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23 April 2018

Principal’s Reflection

Last week was a very tough week for our community. Losing two people we loved dearly in one week was difficult to handle. I said to people, at the start of the week, that I knew that this was a strong community and that we could get through this together. Despite all of the sadness, I have never been more proud of the Shalom community. The courage, care and compassion that has been on display is the best testament we could have made to both Gemma and Robin.

I spoke on Assembly on Friday to the students about Robin’s death in particular. I hope that some of the things I spoke about might come up in discussion with you since then or in the weeks ahead. For clarity, and if it might help, we videoed that Assembly and I will make that available to parents in the coming days. In the meantime, Andrea, Robin’s wife, wrote the following piece, with our students and staff very much in mind, which I found simply amazing. This might be worth bringing to the attention of your family:

Mrs Wust wants you to know:

Robin Wust found his purpose, working with kids and keeping them safe. As a family we hope to find some peace knowing that some good may come from this terrible tragedy - that others may learn a valuable lesson about mental health and seeking help when needed.

Depression is a terrible illness that takes away all reasoning and logic. Please...don’t be too proud or embarrassed to reach out for help. Nobody is perfect at everything and you are not a failure to need some help sometimes. It’s ok not to be the best or to make mistakes. And you are never a burden to others to share your troubles. Remember a trouble shared, is a trouble halved.

One of the most important things that we have learnt from this tragedy is that there is help around every corner and others want to help you... you just need to be open to it. People feel closer to you and honoured to help and just be there when you need.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you break your arm, you seek medical help.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, you seek medical help.

If you are struggling with Mental health issues, you NEED to seek medical help.

Depression is an illness, you cannot just assume it will go away or just get better without help.

Robin loved the Shalom students and community and was so very proud to be part of it. Please help us find some peace knowing that the students he cared so much for will continue to care and look after each other and stay safe.

This afternoon we will gather with the Henricksen family to farewell Gemma. She was an amazing young woman. This community is so much better for her participation and that of her family. To Louise and Glenn, Daniel and Lucinda, Kelsey, Braden and Gemma’s partner Harry, goes all of our support and prayer. Along with the Wust family, here and in South Africa, we pray that a loving God will hold you all close. Robin’s funeral will be held on Friday at 4pm at Holy Rosary church. Could I ask that students who wish to attend either of these funerals to wear school uniform if at all possible?

Headspace is a great organization who work with people going through difficult situations. They have been a great support this week. The following link is one for parents and might be of assistance if you would like to talk more about how to have a deeper conversation with your child/ren about the issue of depression and suicide.

Mrs Karen McCord, Principal of Bundaberg State High School was one of the first of my colleagues to ring early last week and offer their support in our loss. At the same time, the Bundaberg State High School community were grieving the terribly sad loss of Year 12 student, Lachlan Roll, who passed away during the holidays following an Asthma attack. Please keep the Roll family in your thoughts and prayers as well.

Support Networks - one of the other blessings in the middle of a tough week was the number of individuals and groups who reached out to us. Almost every school in Bundaberg either rang or sent flowers or both. Schools from across the State rang or sent flowers. We got assistance with counselling support from Education Queensland, Scripture Union and the Salvation Army. The Tom Quinn Café sent us a big bunch of coffee vouchers! People have been fantastic.

Sport - the last day of Term 1 was Summer Finals day. Mr Gills will give a fuller description of results but Shalom students and staff were tremendous. We had 32 teams participating in Finals day. We won almost half of the Grand Finals on the day. This is a superb effort and highlights the obviously preeminent place Shalom has in Bundaberg School Sport.

ANZAC Day will be remembered at school on Tuesday with an Assembly Liturgy at 11:30am. Parents are most welcome to attend. We hope that as many students as possible will be able to participate in the ANZAC Commemoration marches in either Bargara, Bundaberg, Childers or Gin Gin. Our students need to value Peace. War must always be an absolute last resort and it always represents a failure on the part of humanity. However, that never takes away from the cherished memories of those who were prepared to do what our nation asked of them in terribly difficult situations. Lest we Forget.

