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12 June 2017

Principal’s Reflection

Shalom is an Associate school of Edmund Rice Education Australia. This affirms our long and cherished connection with the work of the Christian Brothers. Recently, the Principals of Edmund Rice schools in Australia gathered to make a public apology to the victims of child abuse who experienced that abuse in Edmund Rice schools. The issue of Child Abuse addressed by the Royal Commission must pose some profound questions to the Catholic Church in Australia. Like so many loyal Catholics, I continue to hope that the Church that I have loved will be open to respond positively and, more importantly, change in response to the understandings gained from the Royal Commission. Sometimes I worry that as a Church, we won’t.

Francis Sullivan, the Chair of the Truth and Justice Commission recently wrote,

".........If the Church in Australia doesn’t see continuous, concerted change from our leaders driven and backed by an active and demanding Catholic Community, then our Church as a religion will become a marginalised rump, stripped of credibility and relevance, left to preach to an ever aging congregation with eyes on an ever dimming here after."

A little over a week ago, the Church celebrated Pentecost Sunday, the commemoration of the birth of the Church. Never have we needed to celebrate and be convinced of a new birth for the Church. Surely, if we had our time again and in the light of the learnings from the Royal Commission, the innocence of children would have been absolutely respected and protected. Lawyers would not have been involved in resolving difficulties and victims would have been accompanied on their journey to seek redress by Church leaders rather than appear as adversaries. Models of ministerial priesthood may have been open to real discussion. Saying ‘sorry’, humbly and openly would have come much more easily and without fear of legal implications.

The first followers of Jesus gathered in that upper room needed to deal with their fear of the unknown and of the future. They had to go forward confident that the message that they had to share was powerful, relevant and meaningful. We need to do that today as Christians and Catholics and we must demand that our Leaders follow us.

Counselling at Shalom

Last week, Ms Karen Miller-Smith, who continues to do a wonderful job as our College Counsellor was joined in that role by Ms Julie Chaplin who will be with us for two days a week and Mr Gavin Hill who will offer his services one day a week. In 2018, Gavin will join our staff full-time. The Counselling services offered at Shalom benefit many of our students and their families. Appointments can be made with any of our Counsellors at the Student Services office.

Principal's Appraisal

My summative appraisal as Principal of Shalom will occur on Thursday of this week. Mr Stephen Dale (Assistant Director Southern Region) will be joined at Shalom by Mr Terry Beaton who is an experienced Secondary Principal. They will speak with students and other members of the community about my performance as Principal over the past nine years. If anyone would still like to contribute to this process, please contact Stephen -

Vive La France!

Last week we welcomed five French students to Shalom who will be with us until late August. The five girls have settled in very well and look forward to meeting lots of new friends and continuing to improve their English. Coming to school in a formal uniform was something new for them but just one of many new learning experiences.

Margaux Doll (Chisholm), Clemence Mourand (Adams), Justine Ripoche (Mackillop),
Louison Bellaire (Rice), Alice Carcassin-Boisseau-Romani (MacKillop).


Exams are a significant feature this time of year. Year 11s and 12s are only required to be at school for their exams during the Exam block period. Good luck to all but we know luck doesn't have much to do with the outcomes. I hope every student enjoys the success he or she deserves.

Athletics Carnival

The Athletics Carnival is on the last day and a half of this term. Again, this is one of those events we expect all Shalom students to attend. It is a great aspect of College life - even for those who are not fantastic athletes. Parents, please support this event and don't allow students an easy out and advise us that they are 'ill'. In anticipation, many thanks.

Ring Road Connection

I am very pleased to advise that the connection from Kay McDuff Drive to the Ring Road is now open. This is a great initiative from the Bundaberg Council and State Government. This might now be an easier path to Shalom for those to the south and east of the College.

Long Services Leave

I will be on leave for the first four weeks of next term which gives my wife and I a chance to attend a family wedding in Ireland. Mrs Austin-Campbell will fill my role as Principal for that time.


Please try and make attendance at this movie in our theatre a priority for you and your child/ren tonight. Tickets can be purchased at the school office until 4:30pm today or will now be available from the door from 6:30pm.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

Student Welfare and Information

The following information comes from a website the school has access to titled: SchoolTV, you may find this useful.

Tip Sheets - Social Media

Information sheet for parents and carers

The use of social media platforms has exploded in the past decade and is a natural part of life for most children and young people. Social media is a great way to keep up with friends and family, however, there are risks associated with social media and children need support to navigate their online world safely.

This is a brief overview of social media, written to help parents and carers promote online safety to their children. See our suggestions at the end for links to more detailed information.

What is social media?

Social media or networking refers to using online services, like websites or apps, to connect with other people. Children and young people use social media to chat to people they already know, find others with similar interests and experiences, share information and opinions, share photos and videos, and plan social events.

Most social media platforms require users to set up a profile of basic personal information, which forms their identity on the site. Some sites, such as Facebook, link users through two-way friend requests that both people have to accept. Others, like Twitter, are a system of one-way communication, and people become followers of others, rather than friends.

