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12 November 2018

Principal’s Reflection

Principal’s Reflection

Last week was among the toughest I’ve had at Shalom. We lost Leisa and Emerson Purkis on Monday and on Tuesday, I lost a cousin with whom I was very close in a farming accident – a great guy and father to four young children. Saying that ‘it’s just not fair’ doesn’t seem to do justice to the feelings that well up. A friend of mine, Richard Leonard is a Jesuit priest. Richard has written a couple of books and, in one of them, “What Does It All Mean?”, relates a story from his own life. His Mum, Joan, lost her husband when he was in his 30’s leaving her with three kids aged 7, 5 & 2. Richard was the youngest. His sister Tracey went on to be a nurse. On the morning of his 25th birthday, Richard got a call from his Mum asking him to travel with her to Darwin because Tracey, who had been working in an Aboriginal township, had been involved in a car accident. They arrived to find Tracey in a bed with all sort of tubes and pulleys attached. It was clear she would spend the rest of her life as a quadriplegic. Richard takes up the story,

My mother started pacing the floor. She was angry. It was like one of the lioness's cubs had been left for dead and she was going to get whoever was responsible. As she paced, my mother started asking a series of questions:

"How could God do this Tracey?"
"How could God do this to us?"

"What more does God want from me in this life?"

And most hauntingly of all, "Where the hell is God?" These were rhetorical questions; but being a Jesuit, God is my game. So I ventured an answer. It was the most painful and important theological discussion I will ever have in my life. I told my mother that if anyone can prove to me that God sat in heaven last night and thought, "I need another quadriplegic, and Tracey will do, so let's set up a car accident to get that happening" - if this was God's active will, then I am leaving the priesthood, the Jesuits, and the Church. I don't know that God, I don't want to serve that God, and I don't want to be that God's representative in the world. So my mother came back at me, "So where is God then?" And I gently said that "I think God is as devastated as we are right now that a generous, selfless girl, who went all over the world looking after the poor, is now the poorest person we know." I did not have to choose between a God of love and a God who does cruel things to us. Like the God who groans with loss in Isaiah; and Jesus who weeps at his best friend's tomb in John 11, God was not standing outside our pain, but was our companion within it, holding us in his arms, sharing in our grief and pain.

In the book, Richard went on to reflect on the people who wrote to him after Tracey’s accident and who said to him things like, ‘Tracey’s suffering is all a part of God’s great plan’ or ‘God only sends great suffering to those who are strong enough to bear it’ or ‘God’s ways are not our ways’. Like Richard, I think that theology is just awful. God doesn’t wish pain on anyone. The whole point of God becoming like us in Jesus was for Jesus to be human to live life fully – even in times of despair. Jesus has grafted himself onto human history in the most intimate of ways. I can’t believe in a God who ‘sends’ accidents or tragedy or who goes AWOL when things get tough. God holds us and is a part of all that it is to be human – especially when that is really gut-wrenchingly painful.

Yr 12 Graduation – will be celebrated on Thursday of this week at 9am. Our community will celebrate and pray for our senior students. The 2018 Senior class have been a wonderful group of young people and they have been a gift to us. To all of those families for whom this will mean the end of a direct relationship with Shalom – thank you! Thank you for trusting us with your greatest possession and I hope and pray that the decision to send your daughter or son to Shalom has been affirmed. Regrettably, because I will have to attend a family funeral on Thursday, I won’t be able to attend Graduation. I know that we will farewell these young men and women well and acknowledge their contribution to Shalom.

Armistice Commemoration – Shalom was very well represented at a very good commemoration yesterday at the new ANZAC Memorial.

Mr Dan McMahon

Newsletter Articles


When it got to Friday afternoon and I realised the items for the newsletter were overdue I just thought that after the week we had just experienced that there are no words – no words can fully express the sorrow that enfolds us. Then three little Year 7 girls came into my office with the money they had raised for the Purkis family by selling ribbons in memory of Emerson. I then thought of how strong and brave Emerson’s classmates had been over the past week; and of how Flynn’s friends have surrounded him with support. It made me so proud to be part of this community and reminded me that in our darkest hour we can still find those glimpses of beauty, of love, of light.

And the light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out. (John 1:5)

Brother Rochford

After 31 years of service Brother has decided to retire. He has touched the lives of so many young people and we want to give you the opportunity to send him a message. We will compile these messages into a book for Brother to keep. As well as wishing him well please include a memory of something you are grateful to Brother for. Photos would be great too. Please send your message to by 12pm Wednesday 14 November so it can be included in the book.