Core Studies Learner Interviews will be held this Friday. This is a great opportunity for parents in Years 7-9 to meet their child’s Core Studies teacher and to discuss progress. It is always good to bring your child along to these interviews to be a part of the discussion.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

Student Welfare and Information

Formal Information

The planning is well underway for this event. The students will be asked to write down their arrival time this week. We will have two cars arriving at the same time, with the cars scheduled to be three minutes apart. It is difficult for the cars to keep to their exact time but we ask that they are as close to their allotted arrival time as possible.

In addition to this, students will also be organising their table groups this week - these are in groups of 10. For parent table groupings, Mrs Jo Medcalf can be contacted at the office. Parent tables are in groups of 10 as well.

Mrs Simone Wilson, once again, has kindly offered to teach the students their dances: one dance is the father/daughter dance; the next one is the mother/son dance and lastly a progressive barn dance. These rehearsals are in the lunch breaks and are generally a lot of fun. We do hope the students teach their respective parent the dances.

It was stated in the letter to parents a few weeks ago that this function is being held at the multiplex complex, Pyefinch Boulevard....just a reminder that the event is not at the College.

General Information


A reminder that the boys are not allowed to have a long hairstyle where the hair is basically the same style as a girls’ bob cut, and ‘tucked’ behind the ears. Boys should not have hairstyles where the sides are very short and the top part is longer - a distinct contrast in lengths is not permitted.

The Student Record Book has a very clear outline of our grooming policy.

Can I ask parents to check the length of their daughter’s uniform ensuring that the dress or skirt sits below the knee please.

I thank parents for their support in these matters.

Record Books

We ask that these books are signed by a parent each week.

Year 8 Camps

The paperwork for the Year 8 Camps will be handed out early next week. This will include a letter to the parents, a medical/permission form and an equipment list.

Students will be given a few days to get the permission/medical form back in.

Personal Development Education

The Year 7s and Year 8s will commence the Daniel Morcombe Curriculum this term. The classes will be in their specific year level but with their House groups.

If you wish to query any of the above, want some additional information or clarification please contact me at the College.

Elizabeth Austin-Campbell
Deputy Principal

Shalom College After School Activities (SCASA) Term 2

In Term 2 Shalom College will continue offering students the opportunity to participate in organised after school activities conducted by coaches and teachers. SCASA also includes a light afternoon tea from 3:15pm for the students and all activities will conclude at 4:45pm.


Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the three available afternoons for SCASA.

(Wednesday is allocated for BDSSS inter school sport and Fridays is not offered due to student fatigue and early departure for weekends affecting attendance)


SCASA commences in Week 2 of each Term and continues for eight continuous weeks of each Term.


3:00pm - School lessons completed.
3:15pm - Roll Call and afternoon tea (supplied) at College tuckshop and set up time for coaches
3:30pm - Activities/ Coaching starts (various venues within school grounds)
4:30pm - Activities/ Coaching finished
4:45pm - Students help pack up and return equipment and picked up by parents at school.


The SCASA fee is $20.00 per term for students (to be placed on the student account - to pay later)

this is to help cover the afternoon tea and instructors/coach costs.

This flat fee of $20.00 is for one, two or all three afternoons activities. This is to encourage participation in the program.

Activities are as follows:


Option 1 - Dance with Miss Alisa Boisen (Dance Room) (FULL as of 18 April) or
Option 2 - ABC’S with Mr Ben Porter (Oval)* or
Option 3 - Touch Football with Mrs Terri Gilbert (Oval)


Option 1 - Netball with Mrs Kelli Cory (Hangar Courts or SC)
Option 2 - Basketball with Mr Michael Catlin (Hangar Courts) or
Option 3 - Cross Country Club with Mr Mat Grills.(Oval)


Option 1 - Cross Country Club with Mr Mat Grills (Oval) or
Option 2 - Tennis with Mr Brendan Maher (Tennis Courts)
Option 3 - Athletics (Track and Field) with Mr Ben Porter. (Oval)

*ABC’S = Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed activities in a fun game centred friendly atmosphere.

Other school sporting teams will continue to have their own training sessions as usual under the direction of their coaches e.g. Rugby League, Netball, AFL, School Gym, Volleyball, Touch Football etc. This program is giving extra opportunities for more students to become involved in physical activities and sports after school.

Please complete student and parent details in the google form below REMINDER - no confirming phone calls are made by the school to confirm you are in the program - as once you sign on and you receive an online response - your child has been registered and please turn up starting week 2. Once an activity is full - I will omit it from the selections - so it cannot be selected.

