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21 October 2019

Principal’s Reflection

Vale Mr Kerry. It was a blow to hear on Sunday morning, that Kerry Bolam had passed away. It will remain one of the really privileged moments in my life when, last Thursday, I was able to spend a little bit of time with Kerry beside his hospital bed. He knew he was dying and that he didn’t have a lot of time to go. But he told me, that he had no regrets. Undoubtedly, there had been missteps along the way but he knew in his heart that his life had been good. As he approached his end it seemed that all that was important was those who he loved and those who loved him. There is a bit of wisdom in that. He was surrounded by those he most loved and he had taken the chance to say goodbye. I was able to leave him with a beautiful card with notes of appreciation from quite a number of Shalom students whose lives were influenced for the better by Kerry Bolam.

I am privileged to call Kerry a friend. We didn’t always agree. He was particularly exercised and opposed at the reduction in the number of trees and wildlife at Shalom that occurred with the construction of the Eggmolesse St carpark. But most of all, Kerry loved Shalom kids. We had lots of conversations over the years as we passed in the yard and in classrooms. He was always engaging! Interestingly, we never spoke about Religion. I don’t even know if Kerry was a Catholic despite the many years he had spent working in three of the four Catholic schools in Bundaberg. Kerry was a classroom teacher at both St Mary’s and St Patrick’s. He joined our staff as a Teacher Aide. I suspect that, whatever his early background, he had moved away from any formal attachment with any Church. That said, the God in whom I believe, welcomed Kerry home with a huge hug Sunday morning. He and Jesus had a lot in common. I’m really not sure if Kerry had read much of what Pope Francis has written but those two are on the same page! Kerry would have been a huge supporter of all Pope Francis has written about the care of the Earth and our absolute responsibility to ensure its protection. Inclusion was a big thing for Kerry. A person’s sexual orientation did not matter one iota to him, he was more interested in their character. I suspect, like Pope Francis, Kerry would have said, “Who am I to judge?” Kerry was also passionate about social justice and, at times, scathing about those who held too much of the world’s resources to themselves at the expense of those who have little. Francis is creating many opponents inside and outside the Church when he speaks along similar lines.

Kerry, as much as I loved him, could be a hard marker at times and there were times he was scathing of those in my profession who cared more about what they teach than who they teach. Kerry loved the battlers. He always had time for the broken and those who needed someone to have a chat. A couple of Sundays ago, we listened to a Gospel where Jesus gave a model of a Church where a shepherd with 100 sheep could leave 99 of them and search high and low for the one, lonely, lost struggler. Kerry could not understand those who did not see how important that was. Like Pope Francis, Kerry expected leaders (and teachers), to have the ‘smell of the sheep’ about them rather than the trappings of authority. Kerry might not have been a ‘card carrying Catholic’ but far more importantly, he lived out those values that Jesus spoke so consistently about and for which he was eventually crucified. I am not surprised then that Jesus easily recognised him as one of his mob Sunday morning.

Family was everything to Kerry. He spoke to me on Thursday about the wonderful relationship he had with this siblings. His wonderful wife Debbie and his beautiful daughters, Ruth and Kate and their partners meant the world to him. And those grandkids – Mathilda, Max and Quinn they were just the greatest! To all of Kerry’s family, our hearts go out to you and you have our enormous appreciation for sharing him with us and the hundreds and hundreds of young people who were blessed by him in their lives.

Mr Kerry

School Leaders 2020

I am very happy to announce the School Leaders for 2020

Leaders 2020

School Captains Harry Packwood & Eryn Skerman
Adams: Lauren Raines & Michael Doyle
Chisholm: Zoe Hess & Bailey Kruger
Hogan: Ella McCaig & Hamish Corpe
Lingiari: Sarah Nash & Reece Santalucia
MacKillop: Isabella Burgess & Kye Burgess
McAuley: Rylee Skerman & Joshua Pole
Rice: Jessie Richards & Edward Ryan
Walsh: Jasmine Dooley & Aaron Cunnington

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles


Giving Tree

Jesus directs us throughout the Gospels to share what we have with others. Not just our friends and families, but with those we don’t know. In one parable Jesus reminds us that to experience eternal life with God, we have to reach out to those in the need.

