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17 June 2019

Principal’s Reflection

We had a great Assembly last week with Sam Johnson. He is awesome. I hope all of our students went home and had engaging conversations with their Mums and passed on Sam’s message. Sam has a plan to beat Cancer and his aim is to set up a ‘tissue bank’ to help doctors treat Cancer so much more efficiently. He is giving up years of his working life going around Australia convincing people to get behind him. After his visit, Sam sent us an email –

Dear teachers, staff, and parents of Shalom,

Samuel Johnson here, with thanks for having me in your school today. I felt it went quite well, based off the reactions of the kids. I hope you enjoyed having me too! I was a bit nervous at the start but I was made to feel very welcome and felt comfortable very quickly. Thanks.

It's such an honour to get to do what I do. I normally don't speak to so many kids, and high-schoolers can be tough, but yours seemed a ripper mob and I felt lucky to have their full attention.

For those of you who asked how they could help, I'm setting up a cancer bank to ensure personalised treatments for all cancers, and the establishment of a new metastatic tissue bank for all cancers. My dream is to throw a million dollars a month at this, which would mean 100,000 Aussies at 10 bucks a month, or $2.50 per week. When I meet with the Health Minister at the end of next year, I hope to tell him that I have the support of the teaching profession.

If you wanna sign up, just click on the link below!

Thanks again for having me and I hope to return one day and reflect on our progress and success.

Yours gratefully,
Samuel Johnson OAM

Sam was so impressed with his visit to Shalom and Bundy that he has promised me that he will do a short video for me to send out later this week explaining a bit more about his plan to develop a Tissue Bank. I will forward that to you in an email in the hope that Shalom families might get behind this initiative.

Uni Expo – through the hard work of our Pathways Coordinator, Ms Liza O’Donnell, this coming Thursday, we have a great display of Universities here at Shalom from 3pm-6pm in the Sports Centre. If your child is thinking about a University pathway, this is for you. We are opening this up to all students in Bundaberg. Instead of going all the way to Brisbane to look at Unis, they are coming to us. Make the most of this opportunity.

This month on SchoolTV - Positive Parenting. Despite the best efforts of parents around the world, the reality is, there is no such thing as the ‘perfect parent’. However, arming yourself with the right information is a good start! Research shows, that one of the most important protective factors in the lives of young people, is a close relationship with a supportive adult. With the mental health of today’s young people being at an all-time low, it is simply not enough to parent effectively. Parents need to familiarise themselves with practical skills, knowledge and strategies when it comes to raising children. Many parents today are over-protective, resulting in children being less independent, unable to problem-solve or self-regulate. Parents are failing to set clear boundaries, which is unfortunately making kids feel less secure. There is too much pressure on kids today. Parents fill their days with too many activities in an effort to avoid their child’s boredom.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn what is the best approach for primary and secondary school aged children. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

Below is the link to this month's edition:

Head of the River – Congratulations and thank you to all of our Rowers, their coaches and parents for another very positive rowing season. We had a great day at Bucca yesterday. Rowing is a great sport for young people. Few sports will teach the qualities of contributing to a team better than rowing. Well done to all involved.

Awards Night – Change of Date – because of the way in which assessments now fall for Year 11 with the new ATAR subjects, we will need to move our Annual Awards night from the advertised date of Monday 28 Oct to Wednesday 13 November. I am sorry for any inconvenience this change may cause but it was unfair to ask Year 11 students to contribute to Awards night when they were undergoing assessments where dates had been set by QCAA.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

Year 12 Exams

Year 12 End of Semester Exams Monday 24 June – Friday 28 June

See link below to the Year 12 End of Semester Exam Timetable. Please note that Year 12 will have home study during the exam block. Students, if you know you will be absent for your exam, you must see your classroom teacher as soon as possible with appropriate documentation (ie medical certificate or statutory declaration) to organise an alternative exam time.

Attendance during Year 12 Examinations

During the examination block all Year 12 students are deemed to be in attendance but they are only required at school to sit scheduled examinations or to complete supplementary assessments if required. When attending the College during examination blocks students must be in full and correct College day uniform. When not in attendance during the examination block students must be engaged in home study, assignment work or work experience or work placement activities – it is not ‘time off’.

