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4 March 2019

Principal’s Reflection

Principal’s Reflection

“It is the darkest episode in the history of the modern Catholic Church” (Melb Age 26/02/19) ….

Was the headline in the Melbourne Age following the conviction of Cardinal George Pell last week. But that is incorrect. It is not the darkest episode in the history of the Catholic Church! If Cardinal Pell is guilty of the charges brought against him, it is another painful moment for the Church but it is a very positive moment for the Church. It is a good news event when anyone who has been convicted of a crime is brought to justice. There is nothing new for Australians or Australian Catholics that some entrusted with the care of young people have, at times, failed in that responsibility in awful ways. We all should be pleased when justice is done even when it won’t repair the damage done to the victims or their families. The Catholic Church in this country and beyond must not seek to protect any perpetrator of abuse. The Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse was a difficult process for the Church but it was a good thing for us to experience. Too many have failed in their duty to vulnerable young people – either by perpetrating abuse or protecting those who did. Everyone should be very pleased when the Australian Justice system works as it should and the Courts should do that work without fear or favour.

I have never met Cardinal Pell. I have heard much about him. I have followed his rise and fall within the Church with interest. From my perspective, he may not have displayed the pastoral strength of Bishops with whom I have been lucky enough to work; good men like Bishop Brian Heenan, Bishop Michael McCarthy and Bishop Bill Morris through my working life. It is one of the many sadnesses of the sexual abuse which occurred within the Church that so many really good men, like the priests we have ministering to us in Bundaberg, have their reputations tarnished by the guilt of those who have been evil. That said, I hope and pray that this verdict is fair and that there was no chance that Cardinal Pell was convicted as a ‘scapegoat’ for the sins of others. I guess that proposition will be further tested in the Courts through the appeal process.

Australia needed the Royal Commission. The Church needed the Royal Commission. We all need to do everything possible to ensure that the young people in our care are treated well and respectfully at all times. It is the highest duty the staff at Shalom owe to your children. For the Catholic Church, this may be another message that our structures and processes must be overhauled and the new emerge from the ashes of the present.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

Student Formation

Bullying NO Way - National Day of Action March 15…this is an Australia-wide initiative…

As a College we have registered to be part of this day of action.

On our House assemblies, March 14, the House Coordinators will be addressing bullying and then in the students’ Personal Development Education lesson which follows, the students will undertake lessons planned by their Pastoral Care teachers.

The students will be given wristbands to wear and we will have posters up around the school as well, as a visual reminder…. we need to be vigilant….and report….

We are hoping to keep this topic at the forefront of our students.

I have included the definition of bullying as well as behaviours that do not constitute bullying, which people often confuse.

Definition of bullying

The national definition of bullying for Australian schools says:

Bullying is an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behaviour that intends to cause physical, social and/or psychological harm.

It can involve an individual or a group misusing their power, or perceived power, over one or more persons who feel unable to stop it from happening.

Bullying can happen in person or online, via various digital platforms and devices and it can be obvious (overt) or hidden (covert).

Bullying behaviour is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time (for example, through sharing of digital records)

Bullying of any form or for any reason can have immediate, medium and long-term effects on those involved, including bystanders. Single incidents and conflict or fights between equals, whether in person or online, are not defined as bullying.

Behaviours that do not constitute bullying include:

mutual arguments and disagreements (where there is no power imbalance)
not liking someone or a single act of social rejection
one-off acts of meanness or spite
isolated incidents of aggression, intimidation or violence.
However, these conflicts still need to be addressed and resolved.

Year 7, 2020 Enrolments

If you have a child currently in Year 6, please save the date for our upcoming 2020 enrolment information sessions;

Please ensure enrolment application forms for Year 7, 2020 have been submitted to the College office on or before 3 May, 2019.

Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell
Deputy Principal


Ash Wednesday

This Wednesday is an important day in the Catholic Church’s calendar – Ash Wednesday. It marks the start of Lent. On Ash Wednesday we stop to reflect on our lives and bring to mind things we have done that may have hurt others. The signing on the forehead with ash represents that we are aware we are not perfect, we have areas in our lives that we can do better, especially in relation to how we interact with others. This symbolic action comes from the tradition of years ago when sinners were banished from their cities and towns and had to wear sack cloth and mark their foreheads with ash. When they had repentant they were allowed to re-join the community.

