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27 May 2019

Principal’s Reflection

I hope that we will get a strong parent attendance at tonight’s talk by Madonna King, author of “Fathers & Daughters – Helping girls and their dads build unbreakable bonds”. For parents, I don’t think that there can be many things in life more important than the relationships we build with our children. But their world is different from ours and takes a bit of negotiating. The following quote from Madonna’s book situates some of the research she has done in putting this book and her talk tonight together:

“…Their phone is their friend some days and their adversary on others. It’s a world they know is remarkably different from that of their parents; one that they know their dad, in particular, couldn’t possibly understand. For these girls, who grew up in families with predominantly traditional gender roles, their fathers were their all at age five: the superhero who swept in each afternoon and tucked them in at night; the booming voice of authority that could fix anything. They knew, even then, that in his eyes they could do no wrong. Now, that was tipped on its head. Dad had become distant. He provided for the family, funded a good part of the mortgage and turned up at the netball final. But he worked longer hours now than she could ever remember. She wouldn’t dare plop herself down beside him and talk about the wild hormones that took hold of her happiness on some days, or the first stirrings of interest in the boy on the bus. She doesn’t know how that conversation would even begin! She knew he loved her, but she resented him being overprotective and the fact that he was a Luddite when it came to understanding Instagram. Even his jokes, which once sent her into fits of giggles, were now, actually, really embarrassing.

Fathers, too, feel that cold change. This is his daughter; the girl who tailed him around the backyard all morning each Saturday. She was his offsider, who would walk up to the school gate clutching his hand. Then, without notice, and somewhere between her tenth and fourteenth birthday, she’d changed. Or something happened. It didn’t happen in one day but over a period of time in a way that disguised its impact. He remembers her uneasily removing her hand from his on a Monday in June a few years ago. The new and staggering influence of her friends bewildered him. Social media, too: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and a host of others whose names he couldn’t recall but whose influence was pervasive. The number of ‘likes’ on her Instagram account became a touchstone to her moods. He’d sit on the sidelines for a bit and hope she returned to him once this teenage trip had passed…”

School TV - Raising children can bring parents and caregivers great joy despite many learning ‘on the job’ and growing into the role through experience and understanding. Children will always flourish in a warm and loving environment, supported by clear guidance.

In this Special Report, parents and caregivers can gain a greater understanding of the four defined parenting styles by taking part in the quiz. It can guide parents towards deciding which style they wish to adopt and the effects it may have on their children.

Here is the link to your special report

Surf Lifesaving Bingo – throughout the year, Shalom families volunteer to assist the Carswell family who run Bingo at the Services Club. The funds raised by this wonderful group are shared between Surf Lifesaving and Shalom. I recently received a cheque for just over $14000 from the Carswells. We continue to be enormously grateful for their generosity and commitment.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

Madonna King – Parent Evening

Through the efforts of our Parents & Friends, Journalist and author, Madonna King will be at Shalom this evening, Monday 27 May at 6.30pm. Madonna has recently released a very popular book, ‘Helping Dads Build Unbreakable Bonds With their Daughters’. This book follows up Madonna’s previous book, ‘Being 14’, which was very popular. Any parent with adolescent, or soon to be adolescent children, this night is for you.

What do our girls think about their fathers? And what are fathers struggling with when it comes to their relationship with their teenage daughters? The bestselling author of ‘BEING 14’ now tackles the complicated father/daughter relationship.

Tonight, Monday 27 May
Shalom College Performing Arts Precinct

Book purchase and signing will also be available on the night.

‘Helping dads build unbreakable bonds with their daughters’

FREE EVENT, No RSVP Required – All Parents Welcome

Learner Conferences

Learner Conferences (Formerly Parent/Teacher Interviews) – 28 May - 3.30-6.30pm

Learner Conferences (for all subjects other than Year 7-9 Core Studies) will be available on Tuesday 28 May from 3.30pm-6.30pm in the Sports Centre. The aim of the Learner Conferences is to provide an opportunity for parents to meet with teachers to discuss the progress and learning needs of their children. Interviews will be of ten minutes duration. Students are encouraged to attend and participate in the conference. Your child’s progress is crucial to all of us and it is a significant benefit in this process if your child can be a part of the discussion.

Learner Conferences may be arranged online via Parent Lounge at any time from 8:00am Tuesday 14 May until 3:00pm Wednesday 22 May using the Parent Teacher Interviews tab in the menu on the left-hand side.

Please note that Christian and Mary Taylor are not available for interviews.

Mr Brendan Maher
Assistant Principal – Administration

Student Welfare and Information

Formal News

Thank you to all for meeting our RSVP deadline; it is very much appreciated.

