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15 March 2021

Principal’s Reflection

I often find myself telling people I know that I will pray for them. Often this is because of illness or loss or difficulty. We’re told in the Gospel that if we had enough faith that we could move mountains and ‘ask and it shall be given’. Jesus was generous and compassionate. So, we pray. Sometimes, it can often seem like, we don’t get the outcome for which we prayed. Sometimes things just unfold differently. Already this year, I have prayed for two close friends of mine who were battling serious illness. Despite my best prayerful efforts, they have both been welcomed home by a God who loves them. Prayer can do great things and it can do different things.

Sometimes we won’t get what we ask for. Recently, I was given an article that appeared in The Melbourne Age in October last year. It was written by journalist Sarah Tidey who was battling Cancer. It is a great article and a thought provoking one on the power of prayer – or contemplation – on those to whom it is directed and on those who do the praying. Regrettably, Sarah only recently lost that battle but the article she wrote is well worth a few minutes of your time.

A Clarification…. Last week, I became aware that a conversation I had recently with a Legal Studies class, had been very much misinterpreted and shared widely. I really regret if my communication skills let me down in this situation. The issue being discussed in the class was on abuse and particularly, domestic abuse. Another issue that arose, was the place alcohol can play in abuse – for both males and females. I said to the students that it is not wise to ever get so drunk as to not be able to react or to protect yourself. Regrettably, somehow, those comments seem to have been interpreted as, “Mr McMahon thinks that if you get drunk and abused, it’s your own fault.” Nothing could possibly be further from what I believe. In cases of abuse, no one is responsible other than the perpetrator. At the same time, I also believe that an individual puts themselves in great danger by getting so drunk as to not be able to respond to situations as they arise.

I hope that is all a bit clearer for anyone confused by reports of comments supposedly made.

At Assembly last week, I spoke to the students about the need for girls, particularly, to ‘find their voice’. Everyone should expect to be respected – always. A YouTube link to what I said to students is below along with the clip of the ad I stole from AFLW to help make the point that the place of women has come so far.

Open Day on Friday of last week was very popular. We had well over 200 prospective students and families visit the College. Again, if you or anyone you know has a student currently in Year 6 and is interested in enrolling at Shalom for 2022, please ensure that enrolments applications are completed and submitted by 19 April.

Catholic Schools Race Day was a great success on Saturday and thanks to all sponsors and supporters. Peter O’Beirne led a great team of enthusiastic supporters. So good to see so many past parents, like Peter, who worked so hard preparing for the event and cleaning up.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles


Term 1 tutoring, please refer to the updated tutoring timetable below.

Mrs Kim O’Shea-Hard
Assistant Principal – Staff

Year 7-8 Core Studies Learner Conferences (Parent – Teacher Interviews) – Friday 30 April

Year 7 and 8 Core Studies Learner Conferences (Parent/Teacher Interviews) will be available on Friday 30 April in the Waterford Centre. This is also a student-free day for Year 7 & 8 students only and your child is encouraged to attend the interview also. The aim of these conferences is to provide an opportunity for parents to meet with teachers to discuss the progress and learning needs of their children.

Conferences may be arranged online via Parent Lounge. The online Parent Teacher Interview booking facility will open at 8:00am on Monday 19 April and close at 3:00pm on Tuesday 27 April to allow teachers to prepare for interviews.

Whilst the scheduled interview day is seen as an important communication between home and school, parents are welcome to arrange an interview with specific teachers at any time the need arises throughout the year. Please also remember that detailed information about your child’s progress is available on Parent Lounge under the ‘Curricular Activities Due’ tab. Here you can see the results and teacher feedback on every individual assessment item. This would be advantageous to review before attending the CS Learner Conferences.

Mr Brendan Maher
Assistant Principal – Administration


Year 12 Induction and Blessing of Waterford and the Solar Farm

On Thursday 4 March we celebrated with our current Year 12’s the Leadership role they are embarking on this year. As well many proud parents, grandparents and caregivers we were joined by Bishop Michael, Ms Leesa Jeffcoat and several past principals. Our Compass theme was evident and the students proudly received their senior ties and badges. We wish them well for this year and pray it is a positive and memorable experience.