Also we will be having a Parish Mass to celebrate the great contribution Brother has made to our community. This will be at Holy Rosary on 25 November at 5:30pm. Everyone is welcome, so please if you know of past students or parents who would like to wish Brother well, let them know.

Mary Taylor
Assistant Principal – Mission

Academic Awards Evening

On Monday 5 November we celebrated the academic achievements of many of our students at the annual Academic Awards Night. With a host of guests and sponsors in attendance, students were rewarded in the areas of studentship and academic excellence. Madeleine Krebs and Lucy Bowden did a great job of introducing all our speakers to the stage and our very talented Performing Arts students kept us entertained between presentations.

The major award winners on the night were:

Year 7 All Rounder

Thomas Morcom

Libby Boas

Year 8 All Rounder

Lachlan Stevenson

Meg Freeman

Year 9 All Rounder Award

Oliver Collins

Charlotte Boge

EH & FC Churchward Sugar Cane
Technology Award (Junior)

Edward Ryan

EH & FC Churchward Sugar Industry Bursary

Zane Haster

ADF 2018 Long Tan Youth Leadership
and Teamwork Award

Harry Packwood

Simon Rathbone

Aspire to Teach Award

Amy Hamilton

Samuel Freeman

School Based Trainee of the Year
Sponsored by Busy at Work

Delvina Stewart

School Based Apprentice of the Year
Sponsored by East Coast Apprenticeships

Jett Grogan

Outstanding Vocational Education Student
Sponsored by TAFE Qld

Brooke McIntosh

Caltex Best All Rounder Award

Darcy Braund

Service to School & Community

Emily Obst

Bundaberg Lions Club Bursary

Olivia O’Beirne

Gladstone Ports Corporation 2018 Student of the Year Bursary 

Joshua Roebuck

Mayor’s Medal

Ella Boas

Connor Van Kooten

Principal’s Award

Maddelyn Batt

Ahern Family Bursary (Consistent Effort)

Rory Delaney

Brother Tim McMahon Bursary

Cara Mainwaring

Brendan Connolly

Dux of the College

To be announced at Graduation

We congratulate all of our major award and bursary winners.

A full programme including all recipients and sponsors can be viewed at this link:

Photos and video from the evening will be made available in the coming weeks – this information will be announced in the newsletter.

Mrs Sandra Freeman
Acting Assistant Principal – Staff



Parents – do you find filling out the same forms for excursions time and time again frustrating? We have some good news for you!

Shalom is beginning the process of phasing out hardcopy permission forms and medical forms for excursions, sporting events, cultural events etc. Staff have been encouraged to email parents with details about the excursion instead of sending a hardcopy permission form home with students.

Parents then give their permission and check/update medical details using the Tours and Excursions tab in Parent Lounge

When the appropriate event is selected in Parent Lounge, permission is given by ticking the Terms & Conditions box and Accepting the invitation. If your child’s medical details have not changed, then medical details can be verified by ticking the relevant box shown below – no need to complete another form!

If medical details have changed, please update these using the Medical Details link in the Student Details tab.

We hope that this will significantly streamline the process of informing parents of excursion details, gaining parental consent and updating medical details.

Mr Brendan Maher
Assistant Principal - Administration

Sports Awards 2018

A couple of weeks ago Shalom hosted their annual Sports Awards evening. We were very fortunate to have Damien Thomlinson, (film star, Australian Survivor survivor, snow-boarder, race car navigator, motivational speaker, Invictus Games ambassador and ex-army commando) as our special guest and Damien spoke to us about his story, which is one of courage and resilience, and ultimately moving forward.

Congratulations to all the award winners.