Each year Shalom students give generously to our annual Giving Tree Appeal and this year we will once again be participating in this worthy cause. On 1 November, we ask that all students bring a gift, gift card or money to donate to St Vincent de Paul through our Giving Tree. These items will be distributed to families in the Bundaberg area who otherwise could not provide these extras for their families over Christmas.

Shalom Students with the generous donations at last years Giving Tree

Mrs Mary Taylor
Assistant Principal – Mission


Year 11 Term 4 Exams 24/10/19 – 29/10/19

The exam timetable for the Year 11 Term 4 exams is attached. Please note that Year 11 will have home study during the exam block therefore students only need to attend school for their exams.

Please note only an unavoidable absence (eg illness) is acceptable as a reason for missing exams. Avoidable reasons such as family holidays or sporting events are not acceptable as per QCAA policy. If you have an unavoidable absence for your exam, you must see/contact your classroom teacher as soon as possible with appropriate documentation (eg medical certificate) to organise an alternative exam time.

Mr Brendan Maher
Assistant Principal – Administration

ROSA Awards

ROSA (Recognition of Student Application) Awards are presented to students each term. This award program recognises student application to their studies. Students from Years 7, 8 and 9 are nominated by their classroom teachers and then certificates are presented to students.

We value the importance of acknowledging students who are motivated, show perseverance and work diligently to reach their potential. The ‘goal posts’ for all our students are different, however all students are capable of achieving their own success targets.

Our Term 3 ROSA Awards have been announced and students have received their certificates at House Assembly. A full list has been included below:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Neha Alex