A couple of final reminders:

On the night we cannot change table settings e.g. make a table of 11
Advise the ushers (our Year 11 students) of your name so that they can take you to your table
We need to be seated by 6:15pm for proceedings to begin
You may begin sitting at tables earlier if you wish – doors will open for you at 6:00pm
Please don’t remove any table decorations as they do not belong to the College

I have allowed the Year 12 girls to have their nails done this week – they can’t all have them done on Saturday morning! I will allow them two weeks after the Formal to have them removed. Can I ask that you keep your daughters to this timeline?

I hope the Year 12s have been teaching either their mother or father their respective dances….we have really enjoyed our rehearsals at lunch times and are very grateful to Mrs Simone Wilson and Mrs Rhonda Cutmore for teaching the students their dances.

On the night we will have Mr Paul Beutel, a professional photographer, available to take photographs. These photos will be available for purchase, online, through the College a week or so later.

I hope you enjoy the night; I know the students are very excited.


Can I ask you to make sure that your son’s hair style and length meets our College guidelines please? A number of young men are needing haircuts at the moment.

Please check the length of your daughter’s skirts/dresses as some young ladies have grown a few centimetres and so their skirt or dress is not below the knee.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our standard of uniform and grooming.

Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell
Deputy Principal

QCS Test Preparation

Parents of Year 12 students intending to sit the QCS Test, and Year 12 students who are OP-eligible or who have not completed paperwork indicating an intention not to sit, are advised that a practice test is scheduled for Wednesday 5 June and Thursday 6 June. The QCS Practice will mirror the QCS Test to be held on Tuesday 3 September and Wednesday 4 September.

On the first day students will sit the Writing Task (2 hours plus perusal time) in the morning. The first Multiple Choice paper (90 minutes plus perusal) will run in the afternoon.

On the second day, students will sit the Short Response Items subtest (2 hours plus perusal) followed by the second Multiple Choice paper (90 minutes plus perusal).

Students are reminded that specific equipment is required for the different subtests, as described in the QCS Test magazine issued this year. An equipment list and schedule will be posted on Student Café and in Parent Lounge.

OP-ineligible students who have returned Memorandum of Understanding forms signalling an intention not to sit the test indicated upon signing that they would devote the days to work placements and study. Year 12 classes will not run over the two days.

Students sitting the test are expected to attend, in full school uniform and properly groomed, for the duration of the two days. An early dismissal may be possible on the second day.

Please feel free to email or call if you have any questions.

Ms Katherine Nelson
Assistant Principal – Curriculum

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp 2018

Our Year 7 Camps are underway at our Chaverim Campus! Last weeks classes had a wonderful time. Here’s what our remaining Year 7 Students can expect over their three days at camp!!

Don’t forget the equipment list and program can be found on our website -



Preferred option is Email or Phone Absentee line 41558181

ALL student absentees should be notified to the office by 9am each day. If no notification has been received, an absentee text message will be sent out to parents to advise of the student’s absence.


2019 Twilight University Expo

Be sure to mark on your calendar the Shalom Twilight University Expo on Thursday 20 June from 3pm-6pm in the Sports Centre. This event is free and is open to every high school in the Bundaberg and the wider community. We are excited to be welcoming most of the big name universities along with residential colleges to gather at once in our regional area.

The timing is perfect for current Year 10’s choosing their senior subjects, Year 11’s who may have pathway questions and Year 12’s in preparation for their QTAC applications. Feel free to share this open invitation with your friends, the Expo is open to all young people in our district and we look forward to the support of our Shalom and broader community.


Year 13

Research reveals that young people are struggling with the transition journey from school more than ever. 43% of Year 12 students don’t know what they want to do when they leave high school.

Year13 is a digital platform that offers positive post-schooling pathways, products and services which enhances the transitional journey for young people after Year 12. Partnering with educators, employers, governments, travel providers and businesses they provide an extensive resource of information and opportunities for youth.

Whether you’re going to university or working a trade, taking a gap year or starting a job or studying at school, decisions about your career and life are yours to make. If the world is your oyster then Year13 is the knife that’ll wrench apart that shell to reveal the goodness inside.

We can highly recommend taking the time to do lots of research for post-school options on this site. Click on the below link to explore.

Mrs Liza O’Donnell
Pathways Coordinator

Quiet Achiever

This week’s quiet achiever is Ethan Anderson from Year 7. Ethan is a very energetic member of Adams House and is always willing to help out. Ethan stayed back after cross country to help with the pack up, he also generously gave his voucher from Term 1 to a fellow student who had lost his. Ethan is currently organising a fundraiser to help raise money for cancer research.

