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14 August 2017

Principal’s Reflection

Over the years, you have probably seen stories about Moira Kelly on TV. She is a pretty amazing lady and we will have her at Shalom next week. She is a middle aged Aussie mum who has made some pretty courageous decisions. When she left school, she took a GAP year but instead of just having a great year, she chose to spend the time working with Mother Theresa in Calcutta. This developed into a passion for the desperately poor. Since then she has worked in soup kitchens in South Africa, crack addicted babies in the Bronx, in Romanian orphanages, Refugee Camps in Bosnia and with sick kids in Albania. The Australian media got interested in her story after finding herself in war torn Iraq and, somehow, managing to bring to Australia for medical treatment, two young Iraqi boys, born terribly afflicted because of chemical weapons poisoning. With the help of Rotary, she brought Emmanuel and Ahmed to Australian doctors who treated them. Their stories are amazing. Do yourself a favour and click on the links below –

Moira also managed to bring to Australia Trishna and Krishna born con-joined in Bangladesh in 2006. Through Moira’s persistence, she adopted the two girls and Australian doctors successfully separated the two.

Moira Kelly will speak to some of our students next Friday. She has been brought to Bundaberg to be the guest speaker at the Ecumenical Lunch on Saturday 26 August. The Catholic, Anglican, Uniting, Lutheran and Coral Coast Christian Churches in town are combining to put on the lunch to raise money for the homeless in Bundaberg. Homelessness has got a bit of publicity in the last week with the ‘tent city’ being used by those ‘sleeping rough’ being dismantled in the financial heart of Sydney in Martin Place. People sleeping outside in winter is more a reflection on the state of Mental Health in Australia than an economic response to really difficult situations. Bundaberg is far from immune to this issue. Can I encourage you to support this really fantastic effort by the faith communities in Bundy? Tickets for the lunch, to be held at Shalom, are $55 or $35 for aged pensioners and students. Tickets can be purchased on-line at the link below or over the counter at Bundaberg Broadcasters, 38 Crofton Street. If you can’t attend but would like to make a donation, we would be happy to take that at our main Reception and pass it on. Attendance at this lunch is a chance to hear an outstanding Australian speak and do something good for our town and those of its citizens who are really doing it tough.

Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality is very topical at the moment. I certainly understand why this is such a significant issue as it poses some profound changes for centuries of tradition. Personally, my biggest hope is that those who oppose the plebiscite or postal poll on the grounds that putting this issue to the community will cause people to be hateful, are incorrect. As a people, are we not able to put a case and even argue a point of view, respectfully? There are some Christian groups who are vehement in their opposition to the proposal and quote, out of context and literally, some verses of the Bible. They do not speak for me as a Christian. Nor do those who stridently claim that those who hold a strong faith or personal conviction on this issue, have no right to express it or to brand them as bigots. Neither group add anything positive to this very important decision. Our children will be very observant of how we, as parents, discuss this issue in our homes and with them as appropriate.

Relay for Life

Relay for Life was another fantastic event last weekend. Over 70 Shalom students and staff participated and raised funds to assist in Cancer research. An outstanding effort from Shalom and the Bundaberg community.

Year 11 Leadership Days

Year 11 Leadership Days are on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The Shalom community will invite the 240 young women and men of Year 11 to take the opportunity and responsibility to lead the College in 2018. I hope that each and every one of them accept this invitation wholeheartedly. Mr Bernie Kelly from Global Immersions will work with the students on Tuesday and on Wednesday they will work with their House Coordinators.

Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival

140+ Shalom Students will attend the Catholic Schools Music Festival in Brisbane next weekend. They will be fantastic ambassadors for the College and will join thousands of other students from Catholic schools and colleges around the State in their shared love of music. Very grateful to our very talented and generous Music staff who will make this opportunity possible for those students.


Our sympathy goes out to the Gallagher and Roelofs family on the death of Mr Bob Gallagher last week. Bob is Chris Roelofs father-in-law and much loved father of Kate Roelofs who teaches at St Joseph’s. Annabel is currently in Year 7, and Meg and Jack are past students of Shalom. Paula and Bob have been regular visitors to Shalom and very well known in the Bundaberg community.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

Important Notice

Shalom Day

Shalom Day is next Thursday 24 August. Shalom Day is a Compulsory School Day and every student is expected to be in attendance.

If you have any queries about this, please contact the College office on 4155 8111.