Irene Abraham

Joaquin Arriola

Zain Ali

Samuel Aitkenhead

Charlie Aslett

Ethan Anderson

Bella Allison

Faith Asubonteng

Kai Applebee

Julia Balchin

Bradley Balchin

Isabel Arnedo Adriaens

Lana Bauer

Stefania Barbera

Tenamo Arobati

Cooper Black

Kieran Barrett

Jayden Asnicar

Libby Boas

Jesse Beveridge

Lily Austin

Emma Bolton-Turner

Maegan Bowden

Flynn Barber

Gabrielle Bonanno

Ronan Boylan

Mia Bielenberg

Samuel Brillante

Laney Brooks

Ella Bigg

Henry Brophy

Jessica Brooks

Alexandria Birznieks

Charlotte Browne

Amara Burns

Dominic Blank

Archie Burey

Grace Bushell

Jazmin Bowles

Anna Capulong

Holly Cahill

Aden Broadfoot

Talitha Cattell

Bailey Canino

Luke Cahill

Finn Christensen

Katelyn Carige

Shaun Chaplin

Finley Christiansen

Briana Carroll

Bellah Cornale

Patrick Connolly

Shelby Cass

Alexander Curtis

Preston Cox

Sophie Clair

Emma-Louise Dalla Rizza

Fletcher Crossett

Frances Corpe

Reece Davies

Brianna Dooley

Patrick Curtis

Emilio Didone

Jiorgie Duggan

Jesse Davidson

Joseph Doyle

Emily Evans

Samuel Davies

Chloe Eckart

Caiden Everingham

Iliana De Paoli

Lucy Hamilton

Harmonie Fauid

Brogan Dell

Jesse Harney

Lily Fenton

Ronan Dempsey

Marissa Harris

Olivia Freney

Amelia Diab

Jackson Harris

Ava Gardiner

Ashling Dorgan

Melinda Hawe

Angus Garnham

Bridget Doyle

Samuel Heinz

Ashleigh Geyer

Claudia Elder

Kallee Jansen

Jordis Graham

Austin Ellery

Eadie Jenner

Bailey Grigg

Claire Fava

Lailani Johnson

Liam Haase

Tallan Foster

Olivia Klowss

Samara Hamilton

Damon Geaney

Toby Lamond

Chaise Hartnett

Oliver Georgeson

Ava Lederhose

Dawson Hess

Tahlia Glover

Poppy Loeskow

Tori Hill-Carroll

Tecoda-Faith Groszmann

Karen Lu

Brodyn Hilton

Kaitlin Hall

Sophie Maher

Ned Jenner

Lucy Halloran

Evie Martin

Ella Johnson

Will Hamilton

George Mason

Kaitlyn Johnson

Dane Harris

Haylee Maughan

Taya Jones

Emma Hawe

Christina McMahon

Hannah Juillerat

Nina Hilton

Sean Millett

Samuel Kenny

Max Hore

Simon Millett

Cohen Kruger

Hope Jarvis

Erin Muir

Carter Lascelles

Indigo Jenkins

Elizabeth Pascoe

Alice Lu

Harrison Johnson

Khobi Patrick

Lalana Lynch

Olivia Keech

Emilie Petts

Emily Manski

Jesse Knapp

Jaslyn Phillips

Taylan Manttan

Jeremy Lahey

Elisabeth Pitt

Bailey Marshall

Marnie Little

Taya Powis

Lilly Matthews

Jorja Logan

Steven Pozzebon

Kate McFarlane

Ethan Maas

Eloise Radley

Gabriella Miners

Josephine Manski

Bailey Reid

Keenan Mullaney

Rafe Marschke

Lachlan Royan

Lana Munckton

Erika Marshman

Hannah Russo

Keira Nagas

Nick Mason

Tia Saint

Mia Neilson

Tegan Mason

Lachlan Scott

Jorgia Nio

Cody Mather

Hayley Smits

Paddy O'Donnell

Molly McEldowney

Lani Sologinkin

Emily Osborne

Patrick McMahon

Zachary Stephenson

Jack Partridge

Nicholas McMahon

Georgie Stephenson

Slade Pearce

Charleigh McNamara

Thomas Stevenson

Jayde Piggott

Jack Meissner

Coco Suosaari

Lani Plath

Alani Morley

Jessica Taylor

Carly Poldervaart

Alex Murray

Emerson Taylor

Molly Prosser

Owen Nash

Kaydyn Vollmerhause

Eloise Ray

Alanna O'Connell

Nathan Voss

Keely Redman-Dickie

Chloe O'Neill

Abby Walden

Lauren Richter

Elyse Packwood

Olivia Ward

Zachary Rohde

Nathan Pappalardo

Montana Weder

Tyla Royan

Matthew Parker

Alexandra Whitehurst

Stacey Ruthenberg

Tahlia Rach

Chloe Williams

Jacob Rutledge

Jackson Rand

Benjamin Wilson

Kai Ryan

Zahara Reeves

Sean Yee

Katia Saffioti

Isabelle Rehbein

Arielle Yunus

Allyssa Samways

Denyin Rose

Dillon Zielke

Mercedes Schneider

Coen Searl

Molly Sellers

Beau Simpson

Elissa Shears

Meghan Skerman

Bailey Simpson

Benjamin Smith

Jorja Smith

Mikayla Soppa

Kaylah Smith

Lachlan Stevenson

Ella Staley

Elke Swadling

Lilly Steindl

Sophie Tobin

Ebony Sutcliffe

Benjamin Toft

Jake Troy

Maddison Torok

Amelia Tu

Ben Trebbin

Katie van der Heide

Renee Tu

Alyvia Walton

Cohen Um

Miranda Warham

Lena Vella

Ethan Waters

Seth Vincent

Thanushi Weerasinghe

Abbie Walker

Caleb Wheatley

Bella Walters

Jack Wooldridge

Bailey Ward

Charlotte Woznitza

Darcy Warhurst

Tahia Zia

Aaliyah Watson

Jai Wheat

Hanahlin Whittard

Alexander Wilkinson

Kaiden Witt

Aleisha Woodcroft

Samuel Wooldridge

Benjamin Wrench

Bridie Younger

Mrs Megan Munckton
Middle School Coordinator

Finance Office

A reminder to families that Term 4 School Fees are due for payment on Friday 25 October 2019. A copy of the fee statement is available through Parent Lounge.

Payment options include:

Parent Lounge – a convenient and secure method for payments of both school fees and excursions using credit card
BPAY – for school fees only
Personal/Internet Banking Transfer – using the account number as the reference
DDF Direct Debit – the Finance Office can assist with setting this up
PayWay recurring billing – an automatic deduction through your credit card
Credit/debit card
in person at the finance office
– only in person at the finance office

Families with any queries please kindly contact the Finance Office on 4155 8104 or email

Mrs Lisa Castro
Finance Officer



Preferred option is Email or Phone Absentee line 41558181

ALL student absentees should be notified to the office by 9am each day. If no notification has been received, an absentee text message will be sent out to parents to advise of the student’s absence.

Date Claimer

Please note the date change for our Academic Awards Night, the night will now be held on Wednesday 13 November.