Mrs Mary Taylor
Assistant Principal – Mission

ROSA Awards

The ROSA (Recognition of Student Application) program is an award program which recognises student application to their studies. We value the importance of acknowledging students who are motivated, show perseverance and work diligently to reach their potential. The ‘goal posts’ for all our students are different, however all students are capable of achieving their own success targets. There are many ways we regularly encourage and reward the efforts of our students. The ROSA award allows for more of our students to be recognised amongst their peers.

Shortly teachers will select up to two students from each of their middle school classes to nominate for a Term One ROSA award. These students will be presented with the award on House Assembly early in Term Two. The awardees will have their name published in the Shalom Newsletter.

Mrs Megan Munckton
Middle School Coordinator

Year 7 2022 Applications Close MONDAY, 19 APRIL 2021

All applications receive an interview

May - June 2021 - Appointments for interviews allocated & interviews commence

By 31 July 2021 - Notification sent to advise of acceptance outcome

Online Enrolment Form:


For more details go to the link below:

Student Drivers

Parents and Carers of Year 11 & 12 Students

If your child has obtained their Provisional Licence and wishes to drive to and from school. You, are required to fill out a Permission to Drive Form and return it to Student Reception for approval by Mrs Elizabeth Austin-Campbell. Once approved the details will be placed on our School Register.

Thanks to those Parents who have already completed this form for their child.

Mrs Amanda O’Mara
Executive Assistant to the Principal/ Enrolment Officer



Preferred option is Email or Phone Absentee line 41558181

ALL student absentees should be notified to the office by 9am each day. If no notification has been received, an absentee text message will be sent out to parents to advise of the student’s absence.

2021 College Calendar

Please note the change below that is incorrect in the printed calendars;

Year 10 Immunisation Date Change

  • Old date (cancelled) 19 April (Day 1 Week 1 Term 2)
  • New date (add to your calendar) 12 July (Day 1 Week 1 Term 3)

Boys Formal Socks

Boys formal socks are now a compulsory part of the College Uniform. These socks are available now at the Uniform Shop, 2 pairs to a pack $21.

Harmony Week - Everyone Belongs 15 – 21 March 2021

This is a time to celebrate Australian multiculturalism, and the successful integration of migrants into our community.

Australia is one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world and we should celebrate this and work to maintain it.

Harmony Week is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values.

One of the goals of Harmony Week is to acknowledge our diverse national, ethnic and religious backgrounds to help build an inclusive society, and to acknowledge and celebrate the enduring principles of fairness, harmony and respect. This is certainly a priority here at Shalom College.

This year there are song writing and poster competitions to promote the theme of Everyone Belongs.

There are cash prizes $150 / regional winners and $300 (song writing) & $500 (poster) / state winner. Entries close - Friday 2 April 2021

For more information and to register your entries - follow the link below:

Mrs Maryann Parton
ESL Support Teacher

2021 Immunisation program for Year 7 and Year 10

Shalom College is participating in Queensland Health’s annual School Immunisations Program. All Year 7 and Year 10 students will be offered free vaccinations as recommended on the National Immunisation Program to protect against vaccine preventable diseases. In 2021, Year 7 students will be offered human papillomavirus (HPV) and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination. Year 10 students will be offered meningococcal ACWY vaccination.

The vaccinations will be conducted by a team of authorised and registered nurses from OzCare.

The consent cards have now been distributed to all our current Year 7 students via House Coordinators/PC Teachers. Any late forms will need to be returned to Ozcare directly. Only students with a signed and completed consent card, indicating ‘Yes to Vaccination’ will be vaccinated.

Shalom College 2021 Clinic dates

Round 1 - Year 10 Meningococcal ACWY – Monday 12 July (moved from 19 April) Consent forms will be distributed closer to date.
Round 2 - Year 7 HPV2 and Year 10 Catch up – Monday 18 October and Tuesday 19 October

Parents are encouraged to ensure their children have breakfast on the morning of the vaccination.

