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30 July 2018

Principal’s Reflection

My family began a long association with Fr Cassian Double years ago when my brother and sister-in-law had to admit their son to the Mater Hospital in a near drowning incident. Fr Cassian was a Franciscan priest and was the long time Chaplain at the Mater in Brisbane. We recently celebrated NAIDOC week and some of the younger generation may be forgiven for not understanding why white Australia has so much ground to make up in the area of indigenous Reconciliation. Fr Cassian, wonderful man that he was, died a couple of years ago. Last week, one of my brothers forwarded to me a link from the ABC which did a story about him and his time as a priest on Palm Island ministering to the indigenous community there. As well as highlighting the efforts of an ‘everyday hero’, the story points to the damage done to so many Aboriginal women and men perpetrated by a patronizing and patriarchal dominate white culture.

Catholic Education Week is marked this week. Thank you for your support for Catholic Education in choosing Shalom to partner with you in the education of your child. I hope we will always stretch ourselves to offer excellent and broad ranging education to young people. I hope that we will challenge them, every day, to think about what is important in life and what will give their lives meaning. I hope we will always be places where the values that Jesus espoused are worked at every day – especially when that is uncomfortable.

Year 10 Subject Selection Evening is on Tuesday evening commencing at 7:00pm in the Performing Arts Theatre. As we move into a new way of Assessment, it is most important that parents and students are very fully informed of what will be different. Please make every effort to attend.

This month on SchoolTV - Body Image - Kids today are more obsessed with their body image than those in past generations. This is partially influenced by the media and their social connectivity. Encouraging kids to have a healthy body image in childhood, can lay the foundations for good physical and mental health later in life.

A recent study highlighted that body image is one of the top three concerns for Australian youth. Over half of girls in high schools have tried to lose weight. One-third of teenage boys wanted to be thinner and another third wanted to be larger. Children need to understand that their body shape and size is not a reflection of their health or success. Parents and schools need to work together to help kids understand that everyone is born with their own ‘body-suit’.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn how to encourage their child to have a positive body image and why it is so important to their mental health. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition and we always welcome your feedback.

Here is the link to this month’s edition

Prayer of the Week - I came across this prayer recently which I thought might have meaning for not just me:

The Senility Prayer

God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway

The good fortune to run into the ones I do

And the eyesight to tell the difference.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles


Senior Subject Selection: Year 11 2019

On Monday July 23, Year 10 students attended a briefing session in advance of the Personal Futures Day on Friday July 25.

At the briefing students were told to download a copy of the Senior Subject Selection Guide 2019 and a document entitled ‘Senior Subject Selection Resource’ that gives useful advice about choosing subjects and provides links to further resources. Students were instructed to share these resources with their parents/carers to allow discussion of the subjects available and the students’ aspirations for the future. These documents can be accessed, along with others, via the school intranet under Year 10 Personal Futures Education Resources tab. The Senior Subject Selection Guide is also accessible through the school webpage.

The Personal Futures Day was divided into three parts.

During the morning, business, industry and education representatives spoke to students about work and pathways. Students were able to book into their choice of four sessions and had the opportunity to speak to the representatives and ask questions.

The first afternoon session allowed an opportunity to inspect further the resources provided at the briefing. I elaborated upon the requirements of the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and gave examples of programmes of study that would lead to eligibility for an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank), which replaces the OP as a measure of students’ achievement relative to others. Details of both the QCE and ATAR can be read in the Senior Subject Selection Guide while links to individual documents explaining each are listed in the Senior Subject Selection Resource. I have provided details in earlier newsletter articles.

In the remaining session, Learning Area Coordinators spoke to students about the skills necessary to be successful in the various senior subjects on offer at Shalom. The SSSG 2019 provides information in each subject about the programme of study and how student learning is assessed.

It is vital that students plan realistic pathways and select subjects according to their strengths and skills. The opportunity to change subjects will be very limited and credits for the QCE begin with success in the first unit of work in Year 11. This is a very important time for our Year 10 students and they need to read information, listen carefully and ask for advice as necessary to ensure they make good choices.

The Subject Selection Evening will be held on July 31 at 7:00pm in the Performing Arts Theatre. I shall outline the requirements for the QCE, an ATAR and will explain the different pathways available to students. There will be an opportunity to ask general questions before parents and students are invited to visit information areas managed by Learning Area Coordinators in the Foyer (as occurred with Year 10 subject selection last year). I urge parents and students to read the information about possible subjects before visiting the LACs as questions about content and assessment would be answered through the reading.