Additional Learning Opportunities for 2020

Applications are now open for students in Years 10, 11 & 12 wishing to enrol in Additional Learning Opportunities (such as TAFE and external qualifications) in 2020. Students would attend their course one day a week as opposed to school. Please see the attached Additional Learning Opportunities guide listing the programs on offer. Please note, Mr McMahon must approve Year 10 enrolments in external courses. To register your expression of interest, please see Mrs O’Donnell in the Pathways Office.

Fee Free Training for Year 12 Graduates

To support the transition of Year 12 graduates into employment, the Queensland Government offers free TAFE courses in high priority employment areas. Eligible Year 12 graduates must enrol and start training in a high priority qualification within the calendar year after graduating to take advantage of this great opportunity. There is a wide and varied list of study options available. A current list of these courses is available here at the link below.

Year 12 Students Celebrate Certificate III Childcare Studies

Year 12 students recently held a morning tea to celebrate the completion of their Certificate III in Childcare studies. This two-year qualification allows students to seek employment in a range of early-childhood education and care roles and is also a stepping stone into further qualifications and tertiary study.

Students pictured with TAFE Early Childhood Education and Care Teacher Mrs Jody Richter.
Back row: Kasey Bastable, Jayden Wilson, Danielle Tobin, Jada Sheppard, Ainsleigh King, Keeley Bauer
Front row: Mrs Richter, Chelsea Brooks & MacKenzie Stallan

The Pathways Team
Mrs Liza O’Donnell & Mrs Kathy Laing

Monster Raffle

Once again, McAuley House is having its annual Monster Raffle with three great prizes of $200, $100 and $50 up for grabs. All proceeds from the raffle will be given to our house charity – CARINBUNDI.

Tickets are $2 each and can be purchased from any McAuley House student.

The Raffle is being drawn on Wednesday 23 October so get in early for a great chance to win some extra dollars for Christmas shopping!!

Ms Paula Van Dalen
McAuley House Coordinator

Term 4 -2019 - Shalom College After School Activities (SCASA)

Shalom College is offering students the opportunity to participate in organised after school activities conducted by coaches and teachers. SCASA also includes a light afternoon tea from 3.15 pm for the students and all activities will conclude at 4.45 pm.


Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the 4 available afternoons for SCASA.

(Fridays is not offered due to student fatigue and early departure for weekends affecting attendance)


SCASA commences in Week 2 of each Term and continues for 8 continuous weeks of each Term.


3.00 pm - School lessons completed.
3.15 pm - Roll Call and afternoon tea (supplied) at College tuck shop and set up time for coaches
3.30 pm - Activities/ Coaching starts (various venues within school grounds)
4.30 pm - Activities/ Coaching finished
4.45 pm - Students help pack up and return equipment and picked up by parents at school.


The SCASA Fee is $20.00 per term for students (to be placed on the student account - to pay later)
This is to help cover the afternoon tea and instructors/coach costs.
This flat fee of $20.00 is for one, two, three or all four afternoons activities.
This is to encourage participation in many SCASA activities.

Activities - see below.



Option 1 - *ABCs and GYM INTRO with Antonio Kaufusi (Hangar or Oval)
Option 2 - OzTag with Rylee Johnson (Oval)


Option 1 - AFL and Kicking Skills with Jarrod Burnett (Oval)
Option 2 - Boxing training with Jackson Ramsay from 3b'z Fitness (Hangar)


Option 1 - Football/Soccer with Madi Masterman-Smith (Oval)
Option 2 - Netball with Kelli Cory (Sports Centre or Hangar)


Option 1 - Cross Country Club with Mat Grills (Oval)
Option 2 - Tennis with Brendan Maher (Tennis Courts)

Other school sporting teams will continue to have their own training sessions as usual under the direction of their coaches e.g Strength and Conditioning training, Rugby League, Netball, Touch Football etc. This program is designed to give extra opportunities for Shalom College students to become involved in physical activities after school.

Please complete the student and parent details in the google form below

REMINDER - no confirming phone calls are made by the school to confirm you are in the program - as once you sign on and you receive an online response - your child has been registered and please turn up starting week 2. Once an activity is full - I will omit it from the selections below - so it cannot be selected.

* ABCs - Agility, Balance and Coordination based minor games

Mr Peter Robinson
Student Welfare
High Performance Program
After School Activities

Duke of Edinburgh Award Program

Expressions of interest for 2020

Shalom College is currently offering the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award program for Year 9 or 10 students who are 14 years of age before the end of 2019. We are also offering support to any 16+ years students who would like to complete the Duke of Ed. Gold award program or any of the bronze award recipients from 2019 who would like to do the Silver award program.

