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9 May 2018

Principal’s Reflection

I watched again recently the Italian film, ‘Life is Beautiful’ and it certainly came to mind yesterday as I listened to the Gospel at Mass. If you haven’t seen the movie, and you are a parent, it shouldn’t be missed. It is a story set in a Concentration camp during the second world war. It shows a father convincing his five-year-old son that the concentration camp is an elaborate game that the Nazis have invented to test the Italians. The film copped some criticism from some members of the Jewish community who felt that the film made light of the Holocaust. The writer and director of the movie, Roberto Benigni argued however, that the heart of the film centred on the fact that most parents will do anything to spare their children pain or the reality of evil. Any parent who has seen the movie will know what he means. Yesterday’s Gospel was written by St John and is Jesus talking about what love, real love, means. ‘Love’ gets used a lot. I love my footy team, I love my car, I love pizza. In this hard hitting Gospel, Jesus says that love is being prepared to suffer for someone. In some cases, to die. Puts a bit of a different focus on love. I love the Broncos but there is no way I’m going to put my life on the line for them! Who are the people in your life for whom you would be prepared to die? Not sure about you but I don’t have a long list. Beyond my immediate family, there aren’t many. In yesterday’s Gospel, John is recounting the words Jesus had with his close followers just before he was unjustly condemned to death. “This is my commandment: love one another, as I have loved you. No one can have greater love than to lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends, if you do what I command you..” Jesus had plenty of opportunities to avoid death. He just could have avoided the inevitable confrontation but the only choice he had was to be true to himself. That is not ‘fuzzy’ love and nowhere near what so many of us, most days, mean when we say we love something. Listening to this Gospel made me think, carefully, about who I really love in this world and how important that is for me.

Andrea Wust sent me an email last week and asked me to pass it on to the Shalom community

Hi Dan

Thank you for the many kind messages, flowers and offers of help. Please can you let your staff, parents and students know that I have appreciated these things and that I saw many of them at the funeral. Please apologise that I couldn’t speak with all of them as I was just too overwhelmed, however was thankful that they were there.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Andrea, Cassidy and Maisey

Jan and Greg Aplin have been two of the outstanding and unsung heroes of Shalom. Jan and Greg let me know last week of their decision to retire at the end of this term. Jan has been secretary to every Principal Shalom has had. Greg is our head of Grounds and Maintenance. They have both made a huge contribution to this community and we will be less for their going. That said, as they make plans for the next phase of their lives they will leave Shalom with the very sincere thanks from this community for who they have been here and what they have done.

Funding for Schools has again been in the news. You may have seen reports that Catholic schools in southern states are putting their point of view to the Federal Government that school fees may have to rise in the face of new funding models. I would like to point out to Shalom parents that the new funding model is not, at the moment, a cause for concern. Our fees have not and will not rise dramatically. There are still complications in the funding model and some things to be worked out but no immediate cause for concern.

Bullying in schools has also been in the news recently. It is great to see that this issue is getting attention. Whenever and wherever you put human beings together there will be those who seek to create an imbalance of power. I guess that is just a part of our original sinfulness as humans. Please know that the staff at Shalom will work very hard, always, to ensure that this is a safe place for your child. As I have repeatedly said to parents and students, the biggest impediment to resolving bullying is silence. Those who think that, ‘If I say anything, it will make it worse’, only contribute to the problem. I want students and parents to ‘speak up about bullying even if their voice shakes’. Let us know, and, if we don’t fix it the first time, let us know again.

Gratefulness – my wife Sheridan found another great ‘special’ at Aldi this week! Really nice ‘Daily Reflection’ notebooks at $4.99. They are beautifully set up as journals that would assist in daily gratefulness journaling.

The Year 12 Class go on Retreat this week from Wednesday to Friday at Alexandra Headland. Every year this is one of the wonderful times of the year for our Senior students. I don’t expect this year to be any different.

Apps to be aware of our staff found the following info-graphic of apps that, unfortunately, seem popular among teens. Might be worth keeping an eye out for them on your child’s device.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

Student Welfare and Information

Year 8 Camp Schedule

Camp No.

