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2 May 2017

Principal’s Reflection

We don’t always get everything right at Shalom but it is still not uncommon for parents and members of the community to compliment me on what a great school Shalom is. That’s always nice to hear but, last week, I had a couple of occasions to be reminded on the vital role parents have in creating a great school. I have watched the first two episodes of the SBS documentary, ‘Testing Teachers’ which follows five young, highly qualified teachers beginning their careers in ‘difficult’ schools around Australia. Watching the show, I really feel for these five wonderful young people and want to offer them a job at Shalom! They are dealing with very disengaged and uncooperative young people. We don’t see that behaviour at Shalom because you, as parents, support the work that teachers do and you are interested in the education and formation of your child. That doesn’t seem like rocket science but it is incredibly important. So many young people can’t rely on parents who will ensure that they are fed each morning, equipped for school and turn up on time. So many young people don’t know the support of having the unconditional love of significant adults in their lives.

The other experience I had last week was to attend a Student Protection in-service. The presenter was an internationally qualified forensic psychologist who works with police forces around the world interviewing and profiling people, mostly men, who offend sexually against children. This was a fascinating but awful presentation. In profiling individuals who commit offences against children he identified some key pointers that, generally, occur in their lives that begin those individuals on that path. The link below will take you to ten questions, worth one point each, that experts believe give a reasonably valid risk assessment.

A score of four or more would indicate the likelihood for poor personal outcomes in later life. In summary, it just highlights how crucial it is for everyone to be loved and cared for particularly in their early years. We too often take for granted that children should be loved, supported and live within appropriate and respectful boundaries. Good parents, which we have in abundance at Shalom, deserve to be congratulated and encouraged. Shalom is a good school because staff have the capacity to build on and support the formation done with young people in their homes. Without that, we have very little chance of success.

Volunteers Barbeque

It’s ‘National Volunteer Week’ next week and the Shalom P&F has taken the opportunity to host a Volunteer Family Barbeque to thank all Shalom parent volunteers (who support Bingo, Book Hire, Tuckshop and the Shalom Markets Coffee shop) for their ongoing support and contributions. This will be held this Friday 5 May at 6.30pm in the under covered area near the tuckshop. Regrettably, there has been a delay in sending the personal invitations out for this special event so the RSVP day has been extended up to Wednesday 3 May. Please RSVP to Leanne on 0437 933 086. We look forward to seeing as many of our outstanding volunteers as possible to thank you in person for your contribution to our College.

Parents and Friends Association

The P&F Committee meet tonight, Tuesday 2 May at 5:30pm in the College staff room. All parents are most welcome and encouraged to attend.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

Student Welfare and Information

A very warm welcome back to all our students and their families. I trust everyone has now settled in to Term 2 after an enjoyable break.

Formal News

Year 12

Exciting times with the preparation well underway for this year’s Formal Dinner Dance.

In the next couple of weeks, the invitations, in a sealed envelope and addressed to the parent, will be issued. In order to keep the cost down a little we will issue the invitations to the students. The House Coordinators will hand out the envelopes to the students; they have been asked to keep a checklist of who received the invitation. If lost, unfortunately, another invitation will not be able to be reprinted as we have had an outside firm print the invitations.

With the invitation, there will be a letter explaining what has to happen next – cost; due date for RSVP and payment; table groupings (in sets of 10); how you want your son or daughter introduced; parking information.

The students have commenced their dancing practice – a few intensive training sessions in their lunch breaks! Mrs Simone Wilson is going to lead this, accompanied by Grace Petersen, senior 2016. I am very grateful that she will take this on – it is ‘no mean feat’ teaching 200 plus students three ballroom dances!

At this point I would like to acknowledge and thank Mr Tony Hutchins for all the years he did this with the students…he has now handed over the baton.

Year 11

It has long been the tradition here at Shalom for the Year 11 students to undertake a variety of tasks for the Formal. Some of these tasks include:

  • Setting out tables and chairs (boys in school time)
  • Ushers, both boys and girls, on the night to assist parents to their tables
  • Fanfare – music students under the direction of either Mr King or Mr Belluz
  • Help in packing up tables and chairs on the Saturday morning after the Formal
  • Assistance to Across the Waves with plating and serving on the night – Hospitality students under the guidance of their Hospitality teacher/s

I will be calling for volunteers in another couple of weeks.