The social media most often used by children fall into five broad categories (although many services include aspects of more than one category):

  • Social media - services that enable people to interact with others (e.g., Facebook)
  • Microblogging - services that enable users to broadcast short messages to others (e.g., Twitter, Tumblr)
  • Media sharing - services that enable people to share photos and videos (e.g., YouTube, Instagram)
  • Messaging apps - like an alternative to SMS/texting, with extra options (e.g., Kik, Messenger, Snapchat)
  • Multi-player online games (e.g., Moshi Monsters, Club Penguin, Minecraft, World of Warcraft)

How many children and young people use social media platforms?

Facebook is by far the most commonly used social media platform, with more than 17 million users in Australia (as of April 2017).[1]There are no official figures about young people's use of social media, but we know that children as young as 6 access it,[2] and that use increases with age. An Australian study in 2013 found that social media was used by:

  • 23% of 8-9 year olds
  • 45% of 10-11 year olds
  • 69% of 12-13 year olds
  • 86% of 14-15 year olds
  • 92% of 16-17 year olds.

Many sites have age restrictions for use - typically users must be at least 13 years old - but these rules are impossible to police. Most social media usage by young children is online games, but 29% of 9 to 10 year olds and 59% of 11 to 12 year olds have a profile on at least one social media platform.

What are the benefits of social media?

Social media offers many benefits for children, including the opportunity to:

  • stay connected to family and friends
  • connect with new people, locally and around the world, who share their interests and experiences
  • enhance their creativity by sharing music and artistic work
  • connect with people from different backgrounds and explore diverse ideas
  • develop and express their individual identity
  • take part in enhanced learning opportunities (e.g., collaborate on school projects) [5]

What are the risks of social media?

Before reading this section, note that risk does not equal harm. For example, the AU Kids Online survey found that 28% of Australian 11 to 16 year olds had seen sexual images online - but most said they weren't bothered by the experience. [4] Many children will never experience any of the issues described below.

  • Cyberbullying refers to people embarrassing, harassing or attacking others online. It can occur together with face to face bullying, or on its own. Cyberbullying can have serious consequences for children and is covered in detail in a separate Hot Topic
  • Sexting is using the internet or mobile phone to create and share sexually explicit messages or images. [6] Sexting can be a serious issue, with both legal and emotional consequences. Please read the separate Hot Topic on sexting for more information
  • Sexual predators are exceptionally skilled at using social media to identify and groom children for later sexual contact. Predators use social media to:
    - Obtain a child's contact details (from profiles or online chats)
    - Build rapport with a child (e.g., pretend to be a child in an online game)
    - Lower a child's inhibitions by slowly introducing sexual content into their conversations
    - Engage in sexting (often pretending to be the same age as the child)
    - Seek a face-to-face meeting with a child [7]

Note that grooming children is a crime. If you suspect that your child is in contact with someone engaging in these behaviours, contact the police immediately.

  • Loss of privacy and harm to your reputation - When young people make online friends with people they don't know in real life, their information can end up being shared far beyond their circle (e.g., with bullies or future employers), and be almost impossible to remove. About 3 in 10 children aged 11 - 16 years have online friends who they first met online and with whom they have no offline connection [4]
  • Personal information posted on social media platforms (e.g., birthday, full name, even hobbies and pets' names) can be used by bullies or stalkers, can help criminals guess passwords or target you for scams, help sexual predators build rapport, and possibly lead to identity theft (when someone gets enough information to use your identity to borrow or steal money, or commit other crimes using your name)
  • Geotagging refers to location data being embedded in images taken on smart phones and some digital cameras. Location information can also be shared by some apps and by ‘checking in’ on Facebook. When images are shared online, the location data can be accessed by others, potentially revealing a home address to strangers or telling thieves that you are away on holidays
  • Viruses and other malware - malicious software designed to damage, disrupt or take control of your computer can be accidentally downloaded from social media platforms, typically by clicking on a link posted by someone else
  • Access to inappropriate content - social media platforms can provide opportunities for children to access materials such as sexual or violent images, information about weapons or drugs, and sites that promote behaviours such as self-harm or extreme dieting

Practical tips to tell children and young people

  • Set your profile to friends only - The default setting for many social media platforms is to share all information publicly - you need to change the setting to share only with friends.
  • Use strong passwords - that are easy to remember, but hard for others to guess. Learn how to make a strong password at:

  • Don't share passwords with friends. Children do this a lot as a sign of trust between friends, but problems can occur when friends fall out
  • Think before you post - Would I want the whole world to see this? Even when I'm an adult? Once something is online, it can't ever be completely removed
  • Think before you click - How do I know this is safe? Never click on links in emails or on social media platforms. They may download malware to your computer or be an attempt to get your personal information
  • Don't connect with people you don't know in real life - People aren't always who they say they are. If you do connect with someone new online, NEVER agree to meet them face-to-face without a trusted adult present
  • Don't put personal information that identifies you on social media platforms and don't post information about other people without their permission. This includes photos that reveal identifying information (e.g., a school uniform)
  • Disable geotagging and avoid behaviours that reveal your location (e.g., "checking in" on Facebook)
  • Tell a trusted adult straight away if you see something online that bothers you, or if someone is bullying or harassing you