To sign on go to this link below and complete the google form.

Bus Trial Term 2

From Term 2 we are trialling a bus run after SCASA thanks to Duffy’s Buses

Bus Details are as follows:

Duffys Shuttle Bus 1

Departs Shalom at 4:45pm – travels to Stockland Shopping Centre/Sugarland
Arrives at Stockland 4:55pm - Commonwealth Bank end

If going to Bargara, students catch the Bargara bus departing Stockland/Sugarland at 5:00pm, which goes along Bargara Road to the Bargara Shopping Centre and continues along to Innes Park North as per normal bus run.

After the Shuttle bus drops students at Stockland/Sugarland the Shuttle bus will then continue to Hinkler Shopping Centre by 5:05pm

Then the Shuttle bus continues along Woongarra Street stopping at the Civic Centre bus stop; Suncorp Building bus stop and then the Target Store bus stop.

Cost will be normal school fare of $1.40

If you already have a bus card, you can use that card.

Mr Peter Robinson
Student Welfare Coordinator


NAPLAN 2018 – information for parents

All Year 7 and Year 9 students will have the opportunity to sit the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests on May 15, 16 and 17, 2018.

The tests assess literacy (reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar) and numeracy (number, measurement, chance and data, space, working mathematically, algebra function and pattern). Results from the tests are used for reporting of individual student achievement; school reporting to the community; and aggregate reporting by the State against national standards or benchmarks.

Our Core Studies teachers guide students in preparation through normal teaching and learning within classes. A series of activities promotes ‘test readiness’ through tasks centred upon writing, reading, and calculating both with and without calculators.

Please note that, while maximum participation is expected, parents have the right to withdraw students or to seek exemption from sitting the tests. Students who are not exempt and who do not sit the tests will not receive a report of test results and will not be included in the school data. Students who are exempt from the tests will be reported as not having reached the benchmarks.

Parents who are considering withdrawing their child from the 2018 NAPLAN tests and who have not discussed this with us are asked to contact Mrs Megan Munckton, Middle School Coordinator, by Friday May 4 2018. Telephone: 41558294; email

Queensland Core Skills Test – information for parents and details about special provision

The Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test will be conducted this year on September 4 and 5 2018.

Test results contribute, through scaling processes, to the calculation of Overall Positions (OPs) and Field Positions (FPs), which rank students for tertiary entrance.

Year 12 students who are eligible for an OP must sit the test; students who are ineligible for an OP may choose to sit the test.

For detailed information about the QCS Test, see the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test Guideline, available below.

QCAA recognises that some students have a medical condition, impairment, or exceptional circumstances that may affect their access to the test or their demonstration of achievement in the test. QCAA attempts to minimise such barriers by making special provision available to these students. Where conditions, impairments or circumstances are in existence before May 2018, it is possible to apply for special provision in advance of the test. If circumstances alter at later points in Year 12, applications may be made after the test.

Details of the application process and examples of categories of special provision may be found in the Queensland Core Skills Test: 2018 Special provision handbook.

Applications may be made by the school on behalf of students. Students or parents that wish to apply for special provision are invited to apply directly to QCAA according to the details in the Handbook (Section 2.2), or to contact me so that I may assist by making an application through the school (Section 2.1).

Ms Katherine Nelson
Assistant to the Principal – Curriculum

Reminder - Core Studies Learner Conference Bookings Close Today

Core Studies Learner Conferences (formerly Parent Teacher Interviews) may be arranged online via the Parent Lounge at any time until 3:00pm April 24. Core Studies Learner Conferences are scheduled for this Friday April 27. Note that Mrs Keryn Staley, Mr David Magner, Mrs Angela Samways, Mr Steve McKay and Mrs Amy Fallon are not available on April 27 but will be available on Tuesday May 1. The next round of Core Studies Learner Conferences is scheduled for early in Term 4. If you were unable to make a booking for the current round of conferences and still require one, please contact your child’s Core Studies teacher directly to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Learner Conferences (formerly Parent Teacher Interviews) – All Subjects and Year Levels Except Year 7-9 Core Studies

Learner conferences for all year levels in all subjects (except Core Studies) are scheduled for the evening of Tuesday May 22.

The conferences (of 10 minutes duration) will be held in the Sports Centre from 3:30pm to 6:30pm with students encouraged to attend and participate.

