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4 September 2017

Principal’s Reflection

Yesterday, I took a moment to reflect on ‘Fatherhood’ and what it meant to me. It is a word that often conjures up a significant range of meaning depending on context and experience. I looked up the meaning of the word ‘father’ in the Webster’s Dictionary – ‘a man who has begotten a child’. But that really doesn’t seem to cut it. I guess it is literally true but it doesn’t do nearly enough justice to the term. In the same way, it is not much different from a literal definition of ‘mother’. ‘Fatherhood’ is a biological reality but it needs to be so much more than that. It’s a shame the dictionary definition isn’t more about being a ‘hero’ or ‘mentor’ or ‘role model’ or ‘companion’ or ‘teacher’ because those words are closer to what ‘father’ and ‘fatherhood’ should be about. No one becomes a true ‘father’ or ‘mother’ because of biology. I had a lovely moment recently talking to one of our Shalom dads who had lost his own dad not long ago. That man lost not just a biological father but he had lost a hero and a mentor and friend. There were tears in his eyes as he spoke to me about the man his dad had been to him. The loss was hard but it was obvious that the man I spoke to was committed to being as good a father to his own children as his father had been to him. That is a priceless gift. My own dad passed away over twenty years ago. I am happy and proud to say that I still miss him. He was far from perfect and he made lots of mistakes as a man and as a parent but I am so grateful for the person he was for me and my family. I have a goal to be a better dad to my kids than my own dad was to me and I hope that every man (and woman) would have the same goal. Fatherhood and Motherhood, at their best, are choices and choices that need to be made every day and in every moment. It is the greatest vocation in the world. Happy Fathers’ Day to everyone, regardless of gender and biology (or lack thereof), who works hard at that role every day!

Protect Our Kids Online

Keeping Kids Safe Online will be the theme of a presentation given by David Kobler on Tuesday night at 6:30pm in our Theatre. David will be working with our Year 10s on Tuesday and Wednesday and will talk to them about their responsibility to develop a positive sexuality. Please do yourself a favour and make attendance at this presentation a priority.

On a Related Issue there was a very good article discussing the issues around parenting skills with adolescents in a digital age in Saturday’s Courier Mail. It is worth a read.

Year 9 Parents

Year 9 Parents also have an opportunity to listen to a presentation at Bundaberg State High School from QTAC (Qld Tertiary Admissions Centre) about how the transition from an OP system to an ATAR system will affect your child. The new system of Assessment will commence in 2019. This presentation commences at 5:30pm and will allow you to attend that and get to Shalom in time for the presentation by David Kobler! Busy afternoon but worthwhile!

Winter Sports Finals

Winter Sports Finals completed last Thursday. Congratulations to the hundreds of Shalom students who participated in inter-school sport. We had lots of successes but I hope that every student enjoyed the experience of competing with their mates and against other wonderful young people in the region. It is a great strength of our schools.

Staffing 2018

I am very pleased to advise that we are looking forward to welcoming Mr Peter Robinson to Shalom next year as ‘Student Welfare Coordinator’. Peter is a very highly respected educator who has spent the past twenty years at St Luke’s. Peter will work closely with Ms Austin-Campbell and the House Coordinators to strengthen our support for students. Peter has very strong credentials as an educator and as a sporting coach.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

Date Claimers

Additional Student Free Day – Friday 15 September

Please add the following dates to your calendar:

Friday 15 September - Student Free Day. This is a new date and was not in our calendar. The last day of Term 3 for ALL students will now be Thursday 14 September 2017.

This Student Free Day has changed the date of a sporting event, please note the new date;

Thursday 14 September - Wide Bay Surf Life Saving Carnival.

Shalom Day DVD

A DVD of Shalom Day is now available from the front office. It contains the Liturgy, Shalom’s Got Talent and the InterHouse Dance Competition. Cost is $5.

Brother Rochford

Student Welfare and Information

On Friday 6 October the Year 10 students will undertake the School P.A.R.T.Y program which is a school based program and a new initiative from the Royal Brisbane Hospital. The acronym stands for: Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth.

Because of our numbers there will be two x 3 hour blocks - half the cohort will attend the morning session and the other half will attend the afternoon session.