Practical tips for parents

  • Get involved - Be aware of what your child is doing online. Become familiar with social media platforms - explore them with your child or join up yourself to see how they work. Be Facebook friends with your children
  • Agree on clear expectations and rules - Agree on acceptable online behaviour, which sites are okay, and the amount of time they can spend online. Be aware that having lots of restrictions minimises risk, but also minimises opportunity to develop skills and become resilient [4]
  • Actively talk to your child about things they may find problematic online - Help them develop proactive coping strategies such as blocking unwanted contacts, telling a trusted adult, or making an official report of the problem
  • Be aware that saying ‘No' may not work - As children get older, rules become less effective, so discuss safety strategies for things like meeting new people, in case it happens anyway
  • Explain the implications - Ensure that children understand that things they post can be copied and shared elsewhere, and that it is almost impossible to remove them after that happens. Young people may not think about the future and need help to realise that something which seems harmless now could be very embarrassing or damaging in the future (e.g., when a potential employer sees it)
  • Keep lines of communication open - Reassure children that they won't get in trouble for telling you when something goes wrong (e.g., if they accessed inappropriate content or contacted a stranger)
  • Learn about the privacy and protection features of the social media platforms your child uses - Help children review their privacy settings
  • Use safety tools - All major internet service providers offer tools to help manage children's online access (e.g., filtering inappropriate websites). Keep in mind that a lot of children's access to the internet takes place away from home on smart phones or other hand held devices
  • Never ignore or minimise cyberbullying - If your child shows signs of being cyberbullied, listen to their concerns, work with them to take control of the situation, and seek professional help if needed.

  • Encourage your child to engage in outside activities - and value face-to-face time with friends.

Who Else Can Help?

You may wish to contact your local parenting help service/s for further information.

Other Useful Links


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Updated: May 2017

Years 7, 8 and 9 - The Safe Use of Technology

An excellent website for parents to access is:

There are a number of options there and many are directed at parents, all with the intention of keeping young people safe when online. Have a good look at this site as you will find it very helpful.

Important Notices


  • If your child is absent from the College can I ask that you write a note in the Record Book on the first day of their return as way of explanation. I would encourage you to use the student absentee line in the first instance to advise the school of your child’s absence but a written note is still required
  • If you are going to take your son or daughter out of the school for an extended period of time, for example a holiday, then you do need to contact your child’s House Coordinator. They will then advise the office and your son or daughter’s teachers
  • Alternatively, you can ring the College office and the office staff will forward the message to the House Coordinator
  • Sending your son or daughter to school to tell a teacher does not suffice as we need that confirmation from a parent

Nut Products

A reminder to all parents that nut products and any type of nuts are not allowed in the College; this includes NUTELLA. We have many students highly allergic to any nut products.

Aerosol Deodorant

Aerosol deodorant is not permitted in the College as it can trigger asthma attacks to those susceptible. Roll on deodorant is acceptable. We will confiscate any aerosol cans as students have had repeated warnings.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is not permitted.


Can I remind everyone that it is important that your child is on time for school each day. If there is a reason that they are running late, a note of explanation should be written in the Record Book – that would be much appreciated. This is an area that I feel really needs addressing.


Please be advised that the black with red collar tracksuit top cannot be worn. NO SPORTS JACKETS can be worn with the formal uniform – this includes Confraternity/Netball/Rowing Jackets.

The Year 12 bomber jacket may ONLY be worn by Year 12 students.

I have a number of red jumpers in good condition that have been in lost property for the last two years – they are not named otherwise they would have been returned to their owners. If your child does not have a jumper or jacket, I am more than happy to lend a jumper to your child for the winter months. They can return it at the end of the winter.

Please see updated information regarding the blue jackets; this will be found under the Uniform Shop News heading in this newsletter.

Dropping Off/Collection of Students

Dear Parents,

At Shalom College we are always concerned about our students’ safety, not just your child, but all children here at the school.

Our arrangements for the dropping off and collection of students and the boarding of buses is geared to minimise any risk to our students and to keep them safe at all times.

Sadly, we are finding that for the sake of a few minutes, parents are taking it upon themselves to drop off and collect their children in other areas other than the designated ‘drop/pick up’ zone outside the Administration block.

Therefore, we ask the following:

  • do not drop students off/collect beside the Student Services building or behind/beside the Performing Arts complex – morning or afternoon
  • do not park in the teacher carparks (the carpark between the Sports Centre and the Students Service building or the carpark beside the tennis courts)
  • do not ask your child to walk down Brother Hogan Drive (the main driveway) to meet you in Fitzgerald Street – students are to use the designated pathway
  • do not ask your child to meet you in the cemetery for collection – those visiting loved ones in the cemetery are dismayed at this practice and find it disrespectful
  • do not collect your son or daughter from the Baptist Church grounds as this is private property. There is a child care centre there so parents are coming in there to collect their little ones.

We would be very grateful if everyone would follow the procedure for the dropping off and collection of their child – it would make this a safer place.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank You

Thank you to the Year 11 parents, staff and students who assisted with the Formal. I am very grateful to all of you for your invaluable help.

Year 8 Camps

An Important Notice

Students are continually reminded by their teachers, prior to their camp going out, that they must bring shirts with collars, a broad brimmed hat, have sunscreen that they can put in their backpacks and also a water bottle.

While out at Chaverim, the students are asked to apply sunscreen before each session and they are expected to follow this instruction. Can I ask you to have this conversation with your son or daughter to ensure they do this?