Ethan Anderson

Mr Joe O’Driscoll
Adams House Coordinator

Aquatic Practices

Year 11– Semester 1 Update.

So far this year, Year 11 Aquatic Practices has worked through two modules: ‘Snorkelling’ and ‘River Systems – Uses and Management’.


Term 1 saw students learning about snorkelling equipment, skills and practices in the classroom. Each student developed a Snorkelling Risk Assessment which was included in their theory assessment task – the creation of a ‘Snorkelling Guide’. Students put their snorkelling skills into practice at the Anzac Pool before embarking on two excursions to Barolin Rocks to test their abilities in open water. Julian and staff from Bundaberg Aqua Scuba were utilised as ‘Dive Masters’ for these excursions, ensuring we had as high a level of safety as possible.

River Systems – Uses and Management

In our current module, students investigate how humans use rivers, the infrastructure and management required to allow this use, and the social and economic benefits that result. Our focus has been on the Burnett Basin. As part of our studies, the students undertook three excursions:

Bundaberg Regional Council Water Treatment Plants – thanks to Steve and Kerry at the Branyan Water Treatment plant, and Richie from the Millbank Waste Water plant for their time and expertise in explaining the process of cleaning water to supply the Bundaberg township – and treating sewage water before it is returned to the Burnett River.

Bundaberg Riverside Parklands – students identified and explored the range of infrastructure put in place around the Bundaberg stretch of the Burnett River for recreational, leisure and aesthetic use of the river.

Paradise Dam – Thanks to Andrew and Kerry of Sunwater for organising and hosting students as they explored the workings of Paradise Dam, including the fish lift and hydroelectricity. Students also investigated recreational infrastructure at the dam.

This unit is assessed by a report on the Burnett River Basin, as well as a multimodal presentation where students ‘roleplay’ a particular user of the Burnett River.

After week seven, students will start on the third module – ‘Boating’ – which gives students the opportunity to gain their recreational boating and PWC licence.

Year 11 Aquatic Practices Students
snorkelling off Barolin Rocks

Luke Bujayer and Mitchell Parnell

Ethan Freney, Grace Trebbin and
Xavier Kummerow

The filtration unit at Branyan Water
Treatment Plant

Checking out the aeration unit at
Millbank Sewage Plant

Students at Paradise Dam

Year 11 Aquatic Practices Students snorkelling off Barolin Rocks

Luke Bujayer and Mitchell Parnell

Ethan Freney, Grace Trebbin and Xavier Kummerow

The filtration unit at Branyan Water Treatment Plant

Checking out the aeration unit at Millbank Sewage Plant

Students at Paradise Dam

Mr Troy Braund
Aquatic Practices Teacher

2019 Science and Mathematics Competitions

This year Shalom College students have the opportunity to participate in the following national and international competitions:

ICAS Science Competition: Thursday 5 September
Australian Mathematics Competition: Thursday 1 August

Students are assessed against other students in the same school year, state and country. The competitions are designed to be a fun event, removed from the pressures of formal assessment with problems and questions designed to stimulate the interest of students. All students receive a certificate showing their level of achievement and a detailed report outlining their performance.

If your student would like to participate in either the ICAS Science Competition or the Australian Mathematics competition parents need to complete the appropriate nomination form and students then submit it to Student Reception. Parents make the required payment online through Tours and Excursions in the Parent Lounge Portal by Monday 10 June (Maths competition) and Friday 6 August (Science Competition).

Competition Fees: ICAS Science Competition $14.50 per student

AMC Competition $6.50 per student

If you have any questions regarding any of the above competitions please contact me via email:

Mrs Debbie Bishop
Competition Coordinator

Library News

Has it been a while since you checked out a graphic novel? These are ideal choices if you’re looking for something to read but haven’t got time for three hundred pages of fiction.

New graphic novels in the Library include

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

Suee and the Shadow

Miss Wendy Davis
Teacher Librarian/English Teacher

Internet Safety

Naidoc Week

Instrumental Music

Showcase 2019

Join us for Showcase 2019!

With an extravaganza of Shalom College’s best dance, drama and musical acts along with a contemporary visual art display in the Performing Arts Precinct foyer, Showcase 2019 is an arts night not to be missed!

Hear from the 2019 Shalom Choir along with other big band performances. See an array of dance and drama acts, including solo performances and the newly created Shalom Elite Dance Performance Team.  The night will conclude with a spectacular musical theatre act!


Showcase 2019 is not to be missed!

