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22 May 2017

Principal’s Reflection

One of the very popular shows on Netflix this year has been ’13 Reasons Why’. It is the story of a High School student who chooses to take her own life in response to her feelings about her interactions with others. The programme has an MA15+ rating and deserves it. I have watched about four episodes and whilst it tries to take on some very real issues for young people, I believe that the producers have missed the mark in presentation and the show has the potential to confuse young people. That said, an awful lot of our students have watched all or part of the series. If you subscribe to Netflix and you know your child has watched this programme and, even if they haven’t, can I strongly suggest you sit with them and watch the 14th thirty minute episode? I fear that the vast majority of students who have watched the series did not take the time to watch that 14th episode. It is the documentary produced with interviews with the cast, producers and professionals and has a good look at the issues raised. I think it is excellent and certainly provides a lot of material for discussion. Hannah, the main character, is badly treated by some but in other ways, is the author of her own destruction. To a significant degree, the show can be interpreted as celebrating suicide and that should never be the case. It is a tragic waste of life. Watch the 14th episode and talk about those issues, as you think age appropriate, with your child/ren. More importantly, reinforce with them the, at least, 13 Reasons Why Not for the rest of their lives (actually, I have 14 but there are lots more) –

  1. Don’t hold other people responsible for your health – mental or otherwise. You have the power over your own life.
  2. No matter what you believe, pain is temporary and even in its worst forms, is manageable with the right help
  3. The world is full of good people
  4. Always focus on the people who make you better – those who love you – rather than those who are negative
  5. Sudden avoidable death is unbelievably cruel to those who love you
  6. Death is final, there is no coming back and viewing cute clips of yourself
  7. Jesus’ most critical direction to us all was to Respect Yourself, Love One Another and to treat each other as we would want to be treated
  8. 'Reach out, even if you feel like Hannah, talk to someone, call a hotline, talk to someone anonymously. The minute you start talking about it, it gets easier and know that there is life beyond what you are feeling at the moment. I promise it will get better. There is an entire future of incredible things waiting for you and if you go, you don't get to see it.' Katherine Longford – Hannah (in the 14th episode)
  9. Despite difficulties, life is wonderful and should be cherished
  10. No human experience surpasses holding your child in your arms
  11. Every one of us has a responsibility to be the change we want to see in the world
  12. You can’t appreciate the beauty of a sunrise without experiencing the dark of night and even the moon can shine brightly at night. Who are the people who can be your Sun and Moon?
  13. God doesn’t make mistakes and you are made in God’s image and likeness
  14. Give your cerebral cortex time to grow – it might take until your mid 20s – you’ll be able to ‘process’ a lot better then.

Catholic School Funding

Catholic School Funding remains something of a ‘hot topic’ at the moment. From the information on hand at the moment, I don’t see fees at Shalom or in Catholic primary schools in Bundaberg increasing any more than usual in 2018.

Referendum and Mabo Decision Anniversaries

The 1967 Referendum and the Mabo Decision celebrate their anniversaries in Australian history in the coming fortnight – 50 years and 25 years respectively. We acknowledged those facts as a school community at our Assembly last Friday. It seems inconceivable to us now that the nation had to come together in 1967 to change our Constitution to acknowledge that indigenous Australians were Australian citizens. In 1992 the Mabo decision acknowledged that Indigenous Australians owned the land on which they were born and lived. We certainly should celebrate those two land mark decisions. Australia is a better country because of that. We still have a long way to go as indigenous education rates and levels of achievement still are not where they should be. Indigenous life expectancy is still lower than European Australians. At Shalom, it is certainly worth celebrating that the number of indigenous students at Shalom continues to increase. At our Assembly, we acknowledged the eight Year 12 indigenous students at Shalom as that emphasises how important gaining an education is for indigenous young people and all young people.