Before and After School Tutoring

Please note that, on occasions, staff offering tutoring outside regular school hours may be unable to attend school and may miss tutoring.

Where the absence is expected, teachers generally communicate this information via Daily Notices.

In the event that a teacher is unexpectedly absent from school students who expected to attend a session, and who have either been dropped off early or who need to await collection, are asked to wait in the covered area (Middle School lunch area) if the library is not open.

Date Claimers

School Photo Day

School Photo Day is this Thursday 17 August, all students and staff will be photographed on this day. A catch up photo day will be held on Wednesday 23 August for any students who were absent (this has been altered from the date in the College Calendar due to unforeseen circumstances with our photographer).

Envelopes from Academy Photographers have now been distributed to every student in the College. These envelopes MUST be returned on Photo Day, even if no photos are being purchased.

Family photos are available on request. Envelopes are available from Student Reception at the main office.

Additional Student Free Day – Friday 15 September

Please add the following dates to your calendar:

Friday 15 September - Student Free Day. This is a new date and was not in our calendar. The last day of Term 3 for ALL students will now be Thursday 14 September 2017.

This Student Free Day has changed the date of a sporting event, please note the new date;
Thursday 14 September - Wide Bay Surf Life Saving Carnival.

Curriculum Notes

Selecting Subjects for Years 9 and 10 in 2018

Reminder: A Subject Selection Information Evening for parents of students and students going into Years 9 or 10 in 2018 has been scheduled for next Tuesday 22 August 2017 in the Performing Arts Precinct Theatre. The evening will commence at 6:00pm for parents of current Year 9 students and 7:00pm for parents of current Year 8 students.

The program for the evening will include a brief introduction to further study at Shalom College followed by the opportunity to meet and talk with individual teachers. Specifically, the evening will focus on issues related to the transition from Year 8 into Year 9 and Year 9 into Year 10 and will include elective module selection information. This is the first time that Year 8 students and parents are confronted with a degree of choice about subjects and pathways for future study. For Year 9 students and parents the evening will focus on issues related to the transition from the Middle School to the Senior School in Year 10.

Learning area coordinators and teachers will be available during the evening to answer specific questions.

An electronic version of the Middle School Subject Selection Booklet 2018 that provides a brief overview of the curriculum to be offered at Shalom College next year will be published on the College Website and the Intranet under the ‘Year 8 into 9 and 9 into 10 Subject Selection Information’ tab. The booklet will include basic subject information, a course planner, a stationery list for 2018 and offline subject selection forms. Most students will select their subjects for 2018 online using the WebChoices Student Portal. Subject choices (printed and signed WebChoices receipt) must be submitted by Monday 28 August 2017.

I encourage all parents of Year 8 and 9 students to attend this important evening and look forward to meeting with you.

Return of Year 10 SET Plans

Most Year 10 students will have had their SET Plan interviews including any follow-up interviews. Completed SET Plans are to be returned by Friday 1 September 2017. Please contact me if you still require assistance with this process or have any unresolved concerns. Most SET Plan interviews will be completed by the end of this week.

Year 11 and 12 End of Term 3 Examinations

End of Term 3 Examinations are scheduled for Year 11 and 12 students from Monday 4 to Friday 8 September. The examination timetable will be posted on the College Intranet (‘Assessment & Reporting’ tab), the College Website (Curriculum/Senior School/Forms & Publications) and Daily Notices (pushed to students via Student Café) shortly.

Mr Christian Taylor
Assistant Principal – Curriculum

Community Health Notification

Flu Season Reminder

As you are aware every year Queensland experiences an influenza or flu season. Queensland Health has advised that it has recorded an increase in the number of influenza notifications. Therefore, is timely to remind parents and caregivers not to be complacent about the flu.

Flu is a virus more serious than the common cold and can be spread through talking, coughing and sneezing. Symptoms include sudden fever, dry cough, muscle aches and pains, fatigue, headache, sore throat and a stuffy or runny nose.

If your child has flu-like symptoms, the following is advised:

  • Keep your child home from school
  • Ensure your child washes their hands regularly with soap and water or use hand sanitising gel
  • Encourage your children when coughing or sneezing, to cover their mouth and nose with disposable tissues which should be disposed of immediately
  • Ensure they drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest
  • Consult your doctor if you are concerned about their symptoms.