Conferences may be arranged online via the Parent Lounge. A letter outlining the procedure is attached via the link below.

The online conference booking facility will open at 8:00am on Friday May 11 and close at 5:00pm on Friday May 18 to allow teachers to prepare for the conferences. Parents without internet access may contact the College on 4155 8111 to make appointments from 8:00am Friday May 11.

While scheduled learner conferences are seen as an important communication between home and school, attendance is voluntary. Parents are most welcome to arrange a conference with specific teachers at any time if the need arises throughout the year.

Interim Semester One Reports

Interim Semester One reports will be issued electronically on Friday April 27. The electronic reports are PDF versions of the fully formatted report that can be printed on the home printer if required.

The report can be viewed and printed from the Parent Lounge by selecting the Academic Reports tab on the left.

Parents who do not have internet access, are experiencing problems with Parent Lounge or do not know your Parent Lounge login details are welcome to contact the College office during business hours.

Mr Brendan Maher
Assistant to the Principal – Administration

Year 7 ROSA Awards

Samuel Aitkenhead

Hayden Andreoli

Bailee Baldwin

Kyle Blake

Libby Boas

Emma Bolton-Turner

Gabrielle Bonanno

Tori Bowden

Samuel Brillante

Charlotte Browne

Mia Cameron

Anna Capulong

Nicholas Clarke

Patrick Connolly

Kirra Cram

Keanu Crofts

Fletcher Crossett

Rory Darr

Daeren Das

Paige Davis

Zye Day

Taylor Driver

Harmonie Fauid

Lily Fenton

Darshan Fernandez

Lauren Fuller

Ava Gardiner

Rhys Garland

Ashleigh Geyer

Izziah Gill

Weston Giovannoni

Jarryn Gower

Ellie Graham-Jones

Samara Hamilton

Chaise Hartnett

Mackenzie Harwood

Baiden Howard

Millie Jensen-Austin

Kaitlyn Johnson

Cooper Knott

Cale Little

Liam Mader

Emily Manski

Lilly Matthews

Kate McFarlane

Lyla-Rose McManus-Smedley

Thomas Morcom

Keenan Mullaney

Lana Munckton

Piper Murdoch

Thomas Parton

Michael Prossliner

Keely Redman-Dickie

Tyla Royan

Stacey Ruthenberg

Katia Saffioti

Allyssa Samways

Molly Sellers

Bailey Simpson

Indiana Sly

Charlotte Smith

Jorja Smith

Emma Stack

Ella Staley

Alexis Thwaite

Candace Walsh

Keanu Williamson

Cassidy Wust

Tahia Zia


We are excited to start accepting expressions of interest from students interested in completing Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight). This is a 12-month course commencing in Term 3, 2018 and will be suitable for current Year 10, 11 and 12 students. Year 12 students can complete the course post-graduation.

This qualification provides the technical skills and knowledge to operate remotely piloted aircraft systems, such as drones. Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certification such as drone licence and radio assessment are included in this course.

It is predicted that the use of drones will feature heavily in the work force of the future, and indeed already does. Industries currently using drone technology include engineers, surveyors, miners, emergency services, environmental scientists, farmers and photography.

Eligible students can use Vetis funding and the course would be fee free

or it can be user-pay for a heavily discounted price of $632 (average cost of this qualification is $3,995). This Certificate III is worth 8 QCE points on completion.

A minimum of 9 students are required for this course to run. See the Pathways office to register your expression of interest.

Business Recognition

This week, Shalom College would like to recognise and acknowledge Gloria Jeans Coffee, Hinkler Place for their involvement in school-based traineeships.

Thank you! Your contribution is invaluable in creating the futures of our young people.

Mrs Liza O’Donnell
Pathways Coordinator

Quiet Achiever

This week’s quiet achiever is Ainsley Clarke, who is in Hogan House, in Year 8. Ainsley recently spent the Easter holidays attending The Australian Ballet School in Melbourne where she has been a student for the last 3 years in their interstate/international training program after successfully auditioning in 2015. Ainsley also attends intensive training workshops in Brisbane as a student of The Australian Ballet School and will again travel to Melbourne later in the year for further intensive training sessions.

What makes her achievements that much more outstanding to those around her, is the humility, with which she conducts herself with her achievements. Such a delightful and bubbly character to have around, Ainsley is always humble, kind and willing to help anyone else ahead of herself.