Drop Off and Pick Up

It was really embarrassing this week to get another letter from our good friends at the Baptist Church across Fitzgerald Street. Again, they brought to my attention that Shalom parents are using their driveway to pick up and drop off students. I rang and apologised profusely and assured them that I have asked parents, on numerous occasions, not to do this. I suggested to them that they should seek the assistance of Bundaberg police to enforce this. I also asked Mrs Austin-Campbell to go over to the Church on the following afternoons and ask parents and students not to encroach on the property of the Bundaberg Baptist Church. To my horror, Mrs Austin-Campbell reported to me that a couple of Shalom parents responded to her requests in an aggressive manner. One parent suggested to her that this situation was her fault as there was not another entrance available on Eggmolesse Street! I would urge parents, whenever possible, to have their children catch the bus to school, particularly if you do not want to use the designated pick up and drop off zones. Being rude to our neighbours, or Shalom staff, is simply unacceptable.

Date Claimers

Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase tickets for yourself and your children to watch this movie together on Monday 12 June in the Performing Arts Precinct Theatre at 7pm! We invite parents and students from the wider community.

Tickets now available at the College office – Adults $5, Students Gold Coin donation.

Parents need to be ‘engaged’ with the education of their children if they want to maximise their child’s achievements. Please come along to the free Parent Session held on Monday 22 May at 7.30pm in the Loyola Centre. The Queensland P&F would like you to register your interest by emailing or phone 07 3336 9242. Light refreshments will be served.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

Please Note Error in Student Diary

Friday 2 June is not a Student Free day; it is a regular school day for Years 7 to 11. It is however a Study Day for Year 12 students only. The College Calendar has this correctly entered however there was an error in the Student Diary.

Student Welfare and Information

Formal - Year 12

Some Important Information

  • RSVP and payment is now overdue: needs to be paid today as I have to give final numbers into the caterer
  • Once I hand in numbers I cannot add to these
  • Introduction for students to be handed in – our rehearsal is on Wednesday and we need the details for this practice

Please make sure that you have read the letter carefully as it details the time you need to be seated in the Sports Centre on the night. We commence at 6:30pm sharp.

It promises to be a wonderful night for our young people as well as yourselves; I am very much looking forward to it...dancing is coming along…are they teaching you at home?!

Amnesty for acrylic nails

The girls will be permitted to have their nails done in the week leading up to the Formal – that is the week beginning Monday 29 May. However, they must be removed by Monday 12 June.

Formal - Year 11

Parents: It has long been a tradition of the College that the Year 11 parents and students assist with some of the setting up and the packing up regarding the Formal.

The Year 11s were given a letter on Friday to give to you detailing where you can help. Last year we had quite a few parents and students come on the Saturday morning and so we were packed up in approximately 40 minutes!

Can I ask that you read the letter and if you are able to help, send the signed form back to the College office immediately.

Something for all Parents

Study Skills Handbook Newsletter Item for May

Resolving Conflict Around Homework

Some of the most common arguments at home (related to schoolwork!) lead to statements like this:

  • “Stop playing computer games and do your homework.”
  • “I told you, get off your phone, I can see you are on Facebook.”
  • “Why haven’t you started your homework yet?”
  • “What do you mean you have no schoolwork to do?”

If these are common refrains in your household, there are some simple steps that can be taken to deal with this.

Step 1: Family meeting. Both students and parents get a chance to explain what is bugging them.
Step 2: Agree on how much time will be allocated to schoolwork per day or per week.
Step 3: Agree that during this time homework will be the first priority, then assessments and any remaining time should be spent on independent learning (e.g. reviewing difficult work, making summaries).
Step 4: Allocate set times for schoolwork and write these out and put them on the fridge e.g. Monday 4:00pm - 5:00pm, 6:00 - 6.30pm.
Step 5: Agree that in these blocks of time, there will be no personal technology use (preferably phones switched off and put out of sight).
Step 6: Decide on rewards and consequences if the agreement is not honoured.

There are many units in the link below that can help you specifically with these areas.