Quite a number of staff are also involved in tasks on the night and I am very grateful for the generosity of their time which they give so willingly.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to phone or email me.



Quite a number of our girls (from Years 8 – 12) are wearing either the dresses or the skirts that are not the correct length. The dress or the skirt MUST be below the knees. I don’t think they realise how much taller they are since last year. Can I ask that you have a look at the length of your daughter’s dress or skirt and in the next week or so, can it be taken down if not below the knees.

A reminder that piercings, other than a piercing in the ear lobe, are not permitted. At the moment I have noticed a couple of the older girls have had piercings done in the holidays in the top of their ear. I need them to remove the piercing and, no, they are not allowed to wear a clear stud or put tape over it.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many boys for returning to the College after the Easter break with their hair cut. I do appreciate the support you, as parents, show for our grooming standards. A reminder to all that hair styles must be conservative.

Boys and Girls - Important Information Regarding Jumpers, Jackets for Winter

The students have been informed that they are not allowed to wear the black with some red tracksuit top as part of their winter uniform. They are to wear the red jumper, the blue jacket if they have one, or there will be a new blue jacket in the uniform shop soon.

The Year 12s, only, may wear the senior bomber jacket if they have purchased one of these.

Everything needs to be named clearly.

Term 2 Camps

Both our Year 10s and Year 8s will attend camp this term. The Year 10s will go first in House groups starting today, followed by the Year 8s which start in Week 6. One Year 7 group will also head out this term due to the scheduling changes.

2017 Year 10 Camp Schedule – Term 2

Camp No.


Dates Attending

House Coordinator



2, 3, 4 May

Ms Paula Van Dalen



3, 4, 5 May

Mr David Bond



8, 9, 10 May

Mrs Michelle Moller



9, 10, 11 May

Mr Chris Roelofs



10, 11, 12 May

Mr Aaron Brown



15, 16, 17 May

Mr Joe O’Driscoll



16, 17, 18 May

Mrs Mary Taylor



17, 18, 19 May

Mr Adam Knott

2017 Year 8 Camp Schedule – Term 2

Camp No.

CSA Class

Dates Attending

Teacher Attending



22, 23, 24 May

Mr David Gahan



23, 24, 25 May

To be advised



24, 25, 26 May

Mr Patrick Quirk



29, 30, 31 May

Mr Mike Reid;

Mrs Michelle Moller

(Mr Ian Jenner’s class)



5, 6, 7 June

Mr Brett Hoskins



6, 7, 8 June

Mr John Gilbert



7, 8, 9 June

Mrs Megan Munckton



12, 13, 14 June

Mr David Magner



13, 14 15 June

To be advised



14, 15, 16 June

Mr Steve McKay

Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell

Deputy Principal

Curriculum Notes

2017 NAPLAN Tests – Information for Parents

All Year 7 and Year 9 students will have the opportunity to sit the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests to be administered on 9, 10 and 11 May this year. The NAPLAN tests will assess students in the areas of literacy (including reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar) and numeracy (number, measurement, chance and data, space, working mathematically, algebra function and pattern). The results from these tests will be used for individual student reporting to parents, school reporting to the community, and aggregate reporting by the State against national standards or benchmarks.

Our Core Studies teachers are leading the preparation program as part of the normal teaching and learning process within classes. The program includes a series of activities exposing students to the types of tasks encountered in the five sub-tests of language conventions, writing, reading, numeracy (without calculators) and numeracy (with calculators) and test administration procedures. The focus of our preparation of students is on developing ‘test-wiseness’ rather than content knowledge which is being developed continuously. Active participation in the preparation sessions will allow students to become familiar through practice with the nature of the test and the strict test conditions involved.