The school requests that anyone displaying flu-like symptoms stay at home until such symptoms have passed. Families should also reinforce the recommended protective actions listed above.

Increased awareness and ongoing attention to prevention and control measures, such as vaccination and good hygiene, are steps that we can all promote to reduce the impact of influenza.

Whooping Cough

Information has been received that indicates there are possible cases of whooping cough in both the school community and the wider community.

Whooping cough may start like a cold with a runny nose and sneezing, and then develop into the characteristic cough.

It is suggested that parents remind children of the following hygiene practices:

  • stay home when you are sick
  • wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use hand sanitising gel
  • wash your hands prior to touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • when coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with tissues which should be disposed of immediately
  • don't share items such as drinking glasses or cups, lipstick, toys or anything which could be contaminated with respiratory secretions
  • maintain at least one metre distance from people who have flu-like symptoms, such as coughing or sneezing.

Anyone who displays these symptoms of whooping cough is encouraged to seek medical advice. For further information please contact Queensland Health on the link below or phone 13HEALTH (13 432 584).


Shalom Day – Thursday 24 August

Shalom Day is next week! Have you asked your grandparents to come along? Please remember to invite them along to our Shalom Day Liturgy commencing at 9am, followed by morning tea. Grandparents are more than welcome to stay for ‘Shalom’s Got Talent’. This is a great way for grandparents to be a part of your day at school in a fun and entertaining way.

Remember Shalom Day is a free dress day with a gold coin donation to go to charity. Appropriate dress please - no short shorts, crop tops, singlet tops (boys and girls), etc. Closed in shoes also need to be worn.

Shalom Day Program

8:40am - All students move to their PC Class for roll call, gold coin collection and instructions for the day. Classes are then to move directly to the Sports Centre. If students have a grandparent attending, they can move to meet and greet them in the foyer of the Sports Centre as soon as they are marked as present. Students can then be seated at the back on chairs with their grandparents/parents. The remainder of students are to sit to the front, as they would for assembly.

9:00am to 10:15am - Liturgy and plaque presentations for long serving staff (Sports Centre)
10:15am - Morning Tea and the sharing of Shalom Day cake (in undercover area near Tuckshop and Administration building), Jazz Band to entertain
10:55am - Shalom’s Got Talent (Sports Centre)
11:55am - Lunch in undercover area near Tuckshop and Administration building
12:15pm - Students move to House areas to rehearse dance
1:50pm - Each of the eight House groups present a dance for the rest of the College in the Sports Centre

Please note that times may be adjusted if we are ahead of schedule on the day.

Mrs Kim O’Shea-Hard
Assistant Principal – Mission

P & F Committee

To view the full meeting minutes please go to the P & F Page on the College Website. Any comments can be forwarded to the Secretary via email to . If you have an agenda item please address it to the P & F Secretary either at the school office or by email .

Date Claimer

A reminder to all P & F Members that our monthly meeting is held in the staff common room on the first Tuesday of the month. The next P & F meeting will be held on Tuesday 5 September at 5:30pm. All welcome.

Mrs Gail Norris
P & F Secretary

Quiet Achiever

Our Quiet Achiever for this week is Jack Coyle, Year 12 MacKillop House. Jack always displays exemplary behaviour and manners. He is a mature, considerate and a generous student who is prepared to assist staff wherever possible. He has received several MacKillop certificates in recognition for putting into practice the values of MacKillop House which includes always helping out when a need arises.

Mrs Michelle Moller
MacKillop House Coordinator

Attention Shalom Seniors 2016!

The 2016 Shalom Year Book can be collected from the College Office. Please contact us by phoning 4155 8111 if you are unable to collect.

We ask that you share this notice in the hope all books can be collected promptly.

Lingiari House News

Please help Lingiari House raise much needed funds for Phoenix House, a local group assisting children in Bundaberg.

Buy a ticket for $1 in our continuous raffle and you are in the draw to win some great prizes. First prize is a Webber Family Q BBQ valued at $440, with other great prizes up for grabs too!

All Lingiari students have tickets to sell and the raffle will be drawn on Monday 4 September at PC time.

Please support this worthy cause.

Mrs Mary Taylor
Lingiari House Coordinator

McAuley House News

Rice House News

Blood Bank

Thank you to the consistent number of enthusiastic students who donate blood each month. As soon as students turn 16, they may enrol to donate as long as they are well. The Shalom students who donate will testify to the caring atmosphere of all the staff at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service Bundaberg Donor Centre, who try to ease their nerves. After donations they are always fed well and go home with a sense of achievement.

