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10 August 2020

Principal’s Reflection

The sayings ‘I don’t know whether I am coming or going,’ and ‘I don’t know whether I am Arthur or Martha,’ both suggest confusion and that is how Father Bernie at my parish mass on Saturday night commenced his homily. He said that he lives out of two houses – sleeps in one, eats in the other; he goes to three different parish offices to work; he drives into a driveway and then realises that he needs to be at the other office…and so the above sayings applied to the week he’d had.

To put the above in context: The parish is in the middle of moving to a brand new parish office; the parish house has been sold and a new apartment has been purchased for Father. However a complete shift out of all of these has not been completed.

He said that he was sitting down on Saturday afternoon to write a scintillating homily (his words!) when he realised that he needed to be at the church for the sacrament of reconciliation that a group of children from the local parish school were to receive. As he left, without a homily written, he thought that he would just “put the homily in God’s hands.”

Father Bernie stated that Mary MacKillop, who is one of our House patrons here at Shalom, often “left things in God’s hands and that God would work it out.”

We celebrated the feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop at mass that night (8 August, the anniversary of her death) as Mary MacKillop College is attached to our parish along with the Josephite sisters.

Mary was born in Victoria to Scottish immigrants. She was the eldest of eight children and spent her early years working to support her family. At the age of 24 she dedicated her life to God and took on the name “Mary of the Cross”.

Along with Fr Julian Tenison-Woods, Mary opened a school in a disused stable in Penola, South Australia. Her vision was to provide education for underprivileged children. Many other women came to join her there, and Mary and Julian founded Australia’s first religious order: the Sisters of St Joseph.

Mary and the Sisters were committed to serving the poor – to going to where the need was and living amongst those in need. This took Mary all over Australia to many rural areas.

She dedicated her life to the service of the poor. She dedicated her life to the promotion of education, particularly in small towns that might not otherwise have had a school.

Mary’s legacy to the world today is not only what the Josephite sisters are doing now. It is also the example of her own goodness, of her love for all people, especially the most marginalised and her deep faith and trust in the providence of God. (

Courage, determination and her tremendous faith are the particular virtues that led Mary to being the first Australian saint. Mary MacKillop is a great religious role model. Her legacy of compassion has inspired hundreds of Australians to be better people, and to help those less fortunate. › my-family-my-faith › blog › why-st-.

This month on School TV - School Refusal

School refusal, sometimes called school avoidance or school phobia, is not uncommon. It is different to ‘wagging’ or truancy and is often related to worry or anxiety-related issues about going to school. School refusal may start gradually or happen suddenly. Although it is normal for a child to occasionally miss a day of school, parents should only be concerned if a child regularly complains about feeling sick or often asks to stay home due to minor physical complaints.

School refusal is a complex issue as there is rarely a single cause. It affects children of all ages across primary and secondary levels. It can often occur during times of transition at school. More recently, the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the educational experience of all students, affecting some more than others. Dealing with a school refusal child can affect the whole family, adding pressure to an already challenging time. School refusal is not considered a formal psychiatric diagnosis. It’s a name given to an emotional and/or behavioural problem.

In this edition of School TV, adult carers will learn how best to approach this issue and work towards a solution. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to this month's edition

Covid – Stay home if unwell. Again, it is the world in which we find ourselves but the days of ‘soldiering on’ in the face of colds and flus are not OK anymore. Please, if your child is displaying flu-like symptoms, please keep them home for everyone’s safety.

Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell
Acting Principal

Newsletter Articles

Year 10 SET Planning

Thank you to those students and parents who have already booked their SET Plan interviews. The new booking system is working very well and the interview time slots are booking up fast. Just a reminder of key dates:

18 August:

SET P Interviews finish

21 August:

WebChoice online subject selection closes

21 August:

SET Plans to be completed and submitted to interviewer

If you are looking for any further information or resources remember to visit our Personal Futures portal in the link below. If there is any further questions, please have your student contact the staff below for assistance around these areas:

Current achievement and suitability for a senior subject: contact their current subject teacher/s

ATAR/QCE: Mrs Janelle Ivers (Senior Schooling Coordinator)
University and other Pathways: Mrs Liza O’Donnell (Pathways Coordinator)
Specific Senior Subject: Learning Area Coordinator

Middle School Subject Selection information evening

Due to crowd restrictions in place for COVID-19 we will not run the 2021 Middle School Subject Selection Information Evening on Tuesday 18 August. The Year 9 and 10 Subject Selection Booklet for 2021 and parent presentations will be available on the College website in the link below from Wednesday 12 August. Year 8 and 9 students and parents will receive further information via email in the coming week. The timelines around Year 8 and Year 9 subject selections are:

12 August:

Year 9 and 10 Subject Selection Booklet 2021 released online

14 August:

Edval WebChoices portal opens for students to make selections

28 August

Edval WebChoices portal closes

28 August:

Submission of signed Edval WebChoices receipt to Student Reception

Year 12 External Assessments (Examinations)

The External Assessment - Directions for Students, External Assessment Equipment List and Calculator guidelines has been published by QCAA. This information is available on the Shalom Intranet for all students under the “Assessment and Reporting” tab. It is also available on the College website in the Year 12 External Assessment section.

Mrs Gail Norris
Assistant Principal – Curriculum


Shalom Day 20 August

As with everything this year, Shalom Day celebrations have been impacted by the current situation. We will be having our Shalom Day Liturgy but unfortunately this year we cannot invite any grandparents or parents. This is usually one of the highlights of our day that we will hopefully reintroduce next year.

Another change this year is the inclusion of the House Relays that would have normally been held at our Athletics Carnival. This will help raise the excitement levels in time for our House dance off at the end of the day.

Shalom Day is a free dress day where students are allowed to wear casual clothes. Please ensure your child does not wear singlet or crop tops, short shorts or ripped jeans. They need to wear closed in shoes due to safety regulations. They will require a hat but it does not have to be a school hat – caps are fine. We will collect a gold coin donation for their House charity.

We also ask that students do not bring school bags. They will not require books or laptops/iPads so a small bag that can be carried by student for the day containing lunch, hat, water bottle, sunscreen etc.

Relay for Life

Molly Dawson – what an inspiration! Molly was the Face of Relay for Life 2020 which was a virtual event this year. Small groups gathered all over Bundaberg to raise awareness and money for the Cancer Council while they tuned into the live stream event. Molly’s interview was frank and honest as she spoke how the experience had changed her outlook on life. If you would like to watch the video here is the link.

This year Shalom College participated in Relay for Life with about 50 students gathering in the Sports Centre for 4 hours to walk and remember. Many of these students had very personal reasons for attending and they walked and supported each other. Many groups continued their relay after they went home.

A massive THANK YOU needs to go to Shalom’s AV Team who were the techno knowledge behind the live stream event. Hours went into the set up and preproduction and the final product on the day was spot on. Murray, Terry, Ben and team – the unsung heroes of the event.

The Youth Hub

Mrs Mary Taylor
Assistant Principal – Mission

Student Drivers

Parents and Carers of Year 11 & 12 Students

If your child has obtained their Provisional Licence and wishes to drive to and from school. You, are required to fill out a Permission to Drive Form and return it to Student Reception for approval by Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell. Once approved the details will be placed on our School Register.

Thanks to those Parents who have already completed this form for their child.

Mrs Amanda O’Mara
Executive Assistant to the Principal/ Enrolment Officer

Year 7 Camps

In light of the current situation with Covid-19 our Year 7 Camps that were planned are going to change. At this stage we will still be going to Chaverim each day with a slightly different format.

The students will be transported to Chaverim by the College bus each day. Students will need to be at school by 8.30 am each morning; they will return to the College each day at approximately 2.45 pm, in time to catch buses etc. home.

Please login to Parent Lounge to give permission for your child to attend the Camp and update medical and dietary information.