For example:

DEALING WITH CONFLICT – strategies for conflict resolution
TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS – find out the recommended amount of time to spend on schoolwork, learn more about independent learning and print weekly planners
DEALING WITH DISTRACTIONS – strategies for managing technology addictions

Log into link below with these details -

Username: shalomcollege

Important Notices

Nut Products

A reminder to all parents that nut products and any type of nuts are not allowed in the College. We have many students highly allergic to any nut products.

Aerosol Deodorant

Aerosol deodorant is not permitted in the College as it can trigger asthma attacks to those susceptible. Roll on deodorant is acceptable. We will confiscate any aerosol cans as students have had repeated warnings.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is not permitted.


If your child is absent from the College can I ask that you write a note in the Record Book on the first day of their return as way of explanation. I would encourage you to use the student absentee line in the first instance to advise the school of your child’s absence but a written note is still required.


Can I remind everyone that it is important that your child is on time for school each day. If there is a reason that they are running late, a note of explanation should be written in the Record Book – that would be much appreciated. This is an area that I feel really needs addressing.

Thank You

Thank you to those parents who have seen to their son’s haircut. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

A Reminder to the Girls in Years 9 – 12

Please check your skirt length – it must be below the knee.

A reminder that piercings other than a single piercing in the lobe, are not permitted and clear studs are not allowed either.

We are asking that the older girls follow the College policy regarding the wearing of makeup. The students have been told, and it is in the Record Book, that they are allowed to wear foundation only. Some girls are ‘pushing the boundaries’ a little with heavily pencilled eyebrows or they have had their eyebrows tinted. We ask that the girls refrain from doing this please. Eyelash extensions are also not permitted.

Term 2 Camps

2017 Year 8 Camp Schedule

Camp No.

CSA Class

Dates Attending



22, 23, 24 May



23, 24, 25 May



24, 25, 26 May



29, 30, 31 May



5, 6, 7 June



6, 7, 8 June



7, 8, 9 June



12, 13, 14 June



13, 14 15 June


Year 7 FOCUS

14, 15, 16 June

Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell
Deputy Principal

Curriculum Notes

Year 11 and 12 End of Semester One Examinations

Year 11 and 12 end of Semester One examinations commence on Thursday 15 June (just over four weeks away). The examination timetable has been posted on the College intranet (‘Assessment & Reporting’ tab), the College website (Curriculum/Senior School/Forms and Publications) and Daily Notices (pushed to students via Student Café). Most students will have at least one examination during the block, some will have quite a number depending on the subjects they study and how assessment is conducted in these subjects. Not all subjects use the examination block.

While most students will have only a few examinations during the examination block which will give them some time in between to prepare, rest and study, others may have up to six examinations during the examination block and even two examinations in the one day. This can contribute to stress levels of all concerned, but the challenges can be managed through planning, prioritising and communication. In particular, students are encouraged to:

  • Adopt a systematic approach to the use of the examination timetable and the Record Book where the Annual Planner, Homework/Study Plan and daily Homework entries sections are effectively used to establish a study plan to manage time and prepare emotionally, physically and mentally for examinations (a student responsibility - supported and monitored by parents and teachers);
  • Make realistic choices about priorities and expectations that balance family, homework/study, extracurricular school activities/responsibilities, sports and cultural activities, paid employment and personal/social interests (again, a student responsibility - supported and monitored by parents and teachers); and
  • Maintain contact with teachers, especially if things appear to be going wrong or if something unexpected happens that interrupts study plans or affects attendance at examinations (this is what ‘special provision’ is for).

Year 12 Trial QCS Test

All Year 12 students who have indicated that they will be sitting the QCS Test will sit a complete trial test on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 June. The students have been briefed on expectations regarding attendance and participation in the trial. Please note that the preceding Monday (5 June) is a normal school day for all students. In addition, on the trial test days Year 12 students will be dismissed early at approximately 2:30pm. Should you require any information about your child’s participation in the trial QCS Test, please contact Mr Brendan Maher.