Mobile phones are collected by the teachers as they get on the bus and kept for the duration of the camp by the teacher; they are returned to the student as they get on the bus to come home. We do expect the students are honest about this and hand in their phones.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

2017 Year 8 Camp Schedule

Camp No.

CSA Class

Dates Attending



12, 13, 14 June



13, 14 15 June


Year 7 FOCUS

14, 15, 16 June

Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell
Deputy Principal

Formal 2017 – Images for purchase

Photos from the 2017 Shalom Formal are available for purchase from the link below.

Prices vary for photos from $6 to $15 depending on size, options available on selection of image.

P & F Committee

P & F Monthly Meeting Notes

On Tuesday 6 June at our monthly meeting the committee were pleased to support the following:

  • the purchase of a new piano for use in the Chapel
  • delighted to assist and support the newly established P&F Association of St Brendan’s in Mackay
  • proud to assist with subsidising the community movie Screenager that is being shown this evening in the Performing Arts Precinct. It would be wonderful to see as many Bundaberg community members, not just Shalom parents attend this event. The movie commences at 7pm and the cost is $5 for Adults and a gold coin donation for students.

A quick reminder for all parents old and new

As a parent/guardian of Shalom College you are automatically a member of the P&F Committee. Please feel free to come along to any of our meetings. Details of the next meeting are below.

For further information, see the full meeting minutes on the P&F Page on the College Website. Please forward any comments to the Secretary via email at If you have an agenda item please address it to the P&F Secretary either at the school office or by email

To all P & F Members, you are reminded that our monthly meeting is held in the staff common room – all parents are welcome. Please note the next P & F meeting will be held on Tuesday 1 August at 5:30pm.

Mrs Gail Norris
P & F Secretary

Year 12 Students

There is a DVD of the College’s Formal Dinner Dance available from the College’s main office. Every student is on the ‘Arrival’ section and every student is also on the ‘Introduction’ section on the Sports Centre. To conclude there is a small section on the dancing. A fast forward button could be of some help. Cost is $5.

Br Rochford

Year 10 Vaccination Program

Ozcare delivered the Meningococcal ACWY Consent Cards for Year 10 students which were distributed to students in Week 7 during Pastoral Care Classes. The Consent card is due to be returned to the school today, Monday 12 June 2017.

Parents/guardians are to return late Consent cards directly to Ozcare 73 Woongarra Street Bundaberg. All queries please contact Ozcare on 1800 692 273.

Quiet Achiever

Our Quiet Achiever for this week is Amara Burns, Year 7 Rice. Amara showed excellent community spirit when visiting the Pioneer Lodge with her PC Class. She displayed tremendous initiative and consideration for others, without seeking recognition, when she created a series of handmade cards with messages written on them that were then given to the people at the lodge. It’s acts such as this that brightened the day of the residents and showed them that they are still a part of our community. Amara has continued to be involved in such visits and also displayed a willingness to be involved in other school activities when volunteers are needed.

Mr David Bond
Rice House Coordinator

Uniform Shop News

Winter Navy Jacket

Please note that orders have now closed for the blue jacket. Previous orders of 330 jackets have been received, paid for and collected by students.

Final order of 280 jackets are due to arrive early next week, most of which have been ordered and presold. Once all students have received their pre-purchased jackets there may be limited stock left to sell. Note: Size 12 is completely sold out.

Any further orders cannot be supplied for this winter. Please be advised that we have ordered over 610 jackets for this winter and orders have been accepted since mid April. The red College jumper is also an option for winter.

Thank you for your patience.

Mrs Sharon Stevenson
Uniform Shop Manager

Science News

Congratulations to Year 11 students Elise Green and Joshua Roebuck who have both been selected for QUT’s 2017 Vice-Chancellor’s STEM Camp.

The camp generated significant interest and more than 300 applications were received from students state wide. The selection panel had a challenging job in selecting applicants from such a quality field.

The selection panel has recognised Joshua and Elise’s outstanding STEM leadership potential and would be delighted to have them at the camp in September as a boarding student (regional pass) at the Gardens Point campus.

Adams House News

Our own Emily Duffield had her photo submitted and printed in the Buzzfeed newsletter which is based in New York. The image was captioned, ‘For this week's edition of If You're in Oz we're travelling to Cooee Bay on the Capricorn Coast in Queensland’. Emily Duffield captured this beautiful sunrise there!

Mr Joe O’Driscoll
Adams House Coordinator

Where are they now? Shalom Edition


Matt Emerick

Graduating year:


Subjects studied:

English, Religion, History, HPE, Business, Science, Maths

Current role:

Newspaper Managing Editor

What qualifications and work experience have you gained since graduating high school?

Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Masters of Theology and Masters of Business Administration (still working on this one).

I’ve worked in the media and public relations for the past 15 years.

What has been the most rewarding, challenging or interesting experience in your study or work so far?

I get to meet and talk to people and write and record their life stories. It’s a privilege.

How did your senior studies contribute or impact on your tertiary study and/or career choices?

It gave me a base to use in my university studies. The skills teachers taught me, even though I wasn't always paying attention, helped immensely.

Can you identify one invaluable thing that you learned at Shalom?

I was not the most dedicated student at Shalom, but certain teachers through their kindness and consistent urging helped me to find areas of study that intrigued me and assisted me to find a passion for learning.