Well done, Ainsley, you certainly have a bright future ahead of you highlighted by your dancing talent.

Ainsley striking a pose outside the Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre

Mr Adam Knott
Hogan House Coordinator

ANZAC DAY – April 25

We are inviting interested Shalom Staff and Students to participate with the College at the Bargara Service and/or Bundaberg Service for Anzac Day.

ANZAC Day is the solemn day of remembrance of those Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who have fought and died for their country, and is marked annually on the anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War.

ANZAC Day is the anniversary of the landing of troops from Australia and New Zealand on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, in World War I on April 25 1915.

ANZAC Day goes beyond the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli in 1915. It is the day on which we remember all Australians who served and died in war and on operational service past and present.

We invited staff and students interested in walking with the College to attend meetings at school break times and put their name down and receive more details about the March at Bargara and Bundaberg.

From our meetings at school – please see the following information for Parents

As you will be representing the school, it is important to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Formal uniform with polished shoes, neat hair
  • Formal hat (borrow if yours is not in good condition)
  • NO chewing gum
  • Sleepers or studs ONLY
  • Bottled water (It is often a very hot day)
  • Apply sunscreen before marching

If you are marching at Bargara, please meet at 5:00am at Bargara Service Station – Corner of Bauer and Tanner Streets (at the bowsers) and report to Mr Robinson and Seniors for roll marking. Please also arrange a place where your parents will pick you up.

If you are marching in Bundaberg, please meet at old the Dick Smith’s store, 59 Bourbong Street (opposite Target) at 8:15am. Mr Robinson and Mrs Thomson will assist the Seniors in roll marking. You need to line up in year levels, 4 across. At the conclusion of the ceremony, you will need to be collected from ANZAC park.

Your attendance is much appreciated.

Mr Peter Robinson
Student Welfare Coordinator

Where are they now? Shalom Edition

Name: Dr Benjamin Waterson
Graduating year: 1994
Subjects studied: Chemistry, Maths B, Maths C, Physics, Religion, Accounting, English
Current role: Emergency Specialist in Bundaberg Base Hospital and the Mater Hospital, Brisbane.

What qualifications and work experience have you gained since graduating high school?

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bacholor of Medicine (MBBS), Fellowship of the Australian College of Emergency Medicine (FACEM).

What has been the most rewarding, challenging or interesting experience in your study or work so far?

The most rewarding experience of my work has been the ability to help patients and their families in times of need, when they are in pain or are suffering from a debilitating disease. The most challenging experience is when you have to inform family members that their loved one has passed away or has a terminal illness. Every day brings new and interesting experiences. In the emergency medical profession, you realise that you never stop learning and you never ceased to be amazed each day.

How did your senior studies contribute or impact on your tertiary study and/or career choices?

My senior studies were pivotal in me being accepted into The University of Queensland. It is such an important and scary time of your life as you have your whole life ahead of you and there is so much pressure.

Can you identify one invaluable thing that you learned at Shalom?

I learned the value of hard work. Some students are able to get through high school without too much work, however, I had to work and study hard. The teachers and my family instilled in me that hard work is pivotal in achieving my goals.

What advice can you offer to current students interested in your field?

There is a quote by Myuran Sukamaran, which he told his sister before he was executed in Bali which I think relates to all students in any field:

“He told me that success is cumulative. That no one wakes up successful. It takes hard work behind the scenes where no else can see. It starts when you set yourself goals, you make sure you do something small every day.”

“He told me I was only restricted by the restrictions I placed on myself. Don’t let people say no, find a way around their negativity”

Where are they now? Is semi-regular feature where we hope to profile many ex-students to learn more about their successes and achievements post-Shalom. If you, or someone you know, might be interested in being featured in Where are they now? please email Georgia Halpin at

Mrs Georgia Halpin
Community Relations Officer

P & F

Meeting Date Change

To all P & F Members, you are reminded that our monthly meeting is held in the staff common-room – all parents are welcome. Please note the next P & F meeting will be held on Tuesday May 8, which will begin at 5:30pm.