CSB Class

Dates for Camp

Teacher attending


CSB Class D

21, 22, 23 May

Jessica Altadonna


CSB Class E

28, 29, 30 May

Mick Harris


CSB Class B

4, 5, 6 June

Mick Harman


CSB Class X

5, 6, 7 June

Debbie Bolam/Wendy Davis – shared class


CSB Class F

6, 7, 8 June

Mick Harris


CSB Class H

11, 12 13 June

Brendan Cunningham


CSB Class A

12, 13, 14 June

Trish Allen/Amy Fallon


CSB Class J

13, 14, 15 June

Jessica Altadonna


CSB Class C

18, 19, 20 June

E Austin-Campbell


CSB Class G

19, 20, 21 June

Michael Ray


CSB Class Focus

20,21, 22 June

Steve McKay

Please make sure that students do bring what is listed on the equipment list, particularly the raincoat.

For Parents

I read the following article in the Weekend Australian magazine (April 28 – 29, 2018).

“Two decades after his ground-breaking book on boys, Steve Biddulph is back with some ‘incredible new findings’. The article is titled About a Boy and written by Rachel Carlyle.

It is worth a read if you are bringing up boys.

Formal News

As the Formal Dinner Dance is being held at the multiplex centre this year, it would be worth familiarizing yourselves with the area. Parking will be on the opposite side to the centre on the grassed verge. The council tell me that when they have had other events there, patrons know that is where they are to park. More information will be forthcoming with the tickets; a letter will be included with them.

Any queries can be directed to me here at the College.

Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell
Deputy Principal



Back row: Hayden Andreoli, Dane Harris, Nakita Hill, Fr Peter Tonti, Kyan Bagarozza, Ruby Harris, Lachlan Harris
Front row: Casey Wigg, Emily Whittingham, Katie Whittingham, Jhanna Yee, Chaise Hartnett

On Saturday April 28 at Holy Rosary Church, eleven of our students received the sacrament of Confirmation with 53 other students from the Catholic Parish of Bundaberg. These students will continue their journey now as they learn and prepare for the next sacrament, their First Holy Communion.

Our role as a community now is to support them in prayer as they continue towards the completion of their initiation into the life of the Church at the end of May.

Mrs Cheryl Petersen
Campus Minister


Exciting new courses now taking enrolments and expressions of interest. See us now so you don’t miss out!

Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight)

This is a 12 month course commencing in Term 3, 2018 and will be suitable for current Year 10, 11 and 12 students. Year 12 students can complete the course post-graduation.

This qualification provides the technical skills and knowledge to operate remotely piloted aircraft systems, such as drones. Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certification such as drone licence and radio assessment are included in this course – you even get to keep your drone!

Eligible students can use VETiS funding and the course would be fee free (see link below) or it can be user-pay for a heavily discounted price of $632 (average cost of this qualification is $3,995). This Certificate III is worth 8 QCE points on completion.

A minimum of 9 students are required for this course to run.

Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology

Commences in Semester Two. This is the first time this course has been offered in Bundaberg. It will run for 12 months and is suitable for Year 11 students. In this introduction to the fashion industry, you will learn sewing, pattern making and garment design. Full training is provided in a simulated workroom using industrial sewing machines and cutting-edge equipment so no previous sewing and/or design skills are required. Completion of this qualification will give students direct entry into our Certificate or Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising qualifications and will provide credits towards future study.

Eligible students can use VETiS funding and the course would be fee free (see link below). This Certificate II is worth 4 QCE points on completion. Students can apply for a Study period to assist with managing the study workload.

See the Pathways office for more information and to enrol in either of these courses.

Business Recognition

This week, Shalom College would like to recognise and acknowledge McDonalds, Bargara, Bundaberg City and Bundaberg West for their involvement in school based traineeships.

Thank you! Your contribution is invaluable in creating the futures of our young people.

Mrs Liza O’Donnell
Pathways Coordinator

Quiet Achiever

Georgia O’Sullivan is a reliable, responsible and mature young lady who is a terrific role model for not only members of MacKillop House but the whole College student cohort. She contributes enthusiastically to all MacKillop, College and Pastoral Care activities. She is a quiet achiever who deserves recognition for her consistently high level of involvement, conduct and diligence throughout her time at Shalom. Thank you for all of your contributions Georgia, especially within MacKillop House!

Mrs Michelle Moller
MacKillop House Coordinator

P & F

To all P & F Members, you are reminded that our monthly meeting is held in the staff common-room – all parents are welcome. Please note the next P & F meeting will be held on Tuesday June 5, which will begin at 5:30pm.