Summer Sports Best and Fairest


Yr 11/12 Cricket – Team RED

Angus McDonald

Yr 11/12 Cricket – Team BLACK

Matthew Jackson

Yr 9/10 Cricket

Will Hamilton

Yr 7/8 Cricket

Nicholas Clarke

Senior Table Tennis

Division 1

Brendan Connolly

Division 2

Elise Green

Division 3

Liam Bury


Open Boys

Jackson Lester

Open Girls

Tia Francis

Junior Boys

Willliam Zahn

Junior Girls

Taylar Krueger


Yr 12 Boys

Ryan Barber

Yr 12 Girls

Lana Amos

Yr 10 Boys

Hamish Young

Yr 10 Girls

Grace Pashley

Yr 9 Boys

Harrison Foster

Yr 8 Boys

Tallan Foster

Yr 8 Girls

Kaitlyn Rochford

Yr 7 Boys

Will Shield

Yr 7 Girls

Finley Christiansen


Division A

Hamish Corpe

Division B

Riley Hunting



Keil Okines

Junior BOYS

Jack Wooldridge

Junior GIRLS

Kate McFarlane

Touch Football

Yr 11/12 Girls

Grace Lloyd

Yr 11/12 Boys

Nathan Cook

Yr 9/10 Girls Team RED

Jade Garland

Yr 9/10 Girls Team BLACK

Lily McCormack

Yr 9/10 Girls Team WHITE

Ruby-Ann Tobin

Yr 9/10 Boys

Sam Ellis

Yr 7/8 Girls Team RED

Holly Stone

Yr 7/8 Girls Team BLACK

Tahlia Glover

Yr 7/8 Boys Team RED

Thomas Morcom

Yr 7/8 Boys Team BLACK

Nick Mason

Senior Ten Pin Bowling

Jude Hellmuth-Williamson


Yr 11/12 Girls Team BLACK

Taylor-Jane Hussey

Yr 11/12 Girls Team RED

Jessica Lane

Yr 11/12 Girls Team WHITE

Georgia O’Sullivan

Yr 11/12 Boys

Shane Hawkins

Yr 9/10 Girls Team BLACK

Taila Saint

Yr 9/10 Girls Team RED

Chelcie Gardiner

Yr 9/10 Girls Team WHITE

Jayde Redman-Dickie

Yr 9/10 Boys

Chris Benny

Yr 7/8 Girls Team BLACK

Annabel Roelofs

Yr 7/8 Girls Team RED

Bonnie Stephenson

Yr 7/8 Girls Team WHITE

Taya Jones

Yr 7/8 Girls Team GREY

Lauren Fuller

Winter Sport Best and Fairest


Yr 11/12 Boys

Dylan Goni

Yr 9/10 Boys

Seth Day

Yr 9/10 Girls

Olivia Zunker

Yr 7/8 Boys

Preston Cox

Yr 7/8 Girls

Cecilia Hicks

Junior Ten Pin Bowling

Allicia Nierla

Table Tennis

Liam Bury


Ella Bartolo

Rugby League

Yr 7

Dawson Hess

Yr 8

Jack Picaro

Yr 9

Lane Crossley-Price

Yr 10

Braden Henricksen


Jai Smith


Opens Team BLACK

Holly Smith

Opens Team RED

Milee Flanders


Open Boys Team BLACK

Shane Hawkins

Open Boys Team RED

Ryan Stanton

Open Girls

Jessica Lane

Yr 9/10 Boys

Darcy Cameron

Yr 9/10 Girls

Alyssa Cameron

Yr 7/8 Boys Team BLACK

Keenan Mullaney

Yr 7/8 Boys Team RED

Xakhai Cooney

Yr 7/8 Girls

Tahlia Glove


Yr 7 Team BLACK

Gabrielle Bonanno

Yr 7 Team RED

Tyla Royan

Yr 7 Team WHITE

Jemma Waghorne

Yr 7 Team BLUE

Kate McFarlane

Yr 8 Team BLACK

Eliza Boge

Yr 8 Team RED

Tegan Mason

Yr 8 Team WHITE

Charleigh McNamara

Yr 8 Team BLUE

Frances Corpe

Yr 9 Team BLUE

Portia- Lilly Mattescheck

Yr 9 Team BLACK

Mikayla Condon

Yr 10 Team BLACK

Abby McMillan

Yr 10 Team RED

Isabella Burgess

Yr 10 Team BLUE

Courtney Stupart

Open Girls – Team BLACK

Lara Gardiner

Open Girls – Team RED

Kelsie Hansen

Open Girls – Team BLUE

Casey Wigg


Mackillop House


Chisholm House

Age Champions



Male: Caiden Everingham (Lingiari)

Female: Taylar Krueger (Adams)


Male: Connor Patterson (Adams)

Female: Bailey Grigg (McAuley)


Male: William Zahn (Lingiari)

Female: Jaime Krueger (Adams)


Male: Tobias Street (Walsh)