For more information, please contact Mrs Bolam.

Our donors for this month are; Ebony Stone, Francesca Thomson, Darna Gardiner, Hayley Scutts

Mrs Debbie Bolam
Blood Bank Coordinator

Instrumental Music

Bundaberg Groups Eisteddfod Results

Congratulations to all students and their tutors.

Rochford Strings – 2nd
Chamber Strings – 1st
Junior Concert Band – Honourable mention
Intermediate Concert Band – 2nd
Senior Concert Band – 1st
Choir – 1st in all three separate sections (Sacred / Advanced Choral / Music Theatre)
Junior Jazz – Highly Commended
Intermediate Jazz – 2nd
Senior Jazz – 1st
Symphony Orchestra – 2nd

Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival (QCSMF)

A detailed information letter including bus and accommodation lists have now been emailed. Please check and let me know if your child/ren are on the wrong bus or not on the accommodation list and should be. If you haven’t received the email, or can’t open it, please let me know as soon as possible.

Travel and accommodation payments were due by 22 July. Could any outstanding payments please be made via Shalom Intranet Parent Lounge, as soon as possible.

Term 3 – Dates to Remember

9 August – Pre Catholic Schools Concert – Senior groups only, starting at 7pm
18 to 20 August – Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival (QCSMF) – Villanova College, South Brisbane
7 & 8 September - Opportunity for our students to play with the Army Band in workshops following a concert for the public in the Theatre on the 8 September. More information following QCMF.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Arts in Performance coordinator

Learning Enhancement Unit

Options Day

We will be taking a group of students to the 2017 Options Day on Thursday 7 September. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the educational pathways and countless other opportunities available to people with a disability.

Click on the link below for full details.

If your child would like to attend, please fill in the attached permission note and return to Student Services by Friday 18 August.

Mrs Keryn Staley
Learning Enhancement Unit Coordinator

College News


Thank you to the 62 students, staff, parents and siblings who helped Shalom win the award for the Biggest Secondary School Team for the second year in a row at the 2017 Friendlies Cane2Coral Run/Walk on Sunday 6 August. In addition to this achievement, there is prizemoney of $300 plus 10% of our team’s registration fees, all of which will be donated to the Charity/Charities chosen by the College.

Team members ran or walked the half-marathon, the 10km or 4km, all finishing at Nielson Park Bargara, with some participating for fun and others completing their distances for the first time in the field of over 1700 people of all ages. Notable performances by team members included Year 7 students Jesse Beveridge and Bonnie Stephenson who were 15th and 51st in a field of 739 in the 4km in 16.11 and 18.48 respectively. Joshua Cook (Year 10), Dylan Goni (Year 10), Patrick Maher (Year 9) and Georgia Cutmore (Year 10), who were 28th, 66th, 67th and 68th in a field of 622 in the 10km in 47.21, 51.19, 51.40 and 51.20 respectively. Congratulations also to all other Shalom students who participated but not as part of our College team, especially Year 11 student Kiah Everingham, who was a late entry after overcoming a knee injury suffered at the Wide Bay Cross Country titles but did brilliantly to win the 4km run in 14.02. Siblings Michael and Emily Doyle who placed 13th and 14th in 15.55 and 15.59 respectively, and Year 9 student Tom Martin, who placed fourth in the 10km in 40.47. A big thanks to all families who joined in, with the Foster family having the biggest representation with five, with Years 7 and 8 Tallan and Harrison entered along with their parents and their other sibling.

Mr Vince Habermann
Coral2Coast Shalom Team Coordinator

Term 3 Interschool Chess Competition

Fourteen members of the Shalom College Chess Club, attended the third Wide Bay North Division Interschool Competition held at Walkervale State School last Monday. They were: -

Team 1

Patrick Harris, Bryce Samuels-Rosser, Courtenay Parfitt and Allen Preshy

Team 2

Josef Baumgartner, Nicholas Whitelum, Demetri De Florian and Keagan Geyer

Team 3

Chelsea Andrewartha, Jayden Buchanan, Lachlan McIntosh and Abhash Pathak

Team 4

Charlie Aslett and Darcy Hensel.