Friday 7 and Saturday 8 June 2019 at 7.00pm at the Shalom College Performing Arts Precinct.

TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE NOW!  $15 Adults & $12 Students/Concession.

Tickets are on sale now until 3pm Thursday 6 June (unless sold out prior!).

Tickets are only available online through Flexischools:

IMPORTANT: it is recommended to use a DESKTOP when using the Flexischool’s site to purchase tickets – it is easier to select your preferred seats. You can use your mobile to purchase tickets, however make sure you select “Full Site” on your mobile browser.

Please save the digital tickets on your phone or print out for entry to the event on the night.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Instrumental Music Coordinator

Uniform Shop

Rugby League Socks are now in stock and are available for purchase at the Uniform Shop. The socks are $12 each, payment options include…. Eftpos, cash or credit card payment via phone.

National Titles

Hannah Leggett has recently returned from the U18 Softball Nationals in Canberra. Hannah was the youngest member of the Qld team which won Silver.

Canberra weather was ‘kind’ for the tournament with games starting in a balmy 1 degree with ice/frost on the outfield. Once the fog cleared about lunchtime, the temperature made it to double digits. Congratulations to Hannah and the Qld Team.

Hannah Leggett

Mr Simon Gills
Sports Coordinator

Rugby League

Mitchell Allen was the hero, slotting a superb field goal in golden point extra-time to clinch a stunning monumental upset 11-10 victory over Bundaberg High in the local final of the Northern Conference Wide Bay Year 10 Keith Gibbs Shield last Wednesday.

Our Year 8’s also triumphed in the Steve Renouf and Bunny Pearce Shield local decider with a 66-0 white-wash of Bundaberg High.

WINNER: Mitchell Allen kicked the winning field goal for the Shalom Year 10 team

But our Year 9’s bowed out of the Michael Hancock and Daryl Letham Cup with a 26-4 loss to Bundaberg High and our Year 7’s were extremely gallant in a 14-10 defeat, also at the hands of Bundaberg High in the Trophy.

Our Open team will take on Bundaberg High next Wednesday in the Greg Smith Cup District local play-off after they started their campaign in style with a 34-0 white-wash of Kepnock.

In the Year 10 game, Shalom really aimed up and led 4-0 at half-time after a try to powerhouse lock Wil Simmons, but Bundy High drew level early in the second stanza.

Shalom edged ahead again with centre Brynn Harrap scoring a try for the second week in a row and Simmons adding the extras but Bundy High again levelled the ledger with a 36th minute converted try, and they threw everything at our boys in search of the winner in the dying minutes.

But Shalom dug deep and continued in the same vein. Sent into two five-minute halves of Golden Point, the epic duel continued, and while a draw would have been enough for Shalom to advance as the first scorer of the match, with 60 seconds remaining, Mitchell Allen, who later said that he had never previously kicked a one-pointer in such a pressure game, coolly landed his long-range shot from left-field, clinching a famous victory, sending the team into celebration and drawing loud applause from their parents and the whole Shalom community.

Coach Mr Kaufusi lauded a robust team performance but named halfback Thomas Blinco as their best, ahead of Brynn Harrap and barnstorming second rower Lane Crossley-Price.

The Shalom Year 8’s were again in a class of their own, leading 36-0 at the break and never relenting with domineering Queensland representative star centre Thomas Morcom bagging four tries, front rower Jack Schmidt notching a hat-trick and fullback Ethan Brennan crossing twice as well as kicking two goals.

Shalom’s Year 10’s and year 8’s will contest the Northern Conference Wide Bay finals in Maryborough on Friday 14 June, with the Opens hoping to join them.

The Shalom open team, which has been training up to four days per week under coach Mr Feather since September last year in preparation for the QISSRL Confraternity Carnival which Shalom will host in the first week of the upcoming school holidays, were pleased to finally hit the ground and they looked good from the start, establishing a 16-0 lead at the break and going right on with the job with halfback Brendan Grills picking up a double.

Young high energy front rower Flynn Purkis, playing on what would have been the 13th birthday of his sister Emerson, who was tragically killed in a car accident, together with their mother Leisa, in November last year, and wearing pink headgear and pink mouthguard in her honour and with a large group of extended family and friends present, had a whale of a game and was the Man of the Match.

But everyone played well with young five-eighth Bradley Clarke also outstanding and front rower Liam Morrison grabbing a try and picking up the Players’ Player award, just ahead of Brendan Grills and tough centre Darcy Clarke, who topped the tackle count with nine, with four players on the second line with seven, Liam, workaholic forwards twins Alexander and Mack Druce, and rugged second rower Aaron Cunnington.