Missed Vaccinations

Ozcare will contact all guardians directly if a student (with a completed and returned consent form) did not attend the Shalom clinic session.

Year 7 students from 2020 still requiring vaccinations will be contacted by Ozcare and offered an appointment at a Catch-Up clinic to be held at Ozcare, 73 Woongarra Street on Wednesday 5 May 2021.

Year 10 students from 2020 still requiring vaccinations will be offered an appointment at a Catch- Up Clinic to be held at Ozcare on Thursday 6 May 2021.

For further information about the School Immunisation Program please call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or visit the link below:

The Public Health Act 2005 requires the school principal to disclose student and parent, legal guardian or authorised person information for eligible year 7 and 10 to the immunisation provider if requested.

Maths Pathway Info Session

Year 7 Core Studies A teachers will be delivering a Maths Pathways Parent information session for all new families to Shalom in Year 7 and 8 in 2021. During this session the staff will discuss how the program works and afterwards will be available for a brief discussion. Parents are strongly encouraged to bring their student with their College device so that they can view their student’s learning profile.

Location: Waterford Building (Tiered Learning Area)
Date – Tuesday 23 March 2021
Time – 5pm – 6pm

Mr Mitchell Smith
Learning Area Coordinator
Core Studies A

Family Zone – Information Session - Tuesday 23 March 6pm – 7pm

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Shalom College has teamed up with Family Zone to offer parents the ability to filter Internet content on their children’s devices while at home while also providing the school the ability to filter content during school hours.

For New Parents to the College looking for more information on this service and to utilize these features at home please come along to the Family Zone Information Session –

Details for the information evening

Location: Waterford Building (Tiered Learning Area)
Date: Tuesday 23 March 2021
Time: 6pm-6:30pm for a demo and then 6:30-7:00pm for anyone that would like to ask questions/get assistance.

Parents only need to bring a device if they require assistance with it in the 2nd half of the session.

Mrs Stephanie Chadwick
IT Service Desk Manager

2021 Autumn Concert


Welcome to the Registration Form for those who would like to march on Anzac Day with our Shalom College Community.

Regarding ANZAC DAY – Sunday, April 25.

We are inviting interested Shalom Staff / Students / Parents and Friends to participate with Shalom College at the Bargara Service and/or Bundaberg Civic Service for Anzac Day.

Anzac Day is the solemn day of remembrance of those Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who have fought and died for their country, and is marked annually on the anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War.

ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day is the anniversary of the landing of troops from Australia and New Zealand on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, in World War I on April 25, 1915. Anzac Day goes beyond the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli in 1915. It is the day on which we remember all Australians who served and died in war and on operational service, past and present.

Students, as you will be representing the College, it is important to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Formal uniform with polished shoes
  • Formal hat (borrow or purchase new one, if yours is not in good condition)
  • NO chewing gum
  • Sleepers or studs ONLY
  • Bottled water (It is often a very hot day.)
  • Apply sunscreen before marching

There are two opportunities to march on ANZAC DAY

(Students may attend one or both services)

  1. Bargara Dawn Service (roll call at 5:00 am)
  2. Bundaberg Civic Service (roll call at 8:00 am)

Staff, Parents and Friends, if you plan on marching with Shalom College, please meet at the designated time and place and please wear corporate attire, of a similar standard to students.

If you are marching at Bargara, please meet at 5:00 am at Bargara Service Station and report to Mr Robinson for roll marking.

If you are marching in Bundaberg, please meet outside Indulge Cafe (outdoor tables) (near Target) at 8:00 am and report to Mr Robinson for roll marking.

At the conclusion of the ceremonies, students will be dismissed from the memorial site. Please arrange to collect your student from there.

Your attendance is much appreciated.

Please complete the google form below to register.

More details will be emailed to ones who register as they become available.


Pathways Survey

Last week we emailed students and parents with a very short survey to gain information that is required to assist students as they transition into their career pathway at the end of the year. We would sincerely like to thank the students and parents who took the time to respond. One response that we received and would like to address is:

My son in year 11 has no idea what he wants to do when he leaves school. Can a student come to the pathways department for guidance and suggestions even if he/she doesn't know what they might want to do when he/she leaves school?