These Outdoor Education programs aim to provide an additional approach to the personal and spiritual development of your child and the greater Shalom community. This three-year program has specific objectives designed to provide.

  • An atmosphere of cooperation between students, which can be applied at school, in the family and on the sports field. This may be characterized by cooperation, encouragement and concern for fellow students.
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes that contribute to a sense of responsibility, self-reliance, cooperation and harmony within oneself, with other people, and with the natural environment.
  • Opportunities for participants to develop knowledge, low level skills and attitudes for participation in a number of outdoor pursuits.
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes towards a ‘minimum impact ethic’ consistent with the environment in which activities take place.

Each participant involved in the program will be given the opportunity to:

  • “Look into the mirror” to see how their behaviours, both good and bad, impact their fellow participants.
  • Participate in physically and mentally challenging activities while remaining safe on physical, mental and emotional levels.
  • Experience and practice Christian values by living and working together in an open and encouraging atmosphere.
  • Develop low level skills in a number of outdoor activities as well as a basic understanding of the associated equipment and safety precautions.
  • Experience achievement in a non-competitive ‘win-win’ environment.

The camp also gives the teacher and students the opportunity to get to know each other well.

Please see camp schedule below.

Mr Peter Robinson
Student Welfare
High Performance Program



Preferred option is Email or Phone Absentee line 41558181

ALL student absentees should be notified to the office by 9am each day. If no notification has been received, an absentee text message will be sent out to parents to advise of the student’s absence.


Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries – Now is the Time to Start Researching

A scholarship can help you get on your way to achieving your further study dreams by covering the costs of textbooks, course fees, equipment, accommodation and living costs.

Did you know that there are currently 4200 scholarships available to Australian students?

It is reported that tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of grants and scholarships for courses in Australia go begging every year because students don’t know about them or don’t have the confidence to apply because they don’t think they will be successful. You can apply for as many scholarships as you like, so make the most of the opportunities. Remember, if you don’t give it a go you’ll never know. Check out what is on offer and apply, apply, apply.

Application Tips

Applying for a scholarship, a bursary, or a grant, can be quite a daunting experience. Often there’s quite a bit of paperwork involved and each application will require your focused attention to give you the best chances of being successful. Here is some helpful advice on completing your applications, to help you ensure you have given yourself the best chance of securing that all important funding.

Ensure You’re Eligible - Before you apply, make sure you meet all the necessary criteria for applying. Don’t waste time applying for something you aren’t even eligible for.

Read Instructions Carefully - This might sound obvious. Pay very close attention to the application instructions to make sure you don’t unwittingly disqualify yourself through carelessness.

Assess What They’re Looking For - Look beyond the eligibility criteria to uncover exactly what it is the funding administrators are looking for. This will require you to do research. Find out what the aims, objectives, mission of those assessing your application. Perhaps you can investigate the background, qualifications, experience of previous recipients of the award?

Show How You Meet the Requirements - Do this by giving concrete examples of how you meet each of their criteria.

Don’t Miss the Deadline - Again another one that may seem obvious, but you don’t want to eliminate yourself from the running through failing to get your application in on time.

Avoid Telling a Sob Story - Don’t go for the sympathy vote in your application, there will be lots of people in similar or even worse situations. Simply lay things out factually and show how you are doing your best to overcome the challenges facing you. Demonstrate how this funding will make a difference to your life and how it will help you achieve your goals.

Search the Good Universities Guide refining results by your field of study and state.

IGLU Student Accommodation Regional Scholarship – Rental Support for Regional Students

The Iglu Regional Scholarship enables eligible students from across Australia to live in a fully furnished share apartment while undertaking an undergraduate degree at an Iglu partner university. Students who apply for an Iglu Regional Scholarship could enjoy rental assistance of up to $8,000 in Sydney, $6,700 in Melbourne and $3,900 in Brisbane during their first year of living at Iglu.

Note that this is a new format from previous years. Applications can be submitted online. If you need assistance please contact the Pathways Office.

Download the Iglu Scholarship Brochure at the link below.