I look forward to meeting parents on July 31.

Ms Katherine Nelson
Assistant Principal – Curriculum

ACARA – Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

Privacy Notice

Click here for more information:


Catholic Education Week - July 29 – August 4 2018

Catholic Education Week is celebrated across Queensland from July 29 – August 4 this year.

This annual event is held to promote the special ethos of Catholic schools and to highlight the great things that take place in Catholic schools every day.

The theme for this year’s celebrations is: Discovering New Horizons.

Catholic education strives to make a difference in the lives of those in our schools and in the wider community by challenging young people to live out the message of Jesus and to reach their full potential as compassionate, contributing, life-giving members of society.

During Catholic Education Week 2018, Catholic education communities across Queensland are invited to celebrate how they are discovering new horizons.

There are 304 Catholic schools in Queensland, that educate around 147,000 students and employ more than 19,000 teachers and staff, and most will celebrate Catholic Education Week in some way.

We hold over some of our celebrating until Shalom Day on August 30 when we dedicate the entire day to celebrating who we are. On this day, we invite parents and especially grandparents to come to our whole school liturgy and stay afterwards for morning tea. We also celebrate our talents in Shalom’s Got Talent and finish the day with an Inter-house Dance Competition.

Mrs Mary Taylor
Acting Assistant Principal – Missions

Finance Office

Families should have received their Term 3 statement of fees by now. If you cannot recall receiving it could you kindly contact the Finance Office on 4155 8104 or email

The due date for payment of Term 3 fees is Monday August 6 2018.

Mrs Lisa Castro
Finance Officer


Shalom College Twilight University Expo

Be sure to mark on your calendar the Inaugural Shalom Twilight University Expo on Friday August 3 from 3:00pm-6:00pm in the Sports Centre. This event is free and is open to every high school in the Bundaberg and the wider community. Be excited that this is the first time we have secured most of the big name universities along with residential colleges to gather at once in our regional area.

The timing is perfect for current Year 10s choosing their senior subjects, Year 11s who may have pathway questions and Year 12s in preparation for their QTAC applications. Feel free to share this open invitation with your friends and we look forward to the support of our Shalom and broader community.

Spread the Word

Senior Subject Selection

For Year 10 students and their parents the following resource developed by Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority explains how students might plan their pathway when choosing senior subjects.

Mrs Liza O’Donnell
Pathways Coordinator

Quiet Achiever

This week I have selected Bella Little for Quiet Achiever as she involves herself wherever possible in College, House, and Community activities.

In particular last term Bella was involved in our Lingiari Mass and the Annie Musical as part of the Support Cast.

Mr Jason Baulch
Acting Lingiari House Coordinator


NAIDOC was acknowledged in the first week back from holiday’s, with Mr Cronin’s Year 10 Hospitality class joining Mr Chris Thiesfield a local Gooreng Gooreng man prepare a feast of pan-fried crocodile, steamed barramundi, curried kangaroo, kangaroo cabbage stew and kangaroo/ vegetable kababs. The Bush Tucker was taken around at lunchtime for all Shalom students to taste test. We would sincerely like to thank Chris and Mr Cronin’s Year 10 hospitality class for their time and effort.

The winners of the annual NAIDOC art and creative writing competition was announced on College assembly in Week 1. Congratulations to all the students who entered, the quality of everyone’s entries was outstanding.

NAIDOC Art Winner:

Connor Van Kooten (Year 12)

NAIDOC Creative Writing Winners:

1st: Zali Haster (Year 8)

2nd: Stacey Falvey (Year 9)

4th: Zachary Christiansen (Year 9) and 3rd: Joel Clancy (Year 9)

We finished the week with our visit from Mr Joe Williams. Each session with Joe gave the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students a sense of pride for their culture and identity.

Joe has since gone on last week to receive the award of Suicide Prevention Australia Life the category 'Communities Matter'

Congratulations to Joe for his dedication to communities around the country.

Mrs Kelli Cory
Indigenous Liaison Officer

Taking Care of Business

Last week Jordan Condon, Rhys Crook, Harry Packwood, Alyssa Taylor-Stewart and Harrison Bull competed as representatives for Shalom at the Ecoman Program hosted by Ulton. All local Bundaberg High Schools entered a team of five students in this competition.