Mrs Emma Jansen
P & F Secretary

Instrumental Music

Diocesan Music Camp

Emails were sent out on Tuesday of last week with all the information regarding this annual music camp during week 11 this Term. Please read the attached letters very carefully as you need to enrol on-line, which goes directly to the organisers at The Cathedral College in Rockhampton. If you have any queries or you did not receive the email (please check to see if it went to junk/spam), please contact me.

Winter Concert

A reminder that our next concert is scheduled for May 29 starting a 7:00pm in the theatre. All groups will be performing.

Australian Honours Ensemble Program (AHEP) and State Honours Ensemble Program (SHEP) Brisbane – both programs will be running concurrently this year in Brisbane during the September/October holidays. Nominations are currently being accepted for AHEP but the minimum level of ability is grade 6 AMEB. If your child/ren are at this level and you would like them nominated, please contact me. Nominations close May 25.

Roll Marking

A reminder to email Mrs McAtee by 7.45am if your child/ren are not able to attend a rehearsal.

Singing/Theory Vacancies

There are a couple of vacancies for singing and/or theory students which will be available after the Bundaberg Eisteddfod. Please let me know if your child/ren would like to take advantage of these lessons.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Instrumental Music Coordinator


Ten Pin Bowling Summer Sport Wrap Up

Ten Pin Bowling summer sport wrapped up with finals day on Wednesday 28th March. Thank you to all players for a great season. It is inspiring to see you giving your best each week and the sportsmanship displayed between players and teams has been outstanding. Well done to all players. There were many personal bests throughout the season.

Summer teams:

Shalom 1: Amber Craven-Hughes, Jude Hellmuth-Williamson, Connor Dingle, Sebastian Foglia
Shalom 2: Jaimison Simpson, Benjamin Fuller, Joshua Roebuck, Chelsea Powis
Shalom 3: Emily Obst, Kenneth Thompson

Summer Individual results:

Highest Male Game (scratch): Connor Dingle - 202 pins
Highest Female Game (handicap): Amber Craven-Hughes – 232
Highest Male Series (handicap): Jude Hellmuth-Williamson – 508

Team Results:

Both Kepnock 2 and Shalom 1 finished the season tied with 18 points. Trophies were awarded to the following teams:

Best team (handicap): 1st place Shalom 1, 2nd place – Kepnock 2
Best Team (scratch): 1st place Kepnock 2, 2nd place – Shalom 1

Mrs Debbie Bishop
Ten Pin Bowling Coordinator

Year 7/8 Boys Touch Football (Shalom Black)

Congratulations to our Year 7/8 Boys Shalom Black Touch Football Team for winning their district Summer Sport Competition. The team was undefeated for the season and more importantly, consistently showed great teamwork and sportsmanship on the field.

The Grand Final vs Kepnock on Summer Finals Day was an epic encounter, as we fought back from behind on the scoreboard on a number of occasions. Shalom hit the lead with only a few minutes to spare when Patrick Curtis crossed for his 2nd try of the game. However, to add to the drama, Kepnock scored a miraculous length of the field try after the siren to level up the score at the end of normal time.

The game ended in a nail-biting “drop-off” with Shalom’s Jayden Black scoring the winning try in the corner, coming from some crafty lead up work by Mitchell Sly.

The final score was Shalom 8 (Patrick Curtis 2, Mitchell Sly 2, Jayden Black, Cale Little, Nick Mason, Ezekiel Monckton tries) defeated Kepnock 7. Nick Mason was voted our Player’s Player for the grand final in what really was a tremendous team effort. Well done boys!

Mr Graham O’Shanesy

Summer Sport – Tennis

The Summer Sport tennis season was a successful one for Shalom teams, although the premier trophies proved elusive. This season saw a new format, where teams were entered in either Division A or Division B. Division A players are those who play the tennis circuit or those of a similar standard, while Division B are players who are keen to have a go but do not necessarily have much or any tennis experience. The coaches, Stephen Chappel and myself, were very proud that Shalom managed to field eight tennis teams – an extraordinary effort. To put this in context, the closest other school only managed to field two teams. Five of our Shalom teams made Finals Day.

In Division A, we had two teams making Finals Day with the Shalom Black team of Hamish Corpe, Brendan Ryan and Nicholas Whitelum taking out the minor premiership. This team defeated North Bundaberg State High School 18-6 in the semi-finals, while the Shalom White team of Ethan McMillan and Katie Maher lost in their semi-final to St Luke’s 18-6. The final was a tense affair with Hamish Corpe getting Shalom off to a good start winning his singles 6-3. Unfortunately, the second singles and the doubles went to St Luke’s and Shalom Black were defeated 15-10.