This is actually a very common scenario. We regularly email advice and suggestions directly to students such as online career exploration tools to help them establish their interests and abilities. Once these are established, students can gain an understanding of career areas, their strengths and further explore post-school options. The Pathways Department utilise several career exploration websites and have entered the virtual reality space with a subscription to Work Window.

The following websites are full of great resources and have simple but informative Career Exploration tools to help you understand your top career areas, strengths and help determine post-school pathways. The sites are is free however you may need to register to gain access.

The door to the Pathways Office is always open and we encourage students to call in. Students regularly pop in to discuss goals, seek advice and chat about their journey. While we mainly assist students in Years 10, 11 and 12, we are always willing to provide advice and answer questions from students in any year level.

We understand that life is busy, so if you didn’t get an opportunity to complete the survey, we are providing the link again. Please take the time to let us know how we can deliver what it is that you need.

Take the survey here:

New in from the Universities

QUT Upcoming Online Event for Students and Parents

Year 11 and 12 students and their parents are invited to attend the QUT Advice Night to have their questions about university answered. The webinar will offer advice about course and career planning, how to apply to university, study costs, and resources available to support parents and students throughout the year. There’ll also be the chance to hear from real students about their university experience and ask questions about their course and university life.

Where and When: Wednesday, 24 March 2021
Time: 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Location: Online via Zoom

Register here now to receive the Zoom link:

Australian Catholic University

ACU’s ‘Talk with Industry’ Series features a panel of discussions with ACU graduates across a range of different professions. Get helpful advice and find out what it’s like to work in your area of interest and get tips and advice for pursuing your career. Talk with Exercise Scientists, Business and IT Professionals, Lawyers, Nurses, Midwives, Paramedics, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists and Teachers. Sessions commence from 20 April. Find out more here:

ACU’s online Pathway Finder was launched in 2020. Use the Pathway Finder to discover which courses have relevant pathways in your study areas of interest.

University of the Sunshine Coast

Thinking of studying at USC in 2022? USC have just released the study guide for next year which contains everything you need to know about courses and programs, study locations, application process and support services. Download the guide here:

Central Queensland University

CQU are holding an information session on Thursday, 25 March at 4.30pm on the Regional Medical Pathway available in Central Queensland for prospective students. This session is appropriate for Year 11 and 12 students and their parents. From Term 1, 2022, CQU’s Bachelor of Medical Science (Pathway to Medicine) will provide a provisional directory entry pathway into the University of Queensland’s (UQ) regionally-based Doctor of Medicine Program. Discover the unique range of opportunities available when studying medicine regionally and hear from guest speakers who will share their experience of studying and practicing in the CQ and Wide Bay regions. Register to attend here:

The Pathways Team
Mrs Liza O’Donnell, Mrs Kathy Laing & Mrs Julia Fox

Quiet Achiever

Rachel Findlay

Adams Year 12 student Rachel Findlay is this week’s Quiet Achiever. Rachel does lots of little things to help but doesn’t make a big thing about it. Rachel, is always helping out in PC, she organizes all the birthdays and comes up with new ideas to get the PC motivated. Rachel is always first in line to help.

Ms Karli Lancaster
Adams House Coordinator (Acting)

Read Write Wonder

A place for English teachers to respond to texts they have encountered during the previous week.

Staff member: Aaron Brown
Text: Macbeth by William Shakespeare
Text type: Play


SCENE I. A desert place.

‘Thunder and lightning. Enter three Witches’

The opening stage directions of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth hardly conjure the bucolic landscape so often associated with Scotland. A rough, ‘desert place’ inspires a response that recognises the vulnerability of being alone in horrendous weather, such as ‘Thunder and lightning’.

The soon to be ephemeral, “Bloody” King Macbeth, meets the Three Witches as a Thane. He meets them ‘Upon the Heath’ in thunder and lightning to hear of his future from the prophetic and evil sisters. Pathetic fallacy has never worked so well. It is horrific weather that forewarns of horrific actions. Comparably, the weather warning us of the play’s bleak future, is not unlike the Witches foreshadowing the behaviour of the surreptitious and manipulative Lady Macbeth.