Apply online at IGLU

TAFE Scholarships for School Leavers

Scholarships are now open for school leaver applications. For a list of available scholarships and application instructions go to the link below.

Applications close on 27 August for study in Semester 1, 2021. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

TAFE Offers Fee Free Training for Year 12 Graduates

To support Year 12 graduates into work, the Queensland Government is again offering free TAFE in high priority areas. Please note that this list is subject to change. See the link for the full list.

QTAC Key Dates 2020-21

The attached document lists all due dates for applications, document submissions and preferences through QTAC.

The Pathways Team
Mrs Liza O’Donnell, Mrs Kathy Laing & Mrs Julia Fox

Quiet Achiever

Ellie Greer
Year 12 Student Ellie Greer is this week’s quiet achiever. Ellie has always demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities. Ellie constantly considers others and will endeavour to do all that she can to assist. When required, Ellie will always put her hand up to help.

Mr Joe O’Driscoll
Adams House Coordinator

Instrumental Music


Choir and all vocal ensembles have resumed weekly rehearsals in the music room.

Choir - Monday morning at 7.30am

Girls vocal ensemble - Tuesday morning at 7.30am

Treble Makers vocal ensemble (Years 7 & 8) - Thursday mornings at 7.30am

Boys vocal ensemble - Wednesday lunch at 11.30am

New singers are very welcome to all groups.

Singing lessons

We are currently fortunate to have two qualified singing teachers working at Shalom College. Both teachers have limited vacancies and would like to invite singers to come along and ‘have a go’ in Term 3.

One specialises in contemporary and music theatre styles and the other in classical and music theatre styles. In the hope that the College is able to put on a musical production next year, it would be great for the singers who would like to audition, to have some prior knowledge and understanding particularly in relation to the control of breathing and basic projection techniques.

Please contact the Instrumental Music Coordinator Mrs Megan Hoban ( or Mrs Robyn Edgar ( if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

Mrs Megan Hoban
Instrumental Music Coordinator

Library News

This week we are featuring two great series’ in the library for both our younger and older readers. These are both fantastic reads and I would greatly recommend them to any reader who loves action and adventure.

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer.

The Last Thirteen by James Phelan.

Another reminder to all students to bring back overdue library books ASAP.

See you at the library!

Miss Bella Little
Gap Year Student - Administration



Week one of the Hockey for Winter Sports saw Shalom Red take on Shalom Black in a hard fought tussle. The teams were level pegged at half time with 2 goals each to Ethan Rach for Shalom Red and Cohen Usher for Shalom Black. Shalom Red nudged ahead in the second half with a family combination of goals to Samuel Aitkenhead, Hailey Kendall and Emma Kendall. Frustration was felt by a number of players who’s shots either hit the post, were not quite hit from inside the circle (controversy), or only just missed the box. Cohen Usher finished off the Days scoring with a beautiful goal to claim his hattrick for the day. Final score 5:3 with Shalom Red the victors. The game was played in great spirit and the tapping of sticks at the end, as opposed to shaking hands with opponents, will take some getting used to.

Special mention to Amelia Walsh for volunteering to play keeper for Shalom RED. First time she has even put on the Goalie Gear. Well Done. Harrison Gardiner was strong in defence for Shalom Black. Players of the week: Cohen Usher for Shalom Black; and Ethan Rach for Shalom Red.

Mrs Susan Kendall
Hockey Coach


Open Team

Our Open Red Netball team lost to Bundy High 22-10. However, without neither of our shooters there I think the girls did extremely well. Our defenders all stepped up and had a go in goal with Angel Cory scoring 1, Isabella Burgess and Sarah Nash scoring 2 each and Pelenatita Kaufusi scoring 5 in a row in the last quarter to double our game total.

Mrs Julia Fox
Netball Coach

Year 9 Team

Year 9 Shalom Red netball team had a very convincing first-up win against Bundaberg North SHS. After not playing netball for quite a long time, the girls were sharp and accurate, winning 35-2. MVP was Tahlia Baretta with a number of outstanding intercepts.