Students who have few or no examinations scheduled during the examination block are expected to be engaged in organised Work Experience, Structured Workplace Learning related to VET studies or attendance at a workplace related to an established School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship. Please contact Mrs O’Donnell on 4155 8136 or at for more information about Work Experience, Structured Workplace Learning or School-based Apprenticeships or Traineeships.

End of Semester One Reports

End of Semester One reports will be published to Parent Lounge at the following times:

  • Year 11 on Monday 24 June by 5pm.
  • Years 7, 8 and 9 on Friday 28 June by 5pm.
  • Year 10 and 12 on Friday 26 July (early next term) as per the calendar.

The reports can be viewed and printed from Parent Lounge by selecting the ‘Academic Reports’ tab on the left. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers directly regarding the End of Semester One Report.


Studiosity – Free Online Study Help – Now Live Chat Available 24/7, 365 days

Shaloms Year 10 - 12 students are lucky to receive free access to Studiosity, for after-hours, one-to-one help with homework and study questions. This is a fantastic tool to help your child apply themselves to their study and improve their grades.

The Studiosity service can help your child in two ways:

Writing Feedback: Your child can upload any draft piece of writing and receive feedback that will help them think about and improve their own work. There is a very impressive 24- hour turnaround on this feedback.
Connect Live: Your child can ask a question or draw a diagram and get immediate help via a live chat system with a qualified Subject Specialist, across all core subjects.

In breaking news, Studiosity’s live chat support service is open 24/7, 365 days, starting midnight Sunday 16 June. The writing feedback service is open as usual, 24/7. This should allow even easier access to this very useful support service.

Students - if you haven’t accessed Studiosity to experience the benefits, ensure you make use of it next time you need help with questions or require feedback on your written assignments. The link to Studiosity can be found on the Intranet page.

Happy studying!

Mr Brendan Maher
Assistant Principal – Administration



Preferred option is Email or Phone Absentee line 41558181

ALL student absentees should be notified to the office by 9am each day. If no notification has been received, an absentee text message will be sent out to parents to advise of the student’s absence.


2019 Twilight University Expo

Be sure to mark on your calendar the Shalom Twilight University Expo on Thursday 20 June from 3pm-6pm in the Sports Centre. This event is free and is open to every high school in the Bundaberg and the wider community. We are excited to be welcoming most of the big name universities along with residential colleges to gather at once in our regional area.

The timing is perfect for current Year 10s choosing their senior subjects, Year 11s who may have pathway questions and Year 12s in preparation for their QTAC applications. Feel free to share this open invitation with your friends, the Expo is open to all young people in our district and we look forward to the support of our Shalom and broader community.


JMC Academy High School Workshops

JMC Academy Brisbane campus will be holding introductory workshops during the July school holidays. These workshops are a great opportunity to check out the JMC Academy campus while getting a taste of studying your passion with Australia’s leading Creative Industries provider. The program is suitable for students in Years 9-12. Workshops on offer include:

  • Character and Life Drawing Workshop
  • Digital TV Studio Workshop
  • Discover + Manage the Next 'Big Thing'
  • Perform, Record + Create Music Workshop
  • Recording a Band Workshop
  • Think Visual Workshop

Tickets are now available and workshops fill very quickly so check out all the details on the website:

International College of Hotel Management Career Week

The International College of Hotel Management prepares students for a successful career at the top end of the international hotel industry boasting a 98% employment rate following student graduation. Career Week is aimed at Year 11 & 12 students who are considering a career in hotel management/business. ICHM will be running their career week 8-12 July. See the attached flyer for more details.

University of the Sunshine Coast – Fraser Coast Campus Open Day

USC Fraser Coast is located in the heart of Hervey Bay. Campus facilities include interactive learning technologies, simulated nursing wards, specialist science laboratories and much more. Course offerings include a wide range of Diploma and Bachelor programs. The Fraser Coast Open Day will be held on 23 June from 10am-1pm.