The students will be given the opportunity to participate in practical sessions where they undertake activities with a full range of professionals involved in trauma care. They will also have discussions with emergency service personnel about trauma, first aid and road safety. Students get to meet and talk to a person whose life has been changed due to trauma. I am sure this will be a worthwhile presentation.

Consent is on an OPT OUT BASIS. If you do not want your child photographed and/or to participate in the evaluation, then you will need to sign the form and have your child return it to Mrs Austin-Campbell.

Classes will be as normal for Year 10 students on that day; they will miss two periods either in the morning or the in the afternoon but attend classes when not in their session. If you decide that your child will not participate, then their classes will be as normal so please don’t keep them at home.

It is important that you read all the relevant information sent home with your child on Friday 25 August.

A copy is attached in this newsletter.

Department of Human Services Information Session for Year 12 Students

On Tuesday 3 October, Department of Human Services staff will attend Shalom to provide information and give support to Year 12 students in creating a myGov account

This account will allow students to access government services that will be of assistance to them post Year 12, such as Australian JobSearch, Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink and Medicare.

This is NOT a compulsory activity – students may decide not to sign up to myGov at this point in time, but may gather information and create an account at a later date.

If students DO decide to create an account, they will need to bring three (3) forms of identification – one from each of the sections in the attached document. A summary of common identification documents is provided below:



Commencement of Identity

Birth certificate, Australian Passport or Citizenship certificate

Primary Use in Community

Driver Licence (including Learners), Student ID card (if under 18)

Secondary Use in Community

Student ID card, Bank statement.

## - documents in ‘higher’ sections can cover for ‘lower’ sections eg. student with no Driver Licence could bring a Birth Certificate, Aust. Passport, and Student ID card.

Important Information from the IT Department

Below is a letter from Mr Matthew Mills, Head of our IT Department:

Dear Students and Parents,

We have reason to believe that students here at the College are trying to use a VPN app on iPads to circumvent our School Web Filtering system. Currently our list of names is going up each day. While we understand there could be private uses for this app we have a duty of care here at the College which requires that our Web filtering system log all traffic. Therefore, we require this app not to be used here at school. The app needs to be removed from the iPad.

Certain websites are blocked for various reasons which includes bandwidth restraints but if students find a website is blocked and it is required for their studies, the correct procedure is to talk to their teacher. If the site is required, they can then work with the IT Unit on what options are available for unblocking.


Mr Matthew Mills
IT Manager

Father’s Day

In the weekly bulletin at Corpus Christi Church on the weekend (Nundah parish in Brisbane) Father Bernie had the following which I thought I would share.

At the end of the Rite of Baptism a blessing is offered to the fathers of the newly baptised: “God is the giver of all life, human and divine. May he bless the fathers of these children. With their wives they will be the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith. May they be also the best teachers, bearing witness to the faith by what they say and do in Christ Jesus or Lord. Amen.”

Let there be gratitude in our hearts for the generosity of our fathers and for the faith that was either handed on to us by them or in many cases for their lovely fatherly support for us and husbandly love for our mothers who made sure we grew up in the faith.

Father’s Day Prayer Petitions:
For our fathers, who have given us life and love,
that we may show them respect and love.
For fathers who have lost a child through death,
that their faith may give them hope, and their
family and friends support and console them.
For fathers who have died, that God may bring
them into the joy of his kingdom.

Happy Father’s Day for yesterday, I hope you were thoroughly spoilt by your families.

Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell
Deputy Principal

Curriculum Notes

Core Studies Learner Conferences

The second of two opportunities this year for Year 7, 8 and 9 Core Studies Learner Conferences (Parent/Teacher Interviews) will be available on the Student Free Day of Monday 16 October. The aim of conferences is to provide an opportunity for parents to meet with teachers to discuss the progress and learning needs of their children.

Conferences may be arranged online via the Parent Lounge. The online Parent Teacher Interview booking facility will open at 8:00am on Tuesday 3 October and close at 3:00pm on Wednesday 11 October to allow teachers to prepare for interviews. Parents without internet access may contact the College on 4155 8111 to make appointments from 8:00am on Tuesday 3 October.