Mrs Melinda Pearson
Netball Coach

Year 8 Team

Netball 8 Red were victorious for their first game! MVP Georgie Stephenson.

Mrs Jo-Anne Thomson
Netball Coach

Table Tennis

Division One

Amelia Tu, Tahia Zia and Braydon Chapman defeated the Bundaberg Christian College team six matches to three.

Division Two

While it was a bye for Shalom, Jack Helbig, Michael Connolly and Will Martin filled in spots for Gin Gin and Kepnock who were short in their match up. For the record, Will supported Gin Gin to a victory.

Troy Braund
Table Tennis Manager

Winter Sport Restrictions

BDSSS Inter-school sport

Please see important letter to parents and students regarding Term 3 Inter-School Sports.

In summary, for the BDSSS Winter Sport season to be successful during this unprecedented COVID era, students are required to

  1. Be dropped at and collected from their sport venue (unless travelling with their team in school arranged transport) – NO PARENT ENTRY TO ANY SPORT SITE
  2. Be ready to play their game – no change rooms will be available
  3. Bring a NAMED water bottle to games
  4. Be aware there are NO canteen facilities available at any venue

Mr Simon Gills
Spors Coordinator

Uniform Shop Online!

Uniform Shop Opening Hours – Term Time

Monday 8:00am – 12:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am – 12:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am – 12:00pm
Thursday 8:00am – 12:00pm
Friday – Closed

Year 7 Uniform and Year 10 Girls Formal Uniform Fittings 2021

Appointments are now available for uniform fittings, please click on the link below to book your appointment.



Currently Out of stock – Sports Socks Sizes 2-8 and 8-11

Phone : 41 558 121
Mrs Leanne Barker
Uniform Shop Co-ordinator

Term Dates for 2020

Term 1

28 January – 3 April

Term 2

20 April – 26 June

Term 3

13 July – 18 September

Term 4

6 October – 4 December

Parent and Carer Tuckshop Volunteers

At the start of each school year we ask parents to indicate their availability for volunteering in the College tuckshop.

Life is busy and forever changing, so for this reason we have set up a booking system that will not only accommodate our very much appreciated regular volunteers, but also families who may not be able to commit on a regular basis and who may have a day here or there throughout the year to come along and lend a hand and support our students. The beauty of this system is that you can select your day and manage your booking, so if something comes up, you can quickly and easily go online to reschedule or cancel. Your booking will generate a confirmation email with links to manage your booking, it can be synched with your calendar and an SMS is sent the day before as a reminder. Of course, we are also here to help - simply contact Shalom College on 41 55 8111.

For those of you who are regular volunteers your shifts have already been added to the schedule for this year and you should have received an e-mail for each booked shift.

Shifts last from 2 to 3 hours (school drop off to around 11.30 am).

No experience required!


Breakfast is now available in the tuckshop for purchase each morning 8:00am – 8:30am.

Items include

Bacon & Egg Muffins - $3.50
Ham & Cheese Croissant - $3.50
Porridge & Cereal - $3 (self-service option with milk and bowl & cutlery are supplied)
Fresh Fruit - $1 (seasonal fruits such as; Bananas, Apples, Mandarins etc.)
Plus, the already available items of Yoghurt Pots, Up n Go drinks & Flavoured Milk

Students who train before school need to consider utilising the breakfast menu to replenish energy lost during their training sessions, however must be dressed appropriately before entering the tuckshop and must not be late for class.

Tuckshop Roster

Tuesday 11 August

Isobel O’Brien

Wednesday 12 August

Volunteer required please

Thursday 13 August

Merna Cook

Volunteer required please

Friday 14 August

Volunteer required please

Monday 17 August

Mila Robertson

Tuesday 18 August

Jeanette Tu

Wednesday 19 August

Angela Jackson

Thursday 20 August

Merna Cook

Volunteer required please

Friday 21 August

Kylie Jarvis / Nereda Torok

Monday 24 August

Tia Booth

Shalom Sunday Markets

Shalom Markets will continue to operate (with restrictions) until further notice!

