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20 July 2020

Principal’s Reflection

I love looking at monuments. I find it hard to go past ANZAC memorials without reading the stories of those commemorated. I think statues and monuments and place names that recall the heroes and their stories are really important for what they call us to in the present and future. I have been really interested in the debates around ‘cancel culture’ that have begun in the United States initially and now all parts of the world. Because it is often the winners who write our history, there are plenty of examples where we have created stories, myths and legends that are just false. It is not a threat to a society when those errors are corrected. I was taught that Captain James Cook discovered the east coast of Australia. I was taught that the first fleet, under Arthur Phillip, set foot on Australian soil on 26 Jan, 1788. Both those facts are wrong. In the UK recently we saw people looking to tear down statues of Cecil Rhodes. One of the really good things Rhodes did with his enormous wealth was to establish the ‘Rhodes Scholarship’ which has provided outstanding education opportunities for young scholars around the world. How Rhodes accumulated that enormous wealth is a whole other story. If alive today, I’m sure Rhodes would be charged with mass murder and exploitation. Who and what we celebrate is really important. The House Patrons we have at Shalom are an example. I love the stories of them all. Some are better known than others. The story of Fr Paddy Walsh spending years in captivity during the war ministering to the prisoners is just heroic. Every Australian should know the story of Vincent Lingiari who really kicked off the Land Rights campaign through non-violent protest. Caroline Chisholm spent her life looking after refugees arriving in our country. They are all great stories and ones that should be remembered. There should never be any threat posed by interrogating our history and ensuring its accuracy. If we don’t learn the lessons from history, we condemn ourselves to repeat the mistakes.

Thank you to all parents who completed the Surveys that were sent out at the end of last term. The results would indicate a very high level of satisfaction with the College from Parents, Students and Staff. There was so much of what we do that was affirmed and there were some useful suggestions for things to us to work on. Please click on the link to see the summary of the data collected from parents.

Shalom College Mission Statement is a really crucial document for us. In a brief format, it explains who we are and what we do here. The test of us as a school community, is how well we live this document out in practice. The College Board has spent time reviewing our Mission Statement. It remains largely unchanged as we believe it is a very good aspirational document. A couple of important additions have been made. I would be happy to get any comments about this revised version – the additions are in red:

Shalom College aims to provide an excellent and holistic education grounded in the mission of Jesus, infused with the values of the Gospel and based on the traditions of Catherine McAuley and Edmund Rice.

The College recognises and respects our First Nations people and we seek to advance the process of Reconciliation.

At the centre of our mission is the creation of ‘right relationships’ which are characterised by respect, dignity, justice, compassion and restorative practice. This community maintains a special commitment to those most at risk.

Our mission is to create a culture that carefully nurtures growth and the students’ connectedness to their world, the protection of a fragile environment and each other. Shalom College aims to harness and channel the optimism of the young and their desire to make a difference in the world thereby providing renewed hope and confidence in tomorrow for all.

Bundaberg School Sport is back on this term – Yay!! I have no doubt that a lot of our students will be looking forward to getting back into some sport after a very difficult year. Mr Gills will be putting out information to students so that they can join teams. The sports that are on this term will be Basketball, Soccer, Netball, Table Tennis, Hockey and Ten Pin Bowling. I’m sure that Shalom will be very well represented in all areas. Regrettably, given all the continuing Covid restrictions we are facing, one of the constraints we will have is that parents will not be able to attend sport to watch their child – at least not from the inside of boundary fences. I know this is a difficulty but it enables us to have sport. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

I will be taking Long Service Leave from the end of this week for the remainder of the term. Mrs Austin-Campbell will be Acting Principal in my absence and Mr Robinson will join the Leadership team as Acting Assistant Principal Students.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles

Student Information

Formal News

It is very hard to give you many details about this as we are still in a state of “wait and see”. I hope to have more news about the event – what it will look like - in the coming days. As soon as I can give more details I will email a letter to parents and inform our students.

The date is 14 November


Students need to have a fully charged device at the beginning of each day. Students are also required to have their power pack in their school bags in case they need to use them through the day. These also need to be charged. At times students do not have a charged device and as so many classes use laptops for class work, it means the student is not able to fully participate in the lesson. Students are not permitted to charge their devices in the school.

Mobile Phones

It has always been our policy that if a student needs to check messages or access their phone for any reason they need to ask a teacher. It would be very rare for a teacher to decline the request. Students can always go to the student office to contact home should they need to.