The program ran over three days at Ulton’s office in Bundaberg. Business, economic management and team effectiveness skills were learnt throughout this process. Valuable 21st Century skills were applied to the given problem-solving scenario that was based around a real-life business simulation.

The competition required students to run a coffee machine manufacturing company that was laden with a 30 million dollar debt. Over the span of four years, each year of trading offered a different economic scenario for our company “Barriston”. Our problem-solving and decision-making skills were challenged with issues such as the manufacturing and pricing of products, wages and redundancy packages, research and development, managing human resources and marketing.

Each team traded very competitively over the four years. It was a very close race between Shalom and North Bundaberg State High School. Only in the last profit reporting period Shalom managed to win the competition by outperforming all the other teams by producing the best return on investment for our valued Shareholders.

The Ecoman Program was a valuable, hands-on experience that taught us life-long skills that we will use now and in the future. We would like to thank Ulton for sponsoring this event and allowing students of Bundaberg the opportunity to participate in this very worthwhile and educational program.

Team Barriston

Shareholder Presentation

Barriston Company

Harrison Bull
Year 11

Year 7 Project Based Learning

Growing Learning Assets through Inquiry – Year 7 PBL teachers being inquirers

‘Teachers need to be inquirers into their own practice. Inquiry is an approach that all members of a learning community (including teachers) can use.’ – Kath Murdoch 2018

A team of our Year 7 Project Based Learning teachers attended a full day learning workshop Saturday August 21 with international inquiry based learning expert Kath Murdoch. Similar to our students, we immersed ourselves in growing our learning assets through inquiry.

Kath Murdoch is an experienced teacher, author, university lecturer and popular consultant who has worked for many years in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, America and Europe. She is widely respected for her work in the field of inquiry based learning and integrative curriculum in which she has taught, researched and published for well over 20 years. Kath began her professional life as a classroom teacher in Melbourne. Her fascination in how students’ constructed their understandings - and her interest in the way questions and big ideas could drive curriculum soon led to a passion for integrative and inquiry based methodologies. This passion has become a career long focus for teaching, research and writing and the methodologies in which Kath specialises are now central to curriculum frameworks in many parts of the world – including the popular International Baccalaureate, PYP programme.

Throughout the workshop, we collaborated with teachers from St John’s Lutheran School exchanging good practice and evaluated current pedagogy to shape our own curriculum for our students and Year 7 Project Based Learning. We deepened our understanding on creating and nurturing more opportunities for real inquiry within a lesson and how to plan journeys of inquiry that engage students in powerful, worthwhile learning. Our professional learning journey with Kath Murdoch, reaffirmed and strengthened our beliefs that the world of inquiry and wonder offers a broad and balanced curriculum as well as develops growth mindset in our students.

‘Conversely, not all journeys of inquiry will be planned ahead. Staying awake to unexpected events and questions means we can engage learners in authentic, highly motivating spontaneous inquiries. Inquiry learning can be personal but collaborating also has great benefits.’ – Kath Murdoch 2018

Mrs Nicole Amey
Year 7 PBL CSB Teacher

International Science Competition

In June 81 students from Years 7 – 12 sat the ICAS International Science Competition. Shalom students have been successful with 48 certificates of merit being awarded to our school.

2 students achieved a High Distinction (top 1% of the state), 7 students achieved Distinctions (top 10% of the state) and 25 students achieved a credit (top 20% of the state). They are to be congratulated for this excellent achievement.

Certificates for High Distinction and Distinctions were awarded at College assembly Friday August 20. All other certificates of credit, merit and participation will be awarded at House Assemblies. All participants are to be congratulated for their effort in the competition.

The winners of all merit awards are as follows:

High Distinction:

Year 8

Reuben Coleman

Year 10

Harry Packwood


Year 7

Daeren Das

Year 8

Sophie Bond, Marnie Little

Year 9

Joel Clancy

Year 10

Daemon O’Brien

Year 11

Samuel Freeman

Year 12

Zane Haster


Year 7

Jordyn Farrell, Caleb Wheatly

Year 8

Hayley Bignall, Harley Bugeja, Oscar Clancy, Mitchell Clarke, Austin Ellery, Meg Freeman,

Lili Haster, Zali Haster, Jeremy Lahey, Oscar Lowe, Erika Marshman, Nicholas McMahon,