What advice can you offer to current students interested in your field?

Read, increase your knowledge on a wide range of issues and topics and learn and use new technologies that are available to you.

Where are they now? is a semi-regular feature where we hope to profile many past students to learn more about their successes and achievements post Shalom. If you, or someone you know, might be interested in being featured in Where are they now? please email Patricia Allen at

Mrs Patricia Allen
Learning Area Coordinator – Humanities

College News

New College Gymnasium

Here are some photos of our wonderful new gymnasium.

Br Rochford

Click images to enlarge

Shalom Year 7 and 8 Beach Party

Blood Bank

The month of May’s Blood Donors

Brittany Hess

Georgia Hamilton

Daniel O’Driscoll

Michael Wedemeyer

Bundaberg Maths Team Challenge News

Cabbages, cauliflower, sequences and shapes featured in the Bundaberg Maths Team Challenge for 2017. Fifteen Shalom Teams from Years 7 to 12 competed in the annual competition, with the chance to experience unusual, abstract and totally different mathematical concepts.

All students did their best to answer the 30 questions across two hours, with two teams earning enough points to place third in their division.

Year 7 - Third Place was awarded to Hayley Bignell, Meg Freeman, Zali Haster, Lili Haster and Elyse Packwood.

Senior Division - Third Place was awarded to the Year 12 team of Daniel O’Driscoll, Joshua Adcock, Mark Khair, Jamisen Elliott and Nicholas Brown.

Can you solve this Year Seven question: A cabbage is worth 55 points, an apple is worth 40 points, a potato is worth 45 points and a pumpkin is worth 65 points. What is a cauliflower worth?

Mr Brett Hoskins and Miss Erin McHugh
MTC Coordinators

Year 11 Social and Community Studies

Enjoying lunch at Brothers
Sports Club

Sampling the free gelato
at Alowishus

Listening to advice about apprenticeships and traineeships at East Coast

On Tuesday 30 May, both Year 11 Social & Community Studies classes, along with Mr Braund, Mrs McKeown and Miss Clark, went on an excursion to investigate various workplaces in Bundaberg as part of our unit on the ‘World of Work.’ The places we visited included the Friendlies Hospital, Acorn Childcare, Essential Hair & Beauty, Alowishus Delicious, Guzman Y Gomez, Be Transformed Gym, Brothers Sports Club and East Coast Apprenticeships. Due to the large number of local businesses willing to speak to us, we were given a choice of where we wished to go. The three places I personally chose to visit before we all went to Brothers Sports Club and East Coast Apprenticeships were the Friendlies Hospital, Alowishus Delicious and Be Transformed Gym. At the Friendlies we were given a full tour of the hospital to see how they ran things, at Alowishus we found out about the types of employees they look for when hiring in their business (we were also given free gelato, which, by the way, was so good!), and finally, at Be Transformed Gym, we were informed about what qualifications were needed to run our own gym. By the end of the day we all had gained information about how businesses run, what is needed for a business to be successful, and what we, as potential employees, need to do to get into that particular career. Overall, the day was excellent, with yummy food and a lot of information to help us with our future careers and pathways.

Celeste Arsenault
Year 11 Student

Shalom College NAIDOC Art Competition

NDIS Readiness and Information Session

The rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is soon to begin here in Bundaberg. Our local area coordinators are the Indigenous Well-Being Centre (IWC) and are our first contact locally for key information.

We would like to hold a readiness and information session with the IWC team for parents and educators.

Date: Thursday 22 June 2017
Venue: St Mary’s Catholic School Library
Time: 5.30pm start

Please contact your school’s learning support teacher, or myself, to confirm your attendance please. We need to know numbers in order to prepare information packages.

Mrs Joanne Gills
Inclusive Curriculum Regional Coordinator
Catholic Education Rockhampton
Phone 4155 8145
Mobile 0407 313 909

Careers News

Duchesne Information Session

Vanessa Cassard (Acting Deputy Head) from Duchesne Residential College in St Lucia will be presenting information to students on Tuesday 13 June during the lunch break in Loyola. All Senior female students considering studying at a university in Brisbane are encouraged to attend. Those Year 12 girls who would like an interview with Vanessa need to contact Mr Braund by Tuesday morning.

‘Young Tourism Leader’ Presentation

Julia Paussa (owner of COAST Restaurant and Bar, Hervey Bay) is a ‘Young Tourism Leader’ who will share her journey on a career in the tourism industry – Wednesday 14 June, period 4 in Loyola.

Year 10, 11 and 12 students who are thinking of pursuing a career in tourism should attend this presentation. These students have been emailed and should have already responded to Mr Braund to register to attend.

This is a fantastic opportunity that Shalom has been able to secure and is particularly valuable for those students serious about working in Tourism.

For more information on ‘Young Tourism Leaders’ -

Tertiary Studies Expo

The TSXPO will be held at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane on the weekend of 15 and 16 July. The expo showcases information stalls and sessions from all universities and tertiary colleges in Queensland, plus many others from interstate.

Shalom will be taking a bus to this event on the Saturday 15 July departing at 5:30am and returning at approx. 8:30pm. This is an excellent opportunity for year 11 and 12 students to gain information about a wide variety of degrees and other courses (year 10 students may also attend, but preference for seats on the bus will be given to senior students). Parents are welcome to accompany their child on the trip. Cost to students is $35, and $25 for accompanying parents. If you are interested in attending, please e-mail (or phone the college on 4155 8111) for further details and attendance forms.