Students not sitting the QCS Test are expected to attend school if required to complete outstanding assessments (this will be formally communicated by teachers) or continue with work experience, structured workplace learning or attendance at their usual workplaces if they are involved in a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship. Should you require any information about participation in work experience, structured workplace learning or school-based apprenticeships and traineeships, please contact College VET Coordinator, Mrs Liza O’Donnell.

Year 11 and 12 Students - Accessing Learner Accounts

While all Year 11 and 12 students have been advised of how to access their Learner Accounts, our records show that many students have not yet done so. It is important that all Senior students, especially Year 12s at this time, access their learner accounts. Learner Accounts are accessed through the QCAA’s Student Connect portal below. A link to this portal is also available on the desktop of the College Intranet. There are instructions for logging into their Learner Account on the landing page of the portal, but students will need to know their LUI number which can be found on their Shalom Student ID Card or by contacting the College office. Their initial password is the first four digits of their birthday, e.g. the password for a student whose birthday is on 6 January would be 0601. After the initial log in students will be prompted to create a new password.

Year 12 students will be particularly interested in accessing Student Connect and their Learner Account as this will not only give them early access to their OP in December, but will give them a chance to win an Apple MacBook Air if they login to their account before 31 August this year.

If students have any difficulty with logging in via the Student Connect portal, they are welcome to contact the College office for assistance.

Mr Christian Taylor
Assistant Principal – Curriculum

P & F Committee

To all P & F Members, you are reminded that our monthly meeting is held in the staff common room – all parents are welcome. Please note the next P & F meeting will be held on Tuesday 6 June at 5.30pm.

Mrs Gail Norris
P & F Secretary

Year 7 Immunisations – Round 2

This Friday 26 May the Year 7s will have their second immunisation. Students will attend in class groups during the morning sessions. Only students who had signed permissions forms and received a vaccination in Round 1 will be involved.

The Round 2 Catch-Up clinic will be held at Ozcare on Wednesday 7 June 2017. Ozcare will contact the guardians of all absent students to arrange a booking to this clinic.

Any queries please contact Oz Care, 73 Woongarra St, Bundaberg West, phone 1800 692 273.

Bus Transport Assistance

Visit the Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS) website to see if you qualify for financial assistance to help with the cost of transport and apply at the link below by 31 May 2017. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Quiet Achiever

This week’s Quiet Achiever is Tamae Marshke, Year 7 Chisholm House.

Tamae performed her Trinity College drama exams late last year. Tamae has received the highest score in the State for Grade 2. She will now receive an award and perform at Parliament House on the Saturday 27 May. An excerpt of the letter of commendation she received is cited below. It is a truly fantastic achievement. Everyone at Shalom College is proud of her. Dare I say, remember the name!

“The Communication, Speech and Performance Teachers Inc. presents the Barbara Sisley Awards annually. Recipients are students who have attained the highest results in Queensland in each grade of AMEB (Drama and Performance) and Trinity College London (Speech and Drama) examinations in the preceding year.

It is my pleasure to inform you that your student, Tamae Marschke, achieved the highest result in Queensland for Trinity College London Speech and Drama Grade Two examinations in 2016.”

Mr Aaron Brown
Chisholm House Coordinator

Adams House News

Careers News

CQUni Experience - Friday 12 May 2017

CQUniversity Bundaberg hosted the CQUni Experience for Year 12 students in the Bundaberg region to give those students a taste of life at University. Eighty-nine students in total attended from six Secondary Schools from Gin Gin to Riverside in Maryborough.

Students were given information on general areas of the campus, including support services, library, and finding out the location of different faculties. Students were also able to choose two study areas of interest and engage in lectures giving specific information on what it is like to undertake a degree in those fields. Study areas included: Accident Forensics; Agricultural Science; Aviation; Business, Accounting and Law; Education; Engineering; Digital Media; Allied Health – Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy; Nursing and Midwifery; and Psychology.

Eleven Shalom students attended on the day. While Psychology and Education were the most popular study areas, Shalom students were involved in a broad range of study areas.

CQUniversity Bundaberg campuses Open Day is on Saturday 12 August from 9am to 1pm.