OPEN SLATHER: The Shalom Open team after their big win over Kepnock to start their season

The Shalom Year 9’s also never stopped trying with a late try to centre Ryan Barrett but their coach Mr Tobin named blockbusting front rower Ronan Dempsey, lock Jack Picaro and halfback Fletcher Ace as their stand-outs.

Shalom’s Year 7’s also battled hard throughout and they got back to within four points with a late try to hard running second rower Riley Quinn and conversion to Joseph Doyle but hey were beaten by the siren. Coach Mr O’Driscoll named Kobi Holden as their best in a gutsy team effort.

Open: Shalom 34 (Brendan Grills 2, Harrison Bull, Darcy Clarke, Corey Picaro, Liam Morrison, Mack Druce tries; Bradley Clarke 2, Brendan Grills goals) d Kepnock 0.

Year 10: Shalom 11 (Wil Simmons, Brynn Harrap tries; Wil Simmons goal; Mitchell Allen field goal) d Bundaberg High 10.

Year 9: Bundaberg High 26 d Shalom 4 (Ryan Barrett try).

Year 8: Shalom 66 (Thomas Morcom 4, Jack Schmidt 3, Ethan Brennan 2, Sebastyn Brennan, Ethan Norman, Samuel Kenny, Dawson Hess tries; Dawson Hess 5, Ethan Brennan 2 goals) d Bundaberg High 0.

Year 7: Bundaberg High 14 d Shalom 10 (Cayden Sheppard, Riley Quinn tries; Joseph Doyle goal).

Mr Vincent Habermann

Date Claimers

Tuesday 28 May

Year 7 Camp 4

Learner Conferences

Romeo and Juliet – Year 10

Winter Sport Sign-ons Year 7 & 8

Wednesday 29 May

Year 7 Camp 4

Year 12 Formal Rehearsal Period 4

Thursday 30 May

Bundaberg Show Holiday

Friday 31 May

Saturday 1 June

Year 12 Formal Dinner Dance

Monday 3 June

Year 7 Camp 5

Tuesday 4 June

Year 7 Camp 5

Year 7 Camp 6

Wide Bay Cross Country – Maryborough

P & F Meeting

Wednesday 5 June

Year 7 Camp 5

Year 7 Camp 6

Year 7 Camp 7

Year 12 QCS Trial Test

Thursday 6 June

Year 7 Camp 6

Year 7 Camp 7

BDPSS 10 -12 Year T&F

Year 12 QCS Trial Test

Friday 7 June

Year 7 Camp 7

BDPSS 10 -12 Year T&F

Showcase Gala Evening (PAP)

Saturday 8 June

Showcase Gala Evening (PAP)

Term Dates for 2019

Term 1

29 January – 5 April

Term 2

23 April – 28 June

Term 3

15 July – 20 September

Term 4

8 October – 6 December


Breakfast is now available in the tuckshop for purchase each morning 8:00am – 8:30am.

Items include

  • Bacon & Egg Muffins - $3.50
  • Ham & Cheese Croissant - $3.50
  • Porridge & Cereal - $3 (self-service option with milk and bowl & cutlery are supplied)
  • Fresh Fruit - $1 (seasonal fruits such as; Bananas, Apples, Mandarins etc)

Plus, the already available items of Yoghurt Pots, Up n Go drinks & Flavoured Milk

Students who train before school need to consider utilising the breakfast menu to replenish energy lost during their training sessions, however must be dressed appropriately before entering the tuckshop and must not be late for class.

Tuckshop Roster

28 May

Help Needed Please

29 May

Help Needed Please

30 May

Bundaberg Show Holiday

31 May

Help Needed Please

3 June

Bethany Swadling

4 June

Help Needed Please

5 June

Tia Booth

6 June

Melanie Forey

Merna Cook

7 June

Help Needed Please

Shalom Sunday Markets

New Stallholders Welcome – Please contact Peter Barone 0438 446 269

Markets Tuckshop Roster

Sunday 2 June 2019

6:00am – 9:30am

Kath Clarke

Elizabeth Harris

Gabrielle Norman

9:00am – 12:30pm

Markets BBQ Roster

Sunday 2 June

Relay for Life

Vince Habermann

Sunday 9 June

Europe Trip

Trish Allen & Penny McKeown

Sunday 16 June

Cane 2 Coral

Vince Habermann

Sunday 23 June


Jenny Hawe

Sunday 30 June

St Joseph's P & F

Gemma Bush

Sunday 7 July

St Joseph's P & F

Gemma Bush

Community Notice Board

Breast Screen Queensland

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.