For more information, see the website

Mrs Liza O’Donnell
Pathways Coordinator

Vinnies School Sleepout

When: Friday 26 July from 4pm to Saturday 27 July 8am

Where: Shalom Sports Centre

What: Homelessness is one of the leading social issues facing Australians each day.

On average over 116,400 people experience some form of homelessness every single day, with over 1.4 million Australians having experienced homelessness within the past 10 years.

Shalom students are invited to join the St Vincent de Paul Society QLD to offer a hand up this winter. Vinnies School Sleepout is a fun and interactive way to raise awareness about the issues and effects of homelessness. By taking part in the School Sleepout, you are taking action against the homelessness crisis Australia is facing. This is a great opportunity for students to engage in advocating for change, whilst making a difference to the lives of people in their local community. It also gives students the opportunity to experience what it might be like for someone sleeping rough.

If you are interested in attending this activity, see Mrs Petersen in Student Services for more information.

Mrs Cheryl Petersen
Campus Minister

Quiet Achiever

Year 7 Student Lucy Hamilton is a very busy and determined young member of Hogan House. Lucy has recently returned from State U/15 Football titles representing Wide Bay and scoring a few goals, one of which was a cracking free kick! Lucy was selected to compete in these championships as a 13 year old and turned some heads, so the sky’s the limit as she has the next couple of years to improve her game and represent at this level again.

Over the course of the next couple of days after her return, Lucy competed tenaciously in the Inter-House athletics for Hogan House. Lucy is also a keen cricketer having represented Wide Bay earlier in the year for this as well.

What makes Lucy a quiet achiever though, is her lovely demeanour and humbleness. Lucy is such a polite and astute young woman and a very valuable contributor to Hogan House and Shalom College.

Well done on all your fantastic efforts across Semester One of 2019 Lucy!

Lucy Hamilton

Mr Adam Knott
House Coordinator Hogan House

Shalom Writers

In spite of a few interrupted Mondays, Shalom Writers have continued to meet enthusiastically on Monday afternoons in Beerarlem. As well as regularly sharing their creative writing on their blog, writers are preparing to enter the First Draft Festival Writing Competition here at Shalom. A couple of writers are also preparing entries for the online literary magazine ‘Kill Your Darlings’ high school writing competition.

This short piece reflecting on the place of music in our lives and its astonishing power was written a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, one of our writing exercises last week was to try to imagine a colour as a person. One of our writers created a yellow person in this fun poem!

Shalom Writers meet on Mondays after school in the Beerarlem library until 4pm.

Please contact Miss Davis if you would like to find out more

Miss Wendy Davis
Teacher Librarian/English Teacher

First Draft Festival

Entries are now open to all Shalom students for our First Draft Festival Writing Competition. This is being held as part of our First Draft Literature Festival.

There are four sections in the writing competition. The theme for students in Years 7 to 9 is Heroes and Villains. The theme for students in Years 10 to 12 is Courage.

And yes, you can enter more than once!

Years 7 - 9 Poetry
Year 7 - 9 Short Story
Year 10-12 Poetry
Year 10 – 12 Short Story

The Guidelines of the competition are here so read them carefully.

All entries must have an entry form. You can print one from this file or pick one up when you drop your entry into the Beerarlem Library.

It’s free to enter and there are great prizes to won that are kindly being donated by Dymocks Bundaberg.

Any questions please ask Miss Davis or Mrs Hume.

Miss Wendy Davis
Teacher Librarian/English Teacher

Shalom Rowing Golf Day

The Shalom Rowing Golf Day was held on Sunday 9 June, it was a great success, with 21 teams registered to play. The weather was perfect and both players and volunteers had a great time. Many volunteers stayed for the whole day to make sure things ran smoothly, and Shalom Rowing is grateful for their time. We were happy to see three teams registered from Shalom, including both teachers and students. Overall profit for the day was $2,118.50. We hope to make this an annual event, and are looking to have more teams involved next year. Thanks to all of our sponsors for the day, your support is valued and appreciated.