A meeting will be held for interested students and parents on Tuesday 29th October @ 4:15pm in Lingari Block, Room 6

Please email Mrs Bishop - for any further details or to express an interest in joining the program in 2020.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an international youth development program for 14 – 25 year olds. The program enables young people to step out of their comfort zones whilst:

Learning new skills
Getting active
Exploring new places
Helping out in your community
Meeting new friends
Receiving recognition for doing activities you already do

The award programs can also:

Earn credits towards your QCE (1 point for bronze)

Help you find a job – increasingly recognised by employers. The program enables young people to gain experience in many of the skills employers look for – communication, problem solving, initiative, organisation, ability to work both independently and as part of it team.

What’s involved?

To complete the Bronze award program students must complete 4 award sections

Service – get involved in your community and give service to others
Skill – build your skills in something practical or creative eg, drawing, painting, fishing or music
Physical recreation – take part in something active such as football, dancing, swimming, surfing, the gym
Adventurous journey – discover a sense of adventure and do something challenging with your friends – practice and final journeys (2 days & 1 night) The Adventurous journeys for 2019 will be in May, Term 2.

Skill, service and physical recreation are 1 hour a week for 3 months for two areas and for 6 months for your major. A lot of what students are already participating in outside school hours can be counted towards these award requirements. Eg. Music , swimming lessons, sports training and playing.

Costs: 2019 $161.00 for your first level of the award ($115.50 for each award level you do after)

2020 $164 - Bronze, $169 – Silver, $174 - Gold

Additional Costs for adventurous journeys (these are kept to a minimum)

Camping fees
Canoe hire
Travel costs

For more information on the program click on the attached link to the Queensland Duke of Edinburgh International Award website:

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award – Final Adventurous Journey

On Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October 4 shalom students from years 9 & 10 joined with 4 Kepnock SHS students to complete their final Adventurous journey for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

The journey started early Saturday morning with parents dropping them off at Monduran Dam. Students then set off in the canoes with all their camping gear and food tucked safely in their barrels. A nice leisurely 10 km canoe around a small area of Monduran Dam was the order for the day. The afternoon was spent erecting tents at the Seven Day Adventist camp ground before some downtime spent fishing and swimming.

Saturday night participants worked in pairs to cook their evening meal on trangias before settling in around a campfire in a can due to strict fire restrictions.

Sunday morning found students up bright and early to cook a hearty breakfast and pack up the camping site before heading back out around the dam exploring new areas and learning some new paddling skills. Beautiful weather made for a lovely day with well-earned lunchbreak at the halfway point.

Students departed for home at 3pm weary but looking satisfied having completed their final Adventurous journey. A big thank to Janet Lindsay, our volunteer award leader and canoeing instructor and Ron and Judy Luthe for their safety boat.

Mrs Debbie Bishop
Duke of Ed Co-ordinator
Shalom College

Instrumental Music

Concerts for Term 4

This Wednesday 23 October - The Senior Concert Band will be presenting an extravaganza of music for the annual Get Smart Concert in PAP theatre. All are welcome to come along and see this amazing group from 7.00pm.

Sunday 3 November – Year 12 farewell concert in PAP theatre – all groups to perform.

Year 12 farewell concert

This will be the final major concert for the year and we always have a raffle and afternoon tea. Could each family please be so kind to donate one of the following: raffle item or afternoon tea. Items for the raffle can be articles suitable for Christmas, including non-perishable foods. Items can be left with Mrs Medcalf in the front office, or delivered to my office near the band room. Food for afternoon can be delivered on the day. I will also need some volunteers to help with the raffle and afternoon tea prep and serve.

Band Workshop

I have some flyers from Mr Cameron Macdonnell, a highly recommended guitar teacher in Bundaberg, he is offering private workshops on improvising (mainly aimed at band instruments). If you are interested, please take a flyer from the PAP notice board or contact Cameron 0419 729 998 or visit the studio at 29 Takalvan Street, West Bundaberg.


Choir and vocal ensemble photos will be taken on Monday morning 28 October. Boys, please wear your ties.