Year 12 students from the Bundaberg region taking in information at the main lecture theatre during the CQUni Experience Day

Mr Troy Braund
Careers Advisor

Performing Arts

Maryborough Eisteddfod

As mentioned in newsletters previously, Shalom College took nearly 70 students to the Maryborough Eisteddfod on Friday 12 May to compete in four sections of the competition. We came away with excellent results, but more than that, were extremely proud of the way that the students conducted themselves over the course of the day.

The results were as follows:

Year 7 – 9 Cabaret/Novelty Section

1st Place: Year 7 – 8 ‘Hard Knock Life’

Year 10 – 12 Contemporary Section

1st Place: Year 11 ‘Runaway’
2nd Place: Year 12 ‘Illuminate’
HC: Year 9 – 10 ‘The Greatest’

Year 10 – 12 Hip Hop

2nd Place: Year 11 ‘Perm’

Year 10 – 12 Jazz Section

1st Place: Year 12 ‘Vogue’


  • Congratulations to all students who participated in the recent Bundaberg Speech and Drama Eisteddfod at the Bundaberg Playhouse Theatre. Special mention goes to the recipients of the major awards:
     -Samuel Freeman (Year 10) on the Intermediate Drama Championship and the Adjudicator’s Choice ‘All Rounder Award’.
    - Meg Freeman (Year 7) on the Junior Prose Championship, Junior Drama Championship and the Adjudicator’s Choice ‘Most Promising Junior Competitor’
    - Grace Petersen (Gap Year Teacher Aide) on winning the Drama Bursary
  • As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, congratulations to the students who competed at the Bundaberg Music Eisteddfod, particularly to Louis Myers-Macdonnell – Intermediate Woodwind Championship and Ciaran Huang-Ryan – Senior Brass Championship.
  • A special congratulations goes to Year 12 student, Nelia McNicol who won a week long scholarship to Brisbane based Raw Dance Studio at the Maryborough Eisteddfod last week.
Performing Arts
Performing Arts
Click images to enlarge

Just a reminder that I would like to ask any parents continue to keep me informed via email of any developments throughout the year that come up so that these students can be recognised for their dedication and commitment to their chosen field.

Miss Anita McAtee
Performing Arts Coordinator

Year 11 Aquatic Practices

Lady Musgrave Excursion

On Monday 15 May the Year 11 Aquatic Practices students undertook and excursion to Lady Musgrave Island as part of their unit on the Great Barrier Reef. Students have been focusing on key areas of: geography, significance, management, uses, and threats to the reef, and were able to use this trip to experience all facets of those elements related to the reef. Bundaberg is well known as the Southern Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, so it is worthwhile that students develop an understanding of the importance of this natural wonder to the Bundaberg region.

Students gained information from educational videos, as well as staff presentations while on board the vessel. While at the island, they were able to learn more through a walking tour of the island, and viewing the reef through a glass-bottom boat and when snorkelling. Snorkelling was definitely the highlight for students as they able to observe up close the range of marine life the reef supports – including a wide variety of coral, numerous sea turtles, a myriad of reef fish species, sea cucumbers and even a crown-of-thorns starfish (not one you want to see!).

The excursion was blessed with exceptional weather for the day with calm winds and clear skies. Many thanks to the staff of Lady Musgrave Experience for facilitating the day. Thanks also to the students for their outstanding behaviour and friendly interaction with the large number of tourists on the boat that day.

Viewing the reef through
the glass bottom boat

Checking out bird nests
on the island walk.

Students enjoying the
sun on the journey out

Snorkelling with

Mr Troy Braund
Aquatic Practices Teacher

College News

2017 Premier’s Reading Challenge

It’s been wonderful to see so many students starting the Reading Challenge this week with the help of their CSB teachers. We’re looking forward to seeing students discover new books and authors as we progress. Remember, the goal for all students to read 15 books to receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Queensland Premier. However, even if they don’t quite get to 15 they will be rewarded with a Certificate of Participation as well. It’s a wonderful goal to aspire to. We’re committed to enhancing students’ love of reading and we encourage families and friends to read alongside their Shalom students. This week our Shalom Reading Role Model is Mrs Maryann Parton, ESL Teacher.