Shalom Rowing Committee

Internet Safety

Interschool Chess Competition

Seven members of the Shalom College Chess Club, who attended the second

Wide Bay North Division interschool competition held at Avoca State School on Wednesday 5 June were: -

Team 1 Nicholas Whitelum, Demetri de Florian, Lachlan McIntosh and Harry Packwood.
Team 2 Patrick Maher, Aden Borg and Todd Marriott

There were a total of approximately 160 players in both Primary and Secondary divisions, with students up to, and including Year 12 being eligible to compete.

The Shalom Team 1 was placed second by 3.5 points behind Bundaberg High in the Secondary School Teams Division, achieving a total of 18 points from a possible 28. Our second team, although one player short, also performed well with an overall score of 11 from a possible 21 points.

Our players all performed to the best of their ability, with Nicholas Whitelum and Harry Packwood having won 5 of their 7 games and Demetri achieving 4 wins and one draw. Each of these three players also won an individual award in addition to their second place medallion.

The students all displayed a high level of sportsmanship and were excellent ambassadors for our school. We wish them continued success at the next Interschool Competition to be held in Term 3.

Anyone wishing to have a game of chess is welcome to come to Beerarlem Library at first lunch each Tuesday – you may bring your lunch with you.

Shalom Chess Team Members (from left): Demetri de Florian, Lachlan McIntosh, Harry Packwood, Nicholas Whitelum, Aden Borg, Todd Marriott & Patrick Maher.

Mr Brendan Maher & Mr Steve McKay
Chess Coordinators

Instrumental Music

Rhapsody Rotorua NZ 2020

I have extended the date to this Friday 21 June as the final opportunity to submit your expression of interest in this tour as I need to notify the organisers if there is any chance of a group from Shalom College being able to attend the music festival next year. To recap - I would like to take primarily a vocal group of 20 - 25 students but need the expression of interest form returned by 21 June before a meeting is called to answer all questions re the tour. The 20-25 singers do not need to be currently in choir – they could be students who have a love of singing and travel. In addition, if there are enough students to make up a small string, woodwind or mixed instrumental group for example, that would be a great addition to our performance commitments in Rotorua. Please contact me as soon as possible if you need more information or if you have misplaced the original informal sent out earlier.

Bundaberg Groups Eisteddfod

Entries have been submitted for every music group in the program. Music competition will be held Wednesday 31 July and Thursday 1 August, which is during week 3, term 3 and information regarding times and travel arrangements will be emailed as soon as the program becomes available. Don’t forget the concert scheduled in the performance calendar for week 2 for parents and friends to hear and see the groups performing prior to the Eisteddfod.

Queensland Catholic Schools Festival

An information email was sent to all senior instrumental groups plus choir and a reply in relation to travel and accommodation requirements is essential as soon as possible please.


If your child/ren are unable to attend a rehearsal, please send an email to the conductor or to myself and I will forward.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any query in relation to the Instrumental Music Department.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Instrumental Music Coordinator

Rotary Youth Exchange Host Families

The Rotary Club of Bundaberg Sunrise are seeking host families for an incoming 17 year old male student from The Netherlands who will be attending Shalom College. Hosting months are below:

July 2019 to October 2019
October 2019 to January 2020

If you would like more information or you think you can assist, please contact Chris Foley on 0438 914 857 or email .


Staff vs QISSN Netball Game

As part of their final preparations for the 2019 QISSN Carnival, on Friday 14 June the QISSN Team took on the might of an All-Star Staff team. Led by shooter-extraordinaire Mike Reid, the 15-member staff team gave the QISSN girls a good run for their money, and it proved to be an excellent, high quality game. After three, closely contested quarters, two back-to-back intercepts from Charlotte Boge turned the tide in favour of the QISSN team, who ended up taking out a narrow win 21-17. Congratulations to all staff for their involvement in the game and Good Luck to the QISSN girls!!

Mrs Melinda Pearson
Physiacal Education Coordinator


Congratulations to Year 10 Student Jaime Krueger who placed 15th in Australia in the 100m Open Age Butterfly, as well as making the final in the 200m Butterfly at the recent National Swimming Titles. Awesome achievement Jaime!