Mr Troy Braund
Careers Advisor

Year 11 Aquatic Practices

Mon Repos Excursion

On Friday 2 May, the Year 11 Aquatic Practices class undertook an excursion to the Mon Repos Turtle Rookery to gain additional information for their unit on the Great Barrier Reef. The current focus is a presentation on the turtles of Mon Repos, with particular attention paid to the variations in species, lifecycles and threats to the turtles, as well as the history and management of Mon Repos Conservation Park itself. The students managed to gain lots of insight at the Rookery that will prove helpful in their upcoming presentations.

The students received a tour of the facility from the National Park Ranger, Nikki. They learned about the different species that visit Mon Repos yearly, as well as the survival rates of turtles, many of the threats and how they are dealt with. As well as viewing the inside of the Rookery, which contained numerous displays, informative placards and real turtle skeletons. The class was taken down onto the beach to view the egg cages and relocation huts. They also learned about Mon Repos’ history, such as the flight of Bert Hinkler and the history of the Rookery itself.

We’re all thankful for the volunteers and rangers at Mon Repos Turtle Rookery for allowing us to tour their facility, and a massive thank you to Nikki Sparks for personally showing us around.

Giorgia Melham-Mackay
Year 11 Aquatic Practices Student

Students checking out the fox cages, designed to keep foxes away from egg clutches.

Instrumental Music

June Concert

Thank you to all who attended the two concerts last week with the entire Instrumental Music Department performing. Keep watching this spot for the next confirmed concert date.

Music Camp

To date, we have approximately 24 students attending the annual Diocesan Music Camp in Rockhampton in Week 10. This year they will be staying in The Cathedral College residential accommodation which for many will be a new experience.

Catholic Schools Music Festival (CSMF)

Thank you to those parents who have started contacting me in relation to indicating whether they will be driving and / or accommodating their own child/ren to Brisbane for this annual event. The more communication regarding this will help with coordinating this massive job.

Performance Uniform

It has been decided, for the final time, to not change the current uniform. Mrs Stevenson (Uniform Shop) is ordering new vests for the beginning of 2018. There are a few second hand vests for sale in the uniform shop. If your child/ren haven’t got one for the Bundaberg Eisteddfod, day uniform is fine. Students playing in Brisbane must have the performance uniform even if they have to borrow a vest from someone.

Where Are They Now

An update to our recent ‘Where are they now?’ past students, Composer John Rotar. I have included a link to an article which outlines what he is up to these days as he prepares for one of his amazing compositions to be performed 18 June at QPAC. Like his family, we are very proud of and congratulate John who is now studying for his PHD in composition.

Performance Schedule

The following is a reminder of events planned for Term 2.

Important Dates:

Term 2

20 to 22 June (return travel on 23 June) – Rockhampton Diocesan Music Camp, 8:30am to 5pm each day – All eligible students to attend – The Cathedral College, Rockhampton – College coach or private transport – Accommodation, TCC Boarding House. There will be no billeting available. Information and registration letters were sent our last week. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Term 3

14 to 16 July – SHEP Bundaberg. Music workshops and concert organised by Griffith University Conservatorium of Music and held at Christian College
27 July – Pre Groups Eisteddfod Concert (to be confirmed)
1 to 3 August – Bundaberg Eisteddfod Groups competition
9 August – Pre Catholic Schools concert
18 to 20 August – Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival – Villanova College, South Brisbane

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime by email.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Arts in Performance coordinator

Sports News

Rugby League Wide Bay Semi Final Shalom vs Urangan SHS in Hervey Bay on Wednesday 7 June

The Shalom team was nervous prior to the game with two late withdrawals including the Vice Captain. This caused some reshuffles to the team with Tomasi Tikonilia earning his first starting role for the Open Shalom team.

Entering the field and focusing on defence, Shalom maintained intense pressure on Urangan and prevented them from making many metres in any of their sets of six, with all Shalom players contributing equally to that effort.

To complement the defence, Shalom’s attack finally began to click into gear with the edges on both sides seeing plenty of ball. This demonstrated an increased confidence being felt by both of Shalom’s halves which was highlighted by an attack from our try line resulting in both Lachlan Dullaway and Nash Kuorikoski running 90 metres only to be caught on the oppositions try line.

From sustained defensive pressure, Urangan eventually turned the ball over close to their try line, resulting in a try for Rece Hansen in the ensuing set of six. That try was converted giving Shalom a 6-0 lead. Although Shalom maintain control of the game, some errors provided field position to the opposition which resulted in a try out wide that was not converted allowing Shalom to maintain the lead, midway through the first half: 6-4.

That was the last time Urangan would trouble the scorers as another, unconverted try out wide to Shalom, scored by Lachlan Dullaway pushed the lead to 10-4 at half time.

The second half became an example of pride and commitment for the Shalom team as several injuries reduced the team to only 13 fit players. Momentum never left Shalom; however, as Dullaway scored and converted his second try pushing the score to 16-4. Urangan gained good field position from this point, due to fatiguing players producing some small errors. Repeated sets of six defending the Urangan team almost elicited a try in the corner but for great pressure from Christian Glass and Nash Kuorikoski causing the ball to come loose over the line.