Mrs Emma Jansen
P & F Secretary

Instrumental Music

Bundaberg Eisteddfod

Several students will be competing in the music sections of the Eisteddfod during this week at the Playhouse Theatre. They include instrumental and vocal students playing and singing their way through set and own choice sections of traditional, music theatre and contemporary music. All the very best to these students.

Diocesan Music Camp

Emails were sent out during Week 1 with all the information regarding this annual music camp during Week 11 this term. Please read the attached letters very carefully as you need to enrol on-line which goes directly to the organisers at The Cathedral College in Rockhampton. If you have any queries or you did not receive the email (please check to see if it went to junk/spam), please contact Mrs Edgar.

Performance Uniform Vests

Orders for these are now available for pick-up and payment at the uniform shop. Mrs Stevenson would like them to be picked up and paid for at your earliest convenience. Cost will be $60.

Winter Concert

A reminder that our next concert, is scheduled for May 29 starting a 7:00pm in the theatre. All groups will be performing.

State Honours Ensemble Program (SHEP) Brisbane

Nominations accepted now for this annual event scheduled for October 4 - 7 2018. If you would like us to nominate your child/ren for the instrumental or choral program, please contact me as soon as possible. Minimum level of ability for instrumental is grade 4 AMEB and voice students must have and AMEB level or choral experience. Cost of the program is $280 and accommodation and travel is organised privately, not by the school.

Roll Marking

A reminder to email Mrs McAtee by 7:45am if your child/ren are not able to attend a rehearsal.

Singing /Theory Vacancies

There are still a couple of vacancies for singing and/or theory students, which will be available from Week 5. Please let me know if your child/ren would like to take advantage of these lessons from a qualified singing teacher.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Instrumental Music Coordinator


Summer Final Day

On Thursday March 29 saw the wrap-up of the Summer Sport season. The conclusion of 6 weeks of gruelling competition (with a few wash-outs) led to some very exciting finals. Shalom featured heavily in the majority of finals. Of the 23 finals contested, Shalom had teams competing in 17 finals with premiership success in 9 sports. These included Yr 11/12 Boys, Yr 9/10 Girls and Yr 7/8 Girls Volleyball; Yr 11/12 and Yr 9/10 Cricket; Yr 9/10 Girls and Yr 7/8 Boys Touch Football; Division 1 Table Tennis and Junior Golf.

Congratulations to all students that participated in the Summer Sports Season and thanks to all the Shalom staff for assisting throughout the Summer Season

Could I ask students to please return their team uniforms to their coach as soon as possible.

School Cross Country

On Wednesday April 18 the annual Shalom Cross Country was held. A large number of participants was the highlight of the day and some very close races resulted.

Age Champions

Girls 12 years

Taylar Krueger (A)

Boys 12 years

Caiden Everingham (L)

Girls 13 years

Bonnie Stephenson (W)

Boys 13 years

Lachlan Stevenson (L)

Girls 14 years

Holly Stone (Mc)

Boys 14 years

Fletcher Ace (A)

Girls 15 years

Lee-Challe Kriel (Mc)

Boys 15 years

Jack Brophy (C)

Girls 16 years

Georgia Cutmore (L)

Boys 16 years

Tom Martin (Mc)

Girls Opens

Lucy Bowden (Mc)

Boys Open

Kiah Everingham (L)

Congratulations to Chisholm, the 2018 Cross Country Champions, finishing on 12.994pts, Hogan finished 2nd on 12.700, with Lingiari in 3rd on 12.328.

Four new records were set in the 15yrs Girls 4km, the 16yrs Girls 4km event, the 12yrs Boys 3km event and the 13yrs Boys 3km event. Lee-Challe Kriel ran 17.11mins in the 15yrs Girls, Georgia Cutmore ran 16.36mins in the 16yrs Girls, Caiden Everingham ran 12.35mins in the 12yrs Boys and Lachlan Stevenson ran 12.30mins in the 13yrs Boys event.

A big thankyou to all the students and staff for their help during the afternoon.

Inter School Cross Country

Congratulations to the Shalom Cross Country Teams who were involved in the BDSSS Teams Cross Country held at Shalom on Tuesday April 24. Shalom won the Teams Trophy by 52 points. The results were fantastic with first places to the 12yrs, 16yrs and Open Boys Teams and 14yrs, 16yrs and Open Girls Teams. Along with the first places, Shalom had six 2nd places and five 3rd place finishes.