Emma MCKEON – who won the Open Women 100 m FLY – and is off to the World Championships, with Jaime Krueger.

Brisbane Lions Cup

Shalom has progressed through to the next round of the Brisbane Lions Cup in the Open Girls competition. Unfortunately, the Open Boys and Junior Boys went down in tough encounters with Xavier College and Urangan State High respectively.

Despite being outgunned right from the start, the Junior boys led by Luke Wyatt, Mitchell Sly and Will Hamilton competed until the last siren. The score blew out in the last quarter and does not reflect the quality of the game. Other great contributions came from Ronan Dempsey, Lachlan Stevenson, and Fletcher Ace.

Junior Boys Urangan SHS 8 6 54 defeated Shalom 2 1 13

The Open Boys faced a team that had a number of current local first grade players, and many talented juniors. A goal after full time again flattered Xavier who although deserved winners, were not truly assured of victory until the last minute. Best players for Shalom were Nicholas Creighton, Harry Schneider, Rylee Johnson and Jake Bonus.

Senior Boys Xavier CC 7 14 56 defeated Shalom 6 4 40

The Open Girls were outstanding. The training leading up to this game has been excellent, and the “crash course” in rules and skills has obviously been successful. Most of the girls play other team sports and have been able to apply strategies to AFL including the tackling and other physical contact. Shalom’s best on the day were arguably Olivia Schneider, Baylee Holden, Breanna Ardente, Makayla Matt-West, Lily Crook and Safia Borg, but all girls had important roles to play.

Senior Girls Shalom 5 10 40 defeated Urangan SHS 2 5 17

All of our Shalom students are to be congratulated on their behaviour, cooperation, and positive attitude. Thank you to Miss Masterman-Smith, Mr Hornbrook, Mr Burnett, and Mr Kaufusi for helping on the day.

Mr Jason Baulch
AFL Coach

Rugby League

Last week was a good one for Shalom rugby league with our Year 8 side powering on with a 54-6 blitz of Xavier College in the State-wide Challenge Wide Bay Northern Conference final in Hervey Bay on Thursday and each of our five teams in the BDSSS Broncos Challenge advancing to the grand finals this Wednesday.

Year 8 Wide Bay Champions

But the Shalom Year 10 side was beaten by Aldridge State High School 12-4 in their Wide Bay Northern final in Maryborough on Monday night and our open side was edged out by Xavier 14-12 in a trial match at the same time.

Year 10 Team

The Shalom girls team also did well in the recent first round of the Kayrn Murphy Cup at Salter Oval, finishing third in the Year 7/8 Bundaberg division with a win and a loss.

Prolific scoring Queensland representative centre Thomas Morcom again wreaked havoc for the Shalom Year 8 side with five tries, while front rower Jack Schmidt bagged a double but Coach Mr Halford said, “As a team they played really well with some slick backline moves, running and passing game”.

“There are so many players who deserve recognition for their performance, signs of a great team. (Lock) Toby Kelly (who scored the first try) got through a mountain of work in the first 15 minutes and gets my Man of the Match. Thomas Morcom excelled again with his finishing skills and the halves Dawson Hess, Zander Evans and Ezekiel Monckton organised play very well. Mention must also be made of their exemplary behaviour with their display of manners in thanking the hosts and coaching staff, as well as on and off field behaviour,” Mr Halford said.

They will now play Murgon SHS in the next round at a date to be set but likely before the end of the term.

Bundaberg SHS’s two teams in the Karyn Murphy Cup finished first and second but Shalom Coach Mr Feather said his side also impressed, losing to one of the BSHS sides 5-3 (scored at one point per try) but defeating North BSHS 5-2.

“We had stand-out performances from Bridget McEwan, Lily Thatcher, Ava Lederhose, Mila Rose, Georgia Berry and Tenamo Arobati, while the other girls also did well, Lara Hamilton, Hailey Kendall, Kyia Brennan, Crystal Goodman-Jones and Stacey Ruthenberg,” Mr Feather said.