Division B was also an entertaining affair with the Shalom Yellow team of Bayley Herwig, Bryce Hibberd, William Canniford and Mercy Popoola going down to St Luke’s 16-4 in the semi-final. The second semi-final was an all-Shalom affair with the Shalom Black team of Harry Packwood, Michael Doyle, Riley Hunting and Paddy Maher defeating Shalom White consisting of Caleb Bell, Laurin Roser, Dane Harris and Rhys Garland by a score of 16-6. St Luke’s proved to be too strong in the Final however defeating Shalom Black by a score of 16-7.

All competitors played in the traditional Shalom spirit combining a competitive spirit with good sportsmanship and did our school proud.

If you would like to get involved in tennis, a true Australian sport that you can play for life, there are a number of avenues at Shalom. There is Thursday afternoon tennis for beginning to intermediate players, Tuesday morning tennis for the advanced players, Summer Sport tennis for everybody and the Queensland Schools Teams Tennis competition later this year which is invitation-only. If you would like to learn how to play, or join again after a break, please email/see Mr Maher to find out what options are available.

Brendan Maher
Shalom Tennis Convenor

Shalom Girls Touch yr9/10 Red team

Congratulations Shalom Girls Touch yr9/10 Red team for winning the 2018 BDSSS Premiership last term on Finals Day.

Shalom Girls Touch yr9/10 Red Team defeated BSHS 7-1 in the Grand Final.

The team was undefeated all season and had a dominant finals day. Congratulations and well done to all players.

Outstanding attacking skills were shown from Jade Garland, Hannah Leggett, Jessica Richards and Ella Hagen-Jenkins. Great rucking and ‘go forward’ skills were shown from Jorji Kemp, Alannah Hutchinson and Baylee Holden. Impressive line speed and defensive efforts were shown from Bonnie Morcom, Courtney Stupart and Neave Jones. This team was a pleasure to coach. Thanks girls for a great season. Well done!

Shalom Summer Sport Volleyball

Finals Day 2018

Shalom was very well represented on finals day 2018 with every Grand Final having at least one Shalom team participating, this overwhelming representation resulted in our school winning 3 of the 5 Premierships. The premiership teams were the open boys coached by Mr Stallard, 9/10 girls coached by Miss Clark and the 7/8 girls coached by Mr Reid (narrowly beating another Shalom team).

Very close finals were played out by the open girls lead by Mrs Greenhalgh and the 9/10 boys coached by Mr McLaren. Congratulations to all the students who participated on the day and the coaches who make this competition possible. Shalom continues to be a powerhouse in this sport in the Bundaberg district with many teams developing in the younger grades – 2019 is looking good.

A big thankyou to all who were involved this year.

Mr Mike Reid

Cricket News

Year 8 team celebrate after taking out the
Year 9-10 premiership

Will Hamilton receives
the trophy from competition
coordinator Mr Len Kirchner

Year 8 team celebrate after taking out the Year 9-10 premiership

Will Hamilton receives the trophy from competition coordinator Mr Len Kirchner

Shalom again flexed our cricket muscle in BDSSS Cricket, with our two teams in the Year 11-12 competition progressing to the grand final and our Black team, which was our year 10 side playing up in the higher division and coached by Mr Wust, claiming a famous victory over our older Red side. Our year 8 team, which stepped up to the plate in the Year 9-10 competition, also did brilliantly to beat the three older teams in that division and seal an unbeaten premiership with a superb grand final victory over a combined St Luke’s/Bundaberg High team. Our year 7-8 team, which comprised mostly year 7s, also did very well, losing narrowly to an older Bundaberg High team in the semi-final, but then taking third place with a highly spirited victory over Bundaberg Christian College.

Year 11-12: In the open boys’ semi-final, Shalom Red (6 for 142) defeated Bundaberg State High School (5 for 79). Rory Delaney top scored with 44 runs, including four 6’s and two 4s. Best bowlers were Patrick Harris (1 over for 4 runs and 1 wicket) and Angus McDonald (2 overs for 6 runs).