Please note that while maximum participation is expected, parents have the right to withdraw their child or seek exemption from sitting the tests. Students who are not exempt and who do not sit the tests will not receive a report of test results and will not be included in the school data. Students who are exempt from the tests will be reported as having not reached the benchmarks. Special provision is also available to assist students who have recognised learning difficulties to sit the tests.

Parents who are considering withdrawing their child from the 2017 NAPLAN tests and have not discussed this with us are asked to contact the Middle School Coordinator, Mrs Megan Munckton on 4155 8111 by Friday 5 May. Similarly, parents wishing to pursue exemption or special provision for the tests based on recently emerging circumstances may also contact Mrs Munckton for further advice.

For further information about the NAPLAN tests or the preparation program please contact the Middle School Coordinator, Mrs Megan Munckton as above. Alternatively, you may wish to take the time to peruse the information available on the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) website at the link below and the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) website below.

Learner Conferences (formerly Parent Teacher Interviews)

Learner conferences for all year levels in all subjects (except Core Studies) are scheduled for the evening of Tuesday 16 May.

The conferences (of 10 minutes duration) will be held in the Sports centre from 3:30pm to 6:30pm with students encouraged to attend and participate.

Learner conferences may be arranged online via the Parent Lounge. The online booking facility will open at 8:00am Friday 5 May and close at 5:00pm on Friday 12 May to allow teachers to prepare for conferences. Parents without internet access may contact the College on 4155 8111 to make appointments from 8:00am on Friday 5 May.

While scheduled learner conferences are seen as an important communication between home and school, attendance is voluntary. Parents are most welcome to arrange an interview with specific teachers at any time the need arises throughout the year.

Mr Christian Taylor
Assistant Principal – Curriculum



ANZAC Liturgy
ANZAC Liturgy
Click images to enlarge

Photos from the ANZAC Liturgy held at Shalom College last Monday.

ANZAC Day Bundaberg and Bargara Services

Shalom College was well represented at Services around the Bundaberg Region on ANZAC Day. The dawn service at Bargara drew a large crowd and we thank those who have shared photos with us of our students attending the Bargara Dawn Service.

ANZAC Dawn Service Bargara
ANZAC Dawn Service Bargara
Click images to enlarge

Mrs Kim O’Shea-Hard
Assistant Principal – Mission

P & F News

P&F Barbeque

To all P & F Members, you are reminded that our monthly meeting is held in the staff common room – all parents are welcome. Please note the next P & F meeting will be held on Tuesday 2 May 2017 after the Annual General Meeting which will begin at 5:30pm.

Term 2 - After School Tutoring Timetable

Quiet Achiever

We have two Quiet Achievers to congratulate this week, both coming from Lingiari House.

Maddison Devine Year 12 Lingiari

Maddi is in Year 12 and has been a very active member of our House, College and Parish communities since arriving at Shalom. Go to just about any event and you will find Maddi helping in some way. Her enthusiasm and compassion are just two of her many qualities. She has been a wonderful buddy and is willing to assist whenever there is need. Her gentle nature and positive attitude draw others to her, especially the younger students.

Here is a photo of Maddi with her Year 7 buddy Zahara

Marnie Little Year 7 Lingiari

Marnie Little is only in Year 7 and she is an Australian Champion in both ABA and 3D Archery. The 2017 National ABA (Australian Bowhunters Association) Archery events were recently held in Mudgee, NSW. The shooting ranges were very challenging, in hilly terrain. This was Marnie’s second year as dual champion in the Cub Girls (12years and under) Bowhunter Compound Division.

Marnie will be competing again soon, in the Australian IFAA Archery Titles. Last year she placed Silver at both the National and World IFAA events. Congratulations Marnie on your successes!

Marnie at Archery Competition

Mrs Mary Taylor
Lingiari House Coordinator

Where are they now? Shalom Edition


Sarah Hurren

Graduating year:


Subjects studied:

English, Study of Religion, Ancient History, Modern History, Drama and Maths A

Current role:

Currently studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in history and literature studies and I work part time in retail.

What qualifications and work experience have you gained since graduating high school?