Henry Norval

Year 9

Taylah Gough, Sarah Krebs, Gia Vu, Patrick Waters

Year 10

Paddy Maher, Abhash Pathak

Year 12

Elise Green, Patrick Harris, Justin Todd, Matthew Todd


Year 7

Ryland Gee

Year 8

Ella Creighton, Connor Patterson, Luke Wyatt

Year 9

Zachary Christiansen, Tahlia Collin, Oliver Collins, Avril Davies, Hannah Medcalf, Bailey Rupert, Lana Vollmerhause, James Waters, Ethan Wooldridge

Year 11

Josef Baumgartner

Mrs Debbie Bishop
Competition Coordinator

P & F Monthly Meeting Notes

The next P & F meeting will be held in the staff common room on Tuesday August 7 2018 beginning at 5:30pm - all parents/guardians are welcome.

Mrs Emma Jansen
P & F Secretary

Instrumental Music

Pre-Eisteddfod Concert

A very big thank you to all students and their tutors for the lovely night of music from our Intermediate and Junior groups. A very big thank you also to our audience of parents and friends who continue be so supportive to their children and tutors.

Catholic Schools Festival

Pre- Catholic Schools Festival concert will be Tuesday August 7 starting at 7:00pm. Please come along and hear the Senior groups perform their selections for the Festival which will run from August 17-19 at Villanova College in Brisbane.

Bundaberg ‘groups’ Eisteddfod

As per the performance schedule sent out July 17, all groups will be performing over the 2-day event starting Tuesday July 31 and Wednesday August 1, which includes many sections held during twilight hours. This give parents an opportunity to come along to the Moncrieff and hear the groups and also avoids a lot of performance time during school hours. Please contact me if you didn’t receive the program email as there are many times when students need to make private transport arrangements to and from the venue.

Catholic Schools Music Festival

Information regarding travel, accommodation, costs and performance times has been emailed. Please contact me if you had trouble opening the attachments which outlines the weekend arrangements as well as the list of students going to the Jazz Club on Friday night August 17. The permission and medical form was also sent out and need to be returned either electronically or as a hard copy before departure on August 17. Parent lounge is now open for payments.

Middle School Vocal Ensemble

This group have been rehearsing since the beginning of Term 2 and would love to welcome more members. This is an opportunity for boys and girls who sang in their Primary School choirs to rekindle their love of singing in a group where they can learn to sing more advanced work in harmony. Singers for this group do not have to be in the choir. Rehearsals are in the music room each Wednesday morning from 7:45am.

Roll Marking

A reminder to email Mrs McAtee by 7:45am if your child/ren are not able to attend a rehearsal

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Instrumental Music Coordinator


Winter Netball 2018

Winter netball commences this week on August 1 at the Bundaberg District Netball Courts. Please take note of the following information:

  • Round 1 commences at 3:50pm
  • Round 2 commences at 4:35pm
  • Games will be 4 x 8 minute quarters
  • Players must play in full Shalom sports uniform
  • Players must play a minimum of 50% of the games for the season to be eligible to play in Winter Finals day on Tuesday September 18.
  • All players are required to pay a one off payment of $2.50 to their coach for the hire of BNA facilities.
  • If a player is unable to attend it is their responsibility to contact their coach to inform them of the absence.
  • The canteen will be open for the purchase of food and drinks.
  • The draw will be published weekly in the school newsletter.

Mrs Nikki Somerfield
Netball Convenor

Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to Alexis Thwaite who had a very successful State Championship held on the first week of the school holidays.

Alexis achieved 2 State qualifiers for Dressage and Combined Training and 1 for Horse Trials, she also won a Silver medal (second overall) for 12 and under - Horse Trials (which has a Dressage, Show jump and Cross Country component) and was a member of the winning Zone Team 1st place (which is top 4 points scorer in the Zone 7 region) - Horse Trials.

Congratulations to HPP student Brody Allison.

In the second week of the school holidays, Brody competed in Townsville at the Queensland Road Cycling Championships.

From the 3 events that Brody competed in, he won Silver in the road race and won Gold in the Criterium.

Brody was selected in the Queensland team to compete in the National Championships in Bunbury, WA in September.

Mr Peter Robinson
Student Welfare -
High Performance Program
After School Activities

College News

Keys Found

Keys found on the Shalom College Oval at the end of Term 2. Possibly could have been lost on Athletics Day (student or parent spectator). If these are your keys, please contact the office on 4155 8111.