It is our policy that if a student is found to be using their phone without asking for permission, it is confiscated and handed in to the student office for a parent to collect. The student may contact the parent on the school phone to advise them of this. If there is an issue around this, the parent is asked to contact me at the school.


A life skill students can learn whilst attending school is to learn to be punctual. An employer would not want an employee to continually turn up to work 5 to 10 minutes late each day…and so it is with school. Some students would miss at least 20 minutes of their first lesson if they arrive late as they need to sign in. Class rolls would be marked by the time they arrive at their classroom. With the number of late arrivals, it takes some time for all students to sign in.

Can I ask that we try to improve in this area


Acrylic Nails

A number of girls have returned to school after the holidays with acrylic nails. These are not permitted and so the students have been asked to have them removed.


Only one set of earrings, as outlined in the Record Book, are permitted. No clear studs are allowed either.


Under no circumstance are eyelash extensions or false eyelashes permitted; students will be asked to have these removed.

Sports Uniform

If for some reason your child needs to wear their sports uniform and not the formal uniform, can I ask that you contact your child’s House Coordinator please. Permission needs to be sought. Email is fine.

ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership Awards

Year 10 students, along with Year 12 students, are eligible to nominate themselves for this award. Students in these year levels were sent the information, and the criteria they need to address in their application, by email earlier this week.

These are special awards presented on our College Awards Night.

Applications are due 28 July.

Mrs Elizabeth Austin Campbell
Deputy Principal


Report Card Date Change – Now Distributed 24 July

As a consequence of remote learning, Year 7-10 Semester Reports, Year 11 Unit 1 Reports and Year 12 Unit 3 Reports will be distributed later than previously advertised to give students and teachers some more time to consolidate meaningful data. All year levels will have report cards published on Friday 24 July.

Please find attached a letter from our Diocesan Director, Leesa Jeffcoat, regarding Semester 1 report cards.

Mr Brendan Maher
Assistant Principal – Administration


Year 10 Personal Futures Program

This term Year 10 students are preparing for their Senior Phase of Learning by developing a SET Plan and selecting subjects for Year 11. This is all part of the Personal Futures Program that commenced today with a briefing ahead of Personal Futures Day, which takes place this Friday.

During the briefing information related to QCE/ATAR attainment, SET Plans and selecting subjects was covered. Students are to save a folder of resources that includes the Year 10 Personal Futures Information Booklet; the 2021 Senior Subject Selection Guide; the offline subject selection form and a variety of other resources. I hope that your student will discuss and share these resources with you tonight!

As mentioned in the last newsletter the 2020 Subject Selection Evening scheduled for Week 3 is cancelled due to COVID restrictions. The two parent information presentations usually shown on the night (QCE/ATAR and Subject Selection Process), subject information videos, and all other print resources will be available online for viewing after Personal Futures Day. Parents will receive links to these resources and they will provide a wealth of information regarding careers, further study and pathways. All of which will be useful tools for discussions and planning for the upcoming subject selections.

Other important dates regarding the Personal Futures Program are:

SET Plan Interviews will run from 30 July – 18 August
Online WebChoices (Subject Selection): Opens – 28 July; Closes – 21 August

Mrs Gail Norris
Assistant Principal – Curriculum


Virtual Vinnies Sleep Out

As with many activities this year The Vinnies Sleep Out has gone virtual. For schools in the Rockhampton Diocese it will be held on 24 July starting at 5:30pm. We won’t be holding the event at school but students are encouraged to organise with a few friends to stay at someone’s house and set up to sleep ‘rough’. This usually means getting some cardboard boxes to create a shelter and sleeping in the shelter. They don’t have to sleep outside.

Students can raise awareness for homelessness by checking into social media on the night and joining in online activities that will be hosted throughout the night. To do this follow the Vinnies Team on Facebook at ‘Vinnies Virtual School Sleepout’. Here you will find the links to book your free ticket. If you are not on Facebook you can search “Virtual School Sleepout” at (for the address please just use Shalom and Bundaberg). You will need to follow the team on Facebook for the night to participate in the activities.

Mrs Mary Taylor
Assistant Principal – Mission

Finance Office

Families will receive an updated statement on 2020 Annual Fees this week. This statement will reflect your current account balance with the college for 2020 and will also be available on Parent Lounge.