Female: Baylee Holden (Hogan)


Male: Aedan Leslie (Hogan)

Female: Liliana McLennan (Hogan)


Male: Connor Simms (Adams)

Female: Tailah O’Shea (Hogan)

Cross Country

Boys 12 years

Caiden Everingham (Lingiari)

Girls 12 years

Taylar Krueger (Adams)

Boys 13 years

Lachlan Stevenson (Lingiari)

Girls 13 years

Bonnie Stephenson (Walsh)

Boys 14 years

Fletcher Ace (Adams)

Girls 14 years

Holly Stone (McAuley)

Boys 15 years

Jack Brophy (Chishom)

Girls 15 years

Lee-Challe Kriel (McAuley)

Boys 16 years

Tom Martin (McAuley)

Girls 16 years

Georgia Cutmore (Lingiari)

Boys Open

Kiah Everingham (Lingiari)

Girls Opens

Lucy Bowden (McAuley)



Male: Jude Sheppard (Rice)

Female: Mia Cameron (Chisholm)


Male: Fletcher Doyle (Chisholm)

Female: Bonnie Stephenson (Walsh)


Male: Bradley Balchin (Hogan)

Female: Holly Stone (McAuley)


Male: Russell Taylor (Mackillop)

Female: Anna Smith (McAuley)


Male: Michael Doyle (Adams)

Female: Paige Hogan (Walsh)


Male: Samuel Tobin (Mackillop)

Female: Emily Doyle (Adams)

Excellence in Sport

Sebastyn Brennan (WB AFL, WB Rugby League)
Emilee Cameron (WB Basketball, WB Cross Country)
Nathan Cook (WB Athletics, WB Touch Football)
Riley Dingle (WB Athletics, WB Touch Football)
Emily Doyle (WB & QLD Athletics, WB Cross Country)
Caiden Everingham (WB Aquathlon, WB Cross Country)
Taylor Fitzgerald (WB Cricket, WB Rugby League)
Weston Giovannoni (WB AFL, WB Football)
Dawson Hess (WB Rugby League, WB Touch Football)
Kharla Hills (WB & QLD Athletics – Silver Medal at States)
Lee-Challe Kriel (WB Athletics, WB Cross Country)
Jaime Krueger (WB & QLD Swimming – 5 Medals at States, AUST Swimming – 6 Medals at Nationals)
Taylar Krueger (WB Swimming & Bronze Medal at States)
Hannah Leggett (WB Softball, WB Touch Football)
Madison Masterman-Smith (WB & QLD Football)
Thomas Morcom (WB AFL, WB & QLD Athletics – Silver Medal at States, WB & QLD Rugby League, WB Touch Football)
Piper Murdoch (WB Athletics, WB Cross Country)
Zack O’Mara (WB AFL, WB Rugby League, WB Touch Football)
Matthew Otto (WB & QLD Athletics – Gold Medal at States)
Jack Schmidt (WB Athletics, WB Rugby League)
Harrison Schneider (WB AFL, WB Surfing)
Connor Simms (WB & QLD Swimming – 4 Medals at States, AUST Swimming – 8 Medals at Nationals)
Ryley Stevens (WB Athletics, WB & QLD Hockey)
Lachlan Stevenson (WB Athletics, WB Cross Country)
Holly Stone (WB AFL, WB Cross Country, WB Triathlon)

Special Awards

Track and Field

Joe Ellul Trophy

Brycen Cory

Simon Doyle Trophy

Emily Doyle

Andrew Penningh Memorial Trophy

Hogan House: Matthew Otto, Jacob Williams, Bailey Simpson, Zachary Hanlon

Br Rochford Perpetual Trophy

Hogan House: Tailah O’Shea, Molly Dawson, Indya Hamel-Groszmann, Jessica Lane

Shalom Champion Team Award Yr 11 Boys Oztag Team


Bundaberg Volleyball Association Award

Samuel Houghton


Bundaberg Rowing Club Old Oarsmen Award

Open Boys Quad Crew of Ryan Barber, Tom Espe, Angus McDonald, Zane Haster and cox Timothy Chaplin