By the end of Act One, Macbeth the man becomes a potential tyrant with regicidal thoughts, after being rewarded as a war hero only moments before. The pace at which the play moves is testament to Shakespeare’s incredible ability to make the overly dramatic seem real. Never watch another soap opera, reality TV show or movie for that matter, without acknowledging how much influence Shakespeare has provided. Dramatic irony, creating an auditory response from an interactive audience, will forever be his. Shout at the TV during sport, tv shows or films and you are a victim of old Bill’s art, paying homage to his desire to include the masses in mainstream entertainment. He is the original Rupert Murdoch…

Macbeth begins a bloody rampage and creates an incredible battle zone for the Scottish people, but it is the continual reference to his once ‘hero’ status that baffles most. The warning signs of his evil were there. The warlord didn’t allow a Christian burial of the Norwegians pre play. He was no hero. He was a warrior, a fiend and easily influenced by his sycophantic wife. Post murder of the good King Duncan, Macbeth acknowledged the blood on his hands could never be washed away. However, those blood stains were already there.

Macbeth should be a play we cherish for all the reasons we cherish Wolf Creek. It is dark, murderous, scary, blood curdling… He was a monster! To be quite honest, if it was written in the modern day, it would be banned! So, year 12s can’t fail to enjoy it as an exam text!

Ms Louise Hume
English Learning Area Coordinator

Unlocking a student’s potential through music

Albert Einstein thought life without playing music to be inconceivable. Plato believed music gave soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm life. Leonard Bernstein suggested music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.

Brain function improvement for mathematics and science performance, memory and abstract thinking is enhanced through engagement with musical training. Social skills and self-esteem can be developed in the self-paced, non-competitive environment of musical training. Stress and anxiety can be relieved giving rise to confidence allowing a student’s true potential to be unlocked, revealing untapped creativity and imagination. Musical training requires a student to develop patience and persistence while practicing time management while relying on improving personal discipline seeing positive results through effort and dedication.

Music education, and access to good music education is paramount. Music inspires, teaches teamwork, is an outlet for expression. Every child should have access to music-making opportunities to create and absorb music. Please explore the opportunities found in musical training that are designed to enrich a student’s life in a non-judgmental environment that supports each person’s requirements and dreams.

Interested? Please share the information .Click here to join.

Mr Ian King
Instrumental Music Teacher

Sporting Success

Surf Lifesaving

Congratulations to Year 9 Student and Surf Life Saving State Champion Kobi Holden. Kobi competed at the QLD Youth State Championships held at North Kirra, Gold Coast from 12-14 March 2021. Kobi won 2 GOLD Medals throughout the Championships and is the QLD State Champion in the Under 14 Male Board Race and the U14 Male Ironman.

Results from surf lifesaving live results page

Kobi Holden


Congratulations to Year 12 Student and QLD State Athletics medallist, Kharla Hills.

Kharla competed in the U/18 Women's 100m, 200m, Long jump and Triple jump at the Queensland State Athletics Championships held last week in Brisbane.

Kharla qualified in all 4 events for the Australian Athletics Championships going ahead in Sydney in 4 weeks. Kharla placed 4th in Qld for the 100m narrowly missing 3rd and placed 3rd in Qld for Long jump receiving a Bronze medal. Kharla placed 2nd in Qld for Triple jump getting the Silver medal and her 200m she received the Silver medal placing 2nd overall making her the second fastest Queenslander. Kharla will now travel to Sydney in April to compete at the Australian Athletics Championships.

Kharla Hills

A huge congratulations to both Kobi and Kharla on their outstanding performances.

Mr Peter Robinson
High Performance Program
After School Activities

QISSN Fundraiser

WHO: Shalom QISSN Netball Teams
PRIZE: 4.5 kg solid Toblerone
COST: $1 ticket
WHEN: At lunchtimes
DRAWN: Wednesday 31 March during the Easter Liturgy

All proceeds are going towards supporting the Shalom QISSN netball teams when they compete in the June/July school holidays in Brisbane.