I volunteer and do a lot of work around the university including assisting and participating in the Humanities Excellence Society and volunteering as an Ambassador for Griffith Global which I’ve been a part of since my exchange semester. I haven’t received any ‘qualifications’ but I’ve received several academic awards and prizes.

What has been the most rewarding, challenging or interesting experience in your study or work so far?

By far the most rewarding experience was going on exchange to study in England. I lived and studied in Oxford for about 5 months in my second year, and it was the best decision I ever made! It gave me the chance to travel and explore England and parts of Europe as well as extend my studies and make international friends and connections. As an aspiring historian I think it was the best place I could have gone and the absolute greatest experience.

How did your senior studies contribute or impact on your tertiary study and/or career choices?

Absolutely they did! I always had a keen interest in history in high school and when I applied myself to it at university I just fell in love and (big shout out to Mrs Bolam) the teachers I had at both school and uni just fanned that flame and now I’m studying with the intention of becoming an historian. Studying English at an OP level as well set me up to succeed at uni, and again the teachers I had (cheers Mrs Wedemeyer!) put me so far ahead in my learning.

Can you identify one invaluable thing that you learned at Shalom?

It might sound cheesy but I learnt at Shalom that if I applied myself and worked hard I could pretty much do anything. I worked hard all year to get the grades I did and it payed off, and is still paying off because I still have that same work ethic and knowledge from school and I always will. Grades aren’t the end of the story though; if you don’t achieve what you want or what you need there are always other options, but at the end of the day whatever path you choose you have to work for what you want.

What advice can you offer to current students interested in your field?

Take advantage of your teachers! Their wealth of knowledge is only available to you for a little while longer and they have so much to share. I took so much away from my favourite classes and my favourite teachers and, as I said, they really set me up for success at uni. Others didn’t have the same opportunities I did and what you do now. Not everyone gets such great teachers!

Where are they now? Is a semi-regular feature where we hope to profile many ex-students to learn more about their successes and achievements post-Shalom. If you, or someone you know, might be interested in being featured in Where are they now? please email Patricia Allen at

Mrs Patricia Allen
Learning Area Coordinator – Humanities

College News

Adding to Mr McMahon’s article in last week’s newsletter, here is a photo of Shalom Year 12 student Courtenay Parfitt along with his parents, Carola and Roy becoming Australian Citizens. Congratulations again.

Careers Information

Upcoming University and Career Information Sessions at Shalom


Information Session

Time / Notes

Monday 8 May

Australian Defence Force Recruitment

Time to be advised

Friday 12 May

CQUniversity Experience, at Bundaberg Campus

9am to 2pm - Students need to register their interest with Mr Braund

Friday 12 May

Presentation by Raymont Residential College, Auchenflower, Brisbane

During lunch break in C34

Monday 22 May

Presentation by Australian Catholic University

During lunch break in C34

Monday 22 May

Presentation by University of Queensland

Students need to register their interest with Mr Braund

Tuesday 23 May

Bundaberg Careers Expo

in Civic Centre - public session from 4pm to 5:30pm

Further information received:

  • International House (co-ed residential college at University of Queensland)
  • Faculty information booklets for University of Queensland 2018 Undergraduate programs

These documents are available at Careers Advisor’s office or at Goondeel library.

Any queries, please contact Mr Troy Braund, Careers Advisor, at the College – 4155 8111 or via email.

Mr Troy Braund
Careers Advisor

Performing Arts

Nearly 70 students across Years 7 to 12 have been busily preparing for the upcoming Maryborough Dance Eisteddfod being held on Friday 12 May. This is the first time that Shalom has entered this eisteddfod and it will be an excellent opportunity for these students to showcase their work, both curricular and extra-curricular, to a wider audience. Information, permission and medical forms should have gone out for this trip, so please ensure that these are returned quickly. Please also ensure that the request for bus transport on the permission form is completed as this is extremely important to organise buses and supervision.

In last week’s newsletter, I mentioned a few recent achievements of students within the Performing Arts that I was aware of. I would like to ask any parents to continue to keep me informed via email of any developments throughout the year that come up so that these students can be recognised for their dedication and commitment to their chosen field.