When considering interview requests, note that Mrs Debbie Bolam, Mrs Janeen James and Miss Erin McHugh will not be available for interviews on the day but will be available on Wednesday 18 October. Please note this additional date when booking interviews online.

Whilst the scheduled interview day is seen as an important communication between home and school, parents are welcome to arrange an interview with specific teachers at any time the need arises throughout the year.

Year 12 Students - Accessing Learner Accounts

While all Year 11 and 12 students have been advised of how to access their Learner Accounts, our records show that some students have not yet done so. It is important that all Senior students, especially Year 12s at this time, access their learner accounts. Learner Accounts are accessed through the QCAA’s Student Connect portal at the link below. A link to this portal is also available on the desktop of the College Intranet. There are instructions for logging into their Learner Account on the landing page of the portal, but students will need to know their LUI number which can be found on their Shalom Student ID Card or by contacting the College office. Their initial password is the first four digits of their birthday, e.g. the password for a student whose birthday is on 6 January would be 0601. After the initial login students will be prompted to create a new password.

Year 12 students will be particularly interested in accessing Student Connect and their Learner Account as this will give them early access to their OP.

If students have any difficulty with logging in via the Student Connect Portal, they are welcome to contact the College office for assistance.

Year 12 Students - QTAC ‘On-Time’ Applications Due 30 September

All parents of Year 12 students applying for tertiary courses through QTAC are reminded that ‘On-time’ applications close on Friday, 29 September 2017. Applications may be made on-line at the link below.

Mr Troy Braund (Careers Advisor) has been providing a number of links and advice on completing QTAC applications through this newsletter and via notices in addition to the group information session during Access lesson at the beginning of this term. However, if you or your child still require help you are welcome to contact Mr Braund. He will be happy to provide any additional assistance or information you may require.

Mr Brendan Maher
Assistant Principal – Curriculum (Acting)


Protect Our Kids Online - David Kobler

A Must for All Parents! This Tuesday 5 September at 6:30pm in the Shalom Performing Arts Precinct.

David Kobler from Protect Our Kids Online Safety, travels interstate each year to work with our Year 10s on the Sexual Education component of our Personal Development Program. He also delivers a very informative Parent Night for, not only the parents of Year 10 students, but all parents interested in how to best parent and help navigate your teenager through a highly sexualised world, impacted by modern day technology and media. This is a tool box for any parent and open to our Primary feeder schools as well, in preparation for the next stage of their child's life.


Tuesday 5 September

Wednesday 6 September

Year 10 Girls

Personal Development and Sexual Education Day with David Kobler

Performing Arts Precinct Theatre

College day uniform to be worn

Normal school times and conditions (own lunches)

Meet in the foyer of Performing Arts Precinct and have name marked as present before entering theatre

Retreat and Motivation

(Just Motivation)

Sports Centre

Sports uniform to be worn

Normal school times and conditions (own lunches)

Move to the Sports Centre foyer and have name marked present before entering

Year 10 Boys

Retreat and Motivation

(Just Motivation)

Sports Centre

Sports uniform to be worn

Normal school times and conditions (own lunches)

Move to the Sports Centre foyer and have name marked present before entering

Personal Development and Sexual Education Day with David Kobler

Performing Arts Precinct Theatre

College day uniform to be worn

Normal school times and conditions (own lunches)

Meet in the foyer of Performing Arts Precinct and have name marked as present before entering theatre

Parent Night - All parents welcome

Parent Night – Tuesday 5 Sept

No students thank you

David Kobler

Performing Arts Precinct

Commencing at 6:30pm

Highly recommended!

NB: All parents and caregivers are welcome to attend. The P&F Meeting is being held prior to this at 5:30pm.

Year 9 Reflection Days – 7 September and 8 September 2017

The Year 9 cohort will travel out to Chaverim with their Religious Education class on the day specified below.

Thursday 7 September

Mrs Ingall’s 9F, Mrs Nicole Harman’s 9J, Mrs Somerfield’s 9C and 9E, Mr Chapel’s 9X.

Friday 8 September

Mr Gilbert’s 9A, Mrs O’Shea-Hard’s 9B and 9G, Mrs Van Dalen’s 9D.