Mrs Nikki Somerfield

Summer Interschool Sport

Touch Football





7/8 Girls- Red

Shalom White

Lost 8-0

Jameisen Bush and Ava McNamara

7/8 Girls- White

Shalom Red

Won 8-0

Sophie Castelli

7/8 Girls- Black


Lost 6-1

7/8 Boys- Red


BCC Forfeited


7/8 Boys- White


Won 7-4

Clancy Doyle

7/8 Boys- Black


Lost 8-2

Riley Coward

9/10 Girls- Red

Gin Gin State High

Won 8-0

Ava Lederhose

9/10 Boys- Red


Won 11-0

Preston Cox

9/10 Boys- Black




11/12 Girls- Opens

North State High

Won 8-0

Riley Dingle

11/12 Boys- Opens

Gin Gin State High

Won 6-2

Sam Ellis

Mr Peter Robinson
High Performance Program
After School Activities


AFTER defeating St Luke’s by 59 runs in our first match of the T20 State Cricket Challenge Bundaberg Gala Day at Salter Oval on Friday morning, Shalom almost certainly bowed out of the state-wide competition after suffering a 10-wicket loss to Bundaberg High in our afternoon game.

Against St Luke’s, we amassed an imposing 2-170 from our 20 overs, with opener River Felstead carrying his bat for an unbeaten 55, and captain and No. 3 Oliver Boge also excelling with 54.

We then restricted St Luke’s to 7-111, with first change Lenny Henry claiming the first two wickets in his 2-12 from two overs, and Riley Quinn, Sean Millett, Ferdy Jenner and Logan Eade picking up one wicket each.

But we crashed to 6-62 against Bundy High, although we recovered to finish with what looked an at least competitive 7-117, thanks mainly to Oliver Boge, with an unconquered 38, Riley Quinn (27) and Lenny Henry (18).

But Bundy High’s two state representative opening batsmen both produced master-classes, each with unbeaten half-centuries as they raced to victory in 12.3 overs.

This week, in the BDSSS Year 7-8 division, Shalom Black were missing a couple of their stars, and Shalom Red took full advantage, posting a 42-run victory.

Shalom Red chalked up 6-130 from our 15 overs, with captain Lenny Henry (47) and Charlie Steele (33 not out) leading the charge, before we bowled Black out for 88, with Thomas Walsh and Ben Wilkinson sharing the honours with three wickets each.

T20 State Challenge Bundaberg Gala Day – Intermediate: Shalom 2-170 (River Felstead 55no, Oliver Boge 54) d St Luke’s 7-111 (Lenny Henry 2-12, Sean Millett 1-5, Logan Eade 1-8, Ferdy Jenner 1-18, Riley Quinn 1-23); Bundaberg High 0-118 d Shalom 7-117 (Oliver Boge 38no, Riley Quinn 27, Lenny Henry 18).

BDSSS Year 7-8: Shalom Red 6-130 (Lenny Henry 47, Charlie Steele 33no, Jack Biggs 2-12) d Shalom Black 88 (all out) (Ben Wilkinson 3-3, Thomas Walsh 3-6).

Mr Simon Gills
Cricket Coordinator


Mr Brendan Maher
Shalom Tennis Convenor

Ten Pin Bowling

Inter-school Ten Pin Bowling continues this term with some great bowling by students. Some standouts from weeks 3 & 4 are:

Alicia Nierla with consistent games of 122 & 121 Darcy Cameron with games of 126 & 125 Michel Smith with an improved game of 110 Elizabeth Strick with improved games of 97 & 99 Lydia Stewart with games of 116 & 103 All teams are playing well and displaying great sportsmanship.

Mrs Debbie Bishop
Ten Pin Bowling Coordinator

Table Tennis

Week four of Summer Sport saw full teams in our Division 1 and 2 matches for the first time this season.