Please email me if your child/ren are not able to attend a rehearsal.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any query in relation to the Instrumental Music Department.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Instrumental Music Coordinator

2019 Dance Night

Dance Night is a showcase of classwork and extra-curricular performance pieces from across years 7 to 12. It is a high energy, fun evening of dance that encompasses all genres, from Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Classical and Entertainment, as well as solos from the graduating class of 2019.

2 Nights only!
Friday 1 November 2019 7:00 PM
Saturday 2 November 2019 7:00 PM
Shalom College Performing Arts Precinct

Tickets available now!
$12 General Admission
$10 Student/Pensioners
+ Booking Fees

Quiet Achiever

Cristian Zandona

Cristian Zandona is our Adam’s House Quiet Achiever. Christian is always polite and goes out of his way to say hello. Christian gets involved in all House activities and is just a genuine nice guy.

Mr Joe O’Driscoll
Adams House Coordinator

Performing Arts

In the first week of the September school holidays, 17 students from Years 10, 11 and 12 participated in a week-long series of dance workshops and experiences in Sydney. Our students participated in 10 incredible workshops over 5 days at some of the most prestigious commercial dance training institutions in the country, including Brent Street, Ev & Bow, Dance Central, DUTI and the Village campus of the Australian Academy of Music and Performing Arts. They were also fortunate enough to see a performance of West Side Story at the Sydney Opera House, and Chicago at the Capitol Theatre featuring celebrities such as Natalie Bassingthwaite and Casey Donovan.

To experience some of the outstanding work performed by our Shalom dancers for yourself, tickets are now available for our annual Dance Night showcases on 1 and 2 November. Last year was a sell-out, so get in quick to avoid missing out!

Mrs Anita Stewart
Performing Arts Coordinator

Sustainable Garden Report

Garden club kicked off in Week two after a refreshing school break. This term looks like being a busy one, with lots happening. We have a large number of mini projects in mind. This will mean additional help will be required as there are more jobs than our small gathering can manage. With that in mind, we have reached out to the wider school community to establish partnerships with others in the school. With much delight we can announce that Chisholm House has kindly offered to adopt the garden and will be a vital part of keeping the garden club moving forward. The first project for the term will be weeding, mulching and taming the garden. It is hoped that by involving students from Chisholm house, who might not normally participate in gardening activities, we can create awareness about living a sustainable lifestyle and nurture a love of gardening.

Our overgrown, jungle like garden

After two weeks away and a slow start in the garden, some of the beds are looking very jungle like. Our plan is to rest some of the beds and improve the soil with organic matter, like manures and composts. The other beds will be planted with a variety of plants that attract beneficial insects, to assist with pest management and the general health of the plants. Herbs are on the top of our list of things to plant. Growing herbs will provide an opportunity to work with the catering department to minimise their expenses and share ingredients from our garden. This then becomes a sustainable way in which to provide resources the students can use to cook with. Even better, the students are able to pick the herbs fresh, prior to their cooking experience. This could potentially assist students to make connections about the foods they eat and where they come from. Forming habits that could follow into their adult lives.

Growing herbs is a great way to start a home kitchen garden. Doing things on a small scale allows the novice gardener to experience success in growing plants, without a huge physical and financial commitment. Herbs can be grown easily in a variety of containers and pots. Not only are they edible, they are also beautiful, with the added bonus of inviting wildlife and insects into the garden.

Long term goals for the coming year will be to reach out to community garden organisations to create links that will provide ongoing education. One example of this is the Bundaberg Organic Garden Club. This local garden club has recently been involved with the Norville Out of School Care association. Combined with the Rotary club the collaboration saw many new projects launched, including setting up a wicking garden bed. These beds are a great way to reduce water consumption and manage weeds.

Sustainability is a term that is used often in the media and covers many different areas of life. It’s not just a way to garden more efficiently and ethically, but a method that can be applied to living a life that nurtures our beautiful environment and assists us to led a productive life.

A pumpkin seed bound for the compost bin found life as this plant.

Mrs Kay Bishop
Gardening Club Coordinator


Qld Secondary School Teams Tennis State Finals

After winning the Wide Bay Regional Finals earlier in the year, the Shalom boy’s and girl’s tennis teams travelled to Rockhampton on the 19-20 September to compete in the Regional Finals of the Qld Secondary School Tennis Teams competition. This is a high quality competition in which the top school from each region plays off for the title of best tennis school in Queensland.