Mrs Kim O’Shea-Hard
Assistant Principal – Mission

P & F Committee

To view the full meeting minutes please go to the P & F Page on the College Website. Any comments can be forwarded to the Secretary via email to If you have an agenda item please address it to the P & F Secretary either at the school office or by email

Date Claimer

A reminder to all P & F Members that our monthly meeting is held in the staff common room on the first Tuesday of the month. The next P & F meeting will be held tomorrow Tuesday 5 September at 5:30pm. All welcome.

Mrs Gail Norris
P & F Secretary

Quiet Achiever

This week we have a group of Quiet Achievers. The group consists of all those students who volunteered to choreograph a dance movement and then to teach it to the other students in their House on Shalom Day. They could be called miracle workers because of the challenges they faced and overcame.

The first challenge they faced was the size of their class - just over 150 students. The second challenge was the fact that all students participate and hence the majority of the students have talents that are not associated with dancing. And the third challenge is the fact that it has to be accomplished in just one hour! When one witnesses the eight House presentations in the Sports Centre the word miraculous could come to mind!

Also another word to describe the standard of presentation comes from the Shalom has Talent section of the celebration of Shalom Day…AWESOME!

Brother Rochford

College News

International Science Competition

During June this year 77 students from Years 7 to 12 sat the ICAS International Science Competition. Shalom students have been successful with 48 certificates of merit being awarded to our school:

One student achieved a High Distinction (top 1% of the state), eight students achieved Distinctions (top 10% of the state) and 29 students achieved a credit (top 20% of the state). They are to be congratulated for this excellent achievement.

Certificates for High Distinction and Distinctions were awarded at College assembly last week. All other certificates of merit and participation will be awarded at House Assemblies. All participants are to be congratulated for their effort in the competition.

The winners of all merit awards are as follows:

High Distinction

Year 9

Harry Packwood


Year 8

Joel Clancy

Year 9

Rohan Boas, Daemon O’Brien, Jack Gray

Year 10

Josef Baumgartner

Year 11

Zane Haster, Justin Todd

Year 12

Lauren Blackwell


Year 7

Zali Haster, Erika Marshman, Elyse Packwood, Luke Wyatt

Year 8

Heath Jacobs, Sarah Juillerat, Sarsha Leeson, Hannah Medcalf, Bailey Rupert, Lana Vollmerhause, Ethan Wooldridge

Year 9

Gina Bowden, Kira Ferns, Rory Frew, David Grey, Patrick Maher, Morgan Medcalf, Kane Murray, Abhash Pathak, Edward Ryan, Corey Walton, Ky Woods

Year 10

Daniel Ferns, Samuel Freeman

Year 11

Patrick Harris, Joshua Roebuck

Year 12

Caitlyn Curtis, Ciaran Huang-Ryan, Samuel Monk


Year 7

Meg Freeman

Year 8

Patrick Waters, Avril Davies, Taylah Gough, Sarah Krebs, Caila Maracic, Ethan Sologinkin, James Waters

Year 9

Braden Hendricksen

Year 11

Elise Green

Mrs Debbie Bishop
ICAS Coordinator

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (or ‘The Duke of Ed’) is an exciting international youth development program. Anyone between the ages of 14 and 25 can take part and the best bit is you choose your own activities and set your own goals.

The Duke of Ed has 3 Award levels: Bronze, Silver or Gold. Each level has different time commitments. To finish the Bronze level you have to complete four Award sections. You design your own program around the things that interest you most.

Award Sections


Get involved in your community and give service to others.


Build your skills in something practical or creative, such as drawing, painting, fishing, or music.

Physical Recreation

Take part in something active such as football, basketball, dancing, surfing or swimming.

Adventurous Journey

Discover a sense of adventure and do something challenging with your friends.

You'll have an Award Leader, instructors and assessors who can help you decide on activities for each Award section but remember, it's your choice.

Shalom College is opening up the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award to interested Year 9 students to begin their journey in Term 4. We are offering twenty places to participating students. If you are interested in finding out more information regarding the Duke of Ed, take a look at the website:

If you are interested in participating in the Bronze Award and fourteen years of age, a meeting will be held on Tuesday 6 September at 11:45am in Lingiari 6 with Mrs Bishop and Mrs Amey.