  • Fresh food stalls fruit, vegetable & local food products
  • BBQ and tuckshop are operating, social distancing practices are in place
  • Social distancing to include gaps between stalls (all outdoors)


Markets Tuckshop Roster

We NEED volunteers for the Markets Tuckshop or BBQ, if you have any queries please contact Leanne via email –

Sunday 16 August

6:00 am – 9:30 am

Carol Barazza

Lisa Christensen

Brenda/Colby Jay

9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Chris Dennien

Maria McMahon

Sunday 23 August

6:00 am – 9:30 am

Kate Rehbein

Craig Warner

Kylie Walduck

9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Brendan/Astrid Clancy

Jo Medcalf

John Pappalardo

Vicki Saffioti

Sunday 30 August

6:00 am – 9:30 am

Tracey Clarke

Jeanne Ferguson

9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Jo Medcalf

Nadia Tairiwhiti

Markets BBQ Roster

Sunday 16 August

East Bundaberg Rotary

David Baldry

Sunday 23 August

Elliott Heads SLSC

Laura McDonald

Sunday 30 August

St Joseph's P & F

Jess Marsellos

Sunday 6 September

East Bundaberg Rotary

David Baldry

Sunday 13 September

Rotary Club of Bundaberg Sunrise

Tony Castro

Sunday 20 September

St Joseph's P & F

Jess Marsellos

Community Notice Board

Back to School Support from Headspace

The Catholic Parish of Bundaberg

Catholic Parish Bulletin

COVID-19 Precautions

Mass Timetable

Breast Screen Queensland

Triple P

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation at the link below.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.

Drivers College

Drivers College has returned to provision of pre and novice learner driver education, special provisions have been put in place for the protection of both staff and students training on our complex. Please see below the changes made to ensure safety from transfer of the virus. Currently we are only working with one student per booking, on Saturday or student free days until further notice.

School holidays at present will be one student per educator with the 2 day program being offered on Monday and Friday of both weeks, this will mean we will only have two student places each week so if you are wanting to book please contact us early as they will go fast. A special amended one day program will be available for students with more than 70 log book hours, only 3 places will be available for these.

Pre learners program;- Pathway to Safer Driving is a 2 day comprehensive program from basic car set-up to hazard identification, crash avoidance, skid control and braking on varying surfaces and reverse parking.

The advanced program is based on less of the fundamental driving skills and more on braking, evade and crash avoidance, emergency stopping, reversing and parking.


Monday 21 September and Friday 25 September for the first week

Monday 28 September and Friday 2 October for the second week

Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 September our 2 day program will be run

at our Mundubbera Outreach Center located at the Airport on Jack Parr Street.

Dates for the advanced program will be negotiated when the booking is made.

To book please call Diana on 41811773 if the phone is unattended please leave a message and I will call you back.

In the current climate of social distancing and our own concern for the health and safety of our clients and staff, Drivers College has developed a new safe working procedure for cleaning and sanitizing all facilities and vehicles used in education. All staff are required to report any illness, students are required to fill out a questionnaire on their health and contacts for the 4 week period prior to booking. On the day staff and students along with any family entering the complex will have their temperature taken, anyone above normal will be referred to medical assistance and the booking deferred until they are cleared by their doctor. New measures are in place including more frequent breaks at which time vehicles will be cleaned and sanitized, students will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer in the rest area during the break. No staff are permitted to have any physical contact with the students.

Drivers College is urgently seeking volunteers to train up as Driver Educators on our off road complex. All you will need is a clean licence for the last 5 years and a blue card or the ability to obtain one.

Drivers College is a not for profit entity built by sponsorship of local business and a small army of volunteers who share our vision. Our ethos is to “save lives on our roads through early intervention education”. The College and our education complex is a living work, operated by professional trained educators, all staff are volunteers and financial input is used to run and expand the complex. On our wall and web site below you will find a list of local business who support us, please support them when you can as we build a healthier, safer community.