Reading Role Model: Mrs Maryann Parton

Maryann Parton with some of her favourite books

What are you currently reading?

‘All the Light We Cannot See’ by Anthony Doerr

This is a novel telling a very moving tale of how the paths of a blind French girl and a German boy collide in Nazi-occupied France during World War II.

“Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.”

For Marie-Laure, blind since the age of six, the world is full of mazes. The miniature of a Paris neighbourhood, made by her father to teach her the way home. The microscopic layers within the invaluable diamond that her father guards in the Museum of Natural History. The walled city by the sea, where father and daughter take refuge when the Nazis invade Paris. And a future which draws her ever closer to Werner, a German orphan, destined to labour in the mines until a broken radio fills his life with possibility and brings him to the notice of the Hitler Youth. In this magnificent, deeply moving novel, the stories of Marie-Laure and Werner illuminate the ways, against all odds, people try to be good to one another.”

Favourite book from childhood?

Anything by Enid Blyton, The Enchanted Wood and the Faraway Tree series.

What do you love about reading?

Reading is a fabulous way to escape and take yourself on journeys far and wide. The knowledge you gain from books is immeasurable – both elements of human relationships and factual information when entwined in books have always fascinated me. Reading has become a lifelong habit and can be nurtured at any stage particularly, childhood.

As Dr Seuss says:

Dr Wendy Davis
Teacher Librarian
Resource Centre Manager

Blood Bank

The community service of giving blood continues to occur by Shalom College students. Each month students over 16 offer to donate their blood at the Bundaberg Blood Bank. Sometimes the group is affected by sickness but students who can overcome their nerves to undertake this service, are glad that they have done so. Last week saw four students donate: Ben Mapson, Tailah O’Shea, Eden Stallard and Jordan Riemer.

Can I remind students that they can donate at any time and their donation still goes down on the school tally as long as you say you are from Shalom College. Parents and staff are also encouraged to donate and can put their name down on our tally. The school has a number of staff who regularly give plasma which is added to the Shalom donor tally. Any students who wish to donate blood in the future please email Mrs Bolam with your date of birth and House.

Mrs Debbie Bolam
Blood Bank Coordinator

Confraternity Movie Night

Shalom College NAIDOC Art Competition

Relay for Life

Shalom will again have a number of teams of Year 11 and 12 students in the Cancer Council Queensland Bundaberg Relay for Life which runs from 2pm on Saturday 12 August to 8am on Sunday morning 13 August. If you want to be part of the team, please complete and lodge your registration form, together with $30 registration fee, at the College Finance Office as soon as possible. Registration forms can be collected from Mrs Collins at the Student Services Reception. As part of our team’s fundraising, we are conducting a pie drive with 7.5 inch (19cm) pies supplied by Chic’s Pies, available for order at a cost of $8.50 each for meat, pea, bacon, curry, mushroom and apple shortbread pies, and $9 each for peach shortbread and pineapple shortbread pies. Orders, together with payment, must be returned by Monday 29 May, with delivery date on Monday 12 June. You can order through any RFL team member, or Mrs Cheryl Petersen or Mr Vince Habermann at Student Services. Any RFL or Pie Drive queries, please contact Mrs Petersen or Mr Habermann at Student Services or or

Friendlies Cane2Coral Run/Walk

Shalom will again have a team participating in the 2017 Cane2Coral on Sunday 6 August. This year, there are three distances, 4km (starting and finishing at Nielson Park) and 10km and 21.1km (which both start at Port Marina and finish at Nielson Park) and you can walk or run. This outstanding community event has raised $376,841.50 for various charities since it was inaugurated in 2010. Registration fees are: Half marathon (Adult 16 years and over) $60; 10km – Adult $35, Child (15 and under) $20; 4km – Adult $30, Child $15. There is $300 Prizemoney for the largest secondary school team, plus C2C will donate 10% of our team’s registration fees to the Charity of our choice. Last year, Shalom won this award, with $613 donated to our chosen charity, McGrath Foundation. Students, parents, family members, staff and friends are all welcome to be part of our team. A team information sheet with full details including how to register for the Shalom team can be collected from Mr Gills at the Sports Office or Mr Habermann at Student Services. Any C2C queries, please contact Mr Habermann or 0407 606 266.