Mrs Nicole Amey

Where are they now? Shalom Edition


Ben Nedwich

Graduating Year:


Subjects Studied:

English, Math B, Ancient History, Chemistry, Religion and Ethics, Recreational Studies and Certificate I in Construction.

Current role:

Integrated Management Systems Support Officer – Bundaberg Regional Council.

What qualifications and work experience have you gained since graduating high school?

  • Traineeship at Council, studying a Certificate III in Business Administration, completed 2015
  • Studying Certificate IV Web-based Technologies
  • Won Australian Trainee of the Year 2016
  • Awarded honorary position of Australian Apprenticeship Ambassador
  • Won the WorldSkills Australia Business Services Competition 2016
  • Went from working on a Macadamia Farm to working at Council as a Business Administration Trainee to becoming a full time employee as an Integrated Management Systems Support Officer
  • Received scholarship from the Queensland Overseas Foundation to travel overseas and work for a year in the Business Administration field.

What has been the most rewarding, challenging or interesting experience in your study or work so far?

Being able to continue to be on a constant learning curve, during my 3 years of working career I have travelled to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin in the pursuit of more knowledge and incredible experiences.

How did your senior studies contribute or impact on your tertiary study and/or career choices?

School gave me the opportunity to develop real life skills, including problem solving, communication and time management. Although not directly taught, these lessons were learnt through assignments and class and you don’t really realise this until you leave school.

Can you identify one invaluable thing that you learned at Shalom?

The ability to be open minded and accept others opinions, regardless of your own opinion and if you agree.

What advice can you offer to current students interested in your field?

Business Administration is the backbone of any organisation, and an organisation is only as good as those who administer it, so leap at the opportunity and be proud of yourself for it.

Where are they now? is a semi-regular feature where we hope to profile many past students to learn more about their successes and achievements post Shalom. If you, or someone you know, might be interested in being featured in Where are they now? please email Patricia Allen at

Mrs Patricia Allen
Learning Area Coordinator – Humanities

Instrumental Music

Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival (QCSMF)

Last week I omitted to add a very important piece of information. Our Symphony Orchestra was awarded a special Adjudicator’s Award of Excellence and Ciaran Huang-Ryan, a special Gold award for his excellent playing of 1st Trumpet. Congratulations to Mrs Connolly and the students. Also to Ciaran who will also be auditioning for the Queensland Conservatorium in September holidays. Good luck Ciaran.

Lost performance uniform

A pair of black stretch pants and extra small vest have been found - both are un-named. Please check if your child is missing these items of their performance uniform.

Photos for College Year Book

The Year Book photos will be taken for our groups Week 2, Term 4. These are listed below. Boys, please wear your ties.

Monday 9 October - Intermediate Jazz, Jazz Vocal and Choir and Vocal Ensemble
Tuesday 10 October - Senior Jazz and Foundation Band
Wednesday 11 October - Senior Concert Band and Rochford Strings
Thursday 12 October - Intermediate Concert Band
Friday 13 October - Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Strings and Junior Jazz

Dates to Remember

7 & 8 September - Opportunity for our students to play with the Army Band in workshops (8/9) following a concert for the public in the theatre on the 7 September. The concert in the theatre starts at 7pm and entry is by donation. The workshops commence in the band room at 10:30am to 12pm. Don’t forget to bring your instrument.
14 October – produced and performed by our String groups in the Holy Rosary Church
23 October – Academic Awards
25 October – Get Smart Concert, produced and performed by the Senior Concert Band
5 November – Pleasant Sunday Afternoon concert which is the final concert for the year. It is an opportunity to say thank you to our wonderful group of year 12 muso’s for their contribution to our music department over the past five years.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Arts in Performance coordinator

Sports News

Winter Finals

Table Tennis

Table Tennis Winter Finals results came down to the wire as students from all schools demonstrated excellent skill and sportsmanship.