The Shalom Year 10 side also tried hard in their Conference final but they were cruelled by injuries after travelling with just 15 players. The game was ultimately called off 22 minutes early after a serious knee injury to one of our players.

The Shalom Open team were also missing a few key players but mistakes proved costly for them with a 50% completion rate preventing them from ever really building any momentum.

Xavier recovered from a 6-4 half-time deficit to seal victory with a length of the field try against the run of play six minutes into the second half and a converted try six minutes later, but hard working second rower Aaron Cunnington sealed the Man of the Match and Players’ Player awards with a last minute try after five-eighth Brendan Grills had split the defence for our first try four minutes before the break. Aaron again topped the tackles with 22, while Kynan Hard came off the bench to tackle everything in his sight with 19 in the second stanza and fullback Jake Bonus led the attack with 12 runs.

Both the Shalom Open and Year 7 sides progressed to the BDSSS deciders courtesy of Kepnock forfeits in the semi-finals, but our Year 10 and 9 teams booked their places with the former accounting for North 36-8 and the latter causing an upset to down Kepnock 16-4 for their first win of the season.

The Year 10 side was further depleted by injuries from Monday’s game and several Year 9’s doubled up to help out and give them 10 players to North’s nine.

Winger Jessie Zammit led the Year 10 charge with a double, while hulking forward Coen Searl, who played in pain after suffering a serious shoulder injury against Aldridge two nights earlier, backed up from the Year 9 game to notch one try in each.

The Shalom Year 9 side had been trounced by Kepnock 34-0 two weeks earlier but they finally put it all together, toughing out an 8-4 half-time lead and going right on with the job to wind up with four tries. In a gutsy team performance, a proud Coach Mr Tobin named fullback Mitchell Sly, Coen Searl and hooker Patrick Curtis as their best.

Year 9 Team

Wide Bay Northern Conference Finals – Year 10: Aldridge SHS 12 d Shalom 4 (Brynn Harrap try).

Year 8: Shalom 54 (Thomas Morcom 5, Jack Schmidt 2, Toby Kelly, Coen Phillips, Zander Evans, Dawson Hess tries; d Xavier 6.

BDSSS semi-finals: Open: Shalom d Kepnock on forfeit.

Year 10: Shalom 36 (Jessie Zammit 2, Liam Doyle, Wil Simmons, Kyran Barrow, Coen Searl, Brynn Harrap tries; Brynn Harrap 2, Wil Simmons, Liam Doyle goals) d North 8.

Year 9: Shalom 16 (Isaac O’Driscoll, Mitchell Sly, Coen Searl, Fletcher Ace tries) d Kepnock 4.

Year 7: Shalom d Kepnock on forfeit.

Trial game - Open: Xavier 14 d Shalom 12 (Brendan Grills, Aaron Cunnington tries; Bradley Clarke 2 goals).

Mr Vincent Habermann

Uniform Shop

Rugby League playing shorts and Rugby League Socks are now in stock and are available for purchase at the Uniform Shop. The shorts are $35 each, socks $12 each, payment options include…. Eftpos, cash or credit card payment via phone.

All enquiries call Leanne 4155 8121

Date Claimers

Tuesday 18 June

Wide Bay 10-12 yrs T&F Noms close

BDPSS 12yrs Girls RL Trials

Thursday 20 June

Twilight Uni Expo

Monday 24 June

Year 12 EOS1 Exams

Year 11 Reports Issued

Tuesday 25 June

Year 12 EOS1 Exams

Diocesan Music Camp (The Cathedral College, Rockhampton)

Wide Bay 10-12 Years T&F Carnival - Bundaberg

Wednesday 26 June

Year 12 EOS1 Exams

Diocesan Music Camp (The Cathedral College, Rockhampton)

Thursday 27 June

Year 12 EOS1 Exams

Diocesan Music Camp (The Cathedral College, Rockhampton)

Friday 28 June

Year 12 EOS1 Exams

Diocesan Music Camp (The Cathedral College, Rockhampton)