Each House will hold a simple Ash Wednesday Liturgy where each student will be encouraged to think about something they can focus on this Lent. When I was a kid we were encouraged to give up something we liked, to Fast. Often my choice was chocolate, and later in life, alcohol. But really giving up chocolate or alcohol doesn’t encourage me to be a better person. Pope Francis has given us some suggestions on how we can Fast this Lent.

Fast from hurting words and say kind words.
Fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude.
Fast from anger and be filled with patience.
Fast from pessimism and be filled with hope.
Fast from worries and trust in God.
Fast from complaints and contemplate simplicity.
Fast from pressures and be prayerful.
Fast from bitterness and fill your heart with joy.
Fast from selfishness and be compassionate to others.
Fast from grudges and be reconciled.
Fast from words and be silent so you can listen.

Mrs Mary Taylor
Assistant Principal – Mission

Quiet Achiever

Damon Kelly

This week’s quiet achiever is Year 12 Chisholm student Damon Kelly. Damon and another student recently participated in a school-based traineeship interview where the effort Damon put into preparing for the interview was obvious. He presented extremely well and displayed excellent communication skills. More impressive was the support and mateship Damon extended to his fellow interviewee.

Mrs Liza O’Donnell
Pathways Coordinator

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Presentations

During our last school assembly, we acknowledged our year 12 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Students by presenting them with their symbolic badge which they will wear with pride in their final year at Shalom College.

Left-Right: Kelli Cory, Brycen Cory, Keeley Bauer, Reshae Wallace-Little, Sophie Maughan, Isabella Bundesen.

Absent: Georgia Cutmore, Casey Wigg

Year 7 CSB classes had the experience this week of learning about Aboriginal Culture, Artefacts and history through our local community group, “Taribelang Cultural Aboriginal Corporation”. Byron and Nikki talked in depth about Local Aboriginal history of Bundaberg and explained artefacts which the year 7 students have been learning about in class. It was a great experience and the students gained new knowledge from Byron and Nikki which will assist them with their future learning.

Byron displaying the didgeridoo
and how it what it looks like
from inside.

Byron, Nikki and group

Mrs Kelli Cory
Indigenous Coordinator

Year 8 Camp Schedule


Defence Work Experience Program

The Defence Work Experience Program provides opportunities for young people who have an interest in a Defence career to gain exposure to job roles that are available in the Australian Defence Force and Australian Public Service. Work experience opportunities are available for Year 11 and 12 students in the Navy, Army and Air Force. Please note that any associated travel and accommodation costs of this program are the responsibility of the student and family. For more information on the Defence Work Experience jobs available in Queensland in 2019 go to this website:

If you require any further information, please contact the Pathways Office.

University of the Sunshine Coast Headstart Program for Year 11 & 12 Students

Headstart is a transition program for Year 11 and 12 students to study USC courses while still completing high school. Get a taste of university life and prepare for future study while working towards a USC degree, expanding your knowledge, and interacting with university staff and students. Through Headstart you will:

Gain credits towards a USC degree
Prepare for university life
Save money by decreasing the overall cost of your degree
Gain QCE points

To learn more about the Headstart program go to this website:

From UMAT to UCAT – External Exam for Medicine Changes

Students wishing to apply for medicine at many universities in 2020 will need to do the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT).

This is the first time this test has been nominated as the external exam. It replaces the UMAT which has been in place until now. The UCAT can be completed at any time in July. There are detailed and easy to follow instructions on the UCAT site, which also has extensive instructions to candidates who have special needs.

Applications open on 1 March and close on 17 May. You can find information on the University Clinical Aptitude Test here

Business Appreciation

This week, Shalom College would like to recognise and acknowledge Sugarland Animal Hospital for their support and involvement in school based traineeships. Thank you! Your contribution is invaluable in creating the futures of our young people.

Mrs Liza O’Donnell
Pathways Coordinator

Instrumental Music

The benefits of Singing

Professor Sarah Wilson from the School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne suggests that singing offers a range of neuro-protective benefits, acting as “a form of natural therapy.” As well as activating a range of networks associated with movement, listening, planning, memory, and language, singing triggers the release of the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine. According to Wilson, the benefits of singing can be triggered by both singing and thinking about singing. So if you don’t feel comfortable breaking into song on the bus, try thinking about it instead or for students of Shalom College, join our near 50-voice choir. Always looking for more young men.