Please review this statement upon its arrival and should you have any queries please phone the Finance Office on 4155 8104 or email

Mrs Lisa Castro
Finance Officer

Student Drivers

Parents and Carers of Year 11 & 12 Students

If your child has obtained their Provisional Licence and wishes to drive to and from school, you are required to fill out a Permission to Drive Form and return it to Student Reception for approval by Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell. Once approved the details will be placed on our School Register.

Thanks to those Parents who have already completed this form for their child.

Mrs Amanda O’Mara
Executive Assistant to the Principal/ Enrolment Officer

Year 7 Camps

In light of the current situation with Covid-19 our Year 7 Camps that were planned are going to change. At this stage we will still be going to Chaverim each day with a slightly different format.

The students will be transported to Chaverim by the College bus each day. Students will need to be at school by 8.30 am each morning; they will return to the College each day at approximately 2.45 pm , in time to catch buses etc. home.

Please login to Parent Lounge to give permission for your child to attend the Camp and update medical and dietary information.

These Outdoor Education programs aim to provide an additional approach to the personal and spiritual development of your child and the greater Shalom community. This three-year program has specific objectives designed to provide.

  • An atmosphere of cooperation between students, which can be applied at school, in the family and on the sports field. This may be characterized by cooperation, encouragement and concern for fellow students.
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes that contribute to a sense of responsibility, self-reliance, cooperation and harmony within oneself, with other people, and with the natural environment.
  • Opportunities for participants to develop knowledge, low level skills and attitudes for participation in a number of outdoor pursuits.
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes towards a ‘minimum impact ethic’ consistent with the environment in which activities take place.

Each participant involved in the program will be given the opportunity to:

  • “Look into the mirror” to see how their behaviours, both good and bad, impact their fellow participants.
  • Participate in physically and mentally challenging activities while remaining safe on physical, mental and emotional levels.
  • Experience and practice Christian values by living and working together in an open and encouraging atmosphere.
  • Develop low level skills in a number of outdoor activities as well as a basic understanding of the associated equipment and safety precautions.
  • Experience achievement in a non-competitive ‘win-win’ environment.

The camp also gives the teacher and students the opportunity to get to know each other well.

Please see camp schedule below.

Mr Peter Robinson
Student Welfare
High Performance Program



Preferred option is Email or Phone Absentee line 41558181

ALL student absentees should be notified to the office by 9am each day. If no notification has been received, an absentee text message will be sent out to parents to advise of the student’s absence.

Health Education Parent Survey

Year 11 Health students are currently studying a unit of work that looks at the potential impact that alcohol can have on adolescents. As part of the broader topic they are investigating the effect that a young person's social environment, particularly with their family, can have on their interactions with alcohol. It is required that they collect primary data for the assessment task. Your participation in this survey is appreciated. Entries are anonymous and data will not be kept after the assessment task is completed.


Mrs Debbie Bishop

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander NAIDOC Mass

NAIDOC 2020 – Always Was, Always Will Be – recognizes that First Nations people have occupied & cared for this continent for over 65,000 years.

NAIDOC Week has been officially moved to 8 - 15 November 2020, and we will as a school celebrate with ‘NAIDOC on the GRASS in November (date to be announced).

Tuesday 14 July, Shalom Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students and staff had the opportunity to participate in the Rockhampton NAIDOC School Mass which was Live Streamed for our viewing. The Mass was presided by Bishop Michael McCarthy. The Mass was a significant event and we had a great turn out of students wanting to participate. This was our first involvement in the annual event, and it was a special Mass for all that attended.

Mrs Kelli Blair-Cory
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education Liaison Officer


Year 10 Personal Futures Day

Very shortly, Year 10’s will be loaded up with information to assist them in choosing their senior subjects and to gain an understanding of the connection between career pathways and subjects.

Students and families will have access to a subject selection guide and subject overview videos from each learning area. Students will attend Personal Futures day on Friday July 24.

Students may also find it useful to complete “The Careers Department” profiler test. This test will identify your working style and suggest three industries for you to explore and jobs that have been hand-picked just for you!

When students first create their account, they will be prompted to complete their profiling. The profiling takes about 15 minutes and will give a thorough 8-page report. This is a wonderful opportunity to be included in your senior student’s career conversation.

To login to the Careers Department website.

Go to the link below:

Then click on ‘Get started creating your account’ under the SCHOOLS option and follow the prompts.

You will be prompted to select your school and school password during the process

School: Shalom College – Bundaberg
School password: SCB

St Leo’s Applications for 2021 are Open

St Leo’s College, UQ’s only men’s residential College has been welcoming students for over 100 years.