Year 7-9 Reports Issued

Sunday 30 June

Shalom Hosting QISSN and QISSRL Carnivals

Confro/QISSN Mass

Monday 1 July

Shalom Hosting QISSN and QISSRL Carnivals

Tuesday 2 July

Shalom Hosting QISSN and QISSRL Carnivals

Wednesday 3 July

Shalom Hosting QISSN and QISSRL Carnivals

Thursday 4 July

Shalom Hosting QISSN and QISSRL Carnivals

Friday 5 July

Shalom Hosting QISSN and QISSRL Carnivals

Monday 15 July

Term 3 Commences

Term Dates for 2019

Term 1

29 January – 5 April

Term 2

23 April – 28 June

Term 3

15 July – 20 September

Term 4

8 October – 6 December


Breakfast is now available in the tuckshop for purchase each morning 8:00am – 8:30am.

Items include

  • Bacon & Egg Muffins - $3.50
  • Ham & Cheese Croissant - $3.50
  • Porridge & Cereal - $3 (self-service option with milk and bowl & cutlery are supplied)
  • Fresh Fruit - $1 (seasonal fruits such as; Bananas, Apples, Mandarins etc)

Plus, the already available items of Yoghurt Pots, Up n Go drinks & Flavoured Milk

Students who train before school need to consider utilising the breakfast menu to replenish energy lost during their training sessions, however must be dressed appropriately before entering the tuckshop and must not be late for class.

Tuckshop Roster

Tuesday 18 June

Jeanette Tu

Wednesday19 June

Help Needed Please

Thursday20 June

Help Needed Please

Merna Cook

Friday 21 June

Kylie Jarvis

Nereda Torok

Monday 24 June

Help Needed Please

Tuesday 25 June

Help Needed Please

Wednesday 26 June

Help Needed Please

Thursday 27 June

Jacqueline Read

Merna Cook

Friday 28 June

Help Needed Please

Term 3

Monday 15 July

Mila Robertson

Tuesday 16 July

Jeanette Tu

Wednesday 17 July

Help Needed Please

Thursday 18 July

Merna Cook

Help Needed Please

Friday 19 July

Kylie Jarvis

Nereda Torok

Monday 22 July

Help Needed Please

Shalom Sunday Markets

New Stallholders Welcome – Please contact Peter Barone 0438 446 269

Markets Tuckshop Roster

Sunday 23 June 2019

6:00am – 9:30am

Kate Rehbein
Craig Warner

9:00am – 12:30pm

Brendan/Astrid Clancy
Jo Medcalf
John Pappalardo
Vicki Saffioti
Tracey Shears

Sunday 30 June 2019

6:00am – 9:30am

Andrew Lucht
Janelle Test

9:00am – 12:30pm

Sharon Anderson
Katumaree Nabnili

Sunday 7 July 2019

6:00am – 9:30am

Mary Buchanan
Helen/Matthew Mader
Cassie Savage
Steven Schiffke

9:00am – 12:30pm

Katie Davis
Patricia Rochford

Sunday 14 July 2019

6:00am – 9:30am

Suzanne Brown
John Delaney
Mark Morris

9:00am – 12:30pm

Sunday 21 July 2019

6:00am – 9:30am

Lisa Andreoli
Christine Buwalda-Nicolson
Trish Sellers

9:00am – 12:30pm

Joanne Godfrey
Teresa Cowell

Markets BBQ Roster

Sunday 23 June

Jenny Hawe

Sunday 30 June

St Joseph's P & F
Gemma Bush

Sunday 7 July

St Joseph's P & F
Gemma Bush

Sunday 14 July

East Bundaberg Rotary
David Baldry

Sunday 21 July

Kepnock Scouts
Chris Jansen

Community Notice Board

Drivers College School Holidays Dates Second Term

Pathway to Safer Driving – Two Day Program

Week 1 – Monday 1 and Friday 5 July
Week 2 – Monday 8 and Friday 12 July

Pathway to your L’S – One Day Program

Week 1 & 2 – Wednesday 3 and 10 July

Program information, costing & bookings please call

0741 811 773

Breast Screen Queensland

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.