Our Division 2 team fought hard against Kepnock, but went down six matches to three. Zacharry Morrish claimed two matches, with George Stelmack claiming one. George had very close games, with three going beyond the usual 11 points. Harrison Halls also played gallantly but was unable to get a win.

In Division 1, our team of Will Martin, Tahia Zia and Tayla Scott easily accounted for their Bundaberg State High opponents eight matches to one. While some games were won easily, others were extremely close, with Tayla triumphing in an epic three game match against Bundy High’s best player winning the final game 13-11.

All players are commended for their enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

Troy Braund
Table Tennis Co-ordinator

Year 7 Camps 2021

Year 10 Camps 2021

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

MONDAY to THURSDAY - 8:00am – 12:00pm


Mrs Leanne Barker
Uniform Shop Co-ordinator
Phone : 41 558 121

Term Dates for 2021

Term 1: Wednesday 27th January - Thursday 1st April (10 weeks)
Term 2: Monday 19th April - Friday 25th June (10 weeks)
Term 3: Monday 12th July - Friday 17th September (10 weeks)
Term 4: Tuesday 5th October - Friday 3th December (9 weeks)

Parent and Carer Tuckshop Volunteers

At the start of each school year we ask parents to indicate their availability for volunteering in the College tuckshop.

Life is busy and forever changing, so for this reason we have set up a booking system that will not only accommodate our very much appreciated regular volunteers, but also families who may not be able to commit on a regular basis and who may have a day here or there throughout the year to come along and lend a hand and support our students. The beauty of this system is that you can select your day and manage your booking, so if something comes up, you can quickly and easily go online to reschedule or cancel. Your booking will generate a confirmation email with links to manage your booking, it can be synched with your calendar and an SMS is sent the day before as a reminder. Of course, we are also here to help - simply contact Shalom College on 41 55 8111.

For those of you who are regular volunteers your shifts have already been added to the schedule for this year and you should have received an e-mail for each booked shift.

Shifts last from 2 to 3 hours (school drop off to around 11.30 am).

No experience required!



Breakfast is now available in the tuckshop for purchase each morning 8:00am – 8:30am.

Items include

Bacon & Egg Muffins - $3.50
Ham & Cheese Croissant - $3.50
Porridge & Cereal - $3 (self-service option with milk and bowl & cutlery are supplied)
Fresh Fruit - $1 (seasonal fruits such as; Bananas, Apples, Mandarins etc.)

Plus, the already available items of Yoghurt Pots, Up n Go drinks & Flavoured Milk

Students who train before school need to consider utilising the breakfast menu to replenish energy lost during their training sessions, however must be dressed appropriately before entering the tuckshop and must not be late for class.

Shalom Sunday Markets

Shalom Markets will continue to operate (with restrictions) until further notice!

  • Fresh food stalls fruit, vegetable & local food products
  • BBQ and tuckshop are operating, social distancing practices are in place
  • Social distancing to include gaps between stalls (all outdoors)


Markets Tuckshop Roster

We NEED volunteers for the Markets Tuckshop or BBQ, if you have any queries please contact Leanne via email –

Sunday 21 March

6:00 am – 9:30 am

Mark Morris

Gail/Michael Pimm

9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Angela Jackson

Wanita Ellis

Sunday 28 March

6:00 am – 9:30 am

Christine Buwalda-Nicolson

Trish Sellers

9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Isobel O’Brien

Nicole Schubel

Sunday 4 April

6:00 am – 9:30 am

Kath Clarke

Danielle Morrish

Helen Robinson

9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Tennille Nagas

Maryanne Taylor

Sunday 11 April

6:00 am – 9:30 am

Roselyn Hunting

Susie Mant

9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Emma Jansen

Jas Haster

Marie Walker

Sunday 18 April

6:00 am – 9:30 am

Brenda/Colby Jay

9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Chris Dennien

Maria McMahon

Sunday 25 April

Markets Closed

Markets BBQ Roster

Sunday 21 March

Shalom Rowing

Gretta Waters

Sunday 28 March

Shalom Netball

Melinda Pearson

Sunday 4 April

East Bundaberg Rotary

David Baldry

Sunday 11 April

Shalom Rowing

Gretta Waters

Sunday 18 April

Shalom Rugby League

Neil Feather

Sunday 25 April

Markets Closed

Sunday 2 May

Touch Football

Peter Robinson

Shalom Markets closed ANZAC Day

Community Notice Board

Duffy’s Buses

Tired of queuing in Shalom Carparks? One solution is greater use of the bus services. Quite a number of buses offer a short trip to another venue where traffic is much lighter. The following list are services provide by Duffy’s buses.