Thanks to all the staff for helping out on the day and a special thank you to all those students for volunteering to run and fill positions in teams. A great effort!!

Following on from the Teams event, 57 Shalom students travelled to Gin Gin SHS for the Bundy District Individual Cross Country event last Wednesday. The students performed very well over a cruelling course with many placing in the top 6 of their respective age group. Shalom was victorious in the Junior Division (Yr 7, 8 & 9) but finished 2nd in the Senior Division (Yr 10, 11 & 12) behind St Luke’s. A special mention must go to Holly Stone (14yrs Girls), Georgia Cutmore (16yrs Girls), Emily Doyle (Open Girls), Caiden Everingham (12yrs Boys) and Ryley Stevens (16yrs Boys) who were named Age Champions on the day. Along with these five Age Champions, Shalom has another 26 students (listed below) that have gained selection in the Bundaberg team to trial for Wide Bay on May 29 in Hervey Bay. We wish them the best of luck!!

Shalom students that have gained selection in the Bundaberg Cross Country Team:

Lachlan Stevenson

Henry Brophy

Bonnie Stephensen

Fletcher Ace

Steven Borg

Holly Stone

Jamie Krueger

Lili Haster

Zali Haster

Jack Brophy

Patrick Maher

Hamish Corpe

Baylee Holden

Alyssa Cameron

Lee-Challe Kriel

Ryley Stevens

Michael Doyle

Brendan Grills

William Munckton

Georgia Cutmore

Cloee Spooner-Wells

Kiah Everingham

Harry Schiavon

Emilee Cameron

Holly Smith

Emily Doyle


Congratulations to all Shalom Rowers who attended the first regatta last weekend. From all reports it was a very impressive sight with a river of red, white and black on the water. Well done and thanks to Mr Rod Silcox, the Shalom Rowing Head Coach and all the coaches for doing a fantastic job in organising the students prior to and during the regatta.

Pierre De Coubertin

Every year each High School throughout Queensland is offered to nominate a student to receive the Pierre De Coubertin award. This award was named after the founder of the Modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre De Coubertin. The award is designed to recognise students who demonstrate initiative, teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play through a participation in a variety of sports in the competitive arena. The award strongly supports physical education and sport in schools and promotes a commitment to positive values. It aims to recognise good sportsmanship and not just elite performance.

We have been calling for nominations for this prestigious award from students in Yr 10, 11 & 12 over the last two weeks. If you are interested in nominating for this Award please see me as soon as possible for an information pack. The application is due back to me by Monday May 14.

Wide Bay Reps

Congrats to all the students gaining Wide Bay selection this year. Attached is the list I have so far. It is a ‘live’ list so more names will be added to it as the school is notified.

Student Achievement

Congratulations to Yr 8 Shalom student Amara Burns. Amara has gained selection in an Australian Golf Team that will travel to the West Coast of America to compete in two major Golf Tournaments in July. Attached is a bio about Amara and her golfing exploits.

Sports Information is always placed on the notice board in the Undercover area. When students need to collect forms and other details from me, I am in the Sports Office located at the back of the Loyola Centre opening onto the Undercover eating area

Upcoming Events

May 14 - Pierre de Coubertin application due
May 20 - Rowing Regatta 2
May 29 - Wide Bay Cross Country (Hervey Bay)
June 9/10 - HOR Regatta
Your Sporting Fanatic
Mr Simon Gills
Sports Co-ordinator

Team Australia - Oceania / Melanesian Championships

Congratulations to Matthew Otto for being selected to compete in the Junior Australian Athletics team to compete at the Oceania Championships. The Championships are at Vanuatu, Port Vila in May this year.

Thank you to the Shalom community for your encouragement and support of Matthew.

Sporting Achievement

During the Easter break Bryce Hibberd was part of the Bundaberg Wildcats Representative Futsal Team that played in the U16 Qld State Futsal Titles at the Sunshine Coast. Bryce’s team achieved the highest accolade of being “Undefeated” Qld State Champions for 2018. During the State Titles, Bryce scored a total of 14 goals for his team. He has now been selected to represent Queensland for the fifth consecutive year at the FFA Futsal National Titles in Sydney/Canberra for 2019.