In the other semi-final Shalom Black took on Bundaberg Christian College. Shalom batted first and amassed 4 for 130 with Matthew Jackson (49) and Kynan Hard (51) scoring freely. The total proved to be too much with Bundaberg Christian College, being bowled out for just 38.

In the decider, Shalom Black batted first and batted consistently throughout their innings to amass 7 for 92. Brendan Grills top scored for Black with 27 runs. Edward Ryan (18), Brayden Henricksen (15) and Kynan Hard (13) also contributed. Best bowlers for Red were Simon Rathbone (3 overs; 1 for 14) and Louis Myers-Macdonnell (2 overs; 1 for 12). A highlight was a cracking catch by Angus McDonald at cover to dismiss Caleb Dimes.

Shalom Red’s start to their innings was kept slow by Black’s tight bowling and keen fielding. Despite the efforts of Louis Myers-Macdonnell and Rory Delaney to increase the run rate at the end of the innings, Red were unable to match Black’s score, falling 3 runs short at 3 for 89. Louis top scored for the Reds with 58. Joshua Pole stood out with Black’s best bowling statistics at 1 for 1 from his 2 overs.

Congratulations to both teams for playing in a competitive and sportsmanlike manner. Their efforts were a credit to the Shalom community.

Year 9-10: Shalom restricted Kepnock to 4-42 from their 15 overs in the semi-final, with David Felstead, Matthew Parker and captain Will Hamilton claiming one wicket each. In our run chase, we lost an early wicket but opener Jonty McMahon (19) and Will Hamilton (12) were both retired after leading us to victory in just 5.1 overs. We went on to finish at 2-88 when rain forced the abandonment of match after 11.3 overs.

In the grand final, Shalom produced an outstanding team performance, restricting St Luke's/Bundaberg State High School to 8-60 from their 20 overs, before achieving victory for the loss of just two wickets with six overs to spare. Opening bowlers Harrison Johnson and David Felstead laid the platform, with the former taking a wicket in the first over and finishing with 1-12 from four overs, and the latter conceding a mere six runs from his three overs. First change Jonty McMahon tightened the screws with 2-6 from his three overs, while Grace Trebbin made her mark with a direct hit run-out of one of their top batsman and also removing their batting ace in her 2-3 from 2 overs, while her brother Ben (1-6) and Will Hamilton (1-2 from 2 overs) also joined in the party. In our run chase, our first three batsmen did the job superbly with Ronan Dempsey retired with the result secured after scoring 17, and Jonty McMahon (11) and Will Hamilton (17) also excelling, before Benjamin Smith hit out at the end for an unbeaten 19 as we ended at 6-100.

Year 7-8: Bundaberg State High School amassed 4-113 against us in the semi-final, to which we responded with 4-107 to go down by a mere 6 runs, with Nicholas Clarke again top scoring with 26. Then in the play-off for third, Thomas Parton bagged two wickets in his first over as Bundaberg Christian College compiled 4-91. But the result went right down to the wire before we got home with two balls to go and six wickets in hand after Kayleb Matteschek top scored with 23.

Mr Vince Habermann
Cricket Coordinator & Year 8 Team Coach

Sporting Achievements

Nathan Donaldson competed at the Commonwealth Games Gold run on April 15 with Kurt Fearnley joining the 5km event. Nathan was third across the line. Kurt stayed at the back with a young racer. Congratulations Nathan. Well Done.

Mr Peter Robinson
Student Welfare Coordinator

College News

Science and Mathematics Competitions for 2018

This year Shalom College students have the opportunity to participate in the following national and international competitions:

ICAS Science Competition: Tuesday May 29
Australian Mathematics Competition: Thursday August 9

Students are assessed against other students in the same school year, state and country. The competitions are designed to be a fun event, removed from the pressures of formal assessment with problems and questions designed to stimulate the interest of students. All students receive a certificate showing their level of achievement and a detailed report outlining their performance.

If your student would like to participate in either the ICAS Science Competition or the Australian Mathematics competition parents need to complete the appropriate nomination form and students then submit it to student reception. Parents are encouraged to make the required payment online through Tours and Excursions in the Parent Lounge Portal by Friday April 20.

Competition Fees: ICAS Science Competition $9.00 per student
AMC Competition $6.50 per student

If you have any questions regarding any of the above competitions, please contact me via email:

Competition Coordinator
Mrs Debbie Bishop

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