Brendan Connolly, Rory Delaney,

Louis Myers-Macdonnell,
Patrick Harris

Brendan Connolly,
Louis Myers-Macdonnell

In the Division One semi-final, Brendan Connolly, Patrick Harris, Louis Myers-Macdonnell and Rory Delaney had to pull out all the shots against Bundaberg Christian College, eventually winning in the last match of the round to progress to the Grand Final. Shalom played fiercely in the final, confidently overcoming Kepnock to be named Winter Champions.

Stephen (Liam) Bury, Seth Vincent, Jack Frohloff

Stephen (Liam) Bury, Jack Frohloff and Seth Vincent had a fun morning playing in the Division 2 finals, narrowly losing to Kepnock 4 to place fourth.

Congratulations to all Table Tennis players on another excellent season and year of Table Tennis at Shalom.

Miss Erin McHugh
Table Tennis Coordinator

Winter Finals Day Photo Gallery

We received lots of photos on social media from various Winter Finals events, which are included here. Due to the finals be held on various days, results of the finals will be in next week’s newsletter.

Winter Finals Day
Winter Finals Day
Click images to enlarge

Upcoming Events and Information

Sports Information will be placed on the notice board in the Undercover area. When students need to collect forms and other details from me, I am in the Sports Office located at the back of the Loyola Centre opening onto the Undercover eating area.

Your Sporting Fanatic
Mr Simon Gills
Sports Coordinator

Tuckshop Roster

11 September

Bronwyn Grills

12 September

Cathy Duffield

13 September

Cher Giovannoni

Kellie Walker

14 September

Paul & Caroline Simms

Allison Toft

15 September

Student Free Day

2 October

Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

3 October

Susie Zunker

4 October

Leanne Grogan
Katrina O'Sullivan

5 October

Help Needed Please

6 October

Help Needed Please

9 October

Bronwyn Grills

10 October

Cathy Duffield

11 October

Cher Giovannoni

Kellie Walker

12 October

Paul & Caroline Simms

Allison Toft

13 October

Leah Whaleboat

Marilyn Wootton

Shalom Sunday Markets

Tuckshop Markets Roster

10 September

6.00am - 9.30am

Bruce/Kayleen Bryan

Mary Buchanan

Robert/Mellisa Doyle

Keightley Family

Peter O’Beirne

Steven Schiffke

Marie Walker

9.00am - 12.30pm

Rodney Allport

Marlyn/William May

Patricia Rochford

Tin Yu Wong

Michelle Purkis

17 September

6.00am - 9.30am

Leone Aslett

Suzanne Brown

John Delaney

Mechalle Kimber

Mark Morris

Allison Toft

Jennifer Walsh

9.00am - 12.30pm

Marissa Browne

Anne Exelby

Renita Snare

24 September

6.00am - 9.30am

Christine Buwalda-Nicolson

Joanne Godfrey

Richard/Fiona Hayes

Martin Kelly

Rohan/Maddy Lloyd

Karlee Pfeffer

9.00am - 12.30pm

Wayne Fuller

Bruce Green

Kylie Johnstone

1 October

6.00am - 9.30am

Kath Clarke

Elizabeth Harris

Alison Reinhardt

Helen Robinson

Nicole Schubel

9.00am - 12.30pm

Steve Cook

Tonyia/Lily Garland

Maryanne Taylor

Michael/Cheri Visona

Markets BBQ Roster

10 September

All Schools Touch

17 September

St Joseph’s P&F

24 September

Edmund Rice

1 October

Blanket Buddies

Community Notice Board

The Catholic Parish of Bundaberg – News

Bundaberg Touch

Bring French, Italian or Spanish Culture to Life

Why not volunteer to host an international student from France, Italy or Spain next year? We have a small group of delightful students coming to Australia for 11 weeks to immerse in local Australian culture, experience our schools, sports, environment and lifestyle. All the international students are around 15 or 16 years old, speak excellent English, have their own spending money, cover all school expenses, and we arrange all aspects of their program. They are looking forward to joining an Australian family for a short term cultural immersion stay. It’s fun and interesting to help these young people achieve their Australian dream. If you’d like know more, please email your interest to ICM on or call Georgie and Anja on 1800 500 501, or visit our website.

Triple P Parenting

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.