Year 7 student, Ainsley Clarke was offered and accepted a position in 2017 to train at The Australian Ballet School in Melbourne where she has studied for the past two years. Ainsley has also successfully auditioned for a position with the Ballet Theatre of Queensland’s production of The Little Mermaid at Queensland Performing Arts Centre in January 2018 which will be a wonderful experience for her!

Ms Anita McAtee
Performing Arts Coordinator

Instrumental Music

Performance schedule

Here is a reminder of events planned for Term 2. Please take note in diaries etc. and also note Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival (Brisbane) in Term 3 is scheduled for Friday 18 to Sunday 20 August. Please notify me ASAP if your child/ren will be unavailable.

On the schedule below, you may notice that there has been a slight change to the start times for the June concert. At this stage, the Junior groups will perform at 5pm and Senior at 7pm. I will email out more details about this in the next couple of weeks.

Important Dates - Term 2

2 June - Senior Formal, 7pm - Brass Quartet - Sports Centre

7 June - June Concert, 5pm Junior Groups and 7pm Senior Groups - All groups - Performing Arts Precinct Theatre

20 to 22 June (return travel on 23 June) - Diocesan Music Camp, 8:30am to 5pm each day – All eligible students to attend – The Cathedral College, Rockhampton – College coach or private transport – Accommodation, TCC Boarding House.

Diocesan Music Camp

More information will be published in next week’s newsletter in relation to costs and accommodation arrangements for students attending this wonderful three days of music making. I am still waiting for final details regarding accommodation and will contact everyone once details are known.


Good luck to all students competing in the Music sections of the Eisteddfod. On Thursday night, 4 May at the Playhouse theatre, we have two vocal ensembles and a flute ensemble performing. Session starts at 7pm. Everyone welcome.

SHEP Brisbane

The dates for the State Honours Ensemble Program (SHEP) program scheduled for the September holidays. Dates are Thursday 28 September to Sunday 1 October 2017 with nominations closing Friday 19 May. Cost will be $280 payable to Griffith University upon acceptance of an offer. If you would like your child/ren to attend please let either their tutor or myself know. We will be nominating students however you do not have to accept if you don’t wish to.


This program was extremely successful in 2016 and will be offered once again next term. If your child/ren would like to learn to play an instrument or to restart learning, please contact me and I will forward an information and enrolment form regarding lesson and instrument hire costs for a term.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime by email.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Arts in Performance coordinator

Sports News

Summer Finals Day

Unfortunately, the Summer Finals Day was washed out at the end of Term 1. This resulted in the Minor Premiers being awarded the winner’s Trophy for each sport. Shalom would have featured heavily in the majority of finals. Of the 22 finals contested, Shalom had teams competing in 19 finals with premiership success in nine sports. The following is a list of premierships from the Summer Season.

Volleyball - Open Boys, 15years Girls
Cricket - Open Boys, 15years Boys
Touch Football - Open Boys, 13years Boys
Table Tennis - Division 1, Division 2

Tennis - Junior Division

Congratulations to all students that participated in the Summer Sports Season and thanks to all the Shalom staff for assisting throughout the Summer Season.

Could I ask students to please return their clean team uniforms to their coach as soon as possible.

School Cross Country

On Friday 21 April the annual Shalom Cross Country was held. A large number of participants was the highlight of the day and some very close races resulted.

Age Champions

Girls 12 years - Bonnie Stephenson (Walsh)
Boys 12 years - Lachlan Stevenson (Lingiari)
Girls 13 years - Lili Haster (Hogan)
Boys 13 years - Fletcher Ace (Adams)
Girls 14 years - Lee-Challe Kriel (McAuley)
Boys 14 years - Patrick Maher (Chisholm)
Girls 15 years - Georgia Cutmore (Lingiari)
Boys 15 years - Tom Martin (McAuley)
Girls 16 years - Lucy Bowden (McAuley)
Boys 16 years - Kiah Everingham (Lingiari)
Girls Opens - Emily Doyle (Adams)
Boys Open - Bailey Rach (Lingiari)

Congratulations to Hogan House, the 2017 Cross Country Champions. Hogan finished on 14.054, with Lingiari on 13.900 and Walsh on 13.012.