Mrs Georgia Halpin
Community Relations

Tutoring Timetable Term 3

Cambodia Trip Trivia Night

Shalom Sunday Markets

Tuckshop Roster

30 July

Help Needed Please

31 July

Help Needed Please

1 August

Leanne Grogan, Katrina O’Sullivan

2 August

Trisha Cahill

3 August

Vicki Saffioti

6 August

Tricia Cooney

7 August

Susie Zunker/Emma Appo

8 August

Help Needed Please

9 August

Paul & Caroline Simms

10 August

Jeanette Rand/Robyn & Cameron MacDonnell

13 August

Student Free Day

14 August

Cathy Duffield

15 August

Lily Bradshaw

16 August

Christie Thwaite/Eve Deveraux

17 August

Kylie Jarvis

Tuckshop Markets Roster


5 August

6:00am – 9:30am

Kath Clarke

Meagan Dorgan

Elizabeth Harris

Gabrielle Norman

Helen Robinson

9:00am – 12:30pm

Steve Cook

Michelle Haase

Tennille Nagas

Maryanne Taylor


12 August

6:00am - 9:30am

Jan Bunn

Lisa Hughes

Roselyn Hunting

Susie Mant

Karen Marriott

9:00am – 12:30pm

Lynda/Mackenzie Crossett

Emma Jansen

Jas Haster

Rebecca Schneider

Marie Walker


19 August

6:00am - 9:30am

Linda Adcock

Carol Barrazza

Lisa Christensen

Nikki Ellis

Brenda Jay

9:00am – 12:30pm

Chris Dennien

Jade Law

Jo Leveritt

Maria McMahon

Jacqueline Read

Sue Sargent

Markets BBQ Roster

August 5

Duke of Edinburgh

August 12

Edmund Rice Camp

August 19

Duke of Edinburgh

August 26

Edmund Rice Camp

Community Notice Board

The Catholic Parish of Bundaberg – News


RUNNERS, WALKERS AND WHEELCHAIR ATHLETES WANTED: Be part of a wonderful community event which raises major funds for local charity and community organisations. Shalom will again be entering a team in the Bundaberg Sugar Cane2Coral Run/Walk on Sunday morning 5th August and we will be aiming to win the award for the Largest Secondary School team for the third year in a row. There are 3 distances to choose from, the 4km, which starts and finishes at Nielson Park Bargara, and the 21.1km half-marathon for competitors aged 16 years and over and the 10km, both of which start at Bundaberg Port Marina and finish at Nielson Park. Due to the fundraising which we have done for the team and with Principal Mr McMahon also agreeing to generously subsidise the entry fee costs for all students, Shalom students aged 16 or over will only pay $30 entry fee for the half-marathon, $20 for the 10km or $15 for the 4km instead of the actual costs of $60, $35 and $30 respectively. Shalom team members aged 15 and under will pay only $10 for the 10km or 4km, compared to the actual costs of $20 and $15 respectively. For the top runners, they can vie for prizemoney for the first three placegetters in each distance. The College bus will be available on the day to take competitors to their starting point and drop them back at Shalom afterwards, and we will be providing food and drinks after the event. The winner of the Largest School team will receive $300 prizemoney to be donated to the charity of its choice, together with 10% of the team’s registration fees. Additionally, there will be a prize of a Pizza Party for the House with the largest number of participants in the event. To register, go to, select the team name Shalom College and the password to register with the team is Chaverim18. Your registration fee will default to “Pay Later”. Once you are registered please pay the subsidised cost for Shalom students (listed above) to the College Finance Office. Any queries, please contact Vince Habermann in the Finance Office, email or phone 0407 606266

Love the region’s parks? Tell us how we can make them better!

Do you love spending time at the park with family and friends?

Council is calling on the community to share what they love about the Bundaberg Region’s many parks as well as any ideas for improvement as part of the development of the Parks and Open Space Strategy 2018 - 2025

Portfolio spokesperson Cr Bill Trevor said Council managed more than 300 parks and open spaces and it was important to have an overarching strategy for their management.

“The Parks and Open Space Strategy is about providing direction for the future design and management of these areas to ensure we are continuing to meet the needs of our community,” he said.

To provide feedback, log on to and complete the survey through the online form or by downloading a printable version.

A printed copy of this survey can also be requested from any Council Service Centre.

Triple P Parenting

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.