Instrumental Music

June concert

Please make sure you have the Wednesday 7 June concert marked in your diaries. As mentioned in an email sent out earlier, it will be divided into two with the Junior and Intermediate groups performing from 5.00pm and the Senior groups at 7.00pm. Please invite family and friends to see and hear the progress made since the March concert.

Performance Schedule

The following is a reminder of events planned for Term 2. Please make a note in diaries etc.

Important Dates - Term 2

2 June - Senior Formal, 7pm - Brass Quartet - Sports Centre
7 June - June Concert, 5pm Junior and Intermediate Groups and 7pm Senior Groups - All groups - Performing Arts Precinct Theatre. Could students who wish to share pizza prior to the 5.00pm session please let their tutors know or contact me and I’ll make up a list – cost $2.
20 to 22 June (return travel on 23 June) – Rockhampton Diocesan Music Camp, 8:30am to 5pm each day – All eligible students to attend – The Cathedral College, Rockhampton – College coach or private transport – Accommodation, TCC Boarding House. There will be no billeting available. Information and registration letters were sent our last week. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Term 3

14 to 16 July – SHEP Bundaberg. Music workshops and concert organised by Griffith University Conservatorium of Music and held at Christian College.
27 July – Pre Groups Eisteddfod concert.
1 to 3 August – Bundaberg Eisteddfod groups competition.
9 August – Pre Catholic Schools concert.
18 to 20 August – Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival – Villanova College, South Brisbane.

SHEP Brisbane

Nominations for the State Honours Ensemble Program (SHEP) program scheduled for September holidays have now been sent. Dates are Thursday 28 September to Sunday 1 October with nominations now closed. Cost will be $280 payable to Griffith University upon acceptance of an offer.

Catholic Schools Music Festival (CSMF)

I will email information in the coming week. Please let me know as soon as possible if you will be driving your own child/ren to Brisbane. This will help start the ball rolling in relation to bus sizes etc. that will be required. Students in the Playhouse Theatre Youth musical – please remember that you made a commitment at the beginning of this year to your groups e.g. choir, strings etc. for all scheduled performances.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime by email.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Arts in Performance coordinator

Sports News

Michael Bundesen catches his breath at half-time

It may not have been flash but our Open Rugby League team made a winning start to the 2017 Foxtel Broncos School Challenge, defeating Bundaberg North High School 18-0 in the first round on our oval on Friday 12 May. In a game of two 20-minute halves, Rece Hansen opened our account when he won the race to the ball from a well placed chip kick to ground it in-goal in the seventh minute, before centre Lachlan Dullaway converted. Against a very competitive North side, it took until the sixth minute of the second stanza to extend the lead, with hooker Samuel Tobin finishing brilliantly an excellent team try with a 40 metre sprint down a narrow corridor on the left flank, with Lachlan Dullaway again adding the extras. Lachlan also turned it on with ball in hand for a very similar try on the right edge three minutes later, then again raised the flags for a personal haul of 10 points. Lachlan Dullaway was among our best, also defending strongly, while other stand outs included Samuel Tobin, who also aimed up in defence and brought players onto the ball nicely, and captain and fullback Martin Powell, who returned the ball back powerfully and also ran well from dummy half. In the 13 Years Division, our two teams, Black and Red, played each other in a rain delayed first round game on Thursday. Shalom will now be represented in the second round in all four divisions at Across The Waves Sports Grounds today (Monday), with 13 and 14 Years starting at 4pm, and the 15 Years and Opens to follow at 5pm.