Our Chess players from Years 7 to 11 generally performed well, however our Team 1 players encountered some strong opposition, not only from the Bundaberg State High’s No. 1 ‘Gold’ Team, but also came under some ‘friendly fire’ from our own Team 2 players. At the end of the eight competition rounds, team results were as follows:

1st Place - Bundaberg State High 1 - Gold - 23.5 points
2nd Place - Shalom College - Team 1 - 21.0 points
3rd Place - Shalom College - Team 2 - 18.0 points
4th Place - Shalom College - Team 3 - 14.5 points
9th Place - Shalom College - Team 4 - 6.5 points

Our Team 4 tied with the St Luke’s Team, however both teams only had 2 players available on the day. Individual awards were presented to Patrick Harris (3rd Place overall with six wins), with Bryce Samuels-Rosser, Nicholas Whitelum, Courtenay Parfitt and Allen Preshy all receiving ribbons for five wins from their eight matches.

The Shalom College Team 1 was again presented with the Perpetual Trophy for the best Wide Bay North Division Chess Team for the 3 Competitions held in 2017, however will unfortunately not be competing in the State Chess Finals this year, as that honour is awarded to the winning team from the Term 3 competition – Bundaberg State High School.

The students displayed a high level of sportsmanship and were excellent ambassadors for our school. Anyone wishing to join the Shalom Chess Club is welcome to attend of a Tuesday lunchtime in room SS2 (Hogan 7), at the back of the Student Services building.

Team 1 (left to right) Allen Preshy, Bryce Samuels-Rosser, Patrick Harris, Courtenay Parfitt

Group photo: (Back row – left to right) Bryce Samuels-Rosser, Allen Preshy, Patrick Harris, Abhash Pathak, Courtenay Parfitt, Jayden Buchanan, Keagan Geyer, Darcy Hensel

(Front row – left to right) Lachlan McIntosh, Demetri De Florian, Charlie Aslett, Chelsea Andrewartha, Josef Baumgartner, Nicholas Whitelum

Mr Steve McKay on behalf of
Ms Shelley McKeown and Mr David Magner
Chess Coordinators

Career Opportunities

Sports News

Rugby League

Our teams all competed strongly in the third round of the Broncos Challenge.

Shalom Open Team

The Shalom Opens took on Kepnock but again had almost half of the regular team missing through injury, illness or work commitments. Although this gave many new players the opportunity to gain game time. Although the boys narrowly missed out on the win, after losing possession of the ball from the kick-off after scoring the go-ahead try, Shalom displayed great courage and determination. Most players were on the field for the entire game and represented the College and themselves to a very high standard.

Shalom 13 Years Black Team

The 13 Years (Black) arrived late and were very apprehensive about playing Bundaberg State High School, but surprised themselves with their level of competitiveness. They had better field position and plenty of chances to score throughout the game, however due to a lack of team cohesion, failed to convert their chances into points and went down 20-0. BSHS on the other hand, had very few chances, but converted all of them into points; which consequently caused frustration amongst the Shalom team. Although they lost the game, an understanding to work as a team was gained along with confidence in the overall ability of the group. Great efforts were put in by all, which will translate into an improved performance, in a variety of areas, through greater attendance at training.

Mr Neil Feather
Coach - Open & 13 Years Black teams

Shalom 15 Years Team

Our 15 Years Boys put in a gutsy performance with only 11 players against competition benchmark Bundaberg SHS but went down 30-4. A number of simple uncharacteristic errors throughout the game gave Bundy High too many gift attacking opportunities which they were able to turn into points. However, Shalom were able to match it with their opposition in many aspects of the game which was a very positive sign. Will Hema put in another strong performance while dynamic five-eighth, Corey Picaro, asked plenty of questions of Bundy High’s defence. Harrison Bull also ran strongly all game and was rewarded when he crashed over for our team’s only try of the game. Halfback and general Jake Bonus was also effective in calling the shots and turning around the opposition with his superb kicking game. The team could benefit from the addition of some more depth to their roster so any eligible players keen on becoming part of our team are most welcome.

Mr Graham O’Shanesy
Coach 15 Years

Shalom 14 Years Team

Our 14 Years team played a majority of the game with a bare 13 players with several boys unavailable for different reasons. Everyone played their hearts out and we were unlucky to lose to Bundaberg SHS 16-12 after Bundy High scored a last minute converted try after receiving a puzzling penalty from a line drop-out. After coming back on injured to replace another injured player, Russell Taylor did brilliantly to score our opening try, while captain and five-eighth Bradley Clarke scored an excellent try and kicked a sideline conversion in his two goals in a superb all-round performance, but powerhouse forward Caileb Dimes was also again outstanding, and hooker Kynan Hard was another stand-out in a highly spirited team effort.