The College is a home away from home where staff are available 24-hours a day, all meals and snacks are provided plus academic assistance in the form of support and extra tutorials so that every aspect of a student’s university experience is covered.

St Leo’s takes students from each of the major Brisbane universities, UQ, QUT, GU, ACU, USQ and CQU. They are currently open for prospective students wishing to visit as well as virtual visits.

Applications are currently open for 2021 with scholarship and bursary information available.

Please find linked below a video that gives insights into a day in the life of St Leo’s residents. In 2020, we have seven boys in College who completed their schooling at Shalom College.

Visit the website for more information.

University of the Sunshine Coast Employability Toolkit

Stand out to employers with this free, comprehensive resource offered by the USC Business School.

From ideas about developing and managing your online presence, to preparing for a job interview, this toolkit will ensure your professional skills are sharpened and that you put your best foot forward whether you’re applying for a new job or responding to the ongoing challenges in the business environment.

Developed by industry professionals, these modules give you the opportunity to take a fresh look at your professional profile. You may complete one or more modules, depending on your interests.

Once you have finished all four modules in the toolkit, you can fill out a form and receive a certificate of completion.

Toolkit 1 (Professional Branding):

Toolkit 2 (Maintaining a Professional LinkedIn Profile):

Toolkit 3 (Develop Your Digital Portfolio):

Toolkit 4 (Support Your Personal Brand in a Job Application Process):

Upcoming Events

25 July 2020 - Bond University Virtual Open Day -

The Pathways Team
Mrs Liza O’Donnell, Mrs Kathy Laing & Mrs Julia Fox

Aquatic Practices – Ocean to Plate to Seafood Cook-up

Year 12 Aquatic Practices students have been investigating how our seafood is produced – wild caught and farmed – and in particular looking at sustainability aspects of the seafood industry. As part of this unit, students researched a seafood dish, and then had the opportunity to cook this dish for themselves. The results were great – a delicious way to end the term.

Seafood was purchased from Grunske’s. Thanks to Miss Bennett, Shalom T.A., for her valuable assistance in the kitchen.

Geordan Zunker and Ethan Freney with their Pan-fried Coral Trout and Creamy Garlic Seafood Topper (with scallop, bug and banana prawns).

Sophie Cooper and Hallee Moran with their Crumbed Calamari with garlic prawns and bug.

Grace Trebbin and her Parmesan Crumbed Whiting.

Keil Okines and Olivia Zunker - Rump Steak with creamy garlic sauce seafood topper (scallops, bugs and banana prawns).

Hayley Meechin with her Salt and Pepper Calamari with cumin and paprika.

Zane Tasker with Singaporean Spicy Tomato Chilli Crab.

Mr Troy Braund
Aquatic Practices Teacher

UQ Science Ambassadors

Shalom is excited to announce that we have two year 11 students, Sarah Krebs and James Waters who have been accepted by the University of Queensland to represent the Science Department as UQ Science Ambassadors. This year is the 20th year anniversary.

The University of Queensland provides support for ambassadors through regular communication, including email updates, monthly quizzes, a closed Facebook group and invitations to attend events. The program challenges students to develop their leadership abilities and communication skills, and offers them the chance to connect with likeminded students across Queensland.

Our Ambassadors will champion science at Shalom, under the guidance of Mrs Rachael Reece. In particular helping develop and run National Science Week activities, and encouraging other senior science students to share their experiences with students in all years. The theme for Science Week this year is ‘Deep Blue: innovation for the future of our oceans’. Australia’s vast oceans are at the heart of the energy, food and economic future of our country.

Sarah Krebs and James Waters

Larissa Scoles
Learning Area Coordinator Senior Science

Instrumental Music


Choir and all vocal ensembles have resumed weekly rehearsals in the music room.

Choir - Monday morning at 7.30am
Girls vocal ensemble - Tuesday morning at 7.30am
Treble Makers vocal ensemble (Years 7 & 8) - Thursday mornings at 7.30am
Boys vocal ensemble - Wednesday lunch at 11.30am

New singers are very welcome to all groups.

Singing lessons

We are currently fortunate to have two qualified singing teachers working at Shalom College. Both teachers have limited vacancies and would like to invite singers to come along and ‘have a go’ in Term 3.

One specialises in contemporary and music theatre styles and the other in classical and music theatre styles. In the hope that the College is able to put on a musical production next year, it would be great for the singers who would like to audition, to have some prior knowledge and understanding particularly in relation to the control of breathing and basic projection techniques.