Three new records were set in the 14 years Girls 4km, the Open Girls 4km event and the 12 years Boys 3km event. Lee-Challe Kriel ran 16.09mins in the 14 years Girls, Emily Doyle ran 16.25mins in the Open Girls 4km event and Lachlan Stevenson ran 13.32mins in the 12 years Boys 3km event.

A big thankyou to all the students and staff for their help during the afternoon.

BDSSS Cross Country

A list of students who have been selected in the Shalom Cross Country Team is posted up on the notice boards in the Undercover Area and in the Sports Centre. This Wednesday 3 May, the Shalom Cross Team will compete in the District Individual Event (which doubles as Bundy selection) at Gin Gin State High School starting at 3:15pm. Buses will leave Shalom at 1:45pm and return by 5:15pm. Students selected in the Shalom team need to collect a competitor’s singlet and information/permission form from Mr Gills in the Sports Office.

Upcoming Events

Sports Information will be placed on the notice board in the Undercover area. When students need to collect forms and other details from me, I am in the Sports Office located at the back of the Loyola Centre opening onto the Undercover eating area.

3 May - BDSSS Individual Cross Country, held at Gin Gin
7 May - Rowing Regatta 1
21 May - Rowing Regatta 2
24 May - BDSSS Teams Cross Country, held at St Luke’s

Shalom Students Gaining Wide Bay Selection


Tobias Street, Connor Simms (QLD)


Jackson Lester, Jai Smith, Kiara Murphy, Ewan Heads


Sebastian Foglia, Oliver Plumb


Aimee Harvey


Koby Lister, James Crook, Cooper Gesch


Matthew Pozzebon, Grace Trebbin


Awaiting details

Touch Football

Luca Felesina, Blake Hutchinson, Nathan Cook, Oliver Moreny


William Stupart, Caileb Dimes

Rugby League

Rece Hansen

Rugby Union

Hamish Young, Chelson Diggins, David Grey, Nathanael Pascoe, Nahum Pascoe


Krysten Green, Jasmine Fagg


Natika Breuer, Madison Masterman-Smith, Luke Smith, Cohen Read, Lawson Harman, Benjamin Fuller


Kelsie Hansen, Charlotte Boge, Amy Hamilton, Madison Hard, Brooke Meissner


Emilee Cameron, Eve Scott, Alyssa Cameron, Elizabeth Godfrey, Makayla Mortensen, Emma Moonie, Brennan Norris, Harrison Doyle, Mitchell Wright, Bailey Jenkins, Benjamin Wright


Callan Gardiner, Olivia Schneider

Cross Country

Awaiting details


Awaiting details


Tom Martin

Please note that this is a list of names I have received so far. I am waiting on some other sports to send me their final details.

Sporting Achievements


Shalom was well represented at the Lions Centenary Bargara Triathlon on Sunday, with Year 9 student Tom Martin winning the ‘Give It A Tri’ event (500m swim, 13km cycle, 3km run) in a field of 52 with a brilliant time of 49min11sec and being fastest in all three disciplines. His father Andrew finished an excellent sixth in the Olympic Distance Triathlon (1500m swim, 40km cycle, 10km run). Shalom Crew combination of Year 11 student Connor Simms (swimmer), teacher Mr Neil Feather (cyclist) and Teachers’ Assistant Mr Vince Habermann (runner) finished a very creditable fifth in the Olympic Distance Teams event, with Connor the fastest swimmer out of all the individual and team competitors with a sensational 16:35. Mr Feather was the third fastest rider, and the team was still in first position after his leg, but Mr Habermann could not keep up the pace of the young gun runners. Aden Tranent, a Shalom Year 12 graduate of 2015, was the runner for the winning Olympic Distance team, while one of his former classmates Joshua Finnis and 2014 Year 12 graduate Jared Paul were the swimmer and runner respectively for the third placed team in this event.