Winning the State Titles was a pinnacle for all Bryce’s hard work over the summer where his local team were also undefeated for the fourth consecutive year. He was also part of the U16 Wildcats team that won the local Men’s Summer League competition, played in the U16 SEQ Premier State League and were runners up in the 2018 Craig Foster International playing against State Representative teams. This has led to Bryce having played over 65 futsal games during the 2017/2018 Summer period.

Mr Peter Robinson
Student Welfare Coordinator

College News

27th May 2:00pm Spotted Dog Tavern
All the nibbles and pizza you can eat!
10 Tickets into the 70+ raffle prizes
Win 4 tickets to a BRONCOS home game – on the half way line!
AUCTION of 2017 Melbourne Storm signed Jersey
18+ Event
$25 ticket on sale now from the Shalom College finance office
For raffle item donations or more info contact event organisers or PH 4155 8105

Shalom Students on top of the world

Over the Easter School holiday’s Shalom College student’s Trinity Medcalf (Year 11) and Jasmine See (Year 12) conquered Mount Everest Base Camp, not your average school holiday event! Trinity and Jasmine were part of the global immersion experience, well done girls!

Mrs Georgia Halpin
Community Relations

Science & Engineering Challenge Regional Champions

On Monday April 30, Shalom sent a team of 30 students to the Science and Engineering Challenge held at the Bundaberg Recreational Precinct.

The Science and Engineering Challenge, is a day-long competition designed to provide Year 9 and 10 students with a positive experience of Science and Engineering.

Each school provides eight teams of three or four students. Each team assigned a challenge in which they must design, build and test something in order to solve a problem. There are eight possible challenges for students to choose from including designing, building and testing a catapult, turbine, earthquake-proof tower and bridge.

The Shalom students showed some exceptional enthusiasm in these challenges displaying excellent problem solving to be the overall winners on the day retaining the trophy that has eluded us since 2014. This performance earned Shalom a trophy as well as an electronics kit and soldering kit as a prize, which will be donated to the Science department.

Performances across all groups were consistently high with Shalom winning the day by a significant margin. Special mention goes to the group of Morgan Medcalf, Emma Felstead, Kane Murray and Daemon O’Brien who won both their challenges (Helter Skelter Shelter and Confounding Communications) and the group of Abhash Pathak, Ethan Wooldridge, Ethan Sologinkin and Hannah Medcalf who won ElectraCity.

Once again, the Shalom students participated with the great spirit that Shalom is known for and the day was enjoyed by all who attended. It is yet unknown whether a State Final will be held, however it is clear, that if this is the case, our region will be well represented by this group of students.

Mr Brendan Maher & Mr Graham O’Shanesy
Competition Coordinators

Taking Care of Business

CQU Business Challenge

Tuesday May 1 saw four of our Year 12 Business Education students head off to the Central Queensland University to compete in the CQU Business Challenge. The team comprising of Bradley Bonanno, Alice Dolinski, Tayla Larcombe and Natalie Schiffke battled it out against other teams from around Bundaberg for the top prize. Our students had to answer a variety of questions on Business Management, Economics/Law, Accounting and even some general knowledge questions, which certainly put them through their paces.

It was a tightly contested race, our team headed into the last round of questions in equal first place. While we did not receive the ‘gold’ medal on the night, however, due to their determination, they deserve congratulations. At the finish line our team was only two points behind the winners from Bundaberg State High School. The Business Department at Shalom are very proud of the commitment and dedication these students displayed on the night.

We would like to thank the School of Business and Law at CQU and in particular Mr Tim Whan for hosting this annual event.

Bradley Bonanno, Alice Dolinski,
Tayla Larcombe and Natalie Schiffke

Shalom team hard at work

Mrs Gail Norris
Business Education Learning Area Coordinator

Humanities Information History Competitions

A range of History Competitions, will be offered to students for the remainder of the year. The following are the details of the competitions, if students want to be involved.

QHTA Historical Writing Competition

Students in Years 7 to 12 may enter this competition by submitting an essay or a written response of some other appropriate genre (a report, diary entries, newspaper article, play, script etc.) or a multi-modal response (Years 11 and 12 only). The topic may relate to any historical period of a topic studied during the student's Core Studies B or History studies (Year 10, Modern or Ancient) at school and must be the original work of the student, in that the student has not received more assistance than is usually given during the researching and writing of text submitted for assessment.

All entries are due Monday September 3 2018. Click the link below for more information.