Shalom 13 Years Red

Our 13 Years team (Red) matched Kepnock in all departments but they were beaten 16-8, with tries to hard runners Coen Searl and Ronan Dempsey. Coen also was our Players’ Player and Cooper Herwig was our Man of the Match.

Mr Vince Habermann

Winter Sport

All Draws for the Winter Sport Season (as well as BDSSS Athletics results) can be found on the BDSSS website.


Netball Draw – Week 5, 16 August

Round One – 3.50pm
Round Two – 4.35pm









7 Cup


Shalom Yellow


Mykayla and Nikia


7 Cup


Shalom Red


Jess and Meredith


7 Cup


Shalom Black

Shalom Blue

Briege and Francesca



8 Cup


Shalom Black

Shalom Red

Mrs Thomson

Grace and Mrs Wedemeyer


9 Cup


Shalom Red


Mrs Fox


9 Cup



Shalom Black

Mrs Somerfield


9 Shield



Shalom Blue

Courtney and Keilani









10 Cup


Gin Gin

Shalom Red

Mrs Davis


Open Cup


Shalom Red

Shalom Blue

Mrs Taske

Mrs Pearson


Open Shield


Shalom Black


Mr Ray

Netball Results – Week 4



Most Valuable Player

7 Yellow

Win vs North

7 Red

Win vs St Lukes

Macey Egan

7 Blue


7 Black

Win vs Kepnock

Bonnie Stephenson

8 Red

Win vs North

Portia-Lilly Matteschek

8 Black

Win vs Kepnock

Taila Saint

9 Black

Win vs Shalom Red

Tasman Harman

9 Red

Loss vs Shalom Black

Ruby Pitt

9 Blue

Loss vs BCC

Sofie Bonanno

10 Red

Loss vs Bundy High

Georgia Cutmore

Open Blue

Loss vs Bundy High

Ruby Harris

Open Red

Loss vs St Lukes

Meredith Ryan

Open Black

Win vs Kepnock

Natasha Vella

Mrs Nikki Somerfield
Netball Coordinator

Ten Pin Bowling

We have made a great start to Ten Pin Bowling winter fixtures with 11 students from Years 7 to 9 participating in three Shalom Teams. The students are enjoying the game and improving every week as they put the Bundy Bowl coach’s tips into practice. Some standouts over Weeks one to three are:

Week 1 - Star of the Week was Alicia Nierla with a game of 119 (19 points over average).

Jude Hellmuth-Williamson has been a stand out over all three weeks but excelled in Week 3 with a new personal best score of 203 in one game.

Tecoda-Faith Groszmann also had a fantastic game of 110 in Week 3.

Well done to all players and congratulations on all the superb sportsmanship that is displayed each and every week as you represent our College.

Mrs Debbie Bishop
Ten Pin Bowling Coordinator


Australian Pool Rescue Championship

Congratulations to past student Matthew Davis (Senior 2013, Adams House) who recently competed at the Australian Pool Rescue Championship, held in Adelaide. Matt won eight gold medals, one silver medal and a bronze medal. He also set several ‘Personal Bests’ and one Australian record.

Well done Matt, Shalom is very proud of you and may you enjoy continued success.

World Junior Para Athletics Championships

Congratulations to Shalom student Nathan Donaldson, who recently travelled to Switzerland to compete in the World Junior Para Athletics Championships. Nathan competed in the T34 Wheelchair events and finished with two bronze medals (100m and 200m) and a silver medal (400m). This is an unbelievable achievement for Nathan and his family. Shalom is extremely proud of this young man and all that he has achieved in athletics. Keep up the great work!

Upcoming Events and Information

Sports Information will be placed on the notice board in the Undercover area. When students need to collect forms and other details from me, I am in the Sports Office located at the back of the Loyola Centre opening onto the Undercover eating area.