Shalom Rowing Shield – Nick Silcox and Tessa Carty Trophies

Tessa Carty Trophy

Finley Christiansen

Nick Silcox Trophy

Hamish Young


Eastaughffe Trophy

Charlotte Boge

QISSN Netball Shield

Amy Hamilton


Bundaberg Football Club Award

Madison Masterman-Smith

Rugby League

Confraternity Rugby League Shield

Jai Smith

Brothers Rugby League Club Award

Samuel Tobin


Brothers Cricket Trophy

Angus McDonald

Service to Sport Award

Simon Rathbone

Pierre de Coubertin Award

Emilee Cameron

Multi Class Athlete of the Year

Nathan Donaldson

10-12yrs Sportswoman of the Year

Taylar Krueger

10-12yrs Sportsman of the Year

Thomas Morcom

13-19yrs Sportswoman of the Year

Jaime Krueger

13-19yrs Sportsman of the Year

Connor Simms

Mr Simon Gills
Sports Co-ordinator

Quiet Achiever

Mia Cameron is a very unassuming student who rarely discusses her achievements. So far this month, Mia has been named Age Champion at the Sports Awards night, as well as awards at Academic Awards night. However, it is her day to day behaviour, attitude to learning and support of all house events that makes her truly special. Mia has a great future at Shalom and her humble, supportive and happy persona makes her an integral part of Chisholm House.

Mia Cameron

Aaron Brown
Chisholm House Coordinator

Seafood Extravaganza for Year 12 Aquatic Practices.

As part of our ‘Ocean to Plate’ unit, students in year 12 Aquatic Practices had the opportunity to cook up a seafood dish of their choice. The cook up formed part of their final assessment task where students investigated sources of an Australian seafood, hygiene and safety aspects in the preparation of their chosen seafood, the cultural background of their dish, as well as the necessary ingredients, utensils and recipe.

Seafood chosen included large banana prawns, salmon fillets, lobster tail, squid hoods and barramundi fillets. Students worked in groups and were responsible for the entire process – preparation through to clean up. The final products varied with some exceptional dishes created. Jaidin Dwyer, Giorgia Melham-Mackay and Lachlan Clarke produced the best overall dish with their ‘Asian Salmon Kebab’ – even bringing in their own salad. However, other groups may argue their dishes were better!

Thanks to Emily Lovejoy from the Hospitality Department for her efforts in organising and supplying equipment for the activity, and to Sian and crew at Grunskes Seafood for helping prepare the order.

Troy Braund
Aquatic Practices Teacher.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award 2019

Compulsory meeting

We will be having a meeting on Tuesday 13 November at 5pm in Mackillop 3 for all interested students and parents. This meeting will outline how Shalom can help you be part of this exciting adventure including expectations, costs etc

If you are interested in taking part in this exciting opportunity please email Mrs Bishop ( or Mrs Amey ( to register your interest.

For more information on the Duke of Ed awards click on the weblink below

Mrs Debbie Bishop

Cambodia Community Service Trip 2019

I know that we are coming towards the end of 2018, but we are already looking forward to meeting our new travellers for the 2019 Cambodia Community Service Trip. If your child is currently in Year 10 and you are interested in finding out more about this unique adventure, we will be holding an information session in the staffroom on Tuesday 20th November at 6:00 pm.

If you cannot attend this session, but are still interested in what our trip has to offer your traveller, please email Mrs Jacqui Smith for more details.

Mrs Jacqui Smith

Information Technology

Yr12 Laptops

For the Yr12 students who have been leasing a Shalom Laptop since the beginning of Yr10, your laptop is yours to keep. Please note the software information below before the device leaves the College.

For those students who are leasing a Shalom laptop and were not a Shalom Student at the beginning of Yr10 in 2016, you will have the option to buy out the laptop by paying the remaining balance on the lease. Please enquire with the College Finance team as to the buyout value of your laptop. If you choose not to the buy out the device, it will need to be returned prior to Graduation Day.


As most of the software is licensed to Shalom College, we cannot let the laptops go home without them being wiped. We will re-load Windows 10 onto these devices in which you can claim a free license key from the following location – Intranet > Utilities > Software web store.

Note – Windows 10 does not come with Microsoft Office.

We do not want to chase you however we will be keeping a list of those who have had their Shalom laptops wiped. If you do not bring in your laptop, please be aware that Windows, Office, Adobe and other software licenses will expire and therefore become unusable.

Final Warranty and Repair claims

Please note the HP warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) ends on 30 November 2018. If your device has an issue and needs to be looked at, you will need to bring it to the IT Unit before 28 November so we can assess it and get it repaired. If you bring your laptop to the IT Unit after 28 November, there is a high possibility of this not being logged due to limited resources available.