Following this effort, Shalom gained a penalty and were quickly attacking the Urangan try line. Shalom maintain pressure and used their edges well to create opportunities to score. On the end of one such movement, Lachlan Sarnadsky was given the ball on the outside of a defender close to the line. Showing great determination, Sarnadsky carried the defender over the line to score his first try for the Shalom Opens team. The try was converted by Dullaway after the final siren leaving the full time score at Shalom 22, Urangan 4.

I’d like to thank each of the players for the efforts and behaviour during and after the game as well as both Mr Gahan and Mr O’Driscoll for their usual professionalism.

The team next play in the final of the Wide Bay region against Murgon State High School in Bundaberg in Week 9.

Mr Neil Feather
Shalom Rugby League Coordinator

Shalom Touch Report

Blake Hutchinson, Luca Felesina and Nathan Cook representing Wide Bay at the Queensland Schools 16-18 years Boys Touch Championships in Bundaberg

Luca Felesina was rewarded for his outstanding form at the Queensland Schools 16-18 Years Boys Touch Football State Championships in Bundaberg from Thursday 1 June to Sunday 4 June by being named as a Shadow Player for the Queensland team. Year 12 student Luca co-captained the Wide Bay team to finish a very creditable seventh out of the 12 regions, with two other Shalom students also integral members of that side, Year 11s Blake Hutchinson and Nathan Cook. Wide Bay qualified for the Trophy finals with wins over South West 10-7, Met North 10-6, President’s 11-6, Met West 6-2 and Peninsula 8-6, and they were also very competitive in a 13-5 loss to ultimate beaten grand finalists South Coast in the quarter-finals and a 7-4 defeat at the hands of Met East in the Plate semi-finals on Sunday morning before signing off with a 13-6 demolition of Met North in the Play-off for seventh with a 6-4 win-loss record. Former Shalom student Declan Buckley was also a member of the Darling Downs team which wound up fourth. Capricornia won the boys’ championship with South Coast taking out the girls’ title. Sports coordinator Mr Simon Gills also did a brilliant job as Grounds Announcer and Games, Results and Draw Administrator for the duration of the tournament, which was a mammoth job with 12 boys and 12 girls teams competing.

Mr Vince Habermann

BDSSS Cross Country

Teams Event

Congratulations to the Shalom Teams that participated in the Teams Relay Event at St Luke’s a couple of weeks ago. Shalom finished 3rd overall with three 2nds and three 3rd places. It was a little disappointing with the lack of teams entered this year and I hope this will change for 2018.

Wide Bay Cross Country

The Wide Bay Cross Country was held in Gympie last week. Shalom had 15 students compete. Four students gained Wide Bay selection. Congratulations to Lee-Challe Kriel, Baylee Holden, Georgia Cutmore and Emily Doyle. These girls will now travel as part of the Wide Bay Team to compete in the State Cross Country at Bald Hills next Term.

State Carnivals

There have been several State Carnivals on over the past few weeks. If you have any results from Shalom students who participate, please let me know.

Congratulations to Benjamin Wright on gaining Queensland selection in the Open Boys Basketball Team. Ben and Bailey Jenkins were part of the Wide Bay Team that competed in the State Carnival in Cairns recently. Ben will now travel to Canberra in August to compete at the Nationals.

Congratulations to William Stupart and Caileb Dimes (team photo above) who were members of the Wide Bay Squash Team that competed in Rockhampton.

Winter Sport

Winter Sport starts in Week 2 of Term 3. All sport will be played on Wednesday afternoons after school. All sign ups have been completed and more details about the Winter Sport Season will be available towards the end of this term.

Athletics Carnival

The Pre-Carnival Events (see link below) have already started for the Shalom Athletics Carnival. The actual carnival will be held on Thursday 22 June (from Midday) and all day Friday 23 June. Parents and spectators most welcome.

Australian Rep

Congratulations to Nathan Donaldson on his selection in the Australian Athletics Team that will compete at the World Para-Athletics Junior Championships in Switzerland in August. Nathan will compete in the T34 100m Wheelchair event. Only 12 junior athletes were chosen and this is a fantastic achievement from Nathan (photo attached). It will cost Nathan (and Dad Paul) between $7000-$8000 for this trip to happen. If you would like to help/donate financially towards Nathan (and his dad) to travel to the World Champs, please contact the school.

Upcoming Events

Sports Information will be placed on the notice board in the Undercover area. When students need to collect forms and other details from me, I am in the Sports Office located at the back of the Loyola Centre opening onto the Undercover eating area.