Please contact the Instrumental Music Coordinator Mrs Megan Hoban ( or Mrs Robyn Edgar ( if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

Mrs Megan Hoban
Instrumental Music Coordinator

Library News

Welcome back students! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week 1.

This week we are featuring two great series’ in the library for our younger readers. We currently have all the books in these series available at the library, so come on over to get your next read.

The School for Good and Evil by James Patterson.

Rangers Apprentice by Lisa Fuller.

See you at the library!

Miss Bella Little
Gap Year Student – Administration

Winter Sport Restrictions

BDSSS Inter-school sport

Please see important letter to parents and students regarding Term 3 Inter-School Sports.

In summary, for the BDSSS Winter Sport season to be successful during this unprecedented COVID era, students are required to

  1. Be dropped at and collected from their sport venue (unless travelling with their team in school arranged transport) – NO PARENT ENTRY TO ANY SPORT SITE
  2. Be ready to play their game – no change rooms will be available
  3. Bring a NAMED water bottle to games
  4. Be aware there are NO canteen facilities available at any venue

Mr Simon Gills
Spors Coordinator


Good day all eSports fans and families. We have joined the Shalom College After School Activities (SCASA) in Term 3 to continue sharing our eSports passion. If you join, the proceedings of each afternoon will be as follows - we meet for a roll call and afternoon tea (supplied) by the College tuckshop at 3:15pm before heading into practise. We finish our activity at 4:40pm where students will then return to the College tuckshop to be collected. SCASA starts in week 2 of the term and will see League of Legends (2v2 Howling Abyss, ARAM 5v5 and Summoner’s Rift 5v5) run on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

CHECK OUT the E-Sport Video in this location: N:\Extra Curricular


The SCASA Fee is $20.00 per term for each student.
This is to help cover the afternoon tea and instructors/coach costs.
This flat fee of $20.00 is for one, two or all three afternoons activities.
This is to encourage participation in many SCASA activities.

Please complete the student and parent details in the google form below

Howling Abyss 2v2 (League of Legends)

ARAM 5v5

Summoner’s Rift 5v5

Mr Gavin Hill
eSports Coordinator

Uniform Shop Online!

Uniform Shop Opening Hours – Term Time

  • Monday 8:00am – 12:00pm
  • Tuesday 8:00am – 12:00pm
  • Wednesday 8:00am – 12:00pm
  • Thursday 8:00am – 12:00pm
  • Friday – Closed



Phone: 41 558 121

Mrs Leanne Barker
Uniform Shop Co-ordinator

Term Dates for 2020

Term 1

28 January – 3 April

Term 2

20 April – 26 June

Term 3

13 July – 18 September

Term 4

6 October – 4 December


Breakfast is now available in the tuckshop for purchase each morning 8:00am – 8:30am.

Items include

Bacon & Egg Muffins - $3.50
Ham & Cheese Croissant - $3.50
Porridge & Cereal - $3 (self-service option with milk and bowl & cutlery are supplied)
Fresh Fruit - $1 (seasonal fruits such as; Bananas, Apples, Mandarins etc.)
Plus, the already available items of Yoghurt Pots, Up n Go drinks & Flavoured Milk

Students who train before school need to consider utilising the breakfast menu to replenish energy lost during their training sessions, however must be dressed appropriately before entering the tuckshop and must not be late for class.

Tuckshop Roster

Tuesday 21 July

Jeanette Tu

Wednesday 22 July

Angela Jackson

Thursday 23 July

Merna Cook

Volunteer required please

Friday 24 July

Kylie Jarvis

Nereda Torok

Monday 27 July

Tia Booth

Tuesday 28 July

Stacey Tindel

Wednesday 29 July

Volunteer required please

Thursday 30 July

Merna Cook

Melanie Forey

Friday 31 July

Jeanette Rand

Monday 3 August

Wanita Ellis

Shalom Sunday Markets

Shalom Markets will continue to operate (with restrictions) until further notice!

  • Fresh food stalls fruit, vegetable & local food products
  • BBQ and tuckshop are operating, social distancing practices are in place
  • Social distancing to include gaps between stalls (all outdoors)


we NEED volunteers for the Markets Tuckshop or BBQ, if you have any queries please contact Leanne via email –

Community Notice Board

Back to School Support from Headspace

The Youth Hub

The Catholic Parish of Bundaberg

Catholic Parish Bulletin

COVID-19 Precautions

Mass Timetable

Triple P

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.