A fantastic opportunity

We have organised for John Morrison (brother of James Morrison) and Jacki Cooper (professional jazz singer and teacher), to come to Shalom College to run Choral/Vocal and Instrumental workshops. This all-day event has been scheduled for Monday 11 March in the PAP theatre and Band room. Jacki will be taking the choir during Period 1 and work with small groups or individuals who would like some insight or assistance with singing, particularly Jazz for the remainder of the day. John will work with the bands throughout the day. There will be no cost to the students for this workshop.


If your child/ren are unable to attend a rehearsal, please send an email to the conductor or to myself and I will forward.


First concert for the year will be a Senior Jazz Band lunchtime concert scheduled for Thursday 21 March followed by the Autumn concert scheduled for Wednesday 27 March in the PAP theatre starting at 7.00pm. Most groups will be performing.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any query in relation to the Instrumental Music Department.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Instrumental Music Coordinator

Duke of Edinburgh Award Program

Shalom College is currently offering the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award program for Year 9 or 10 students who are 14+ years of age. We are also offering support to any 16+ years students who would like to complete the Duke of Ed. Gold award program or any of the bronze award recipients from 2018 who would like to do the Silver award program.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an international youth development program for 14 – 25 year olds. The program enables young people to step out of their comfort zones whilst:

Learning new skills
Getting active
Exploring new places
Helping out in your community
Meeting new friends
Receiving recognition for doing activities you already do
The award programs can also
Earn credits towards your QCE (1 point for bronze)

Help you find a job – increasingly recognised by employers. The program enables young people to gain experience in many of the skills employers look for – communication, problem solving, initiative, organisation, ability to work both independently and as part of it team.

What’s involved?

To complete the Bronze award program students must complete 4 award sections

Service – get involved in your community and give service to others
Skill – build your skills in something practical or creative eg, drawing, painting, fishing or music
Physical recreation – take part in something active such as football, dancing, swimming, surfing, the gym
Adventurous journey – discover a sense of adventure and do something challenging with your friends – practice and final journeys (2 days & 1 night) The Adventurous journeys for 2019 will be in May, Term 2.

Skill, service and physical recreation are 1 hour a week for 3 months for two areas and for 6 months for your major. A lot of what students are already participating in outside school hours can be counted towards these award requirements. Eg. Music , swimming lessons, sports training and playing.

Costs: $161.00 for your first level of the award ($115.50 for each award level you do after)

Additional Costs for adventurous journeys (these are kept to a minimum)

Camping fees
Canoe hire
Travel costs

For more information on the program click on the attached link to the Queensland Duke of Edinburgh International Award website:

If you are interested in participating in this exciting program please see Mrs Bishop in the Rice block staffroom or email me @

Library News

Autumn has arrived in your Shalom Libraries and we have a new schedule for lunchtimes in Beerarlem which starts this week. Please see the table below.


Board and Card Games - all year levels


Shalom Chess Club with Mr Maher and Mr McKay


Shalom Year 10 Book Club with Mrs Hume/Games Club with Gappies


Board and Card Games – all year levels


Senior Study - Year 11 and 12 only

From Week 6 (this week) lunchtimes in Beerarlem and Goondeel will be device free zones unless students are completing school work.

This means no more gaming on iPads in either library space during lunchtime or afternoon tea.

Printing in the libraries

If you are printing from an iPad you need to go to Goondeel
If you are printing from a laptop print to Goondeel, Beerarlem or Hogan.

Shalom Writers

On Monday afternoons from 3 – 4 pm a small but enthusiastic group of students are the Shalom Writers. Keen creative writers from Years 9 -12, they share their ideas each week and are currently working on contributing poems and stories to the Shalom Writers blog.

Check out their writing so far at the blog.

If you would like to be part of the Shalom Writers group please see Miss Davis in Beerarlem Library to find out more information.

Miss Davis
Teacher Librarian/English Teacher

Sporting Excellence


Charlotte Boge has been invited to be part of the University of the Sunshine Coast's Netball Academy. Charlotte will get the opportunity to be part of this awesome program and be mentored by some incredible netballers. She will participate in clinics & games with the Sunshine Coast Lightning team as well as the USC Thunder squads throughout the coming year.

Charlotte has also been identified to participate in a USC Netball Academy game against the Singapore National netball team on Tuesday 12 March.

During this game she will be coached by the amazing Sunshine Coast Lightning Head Coach Noeline Taurua and Sunshine Coast Lightning Assistant Coach Kylee Byrne. Congratulations Charlotte!!!