Reaching this competition was a great achievement for both teams with the Shalom girl’s team our first to win the Wide Bay division for a number of years, while the boy’s team is in a rebuilding phase with an injection of youth in our new look team. Our youthful teams had a great experience competing against many of the ‘Schools of Excellence in Tennis’ teams from around the state.

The boy’s team had some good results and were unlucky not to win two of their rubbers, only losing on a games countback. Hamish Corpe (Year 11) was once again outstanding, winning three of his five singles sets over the two days. This is not to be under-valued as Hamish, Shalom’s number one player, was playing the top players from the other regions. To win the majority of his matches is impressive. Hamish was supported with some excellent tennis from our young guns Zain Ali and Lachlan Campbell, both in Year 7. These boys are both very capable tennis players who have a bright future. Nicholas Whitelum (Year 10) capably rounded off the team playing some excellent tennis of his own. Hopefully this team can build on these results next year.

Boy’s team

The girl’s team also gained some valuable experience from this competition and hopefully can stay together for the next few years. Frances Corpe as Shalom’s number one player, played some high quality tennis against some tough opposition, competing well in all her matches. Our number two player, Katie Maher, also played some impressive tennis against some tricky opposition and was rewarded with a win in her final set of the tournament. Poppy Loeskow (Year 7) showed improvement in her game over the two days with Sophie Maher, also from Year 7, adding to the depth of talent Shalom is lucky to have to draw from in the future.

Girl’s Team

As well as competing well with the best players in the state, the two days were extremely fun with the team staying together at the Cathedral College Boarding Residence enjoying some bonding time over The Bachelor and Baskins Robbins among other activities.

A huge thank you to Simon Rathbone who very capably managed the boy’s team over the tournament and to Belinda Loeskow (Poppy’s Mum) who stayed with the girl’s in their room and provided transport. Also, thank you to Maree Schmeide (Zain’s Mum) who helped transport players and equipment over the days.

Katie Maher – Central JDS Tennis Circuit Winner

Congratulations to Katie Maher who was recently announced as the Central JDS Circuit Winner. The JDS is a year-long tennis circuit played around Central Queensland in locations stretching from Maryborough to Rockhampton and out to Emerald. This takes significant commitment to training as well as travelling away on weekends. This is a fantastic achievement – well done Katie!

Katie Maher

As well as receiving $200 prizemoney, Katie will now represent Central Queensland in the State Finals where the Central Queensland teams play against other regions from around Queensland. Katie joins other Shalom tennis champions such as Hamish and Frances Corpe who have previously represented their region in this competition. Good luck Katie.

Mr Brendan Maher
Shalom Tennis Coach

Champion Basketball School of Queensland

At the end of Term 2 and start of the school holidays Shalom had a girls basketball team compete at the Champion Basketball School of Queensland (All Schools Basketball). It was the first time that Shalom has sent a team to this competition. The competition is an open division with the majority of the team in year 9 and 10. We were put into division 3 probably due to the age of the players and because it was our first time in the competition. The girls won all of their games by significant margins including the division 3 grand final which they won by 15 points against Mount Alvernia College.

The team included: Alyssa Cameron, Mekkija Redgard, Lili Haster, Zali Haster, Shelby Cass, Tahlia Glover, Indigo Jenkins, Makayla Mortensen.

Shalom’s Champion Baskektball Team

Congratulations to all the players involved.

Mrs Giles and Mr Gills
Caoch and Manager


Some of our Shalom Rowing Group spent the first weekend of the school holidays racing against the best in Queensland. The 2019 Queensland Schools Championship Regatta was held over four days at the State Rowing Centre on Wyaralong Dam halfway between Beaudesert and Boonah.

The Shalom Rowers all competed well with nearly all of them posting personal best times;

Grace Pashley - finished 5th in the B final Year 11 Girls Single over 2000 metres
Timothy Chaplin- finished 2nd in the E final Year 9 Boys Single over 1000 metres
Lincoln Dwyer- finished 3rd in the C final Year 9 Boys Single over 1000 metres
Denyin Rose - finished 8th in the E final Year 9 Boys Single over 1000 metres
Kaitlyn Rochford – finished 2nd in the G final Year 9 Girls Single over 1000 metres
Emily Evans - finished 6th in the E final Year 8 Girls Single over 1000 metres
Piper Rochford - finished 6th in the G final Year 8 Girls Single over 1000 metres

Rowers then combined to race in crew boats Timothy and Lincoln finished 9th in the Year 9 Boys Double and then rowed with Kaitlyn Rochford, Denyin Rose and Emily Evans to finish 8th in the Year 8 Quad. Kaitlyn and Emily rowed well together in the Year 9 Girls Double to finish 9th. Piper rowed with Gabriella Miners to compete in the Year 8 Girls Double to finish 8th.

