run out reduced them to 3-37. Dylan tightened the screws with a brilliant maiden over, before Matthew put us in control with a double-wicket maiden, including bowling their other batting ace. Angus, who had claimed a wicket in his first over, delivered the last rites in the next over with his first ever hat-trick, the first wicket being an LBW, then two bowled.

Mr Vince Habermann
Open Cricket Coach


Volleyball U15 Girl’s Shalom 4 - Last Wednesday saw the Shalom 4 girls take on the Shalom 2 team in an intense game of volleyball. All players in the team showed commendable enthusiasm and effort resulting in a comfortable win in all three sets. Lee-Challe Kriel hit a number of blinding over-arm serves enabling the girls to get the upper hand, with players Chelcie Gardiner and Charlotte Boge showing excellent support in the front court. The girls will now progress to the final round this week before entering finals on the last day of the term.

Miss Caitlin McDougall
Volleyball Coach

Please let us know if your student has performed to a high standard in their after-school sports, so we can celebrate as a community. The College is happy to publish student achievements but rely on parents and sporting associations to advise us of these.

Please email myself or

Upcoming Events

Sports Information will be placed on the notice board in the Undercover area. When students need to collect forms and other details from me, I am in the Sports Office located at the back of the Loyola Centre opening onto the undercover eating area.

Monday 20 March - Wide Bay Cluster 2 Trials
Friday 31 March - Summer Finals Day

Your Sporting Fanatic
Mr Simon Gills
Sports Coordinator

Instrumental Music


If a student is unable to attend a morning rehearsal, please notify the tutor or myself so that the student can be accounted for. This is a very important issue in relation to child protection.


For change in lesson time, could all students please notify the teacher the day before – approximately 24 hours where possible.

Performance schedule

The schedule for the year was emailed out on Tuesday 21 February to all students and parents. If you did not receive an electronic copy, please email me and I’ll give your child a hard copy.










March Concert


All groups




SHEP (State Honours Ensemble Program)

An email will be sent out this week outlining details in relation to this program which is designed for instrumental and choral students in Years 5 to 9 particularly. Please let me know if you would like your child/ren nominated for this amazing weekend of workshops and concert. Nominations close Tuesday 21 March.


This program was extremely successful in 2016 and has commenced for this term. If your child/ren would like to learn to play an instrument or to restart learning, please contact me as soon as possible and I will forward an information and enrolment form regarding lesson and instrument hire costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime by email.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Arts in Performance coordinator

Science and Mathematics Competitions for 2017

This year Shalom College students have the opportunity to participate in the following national and international competitions:

ICAS Science Competition: Tuesday 30 May
Australian Mathematics Competition: Thursday 27 July

Students are assessed against other students in the same school year, state and country. The competitions are designed to be a fun event, removed from the pressures of formal assessment with problems and questions designed to stimulate the interest of students. All students receive a certificate showing their level of achievement and a detailed report outlining their performance.

If your student would like to participate in either the ICAS Science Competition or the Australian Mathematics competition parents need to complete the appropriate nomination form and return to Student Reception. Parents are encouraged to make the required payment online through Tours and Excursions in the Parent Lounge Portal by Friday 21 April.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above competitions, please contact me via email (below).

Mrs Debbie Bishop
Competition Coordinator

Tuckshop Roster

13 March

Kathryn Hanlon

14 March

Cathy Duffield

Margaret Keverkis

(bi-monthly from March)

15 March

Claire Hamilton

Sharon Pole

16 March

Holly Davidson

Jennifer Pimm

17 March

Andrew Henricksen

Kylie Jarvis

20 March

Mila Robertson

21 March

Kym Creighton

Karen Higgins

22 March

Trish Cahill

23 March

Diana Willoughby

Tania Wright

24 March

Michelle Arvidsson-Smith

Nancy Poldervaart

27 March

Stephanie Hale

28 March

Fiona Canniffe

Pauline Shaxson

29 March


30 March


31 March


17 April


18 April

Kym Creighton

Karen Higgins

19 April

Claire Hamilton

Sharon Pole

20 April

Holly Davidson

Jennifer Pimm

21 April

Andrew Henricksen

Kylie Jarvis

Shalom Sunday Markets

The Artisan Collective

This unique addition to the Shalom Markets will occur every second Sunday of the month running from 7:00am to 12:00pm in the Sports Centre.

Tuckshop Markets Roster


19 March

6.00am - 9.30am



Richard/Fiona HAYES

Martin KELLY

Rohan/Maddy LLOYD

9.00am - 12.30pm







26 March

6.00am - 9.30am

Murray/Michele FLICK

Greg/Jenny JACKSON

Leslie/Heidi GEYER

Andrew LUCHT

Janelle TEST

Clarissa POINTON

Brendan/Yvette SIMPSON


9.00am - 12.30pm


Terry/Leanne EMMITT


Craig/Joanne KLUVER




2 April

6.00am - 9.30am

Paula Cittadella

Kath Clarke

Elizabeth Harris

Shelley Pisani

Alison Reinhardt

Helen Robinson

Nicole Schubel

9.00am - 12.30pm

Steve Cook

Tonyia/Lily Garland

Jackie Orchard

Maryanne Taylor

Michael/Cheri Visona


9 April

6.00am - 9.30am

Glen Boys

Jan Bunn

Roselyn Hunting

Trish Ingall

Susie Mant

Karen Marriott

9.00am - 12.30pm

Jenny Cross

Lynda/Mackenzie Crossett

Helen Glass

Jas Haster

Sheridan McMahon

Markets BBQ Roster

19 March

Cambodia Trip

26 March

PNG Mission

2 April

Edmund Rice Camp

9 April

PNG Mission

Catholic Parish of Bundaberg Notices

Community Notice Board

Seahorse Nippers

‘Seahorse Nippers’ is for Kids with any diagnosed disability/special need to enjoy surf lifesaving.

Bundaberg is very proud to be part of the launch of ‘Seahorse Nippers’ in this region. One hour, three Saturdays, three beautiful beaches.

Saturday 18 March Elliott Heads, Saturday 25 March Moore Park, Saturday 1 April Neilson Park Bargara. All sessions are 10am to 11am. Designed for kids 5-14 years with special needs.

Please email for further details.

Tennis Fun Day

Triple P Parenting

Have you checked out the free parenting support through the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program for Queensland parent?

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

The program was developed at The University of Queensland by Professor Matt Sanders, who is also Director of UQ’s Parenting and Family Support Centre and continues to lead Triple P’s extensive and ongoing global research program.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.