Charlotte Boge


Lily Thatcher competed in the 2019 Aquinas College Interschool Queensland Show Jumping on the weekend, she placed 2nd Overall in the Secondary Interschool Event.

Lily had two horses and with 4 rounds, won 2 and placed in 2, Lily competed against lots of students - tough competition!

Congratulations to Lily, Year 7, defeating all of the city kids (you know how we all like that!!)

And especially as the Competition is - up to Year 12!

Freckles and Lily

Belle and Lily

Mr Peter Robinson
Student Welfare
High Performance Program
After School Activities

Interschool Sport


Week 2 of Summer Sport tennis was once again a keenly contested round with some outstanding tennis played and plenty of fun had.

In Division A, the Shalom Black team of Hamish Corpe and Zain Ali continued their winning form overcoming the strong Shalom White team of Frances Corpe and Katie Maher, the teams separated by a margin of 15-7 thanks to a strong doubles victory to the Black team. The Shalom Blue team comprised of the ‘Lachies’, Lachlan Campbell and Lachlan Royan, went down to St Luke’s Grey team by 16-7. The Shalom Red team of Nicholas Whitelum and Joshua Parry were tied at one set-all, thanks to a good win by Joshua Parry in the singles, however they went down in the doubles, eventually losing 15-7 to North Bundy SHS.

In Division B, the Shalom Yellow team of Bayley Herwig, Samuel Freeman, Bryce Hibberd and Curtis Hancock, and the Shalom Black Team of William Canniford, Riley Hunting, Harry Packwood and Paddy Maher, once again showed they are strong contenders for Finals Day with victories over Isis B (14-5) and BCC2 (15-7) respectively. Our up-and-coming Shalom White team of Charlie Dove, Harrison Maher, Dillon Zielke, Laurin Roser, Ben LE Trong and Joshua O’Donnell went down 10-8 to BCC3. Shalom Red received a forfeit.

With 4 weeks to go, the Shalom teams are primed to make a concerted push towards Finals Day.

Bayley Herwig

Katie Maher

Mr Brendan Maher
Shalom Tennis Convenor

Touch Football

Year 7/8 Boys Touch Football

Shalom Red defeated Shalom White 8-1

Another exciting game with Shalom Red having to defend for the first from the tap off. They did this well and got into a routine of calling their player in defence and supporting each other in attack. Mitchell Mulford was wrapped with scoring two ties and Kai Applebee working well out wide to spread the opposition. With Jack Schmidt coming into the team and working with Samuel Aitkenhead and Zander Evans in attacking around the ruck area to keep Shalom White on the back foot having them working hard in defence.

MVP’s Mitchell Mulford and Jack Schmidt

Mr Chris Roelofs
Team Coach

Open Girls Touch Football

Open Girls Team defeated the Kepnock team 9-0.
MVPs were, Lani Hutchinson, Ruby-Ann Tobin and Jade Garland.

Mr Peter Robinson
Team Coach

Year 9 Girls Red

Shalom Girls defeated Rosedale 6 - 1

The start of the game was a little rough but the girls did very well scoring six tries. Pelenatita Kaufusi got 2 wicked intercepts and scored a try off one. Macey Egan, Jacinta Gahan and Tegan Mason also scored terrific tries. As well as Dakota Friske scoring 2 try’s on the wing. The Shalom Year 9/10 Girls came off with an amazing win!!

MVP Pelenatita Kaufusi

Mr David Gahan
Team Coach

Ten Pin Bowling Years 10 – 12

Shalom Ten Pin Bowling has made a good start this year with 3 teams playing in the interschool competition.

Shalom 1: Eamon Vincent, Bianca Matthews, Lydia Stewart
Shalom 2: Mackenzie Bennett, Trinity Medcalf, Nicola Johnson
Shalom 3: Eve Scott, Jordyn Mason, Cody Schubel

Shalom 1 was tied with St. Lukes in second place with 2 points, behind Kepnock on 3 points after week 1. Some standout games were: Eamon Vincent 131 (Week 1) and 146 (Week 2), Lydia Stewart – 107 (Week 1), Trinity Medcalf 91 (Week 2)