  • 22 and 23 June - Shalom Track & Field Carnival. Half day Thursday, all day Friday
  • Term 3 Week 2 - Winter Sport commences

Your Sporting Fanatic

Mr Simon Gills
Sports Coordinator

Tuckshop Roster


12 June

Kathryn Hanlon


13 June

Cathy Duffield

Margaret Keverkis

(bi-monthly from March)


14 June

Cher Giovannoni

Kellie Walker


15 June

Holly Davidson

Jennifer Pimm


16 June

Andrew Henricksen

Kylie Jarvis


19 June

Mila Robertson


20 June

Kym Creighton

Karen Higgins


21 June

Claire Hamilton

Sharon Pole


22 June

Diana Willoughby

Tania Wright


23 June (last day of Term 2)

Michelle Arvidsson-Smith

Nancy Poldervaart


10 July

Kathryn Hanlon


11 July

Cathy Duffield

Margaret Keverkis

(bi-monthly from March)


12 July

Cher Giovannoni

Kellie Walker


13 July

Paul & Caroline Simms

Allison Toft


14 July

Michelle Arvidsson-Smith

Leah Whaleboat

Marilyn Wootton


17 July

Mila Robertson


18 July

Kym Creighton

Karen Higgins


19 July

Claire Hamilton

Sharon Pole


20 July

Holly Davidson

Jennifer Pim


21 July

Andrew Hernricksen

Kylie Jarvis

Shalom Sunday Markets

The Artisan Collective

This unique addition to the Shalom Markets will now occur every third Sunday of the month running from 7:00am to 12:00pm in the Sports Centre.

Tuckshop Markets Roster


18 June

6.00am - 9.30am

Linda Adcock

Carol Barazza

Lisa Christiansen

Sally Doyle

Nikki Ellis

Brenda Jay

Penny Green

9.00am - 12.30pm

Sue Sargent

Kathryn Church

Chris Dennien

Jo Leveritt

Maria McMahon


25 June

6.00am - 9.30am

Vince Habermann

Melissa Lancaster

Kate Rehbein

Louise Stallard

Craig Warner

Penelope Wrench

9.00am - 12.30pm

Brendan/Astrid Clancy

Kym Murphy

Jo Medcalf

John Pappalardo


2 July

6.00am - 9.30am

Murray/Michele Flick

Greg/Jenny Jackson

Andrew Lucht

Janelle Test

Clarissa Pointon

Brendan/Yvette Simpson

Wanita Stringer

9.00am - 12.30pm

Sharon Anderson

Terry/Leanne Emmitt

Sandra Killer

Belinda Prossliner

Warren Vaschina


9 July

6.00am - 9.30am

Bruce/Kayleen Bryan

Mary Buchanan

Robert/Mellisa Doyle

Keightley Family

Peter O’Beirne

Steven Schiffke

Marie Walker

9.00am - 12.30pm

Rodney Allport

Marlyn/William May

Patricia Rochford

Tin Yu Wong

Michelle Purkis

Markets BBQ Roster

18 June


25 June

Cambodia Trip

2 July

Knights of the Southern Cross

9 July

Relay for Life

16 July

Edmund Rice Camp

Community Notice Board

Headspace Bundaberg

C Factor Talent Quest

CALLING all budding musicians to enter the C Factor Talent Quest with $1,000 prizemoney going to the winner of the 2017 Bundaberg Relay For Life Talent Quest. Heats will be held on Sunday 2 July at the Family Centre at the Old Showgrounds, Tuesday 13 July (Shalom Performing Arts Precinct) and Friday 21 July (Riverfeast), with semi-finals at Riverfeast on Friday 4 August, with the final at Relay for Life on Saturday 12 August.

Shalom Year 12 student Matthew Munro, who was the C Factor runner-up in 2015, has gone on to bigger and better things in the world of music. He also sang a tribute to C Factor Patron and X Factor finalist Justin Standley at the RFL Night of Tributes fundraising concert at Brothers Sports Club.

Entry forms are available at the Cancer Council Office at 41 Woongarra Street (next to Keith Pitt’s Office), Bundaberg Broadcasters at 38 Crofton Street, or from Bundaberg RFL treasurer Vince Habermann in Student Services here at Shalom or email

The Catholic Parish of Bundaberg – News

Ecumenical Lunch - Helping the Homeless

Join us in the Shalom College Sports Centre for a special event with International Humanitarian and Global Peacemaker Moira Kelly

Lunch will be catered by The Waves and additional entertainment and fundraising activities will be ongoing. Tickets will be available at $55pp or $35pp concession (discounted prices are for aged pension and school students only).

All fundraising proceeds will go towards updating facilities to ensure homeless people have access to showers and washing / drying facilities, as well as conversation and connection with volunteers for further support and referral.

The 2017 Ecumenical Committee is underpinned by CentacareCQ as the auspicing body, and has additionally brought together enthusiastic representatives from the Bundaberg Housing and Homeless Forum, Churches, Local Government, Media, Local Business and Service Groups to help identify and implement projects that will have practical outcomes to those effected by homelessness in Bundaberg.

Every night there are more than 19,838 people experiencing homelessness in Queensland alone, that’s 1 in 200 people Australia-wide, so it was not difficult to facilitate a fundraising campaign that is “Helping the Homeless”.

Please click on the link to follow the event on our Shalom Facebook Page 15th Annual Ecumenical Lunch.

World Education Program Australia Ltd Exchange Program (WEP)

Dream, Decide, Discover! Student Exchange Applications Open Now

Are you in Year 9, 10, 11 or 12? Imagine spending a summer, semester or year on an educational exchange program! You could experience Thanksgiving in the USA, Christmas in Italy and so much more! Application deadlines for WEP’s student exchange programs to over 25 countries are open now, so find out more by requesting a FREE info pack in the mail at the link below,1300 884 733,

Bundaberg Regional Council

Triple P Parenting

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.