The team comes together before the
start of the second half

Try scorers Samuel Tobin, Lachlan
Dullaway and Rece Hansen

Mr Vince Habermann

Upcoming Events

Sports Information will be placed on the notice board in the Undercover area. When students need to collect forms and other details from me, I am in the Sports Office located at the back of the Loyola Centre opening onto the Undercover eating area.

Wednesday 24 May - BDSSS Teams Cross Country, held at St Luke’s
Tuesday 30 May - Wide Bay Cross Country, Gympie

Your Sporting Fanatic

Mr Simon Gills
Sports Coordinator

Tuckshop Roster

22 May

Stefanie Hale

23 May

Fiona Canniffe
Pauline Shaxson

24 May

Trish Cahill

25 May

Diana Willoughby
Tania Wright

26 May

Michelle Arvidsson-Smith
Nancy Poldervaart

29 May

Help Needed

30 May

Help Needed

31 May

Help Needed

1 June

Show Public Holiday

2 June

Jenny Cross
Jodie Horton

5 June

Dianne Collins

6 June

Susie Zunker

7 June

Leanne Grogan
Katrina O’Sullivan

8 June

Paul & Caroline Simms
Allison Toft

9 June

Michelle Arvidsson-Smith
Leah Whaleboat
Marilyn Wootton

12 June

Kathryn Hanlon

13 June

Cathy Duffield
Margaret Keverkis
(bi-monthly from March)

14 June

Cher Giovannoni
Kellie Walker

15 June

Holly Davidson
Jennifer Pimm

16 June

Andrew Henricksen
Kylie Jarvis

Shalom Sunday Markets

The Artisan Collective

This unique addition to the Shalom Markets will occur every second Sunday of the month running from 7:00am to 12:00pm in the Sports Centre.

Tuckshop Markets Roster

28 May

6.00am - 9.30am

Christine Buwalda-Nicolson
Joanne Godfrey
Richard/Fiona Hayes
Martin Kelly
Rohan/Maddy Lloyd
Karlee Pfeffer

9.00am - 12.30pm

Wayne Fuller
Bruce Green
Kylie Johnstone

4 June

6.00am - 9.30am

Paula Cittadella
Kath Clarke
Elizabeth Harris
Shelley Pisani
Alison Reinhardt
Helen Robinson
Nicole Schubel

9.00am - 12.30pm

Steve Cook
Tonyia/Lily Garland
Jackie Orchard
Maryanne Taylor
Michael/Cheri Visona

11 June

6.00am - 9.30am

Glen Boys
Jan Bunn
Roselyn Hunting
Trish Ingall
Susie Mant
Karen Marriott

9.00am - 12.30pm

Jenny Cross
Lynda/Mackenzie Crossett
Helen Glass
Jas Haster
Sheridan McMahon

18 June

6.00am - 9.30am

Linda Adcock
Carol Barazza
Lisa Christiansen
Sally Doyle
Nikki Ellis
Brenda Jay
Penny Green

9.00am - 12.30pm

Sue Sargent
Kathryn Church
Chris Dennien
Jo Leveritt
Maria McMahon

Markets BBQ Roster

28 May

Relay for Life

4 June

Rugby League Confraternity

11 June

Rugby League Confraternity

18 June


25 June

Cambodia Trip

Community Notice Board

Position Vacant

National Disability Scheme (NDIS)

Relay for Life - A Night of Tributes

Shalom Year 12 student Matthew Munro will be one of the performers, along with Bundaberg’s own X Factor finalist Justin Standley, 2015 X Factor Winner Phoebe Jay and local band Barlight at a ‘Night of Tributes’ concert in aid of Bundaberg Relay For Life at Brothers Sports Club on Thursday 25th May at 6.30pm. Tickets are $20 each and are available from Cancer Council Office at 41 Woongarra Street, Bundaberg; Brothers Sports Club; Bundaberg Broadcasters 38 Crofton Street; or Vince Habermann phone 0407 606 266.

Bundaberg Carer Support Groups for June 2017

Triple P Parenting

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.