Mrs Debbie Bishop
Ten Pin Bowling Coordinator


Year 9-10: Shalom claimed the outright lead in the competition with a 49-run victory over Bundaberg Christian College in their second-round clash. Shalom racked up 4-110 from their 15 overs with openers Ronan Dempsey and captain Reuben Coleman laying the platform with 32 and 30 respectively, before Zachary Richters put the icing on the cake by smashing an unbeaten 19 from just 9 balls, including four fours. Despite having just nine players, the boys then did brilliantly to restrict the strong BCC to 7-61, with opener Matthew Parker setting the standard with 1-8 from his three overs, but Nicholas Clarke, who stepped up from the Year 7-8 Black team, the main destroyer with 2-4 from two overs, including bowling their gun batsman with his second delivery, and Reuben Coleman, Ronan Dempsey and Bailey Canino claiming one wicket each. Benjamin Smith also made his mark, taking two excellent skied catches to remove their other two batting trumps.

Mr Vincent Habermann
Team Coach

Year 7-8: Shalom Black also made it two wins from as many matches, defeating the younger Shalom Red team. Black staked their claim, amassing 147 without losing a wicket, led by openers Oliver Boge and Sean Millett with 38 and 37 respectively. Red never stopped trying with Xavier Freeman leading the attack while Riley Quinn and Cooper De Silva were also good, especially in the field and keeping the chat up. Riley Quinn also top scored for Red, facing 15 balls, along with Ricky Holt, but Black were also impressive with the ball, with Sean Millett (2-0) and Oliver Boge (2-8) sharing the honours.

Mr David Bond and Mr Simon Rathbone
Team Coaches

Colour Fun

Year 12 Induction Liturgy Booklet

All Year 12 students received a copy of the Induction Liturgy booklet on the day.

For parents and guests who would like an extra booklet, copies can be obtained from the College’s main reception.

P & F

P & F AGM Tuesday 5 March 2019

2019 Catholic Schools Race Day

Race Day tickets for the upcoming Catholic Schools Race Day being held on 16 March are now available to purchase from the Finance Office. Tickets are $60 each and this covers entry into the Catholic Schools Marquee and Race Course, two complimentary drink tickets, finger food throughout the afternoon and passage on a bus to the CBD at the end of the day. Please be aware our marquee party is an 18+ event and ID may be requested when purchasing tickets or on entry to the Race Day. So if you’re looking for a great day out, secure your ticket before they sell out.


Breakfast is now available in the tuckshop for purchase each morning 8:00am – 8:30am.

Items include;

Bacon & Egg Muffins - $3.50
Porridge & Cereal - $3 (self-service option with milk, bowl & cutlery supplied)
Fresh Fruit - $1 (seasonal fruits such as; Bananas, Apples, Mandarins etc)
Plus, the already available items of Yoghurt Pots, Up n Go drinks & Flavoured Milk

Students who train before school need to consider utilising the breakfast menu to replenish energy lost during their training sessions, however must be dressed appropriately before entering the tuckshop and must not be late for class.

Ash Wednesday Tucksop Menu

Ash Wednesday 6 March, meat products will not be available at the tuckshop. Alternative menu items will include items such as Fish/Calamari and Chips, Fish Bites, Fish Burgers, and Tuna Mornay.

Tuckshop Roster

5 March

Help Needed Please

6 March

Tia Booth

7 March

Merna Cook

Melanie Forey

8 March

Jeanette Rand

11 March

Bronwyn Grills


Cathy Duffield

13 March

Katrina McCallum

14 March

Merna Cook

Trish Cahill

15 March

Kylie Jarvis

Nereda Torok

Shalom Sunday Markets

New Stallholders Welcome – Please contact Peter Barone 0438 446 269

Markets Tuckshop Roster

Sunday 10 March 2019

6:00am – 9:30am

Mary Buchanan

Helen/Matthew Mader

Cassie Savage

Steven Schiffke

9:00am – 12:30pm

Katie Davis

Jenette Matthews

Patricia Rochford

Sunday 17 March 2019

6:00am – 9:30am

Suzanne Brown

John Delaney

Mark Morris

9:00am – 12:30pm

Lily Bradshaw

Lauren Elvin

Markets BBQ Roster

Sunday 10 March

Edmund Rice Camp

M Taylor

Sunday 17 March


Kelsey Huntley

Sunday 24 March

Confraternity Rugby League

Neil Feather

Sunday 31 March

St Josephs P&F

Gemma Bush

Sunday 7 April


M Pearson

Sunday 14 April

Relay for Life

Vince Habermann

Community Notice Board

Bundaberg Junior Golf Club

Breast Screen Queensland

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.