Morning Services to Shalom –

Pick Up Point

Bus Number


St Mary’s



St Mary’s



St Patrick’s

(George St)



Bundy High

(opp school – M’borough St)



Bundy High

(in front of school – M’borough St)



Woongarra St

(Catholic Church)



Afternoon Services from Shalom –

Drop Off Point

Bus Number


St Mary’s



St Mary’s



St Patrick’s



St Patrick’s



Bundy High

(outside school)



Bundy High



Bundy High



Bundy High



Woongarra St




Youth Support


Link to Survey below

Find Out More below

The Catholic Parish of Bundaberg

Catholic Current Parish Bulletin

Letter from the Bishop

Current Roster (Term 1, 2021)

FOCUS by: Bill Goodwin

Principal St Mary’s Primary School.

Pope Francis’s visit to Iraq: Beyond the symbolism.

On March 5, Pope Francis, leader of the Catholic Church, embarked on a historic four-day trip to Iraq, where he met with officials, religious leaders and ordinary Iraqis of all faiths.

The Pope’s visit to Iraq offers moral support to Iraq’s beleaguered and dwindling Christian community and will hopefully encourage the Iraqi leadership to put more effort into protecting the many minorities the country is home to. While much can be done to ensure the safety of minority communities, it has to be recognised that their plight has much to do with instability linked to Iraq’s century-long state formation process and persistent foreign interference.

Pope Francis's Muslim-Christian dialogue

When he was elected pope in 2013, Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina decided to be named Pope Francis. His choice was deliberate and was made in reference to St Francis of Assisi, whose legacy the newly elected pope was inspired by.

St Francis was a Catholic preacher and mystic who during the fifth crusade set out to Egypt to try to promote peace and spread Christianity. During the siege on Damietta in 1219, he crossed enemy lines and succeeded in meeting Sultan al-Malik al-Kamil, nephew of Salaheddin. He asked the Sultan to embrace Christianity, which the ruler declined to do. Impressed by his audacity, however, he allowed Francis to preach for several days in Egypt.

Upon his return to Italy, the Catholic preacher revised the rule of the Franciscan order, which he had established, to encourage his devotees to live among Muslims peacefully and avoid conflict. This move was truly revolutionary given the fact that the Catholic church fully encouraged and supported the crusades.

Pope Francis’s trip to Iraq was perhaps the most important and symbolic. It was the first country he decided to visit after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and he proceeded with his plan, despite the spate of rocket attacks and a deadly bombing in Baghdad in the preceding weeks.

On March 6, Pope Francis visited Ur, a Sumerian city that dates back 6,000 years, which, according to the Judaic, Christian and Islamic traditions, is the birthplace of the patriarch Ibrahim or Abraham. The significance of invoking Abraham’s legacy during the pontiff’s speech at Ur lies in the current polemics that imagine a Judeo-Christian civilisation in conflict with an Islamic one. By using Abraham’s birthplace as a setting for his speech, the pope stressed the concept of the Abrahamic faiths as a single tradition.

While Pope Francis’s visit to Iraq is undeniably a historic event that could help improve the situation of Christians and other minorities in the country, it has to be recognised that the violence these communities have faced cannot be resolved just through interfaith dialogue. Indeed, religious leaders have to do their part. And in this sense, Pope Francis’s visit to Iraq is a significant undertaking that could help improve conditions for Iraqi minorities. But ultimately, their fate will be determined by the ability of the Iraqi political elite to resist foreign pressure, build a stable and functional state, distribute the country’s wealth to its people and ensure their safety and security.

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