Just a reminder the HP ADP excess is only $60.50. If you have not claimed any of the three parts this year, you will be able to utilise them up to 30 November for any claims.

Please remember it is your responsibility to get the device fixed. After you graduate, the ownership of the device will change from Shalom College to yourself and therefore the College will not be responsible for any damages or will we be assisting with wiping the devices after this time.

Yr10 & Yr11 Shalom Laptops

Final Warranty and Repair claims

With all school laptops, the College purchased 3yr HP warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP). The ADP covers each user with up to three parts per calendar year which you can claim from and get fixed for $60.50 per claim. As the device belongs to Shalom College until you graduate, we require ALL damages to be repaired this year. For example if you only have a cracked screen, this normally is quite an expensive part ($500-$800) that can be fixed under ADP for $60.50 if it’s deemed an accident.

We would certainly appreciate if students can be proactive and bring devices into the IT department as we will be performing class checks soon and we will keep a list of all devices we have seen.

We would appreciate if all final 2018 Repair/Warranty claims can be performed before the 14 December 2018 as we will not be able to guarantee the device can be processed after this time.

The IT Unit is here to work with all students and we would like to get as many devices fixed as possible before the specified dates.

Mr Matthew Millls
Technical Officer



Makerspace Timetable Term 4

Monday Lunch


Tuesday Lunch

Design Challenge

Thursday Lunch

3D Printing

Year 12 Slide Presentation Night

On the night of Wednesday 14 November (the night before year 12 Graduation) there will be a slide presentation for the year 12 students and their parents. The slides will be about the students’ time at Shalom College. The Slide Presentation will be held in the Performing Arts Precinct starting at 7:00pm. Free entry

Brother GP Rochford
College Minister

Instrumental Music

The past couple of weeks were extremely busy and very rewarding for all our music students. Following the very successful Vocal and Piano concerts, the Foundation Band and Junior Jazz played for parents and friends at a late pick up concert and the remainder played at the Pleasant Sunday Afternoon concert. At the latter, a large audience of parents, friends and community came to enjoy the music, afternoon tea and farewell 29 year 12 music students. A very big thank you to all who donated items for the Christmas raffle and food for afternoon tea, all of which was very delicious. Huge thanks to musicians, conductors and parents who helped bring this afternoon together.

Pleasant Sunday Afternoon was immediately followed by Awards Night. As per usual, all music and dance items were of top quality. A very big thanks to the students, conductors, accompanists, light and sound crew. It was very rewarding seeing a number of students wearing their performance uniform when receiving awards, demonstrating the power and effect that the participation of music can have on these young minds.

What’s next – All groups except Rochford strings have finished rehearsals for the year. This young string group under the direction of their conductor Mrs Connolly, are preparing for a visit to The Lakes retirement village and Centacare on Monday 26th November.


Please email the applicable conductor by 7:45am if your child/ren are not able to attend a rehearsal.

If your child is unable to attend a group rehearsal, please email the applicable conductor, NOT Mrs McAtee, as she now has a new role within the College. A phone call or email will still be sent to the student’s family if no apology has been received.

Mrs Robyn Edgar
Instrumental Music Coordinator

Year 12 Farewell

As we finish our time at Shalom, let’s pledge to care for each other and the world. We leave you with the words of the great David Attenborough, “The Earth is what we all have in common.” Refuse, Reuse and Recycle.

Shalom Chaverim,
Briege Taske & Rory Delaney
College Captains


GenR8 & AllevE8 Graduation

On Wednesday 31 October, nine Year 12 students involved in the GenR8 & AllevE8 program attended their graduation evening at the Bundaberg Multiplex Centre. Congratulations to Troy Walsh, Madhav Anilkumar, Tom Matebau, Chloe Aldrich, Makenzee Whalan, Jack Petrie, Jye McCormack, Shannon McLain and Brock Aldridge.

Graduating Year 12’s Career Pathway Resources

Graduate Fee Free Training through TAFE Qld

To support Year 12 graduates into work, the Queensland Government offers free courses in high priority areas. Eligible Year 12 graduates must enrol and start training in a high priority qualification within the calendar year after leaving school to take advantage of this great opportunity.

See the list of qualifications here:

Year 12’s requiring assistance finding their career pathway may find the following resources packed full of helpful information.