Cost is free and the Humanities Department will organise registration and support for students wishing to enter the competition.

National History Challenge

The National History Challenge is a research-based competition for students. It gives students a chance to be an historian, researching world history, examining Australia’s past, investigating their community and exploring their own roots. It emphasizes and rewards quality research, the use of community resources and effective presentation.

The theme for 2018 is ‘Turning Points’. Students produce entries in one of three formats: an individual research paper, a museum display, or other formats – such as a multi-media format (audio/video/website), a performance, or any other form of creative representation. With the exception of the individual research paper, students work alone or in groups of up to four people.

All entries are free
Due Date: Friday, August 24
Open to all students Years 7-12

More information / registration details at the link below:

Simpson Prize

The History Teachers’ Association of Australia (HTAA), together with HTAA State affiliates, conducts this competition for Year 9 and 10 students on behalf of the Australian Government. The focus of the competition is the Australian ANZAC tradition and students are asked to write an essay of 1200 to 1500 words, or prepare an audio-visual presentation of not more than 10 minutes accompanied by a written explanation of up to 400 words, on a given statement every year.

The 2019 Simpson Prize question is: “To what extent could 1918 be considered a year of victory for Australia and its people?” and requires students to respond to the question using a minimum of three of the sources from the 2018 Simpson Prize Australian War Memorial Source Selection at the link below, and their own research.

  • Entries close 9 November 2018.

For further details go to

Premier’s Anzac Prize 2018

The Premier’s Anzac Prize 2019 encourages young Queenslanders to better understand the Anzac legacy and share their knowledge with others. The Premier’s Anzac Prize 2019 is open to eligible Queensland high school students in Years 8-11 (in 2018) and will provide Queensland high school students the opportunity to experience the Anzac tradition first-hand by travelling to the Western Front. Specific details have not yet been posted of this competition but this is the competition Harry Packwood (Year 10) entered and was successful in his selection to witness the Anzac Day centenary commemorations at Gallipoli and travel to the Western Front battlefields in France and Belgium, over the last two weeks this April. This multimodal task is due usually in September and more information can be found at:

Harry Packwood’s reflection of his trip:

The Anzac premiers prize is a once in a lifetime trip. When I travelled to Europe, with seven other Queensland students, and saw the thousands of names and headstones of fallen Australian troops it was an experience I will never forget. As part of the tour you also get to see iconic buildings in Paris and London, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triumph, Westminster and Buckingham Palace. Anyone interested, I would strongly recommend that you take this opportunity. For on this trip, I assure you, you will make eternal memories and eternal friendships.

(Contact person for extra details and support with entries)

Mrs Debbie Bolam

Shalom Sunday Markets

Tuckshop Roster


7 May

Labour Day


8 May

Cathy Duffield


9 May

Jeremy & Danielle Van der Heide


10 May

Paul & Caroline Simms


11 May

Jeanette Rand/Cameron & Robyn MacDonnell


14 May

Mila Robertson


15 May

Kellie Jenkins/Steph Hughes


16 May

Lily Bradshaw


17 May

Christie Thwaite/Eve Deveraux


18 May

Kylie Jarvis

Tuckshop Markets Roster


13 May

6.00am - 9.30am

Mary Buchanan

Robert/Melissa Doyle

Helen/Matthew Mader

Peter O’Beirne

Cassie Savage

Steven Schiffke

9.00am - 12.30pm

Katie Davis

Jenette Matthews

Michelle Purkis

Patricia Rochford


20 May

6.00am - 9.30am

Suzanne Brown

John Delaney

Mechalle Kimber

Mark Morris

Jennifer Walsh

9.00am - 12.30pm

Lily Bradshaw

Marissa Browne

Lauren Elvin

Sara Hodginson

Renita Snare


27 May

6.00am - 9.30am

Lisa Andreoli

Christine Buwalda-Nicolson

Richard/Fiona Hayes

Martin Kelly

Rohan/Maddy Lloyd

Trish Sellers

9.00am - 12.30pm

Katie Davis

Wayne Fuller

Joanne Godfrey

Bruce Green

Teresa Cowell

Markets BBQ Roster

May 13

Confraternity R.L.

May 20


May 27

Relay for Life

Community Notice Board

The Catholic Parish of Bundaberg – News

BRC Mayoral School Chaplaincy Breakfast

Triple P Parenting

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.