Mr Vince Habermann

Shalom Crew cyclist Mr Neil Feather takes the timing device from team swimmer Connor Simms at the Lions Centenary Bargara Triathlon

Please let us know if your student has performed to a high standard in their after-school sports, so we can celebrate as a community. The College is happy to publish student achievements but rely on parents and sporting associations to advise us of these.

Please email myself or

Your Sporting Fanatic
Mr Simon Gills
Sports Coordinator

Tuckshop Roster

1 May


2 May

Susie Zunker

3 May

Leanne Grogan
Katrina O’Sullivan

4 May

Tamara Smith
Danielle Wooldridge

5 May

Jenny Cross
Jodie Horton

8 May

Kathryn Hanlon

9 May

Cathy Duffield
Margaret Keverkis (bi-monthly)

10 May

Cher Giovannoni
Kellie Walker

11 May

Paul & Caroline Simms
Allison Toft

12 May

Michelle Arvidsson-Smith
Leah Whaleboat
Marilyn Wootton

15 May

Mila Robertson

16 May

Kym Creighton
Karen Higgins

17 May

Claire Hamilton
Sharon Pole

18 May

Holly Davidson
Jennifer Pimm

19 May

Andrew Henricksen
Kylie Jarvis

Shalom Sunday Markets

The Artisan Collective

This unique addition to the Shalom Markets will occur every second Sunday of the month running from 7:00am to 12:00pm in the Sports Centre.

Tuckshop Markets Roster

7 May

6.00am - 9.30am

Murray/Michele Flick
Greg/Jenny Jackson
Andrew Lucht
Janelle Test
Clarissa Pointon
Brendan/Yvette Simpson
Wanita Stringer

9.00am - 12.30pm

Sharon Anderson
Terry/Leanne Emmitt
Sandra Killer
Belinda Prossliner
Warren Vaschina

14 May

6.00am - 9.30am

Bruce/Kayleen Bryan
Mary Buchanan
Robert/Mellisa Doyle
Keightley Family
Peter O’Beirne
Steven Schiffke
Marie Walker

9.00am - 12.30pm

Rodney Allport
Marlyn/William May
Patricia Rochford
Tin Yu Wong
Michelle Purkis

21 May

6.00am - 9.30am

Leone Aslett
Suzanne Brown
John Delaney
Mechalle Kimber
Mark Morris
Allison Toft
Jennifer Walsh

9.00am - 12.30pm

Marissa Browne
Anne Exelby
Linda Francis
Renita Snare

28 May

6.00am - 9.30am

Christine Buwalda-Nicolson
Joanne Godfrey
Richard/Fiona Hayes
Martin Kelly
Rohan/Maddy Lloyd
Karlee Pfeffer

9.00am - 12.30pm

Wayne Fuller
Bruce Green
Kylie Johnstone
Gretta Waters

Markets BBQ Roster

30 April

Cambodia Trip

7 May

Edmund Rice Camp

14 May

Edmund Rice Camp

21 May


28 May

Relay for Life

Catholic Parish of Bundaberg

Parish Relay for Life Fundraiser

Parish Bulletin

Community Notice Board

Tread Vietnam and Cambodia

Since Shalom College began offering trips for students to travel to Cambodia and Vietnam, parents have been asking for the opportunity to experience the same great trip.

The organisers of the Cambodia trip, Open My World Travel, have organised a trip this December for parents, friends and family to travel for 16 days through Vietnam and Cambodia.

Passengers will experience the culture, taste the cuisine and live the history of these two amazing South East Asian countries.

Snapshot of the trip

Dates: 1 Dec 2017 to 18 December 2017
Destinations: Vietnam - Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh and Cambodia - Phnom Penh, Siem Reap
Highlights: Sail on Halong Bay, learn first hand about the Vietnam War, explore the Mekong Delta, cooking classes in Vietnam and Cambodia, learn about the Khmer Rouge, explore the Angkor Wat temples, support numerous NGO that assist communities and children in need.

If you would like to know more about this trip, please email

Please note that places are limited.

Triple P Parenting

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

The program was developed at The University of Queensland by Professor Matt Sanders, who is also Director of UQ’s Parenting and Family Support Centre and continues to lead Triple P’s extensive and ongoing global research program.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.