Mrs Liza O’Donnell
Pathways Coordinator

Television and New Media

The Year 11 Film, Television and New Media students recently visited Southern Cross Austereo to observe the production studios for the local Nine News and Triple M radio station. Students were guided by Nicholas Purdie (General Manager) throughout the excursion, providing valuable insight into many areas the students are currently studying, including broadcasting regulations, industry trends, and audience analysis for advertising. A number of staff gave up their time to talk to the students about their roles and answered many questions from the students. Particular highlights were saying ‘Hi!’ live on Triple M radio, meeting the Triple M Breakfast crew ‘Nik & Amber’, and talking with Paul Murphy, the commercial TV producer.

Mr Rob Bainbridge
Learning Area Coordinator
Information Technology

Uniform Shop



Monday - Thursday 8am - 12pm

Shalom is looking to fill fitting times for our incoming Year 7 students for 2019, as well as current Year 9 girls going into Year 10 in 2019, new students and current students looking for new uniforms in 2019 – see dates below. Please call the main office on 07 4155 8111 to secure your fitting time.

Female students moving from Year 9 to Year 10 MAY choose to replace the dress uniform with the skirt and blouse OPTION. IF a change is planned, please make a fitting appointment for the skirt and blouse.

For all uniform fittings please call 07 4155811 for an appointment.

Mrs Sharon Stevenson
Uniform Shop Manager

Textbook Collection 2019

Volunteers Wanted

Book hire is requiring volunteers to clean, repair and re-shelve the hundreds of books being returned at the end of this term. Any help from the 19th November would be appreciated. Morning tea is provided as well as lunch if staying longer. If you can assist, please contact me

Phone - 41558270
Email - .

Thanking you.

Collection of Textbooks

Please note the dates and times for collection of textbooks for 2019. These textbooks may be collected from Book Hire in the Goondeel Library during these periods. Also, please note that textbooks will not be issued to students who have not returned their 2018 resources. If these hours are unsuitable, collection can be arranged before school ends by contacting me on 4155 8100 – extension 8270 or by email .

There will be NO COLLECTION OF TEXTBOOKS FOR YEARS 7 AND 8. However, if you have students in the higher grades needing textbooks, novels (year 7) and English workbooks (year 8) can be collected at the same time.

Collection Dates and Times: -

Tuesday 11 December - Thursday 13 December 2018 7:30am - 4:00pm
Tuesday 15 January – Friday 25 January 2019 7:30am – 4:00pm

Krys Rehbein
Book Hire Co-ordinator .

Australian Recycling

The Australian Recycling Label (ARL) is a small label visible on packaged items. This label helps Australians to decipher whether or not their packaging can be recycled. The label was introduced back in 2015 and has been used by a number of brands such as Woolworths, Officeworks, Blackmores, Australia Post, and more. The label is positioned alongside the "10c refund" symbol which is for containers eligible for the "Containers for Change" scheme. With this scheme starting up at Shalom in the coming weeks, we recommend to stay aware of ways to recycle suitable products. For more information, see the following websites:

‘Recycling Near You’ – look up your item, put in your postcode and your waste/recycling options will come up.

RecycleSmart – an Australian app that allows users to search for information about how to recycle over 170 household items.

Briege Taske & Rory Delaney
College Captains

Shalom Sunday Markets

New Stallholders Welcome – Please contact Peter Barone 0438 446 269

Markets Tuckshop Roster


18 November

6:00am – 9:30am

Suzanne Brown

John Delaney

Mechalle Kimber

Mark Morris

Jennifer Walsh

9:00am – 12:30pm

Lily Bradshaw

Marissa Browne

Lauren Evlin

Sara Hodginson

Renita Snare

Markets BBQ Roster

18 November

Elliott Heads SLSC

25 November

Confraternity Rugby League

(N Feather)

2 December

East Bundaberg Rotary

(David Baldry)

Tuckshop Roster


12 November

Bronwyn Grills


13 November

Cathy Duffield


14 November

Help Needed


15 November

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23 November

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26 November

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30 November

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Triple P Parenting

The State Government is funding free access to Triple P, which is the world’s most evidence-based parenting program and has helped more than four million children and their parents around the world develop closer, more positive relationships.

Please click on this link, which will take you to the website where you can access information relevant to your situation.

This link will remain in our Newsletter with Triple P sending us regular updates and helpful tips.