31 August - Winter Finals Day

Your Sporting Fanatic
Mr Simon Gills
Sports Coordinator

Tuckshop Roster

14 August

Help Needed

15 August

Kym Creighton
Karen Higgins

16 August

Sharon Pole

17 August

Jennifer Pimm

18 August

Kylie Jarvis

21 August

Mila Robertson

22 August

Fiona Canniffe
Pauline Shaxson

23 August

Trish Cahill

24 August

Diana Willoughby
Tania Wright

25 August

Nancy Poldervaart

28 August

Stefanie Hale

29 August

Help Needed

30 August

Help Needed

31 August

Help Needed

1 September

Help Needed

4 September

Dianne Collins

5 September

Susie Zunker

6 September

Leanne Grogan
Katrina O’Sullivan

7 September

Danielle Wooldridge

8 September

Leah Whaleboat
Marilyn Wootton

11 September

Help Needed

12 September

Cathy Duffield

13 September

Cher Giovannoni
Kellie Walker

14 September

Paul & Caroline Simms
Allison Toft

15 September

Student Free Day

Shalom Sunday Markets

The Artisan Collective 4670

Due to low numbers, we have made the decision to cancel the Artisan Collective 4670. It is disappointing for us to have to make this decision, but we do want to thank everyone who has attended the market in the past. We hope you will continue to support the Shalom Markets held each Sunday from 6am to 12pm.

Peter and Maree Barone

Tuckshop Markets Roster

20 August

6.00am - 9.30am

Linda Adcock
Carol Barazza
Lisa Christiansen
Sally Doyle
Brenda Jay
Penny Green

9.00am - 12.30pm

Sue Sargent
Kathryn Church
Chris Dennien
Jo Leveritt
Maria McMahon

27 August

6.00am - 9.30am

Vince Habermann
Kate Rehbein
Louise Stallard
Craig Warner
Penelope Wrench

9.00am - 12.30pm

Brendan/Astrid Clancy
Kym Murphy
Jo Medcalf
John Pappalardo

3 September

6.00am - 9.30am

Murray/Michele Flick
Greg/Jenny Jackson
Andrew Lucht
Janelle Test
Clarissa Pointon
Brendan/Yvette Simpson

9.00am - 12.30pm

Sharon Anderson
Terry/Leanne Emmitt
Sandra Killer
Belinda Prossliner
Warren Vaschina

10 September

6.00am - 9.30am

Bruce/Kayleen Bryan
Mary Buchanan
Robert/Mellisa Doyle
Keightley Family
Peter O’Beirne
Steven Schiffke
Marie Walker

9.00am - 12.30pm

Rodney Allport
Marlyn/William May
Patricia Rochford
Tin Yu Wong
Michelle Purkis

Markets BBQ Roster

20 August


27 August

NET Team

3 September

Shalom Cricket

10 September

All Schools Touch

17 September

St Joseph’s P&F

Community Notice Board

The Catholic Parish of Bundaberg – News

Passionist Family Groups
Hosting the ‘Parish Ladies Dinner’
When: Monday 21 August
Time: 6:00pm
Place: Panaché Restaurant, Shalom College
Cost: $26 per person
3 Course Meal
Pre-dinner nibbles
Tea, coffee
B.Y.O. or purchase glass of wine
Special diets catered for
Raffles, lucky door
Guest Speaker
Tickets are on sale from Parish office

Youth Rally

Ecumenical Lunch - Helping the Homeless

Join us in the Shalom College Sports Centre on Saturday 26 August, for a special event with International Humanitarian and Global Peacemaker Moira Kelly.

Lunch will be catered by The Waves and additional entertainment and fundraising activities will be ongoing. Tickets will be available at $55pp or $35pp concession (discounted prices are for aged pension and school students only).

Tickets can be purchased through this link and select 15th Bundaberg Ecumenical Lunch.

All fundraising proceeds will go towards updating facilities to ensure homeless people have access to showers and washing / drying facilities, as well as conversation and connection with volunteers for further support and referral.

The 2017 Ecumenical Committee is underpinned by CentacareCQ as the auspicing body, and has additionally brought together enthusiastic representatives from the Bundaberg Housing and Homeless Forum, Churches, Local Government, Media, Local Business and Service Groups to help identify and implement projects that will have practical outcomes to those effected by homelessness in Bundaberg.

Every night there are more than 19,838 people experiencing homelessness in Queensland alone, that’s 1 in 200 people Australia-wide, so it was not difficult to facilitate a fundraising campaign that is “Helping the Homeless”.

Let’s Go Boating

See the flyer below for all the details or visit the website.

For more information visit the link below.

Kolan South State School 140th Anniversary

Triple P Parenting

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.