Over the weekend there was time for socialising with rowers meeting students from other schools, sharing stories of their rowing experiences. Denyin even managed to have rowing royalty help him with repairs to his boat, with Duncan Free the only Queenslander to ever win an Olympic gold medal help him fix his shoes in his boat!

The regatta was a great opportunity for our rowers to compete at one of the biggest regattas in the southern hemisphere, where there was 748 athletes representing 56 schools - racing to be the best!

Thanks, heaps to Mr Rowing, Rod Silcox for all his efforts in this very demanding sport!!!


In the second week of the Holidays, Shalom had 4 teams compete in the State All Schools Oztag Competition. The Year 10 Girls team played well, getting better with each game, recording a couple of wins in their pool games. The Year 8, Year 10 and Year 12 Boys teams progressed to the Quarter Finals but for the Year 10 Boys team, this is where their run ended. The Year 8 and Year 12 teams progressed right through to the Grand Final after some very exciting games. Both teams came away with Silver medals after a massive few days of competition. Thanks to Kelsey Henricksen, Blake Hornbrook, Antonio Kaufusi and David Gahan for giving up their Holiday time to come away with the teams. A special mention to Year 8 student Dawson Hess and Year 12 student Rylee Johnson, who were both named as tournament MVPs for their Age Division. The following students were named in the Honorary QLD Merit teams – Year 8 Boys – Dawson Hess, Thomas Morcom, Ezekiel Monckton, Levi Monckton, Jack Schmidt; Year 12 Boys – Rylee Johnson, Jake Bonus, Caileb Dimes, Oliver Moreny, Bradley Clarke.

Year 8 Boys Oztag Team

Year 10 Girls Oztag Team

Year 10 Boys Oztag Team

Year 12 Boys Oztag Team

Photos thanks to ‘Close-ups by Dizy’

Touch Football

In Week 1, Shalom had 5 teams travel to Brisbane to compete in the Qld All Schools Touch Football Competition. The Open Boys and Girls teams both had very tough pools but competed very well, recording several wins. The Year 10 Boys team, missed the finals (top 16) by one try on for and against to finish 17th in the State. The Year 8 Boys teams were defeated in their top 16 match but had a very successful week and the Year 10 Girls team made it through to the top 8, but were defeated 5-3 to All Hallows in their quarterfinal. Thanks to Graham O’Shanesy, Craig Hammermeister, Nathan Halford, Kylie Giles, Blake Hornbrook, Peter Robinson, Joe O’Driscoll, Antonio Kaufusi and Molly Dawson for officiating with these teams last week.

Year 8 Boys Touch Team

Year 10 Girls Touch Team

Year 10 Boys Touch Team

Open Girls Touch Team

Open Boys Touch Team

T20 Cricket

Today, the Junior and Senior Shalom T20 Cricket Teams compete in the State quarterfinals of the All Schools T20 Cricket Comp on the Sunshine Coast. Thanks to Vince Habermann, Simon Rathbone and Craig Hammermeister for taking these teams away.

Mr Simon Gills
Sports Coordinator

Queensland All School Athletic Championships

The Shalom Boys performed exceptionally well against the best 100m Sprinters in Queensland.

Christopher Pohlman who is relatively new to Athletics made the Final of the Boys U17 100m and placed fifth with a personal best time of 11.15 seconds.

Great effort for Christopher first year at the Queensland All School Athletic Championships.

Matthew Otto won the Queensland State Championship Boys U18 100m for the second year in a row. Matthew continues to be the fastest 100m sprinter for his age in Queensland and has achieved this consistently over the past three years.

Mr Peter Robinson
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A limited supply of Shalom Umbrellas are available for purchase at $35 each, along with Insulated Cups and Travel Mugs for $15.

Payment options include: - Cash, Eftpos or Credit Card via phone. Students will be emailed when their uniform is available for collection. All enquiries please call Leanne on 41 558 121 at the Uniform Shop.

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